The gang finally reached their destination as they busted through the doors of the Magic Box. Anya and Dawn were both jolted awake from their peaceful, yet troubled sleep as they heard the commotion. Buffy quickly shouted for the rest of the gang to go get the first aid box, towels, and anything else needed to help the pain stricken vampire who was sleeping soundly in a dreamless sleep. Buffy tentatively placed Spike on the table as she shouted for everyone to grab the necessary materials. She squatted down in front of Spike's face as he started mumbling something inaudibly. She leaned in closer to figure out what he was saying but before she even tried he had quieted down and resorted back to his darkness. She mentally slapped herself in the face for wanting to hear him before she rushed around to help the others.

          The Scoobies had gathered all the materials needed and they began to access Spike's injuries. He had several severe burn marks all over his arms and chest from the cage and from the holy water squirting super-soakers. He also had a few broken ribs and fingers from what appeared to be a fight to the Scoobies. Plus, his body was caked in blood, his blood. From all the chip-firing many of his veins had exploded which caused his nose to bleed and maybe could've caused some internal bleeding. But the most horrifying thing about Spike was that he was literally weightless. From just the few days without feeding the vampire had lost so much weight since he was deprived of blood.

          The Scoobies began to tend to Spike's wounds as Buffy pulled Xander over to ask him for a favor.

                   "Xander, could you go down to Willy's and get some blood, human if possible? And tell him it's an emergency." Buffy pleaded.

                   "All right," was all Xander could say as he grabbed his coat and headed out the door.

          Buffy silently thanked Xander and returned to tending to the vampire. As they began cleaning Spike up, they began to see the full extent of his injuries. Buffy blinked back her tears as she realized that she was so close to losing him, forever.

          The gang finally finished patching up Spike and they slowly shuffled over to a place to sit. The gang sat there for a couple minutes at last getting some time to rest and to think.

                   "How's he doing?" Buffy asked, everyone knowing that what she really wanted to know was "is he gonna make it?"

                   "He's a vampire, h-he should heal pretty quickly," Tara informed quietly, "He might h-have some in-internal bleeding, but we c-can't be for sure. I can d-do a spell, if you want."

                   "Sure, thanks Tara," Buffy said gratefully.

          Everyone sat silently as they waited to find out the results of the spell. Willow stayed between Buffy and Dawn and Tara did the spell on her own. Tara quickly put the spell together and began her chant. She repeated some Latin words a few times before the spell took effect.

                   "His aura sh-should turn blue if he's fine, or it could t-take red if he's in d-danger," Tara said from behind the counter.

          The gang turned their heads towards the vampire as they watched for his outcome. A stream of white smoke lifted from the spell's concoction and drifted towards Spike. It circled his motionless form a couple times before he was engulfed in the smoke. The gang watched intently as the smoke turned from white to a pale blue that showed that their resident vampire was going to be fine. There was a simultaneous sigh of relief from around the Magic Box as they finally knew that they had nothing to worry about.

          The door opened with the jingle of its bell as Xander entered the Magic Box once again with a brown paper bag filled with blood. He walked over to Buffy and began to talk as he removed the content from the bag.

                   "He only had 2 packets of human, the rest are pigsblood," Xander told Buffy without emotion.

                   "That's fine," Buffy said and she picked up a packet of human blood and walked over to Spike.

          She squatted down once again in front of him and studied his face. Beneath the cuts and the bruises was a truly betrayed vampire. She could read it in his face. She could see the sadness and the pain that he went through, because of her. He loved her so much and this is the way that she paid him back, by nearly killing him. Buffy was so lost in thoughts that she didn't notice when Spike had began to come to. She was pulled away from her mind as she heard the mumbling that was coming from Spike once again. Buffy listened as hard as she could before she could make out what he was saying.

                   "She won't come, she won't come, she won't come," Spike murmured in his wake.

          Buffy nearly burst into tears as she heard those words being repeated. Her heart fell at the thought of Spike giving up on her. 'Those nerds had better get what they deserve,' Buffy mutely told her self. She carefully took his head in her hands and watched as he opened his eyes. She saw the emotions run through his eyes, surprise, joy, confusion, and then sadness.

Buffy quickly found her voice again and put a small smile on her face.

                   "Hey, how are ya feeling?" Buffy sweetly asked.

          Spike face once again came to confusion as he saw Buffy in front of him, and not those annoying nerds. 'This couldn't be happening,' Spike thought, 'This isn't real.'

                   "Drink this, you need it," Buffy continued as she showed him the packet of blood.

          Spike stared at the blood as if it were a treasure and then locked back onto Buffy, "You came, you really came," Spike said with relief.

          Buffy tore her eyes away from Spike's face and put her attention towards the crimson package. She tore a slit in it's edge before she gazed back into Spike's eyes

                   "I will always come," Buffy said graciously and helped her vampire back to health.


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