Let me preface this by saying, this is a really hot chapter.


Philip's lips were warm and moist as they descended on Catherine's neck. The queen began eagerly undoing the laces of her lover's shirt, stopping only when the man reached her chest. Catherine lifted his face and crashed her lips against his as Philip busied himself with slipping off his shirt. The woman's hands caressed the muscular chest. The Florentine worked his lover's corset with fierce passion, making her giggle in ecstasy. Hands began to move up her fiery legs. It was really close...

- Put your hands off my wife or I swear I'll cut them off!- growled a hoarse voice behind them.

The two lovers turned around: Henry was standing in the doorway, his sword pointed at them. He aimed straight at Philip but Catherine ran to him to block him.

- Henry, Henry, please don't!" she exclaimed as her husband tried to move her.

The king stopped and looked at her. He chuckled sarcastically.

- What was the scene this morning, woman? - he asked with evil eyes - A bland stunt to throw me off? Well, I was smarter than you!

He pushed her away with force and headed for the other man, who, as fast as lightning, drew his sword on the table.

- I will make you regret having touched my wife!- growled the angry king.

- I will be happy to leave here and kill you like the dog you are!" retorts the Florentine with the same sentiment.

Henry pounced on Philip but Catherine interfered again, placing herself between the two.

- Please, both of you stop!- she exclaimed. The two men remained with their swords raised.

- Catherine, for your own good, move away - said the Florentine, passing his gaze from his lover to his rival.

- DO NOT SPEAK! - exploded Henry taking a step forward.

- Henry, stop - the queen admonished him - If you have to hurt someone, hurt me, it's my fault.

- Catherine- said the astonished lover.

- Philip, no- the woman took him back.

- Please spare me from this romantic scene! - the king intervened. They remained for a few seconds in a tense silence.

- How long has this been going on?- growled Henry.

- A while - replied Catherine, hesitating.

- A while - repeated her husband, looking fiercely at his rival. He slowly lowered his sword. Philip cast a quick glance at the queen who had a confused expression.

Suddenly the king jumped forward and grabbed his wife by the wrist, pulling her towards him. The Florentine took a step forward with his sword drawn but Henry pulled the queen to his side, raising his sword again.

- If it is not the titles that make you understand who Catherine belongs to - he said with a threatening voice - Then it will be the facts -

He looked at his wife with malice.

- Henry, no! - she exclaimed.

- Shut up, woman - ordered her husband without looking at her. His eyes were on Philip.

- If you do not want to see your beloved pierced by my blade, you'd better sit down and watch without saying a word - he warned softly. The Florentine looked at his lover, frightened, and took a step back. Henry lowered the blade and grabbed his wife by the nape of her neck, starting to kiss her possessively. He touched her everywhere with ferocity, attacking the laces of her dress.

- Your Majesty- said Philip when the king's hands had almost completed their task.

- Be silent- said the man, turning his attention away from the queen.

- It is not valid that you revive Catherine without a challenger - continued the Florentine. The king looked at him curiously.

- Be clearer- he said.

Philip cautiously approached the two.

- If it's a contest to see who will satisfy the queen - he explained - you need someone to compete against you-.

He slowly put his hands on the laces still tied on the woman's back and began working on them. Catherine looked at him confused and he gently kissed her jaw. Henry watched the scene intently. Then, still keeping his gaze on the two lovers, he unbuckled his belt and let it fall to the floor with a muffled thud. He removed his shirt and as Philip slid the dress over Catherine's body, he began to kiss her from the calvicle down. As her husband worked on her breasts, the queen turned her head and kissed her lover passionately. Henry finished slipping off her dress, leaving her in her underwear. He spread her legs slightly and began to caress the inside of her thighs. The woman moaned. Philip pulled away to slip off his pants and the king lifted his wife up, losing himself in a passionate kiss. He laid her down on the bed and went down to kiss her chest. He allowed himself a brief pause to remove his pants. In the meantime, Philip lay down next to the woman to kiss her. On the other side stood Henry and for several minutes the three bodies merged into one. The faces of the king and of the Florentine were just a few millimeters from each other. They looked at each other for a few moments then they tied in a short and fierce kiss and then went back to the queen.

The night was lost in hot kisses and moans.


Gentle sunlight filtered through the windows. Henry looked up at the ceiling, covered up to his abdomen by the blanket. He looked at the door of the next room and sighed silently.

Right in that room, Catherine and Philip were greeting each other in a long, sweet kiss. The lover broke away from the queen and slipped into the entrance of the secret passages. When the woman returned to her room, her husband was getting dressed. She cast him a glance and then walked over to the vanity to brush her hair. Henry rearranged his shirt in front of the mirror, occasionally glancing at his wife with little glances. At one of these their two gazes met for a few seconds. When Henry had finished dressing, he approached Catherine and gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek from behind. They remained in this position for several minutes, eyes closed. Then the king left, silently. The queen watched him leave and smiled.

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