Okay, I've updated and re-loaded the new versions of my current chapters.  Hope you enjoy.

I've also explained the method of travel at the bottom of this note.

Author's Note:

All right. More because I want to than anything, I'm changing the whole thing to be OotP compatible. I've already gone through and edited - I'm up several chapters.

Here's the layout:

0; A somewhat prologue is in the works; Flitwick and McGonagall are fashion consultants

1; Harry prepares

2; Harry has entered the building

3; Harry shops and buys a new broom

4; Harry travels and befriends a timid Ravenclaw boy

5; Harry is sorted and the feast

6; Harry meets the Marauders

7; Harry's first day, a chat and a connection he never anticipated about Remus

Now, school's started, and life has relapsed into its familiar chaos.  I'm still working on this year-round, but don't expect constant updates.

As for the pensieve things, it's just a leap of magical logic. 

Now, I have a theory when it comes to magical time-travelling.  In case you haven't noticed, wizards generally need objects: wands, crystal balls, and brooms are all good examples.  Harry can make things happen when he's angry, but beyond that he usually needs a wand to be able to do anything.  This confirms my belief that wizards have tons of raw power, but they need a conduit of some sort to get it out or manipulate it on a regular basis. 

The existence of time-turners is yet another example.  My belief is that it's really the witch/wizard wearing it that controls where the time turner goes.  My turning it, the wizard comes into contact with it – the more time they have to turn it, the more power the time-turner attracts from them, enabling it to do its job.

In Goblet of Fire, Harry could enter Dumbledore's memory, right?  But he couldn't interact with the people there or change anything because it was… two-dimensional.  It was Dumbledore's memory, and he just wanted it out of his head so he could examine it objectively.

However, Dumbledore is an extremely powerful wizard.  The hardest part of time-traveling is finding a proper outlet – thus the pensieve, which is ideal as both Dumbledore and Harry are using raw magic to send him.


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