He glowed, power surrounding him, and launched towards the nearest angel.

[Devil's Strike]

[Wrath of Satan]

[Black arrows of Beelzebub]

Spells were cast as demonic energy and his sword obliterated those in front of him. [Seventh Tier Summon: Ugo of the Djinn]. A gigantic blue monster emerged from a floating pentacle, dropping down to the earth with a crash, and rushed to face the summon floating behind the head caster. One punch managed to destroy it, and the last of the angels disappeared in motes of light.

Lucifer's auro trickled to a halt as his eyes returned to their normal color. He faced the summoners who backed away in fear, sweat trickling down their faces. He turned his palm towards them. [Devil's Despair] Their eyes rolled to the backs of their heads. "Take them away." He commanded the eight edged assassins that had appeared. "See what neuronist can find from them." He turned to Momonga, "I'll see you later, I'm going to head back to Nazarick." Momonga nodded. [Greater Teleportation]

As the gate opened in his quarters he saw a maid cleaning. "Call Shalltear, I wish to speak with her." The maid blushed slightly and bowed, rushing away.

A few minutes later, Shalltear appeared, face slightly flushed. "Shalltear." He motioned towards the bed. "Please sit down."

"Of course." Shalltear said breathlessly, fangs flashing within a smile. "I would love to, my lord"

"Wha- no- no- yet" Yet, what the flonkin chicken spicy mcnugget. "Ahem. Anyway. I am planning to go into the human world to pose as an adventurer, and I would love you to come with me."

Shalltear was a bit hung up on the last line but still replied. "I would love to Lord Morningstar"

"Just call me Lucifer."


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