Hello everyone, I have created this as I would imagine what would happen if Pokémon and Fire Emblem were together, but the only difference is that the Pokémon are weapons and main Pokémon trainers are the soldiers of the series, I hope you enjoy this story.

Before the story, here is the origin of what is to come and how the story would follow.


The Changes of Life

In a large mountain of Mt. Coronet in the Sinnoh Region, five individuals and a hooded figure are traveling up towards a hidden place known as Spear Pillar to meet the creator of all of this world, Arceus. After traversing through the snow and entering the cave, they decided to take a rest.

"Man, how long will it take to reach the top?" A red and gold hair young man with red and gold heavy armor folding his arms back of his head.

"... Just a little longer …" A black haired young woman in a black kimono looked at the hooded figure and turned to the young man.

"Mira is hungry, is there any food to eat Cheryl?" A pink haired little girl in a pink robe named Mira was standing in front of Cheryl.

"I have some food prepared for you Mira." Cheryl, a green haired woman in a green priest dress, gives food to Mira, she then turns to the rest. "I have some food for you as well Buck and Marley."

"Alright, I am starving", Buck took the plate of food off of Cheryl's hand and ate it with a lot of speed.

"...Thanks…" Marley got the plate of food and ate at her own pace.

"I also have some for you two." Cheryl turned to a dark blue haired man with a blue hat and light armor, and the hooded figure.

"We'll pass for now", the man was keeping watch outside of the cave and the hooded figure was standing behind him.

"Oh come on Riley, you know we need our leader in tip top shape if we ever encounter any threat." Buck told him with a bit of concern.

"... Alright, I concede." Riley went and grabbed two plates of food, thanking Cheryl, and took the food to the hooded figure. "Here some food, take it."

The hooded figure only nodded and grabbed the plate and ate the food even quicker than Buck.

"Woah! You are a fast eater M-" Before Buck could finish his sentence, Riley raised his finger to be quiet.

"I sense the enemies come, prepare your weapons" Riley to out his sheath only came out only a hilt, but immediately a small blue energy blade appeared.

The rest took out their weapons. Buck has his shield and a small brown spear, Marley loosen her kimono to show a sheath of a red katana, Cheryl took out a small pink staff with an egg in the center, and Mira summoned a magic staff out of thin air. After a few seconds passed, three blueish arrows flew towards the hooded figure.

"You are not taking her away!" Buck slid between the hooded figure and the arrows and used his shield to block the arrows, but soon Buck felt a bit weak. "Dang… careful everyone these arrows are poisonous."

"Do not worry, I will heal you" Cheryl ran to Buck and started healing him. Meanwhile, Marley and Mira are following Riley's orders of finding the attackers.

"Right there!" Riley told Marley and Mira the direction where the attackers are hiding.

"...Got it…" Marley ran towards the area and striked the attackers with her katana. However after turning around, she sees a man with a gauntlet to block her attacks and protects a younger man with a blueish purple bow and arrow and has wings in his back.

"Hehehehe, you think you can take on the Geo Gang" As the man with the gauntlet said, many of their members surround the group, many of them have smaller gauntlets. "It is over, hand over the girl and we will kill you swiftly, or do you want to die in the most gruesome way."

"I decline!" Marley readies her katana.

"Very well then, prepare to-" before the man was about to attack her, Mira sent a purple energy blast and sent him away.

"You okay Marley?" Mira came in front of Marley, but Marley disappeared and was behind her, having slashed the flying archer with her flaming katana.

"I am fine… let's go help them." Marley jumps back to help the others.

"Okay", Mira follows her.

As they left the man came out in full rage. "I will kill you", as he runs towards them.

The main group is having a relatively easy time with their opponents.

"It is a good thing my blade is super effective", Riley's blade is cutting down the gang members with one or two slashes. As some of the other members threw rocks towards the hooded figure, Buck created a barrier around him and his friends to deal no damage.

"Alright my turn", Buck's spear starts to glow and as he thrust his spear, a purple cone shaped energy was launched and not only hit the rocks but the members as well, dealing magical damage.

"Oh dear…" Cheryl is surrounded by four gang members chuckling for an easy prey.

"I really did not want to use this, but I guess I have no other choice", Cheryl took out a white tome and as one of the members attacked her with their gauntlet, leaving a huge damage on Cheryl's stomach. "...Nosferatu" the white tome glowed and the member collapsed from the attack. This recovered most of the damage as she turned with a gentle smile and the other three members collapsed as well.

Marley and Mira came in and finished off the last members as a rampaging leader came and stopped as he saw all of his members dead.

"That is it, I will show no mercy to any of you, screw the deal", the man launched himself towards the group as Riley, Mira and Buck stood in front of him.

"Alright Mira, Buck, you guys slow him down, I will finish it" Riley ordered them and they followed the order. Mira and Buck sent purple energies towards the leader, which slowed him down and dealt a decent amount of damage due to his low resistance. As Riley, charges with his energy blade loosening and struck him down.

"D-damn...you...allllll…" the leader was defeated and they all grouped together as they returned their weapons back.

"Phew, that was scary," Cheryl was a bit exhausted as everyone else was only breathing lightly.

"Well, time to go to Spear Pillar" Riley and the rest moved ahead.

After a half an hour, they have finally reached the Spear Pillar, everyone looks around here there are ruins with some pillars still standing with some tablets, one that is below them with a flute symbol and the one ahead is a triangle shape.

"I will start the ritual", The hooded figure pulls out a purple flute with many holes. A tune was made and then all of a sudden, a portal appeared underneath Riley, Marley, and Cheryl and they fell.

"What is going on?" Buck turned to see his companions had disappeared.

"I do not know, but-" A water blast hit the hooded figure and her hood was torn.

"Hey, you okay Myu?" Buck and Mira went to see the hooded figure no longer hooded and was a young girl slightly older than Mira but has pink hair and blue eyes.

"I-I am okay, but it seems there is no Arceus anywhere. However, we are in a heap of trouble" Myu is saddened but is now on guard as a lot of black individuals appeared holding large fossils with helix patterns.

"Die false deity", all of the black individuals shouted in unison as they blasted a combined water magic attack.

"Look out!" Buck jumped in front of both Mira and Myu and used his shield to protect them, but due the group combining the same attack together and their attacks were super effective against Buck, the attack launched all three off of Spear Pillar.

"I… am… sorry…", Buck tries to apologize to both girls.

"No, No, it is Mira's fault for not helping fast enough" Mira was in tears seeing Buck hurt and also falling off the mountain.

"But-" Buck wanted to say more, but Myu interrupted him.

"Do not worry, we will survive this", Myu then turned to Mira, "we need you to use teleport".

"But Mira can not-" Mira is worried as using teleport would send all of them to different places near the mountain.

"I know, but I can help you." Myu took out her small staff with a long tail and as she connects with Mira's staff, she gives them advice. "I want you two to spread the word about Arceus and his evil organization, and find more heroes to fight them."

"...Got it", both Buck and Mira agreed as both Myu and Mira combined their powers to use teleport. Soon, three orbs were sent in different directions, each of them went to different regions.


Riley, Marley and Cheryl were trapped in a dark void.

"I guess… we are stuck here…", Riley tries to move towards Maley and Cheryl, but he could not move.

"...I hope… we can get out…", Marley is a bit worried.

"Me too, I also hope Buck, Mira and the hooded girl are okay", Cheryl is more concerned with them, which made Marley have a twitch when she said about the hooded girl.

"I… believe… she used us…" Marley no longer trusts the hooded figure. Cheryl was about to protest, a blinding light pierced the darkness away and all three of them were free. As they stood up, there was a man with blonde hair and a longsword and a shield having 18 different colors.

"Wait are you Arceus?" Riley was the first one to speak as he can sense them without seeing.

"In a way, but I am Arcadius, wielder of the Arceus Sword." He started walking towards them as the blinding light dimmed down.

" I see, you are real, oh and thank you for saving us." Riley bowed down as both Marley and Cheryl followed.

"No need for thanks, but in exchange of saving you, I have a favor for all you three." All three were confused about it.

"Okay, but what do we need to do?" Cheryl was confused about Arcadius' stern tone.

"I need you to spread the word, it would seem that the hooded girl stole the Azure Flute to summon me as she brought some evil organization. Also look for other heroes to fight at your side, but before then, tell them to beware of Mew."

"...I knew it…"Marley suspected much, Cheryl is now even more worried about Buck and Mira, and Riley felt very disappointed in himself.

"Alright, I will help you lord Arcadius, we will do whatever it takes to defeat the evil group as well as getting revenge" Riley is determined.

"...Alright, I will aid you too", Marley was prepared as well.

"It is so sudden, but we promise to find the heroes and face them." Cheryl is somewhat determined but still in a panic state for her other friends.

"You have my deepest gratitude, I will send you to different regions for faster aid." Arcadius stated as he sees all three were sad to know that they will be separated again, especially for Cheryl.

"Do not worry wielder of the Happiny Staff, once you have finished, you will see them again." Arcadius placed his hands on Cheryl's shoulders.

"...Thank you", Cheryl felt a bit calmer as they stood apart from each other giving a nod.

"Wielder of the Riolu Blade Riley, wielder of the Growlithe Katana Marley and wielder of the Happiny Staff Cheryl, best of luck out there" Arcadius places his sword down as the main three became orbs and are launched to their separate directions.

Well this is how all of this started. Prepare for an adventure that no one will ever expect to happen, as well as part 1, where we meet the main Pokémon trainers of each region. Thank you for reading.