Nna readTitle: She Will Come

Author: Mita 427 or Mita for short.

Rating: PG-PG-13.

Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine…yadda yadda yadda. They all belong to Joss and ME. You know the drill.

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Summary: Starts at the beginning of Entropy and it's basically my world from then on. Spike is kidnapped by a mysterious demon just after Buffy shoves in his face that she doesn't love him. Meanwhile, the Nerd Herd has got some plans for the Slayer and her pet vampire.

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I Can't Hear You

                        "In that case, why won't you sleep with me again?" Spike asked Buffy as she sat on top of a column in the dark cemetery. He watched on as Buffy finished off the lone vampire.

                        "Because I don't love you," She simply said and walked off.

            'He always has to ask that, doesn't he?' Buffy thought as she walked from her now ex.

                        "Buffy…Buffy!" Spike shouted as he was being pulled off the column by a figure. He struggled to fight the mysterious figure but found it to be unusually strong.

            Buffy plugged her fingers into her ears, annoyed by Spike. He always had to try and find a way to make Buffy crawl back to him.

                        "La, la, la! I can't hear you!" Buffy sung loudly as she stomped away from the cemetery.

            Spike continued to fight the figure but he was hopeless. He threw a couple punches at it, but it was unabashed. It just retaliated with a couple of punches of its own which sent Spike reeling. Spike hit a nearby mausoleum with a loud thud and it cracked as pieces of the building went flying everywhere. Spike just laid unconscious slumped on the side of the mausoleum.

            Buffy suddenly heard a loud crash behind her and quickly unplugged her ears to see what had happened. She looked over to find the mausoleum battered and Spike slept soundly at the foot of it. But what happened next frightened her the most. She saw a gigantic demon, 7 foot tall, who wore a cloak with only its head visible. Its head was an odd shade of green with horns all over its face and it had teeth as sharp as a knife. The demon walked over to Spike and kicked him in the ribs to make sure that Spike was truly unconscious. Buffy watched as the demon picked Spike up and hauled him into a bag. At this point, Buffy ran full force towards the demon. Buffy couldn't believe what was happening. 'Why would someone wanna kidnap Spike?' Buffy thought as she ran as fast as she could. Just as the demon finished throwing Spike into the bag, it noticed an angry slayer who was running straight at it. It lifted its wrist to its mouth and used the device that was placed there.

                        "Teleport! Teleport!" The demon yelped into the contraption as Buffy got closer and closer to it.

            The demon vanished and only smoke stood where the demon once was. Buffy halted to a stop when she reached her destination only to find out that she was too late. She stood by the mausoleum and contemplated what to do, but her mind kept wandering. 'It's my entire fault. I thought that he was trying to get me to sleep with him again. Oh god! Where could he be?' Buffy thought. She quickly gathered up herself and headed off to the Magic Box. But for some odd reason, she knew that Warren and his geeks had to be behind this. She quickened her pace at the thought of the Nerd Herd and went to find a way to get Spike back.


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