Hello everyone, as you know from the prologue, this is where the story begins and how each of them faces their own problems in their perspective regions. Anyway, enjoy.

Chapter 1 Part 1: The First Warriors

Three years have passed since the six individuals have traveled, each of them informing the rulers of each region about the evil organization, as well as the betrayal of Arceus or the dangers of Mew. This created a massive turmoil in each region. The ruler of the Kanto region told the lords of each city and towns to isolate themselves from the outside world. The ruler of the Kanto region is also the ruler of the Johto region, and decided to rule it more harshly, especially since Johto's ideals differ from Kanto. The Hoenn region has always been isolated, but the ruler of the Hoenn region informed all the lords and the citizens to arm themselves for a potential attack. The Sinnoh region and it's ruler is maintaining order to everyone and peace is still stable, despite some cracks beginning to show. The Unova region was in a massive turmoil which ended up dividing the Unova region with two rulers. Lastly, the Kalos region lost control and is a free-for-all destruction. While the darkness and chaos consumes all the regions, a slimmer of light begins to show as heroes of each region began their journey.

The Kanto Region: Pallet Town

A group of children with weapons were sparring, until five of the kids started picking on one kid.

"Owww" the sword kid fell and as he was about to get his weapon, he was stopped by the leader of the bully group.

"Hehe, you know you can not beat us with that wooden sword", all the kids showed their Bronze Lance.

"I… will not… let you… win…" the sword kid rolled away to get the wooden sword.

"Ha, time to knock you out again. Haaaa", all five kids ran towards him with their Bronze Lance in hand, before a shadowy figure appeared in front of them and knocked all of them back.

"What the-" the leading kid looked and saw a kid with a red hat, leather armor and holding a wooden sword.

"You okay?" the red hat kid picks the sword kid back up.

"Yeah, thank you Red", Red nods as he turns to meet the other five kids, "well, are you prepared for a sparring match."

"Ummm, quick bring our boss, us four will tire him out", the leading kid told the young girl to get their boss. As the four of them started charging towards the two sword children. As Red faced all three other kids at once and the sword kid faced the leading kid.

After a few minutes, all of the three kids are knocked down by Red as he sees the leading kid and the sword kid in a stalemate. Just then, a blue figure charges towards the sword kid but is blocked by Red.

"I see, so you are their boss Blue?" Red was a bit smug to see his rival being in charge of the group.

"He, well at least my group could at least stand on their own compared to your little friend over there", he looked at the sword kid losing ground against his leading member.

"Well how about we settle this on who is the strongest one in town", Red prepares as he pulls out an Iron Sword.

"I could not agree with you more", Blue pulls out an Iron Lance. However as they charged each other.

"Hold It!"

Everyone stopped their fight as an older man appeared.

"Oh hey gramps", Blue looked at the older man

"Oh sorry Professor Oak, I got carried away", Red felt a bit embarrassed.

"We are sorry", all the kids are on the ground apologizing as they do not want to get punished.

Oak sighed, "We all should be careful, making a lot of noise in a small town, would bring a lot of bandits and would ravage this town. Now are we cleared?"

"Yes sir!" Everyone saluted the professor.

"Good, anyway I want everyone to come to my windmill castle, it is time to see which one of you is worthy or not."

"Yaaaaayyy" Everyone is excited about finally wielding a hero weapon, except Blue who only smiled.

"I am going to bring my friends too", the sword kid left as Red waves at him.

"Alright, I can finally see the world and spar with everyone", Red is excited as Blue has his head down and whispers, "Finally, my chance to take the throne."

After a few hours, everyone is at the windmill castle as Professor Oak leads them to the main hall where three weapons were found.

There was a blue lance, a red sword and a green and a purplish bow.

"Alright, which one of you go first-" before Oak could finish the leading kid raised his hand as he walked forward. "Okay, go for it."

The leading kid got close and put his hand on the blue lance. However as he grabs it, his hand slips and loses grip.

"Ack…" the leading kid fell down.

"Oh I am sorry, but it seems you are not worthy" Oak said in a disappointing tone as the leading kid was in tears.

"Hey do not worry squirt, there are other weapons in this world that you can lift" Blue walks up to his leading member as he puts his hand on his shoulder as he walks past him. "I am next."

"Okay, go right ahead" Oak was smiling seeing his grandson determined to see he is worthy.

Blue stopped as he thought about what weapon to use, but before he could decide, he saw a paw of a blue creature resembling a turtle, touching his hand as it dragged towards the blue lance. Blue smiled, "I will choose you."

Blue grabbed the blue lance and lifted up the ground and is now on Blue's hand as he twirls it around until finishes as he points to Red with a smug. "Let's see if you could lift any of the weapons up."

Oak was proud to see his grandson was worthy, "Alright, who is next." He then watched as all of Blue and Red's friends tried their best to pick up the weapons only to feel a bit of pain from the red sword or numb from the green and purplish bow.

"Oof", not even the sword kid was able to lift it up. "Man, I thought I have what it takes, oh well, your turn Red", he smiles at him as Red smiles back.

Red relaxes as he walks forward, but as he did, he saw an illusion of a small orange lizard with fire at the end of his tail, as he pointed the red sword. Red smiled and thanked him, which left everyone, except for Blue confused. As Red grabbed the red sword and lifted it up as he swung it around until he pointed towards Blue with a smile, "Well, I guess I am worthy too."

Red's friends cheered as Blue's group clapped at both of them.

Oak also clapped with a smile, "I see you two are worthy, Blue, you are the wielder of the Squrtle Lance, and Red, you are the wielder of the Charmander sword", he then turns to the rest of the kids, "I believe you guys are going to work harder once they both leave."

Everyone smiled and thanked the professor, as everyone else left except for Red and Blue, they stayed with Professor Oak to explain their mission, of meeting and getting more hero recruits for their army to face a grand threat. Red was excited, but Blue was more distant.

Soon they went home as Professor Oak prepared for supplies. Red went home and started practicing his new weapon. Meanwhile Blue went home and met with his sister.

In the middle of the night, a shadowy individual appeared in the windmill castle and saw the supplies in the corner of the main hall. He instantly grabbed it and left as he turned around to see Pallet Town for the last time. He states farewell to the town and his group and turns towards the wilderness as the moon shines and the shadowy figure is Blue, "time to take over this region", as he walks off.

The next morning, Red woke up late as the sword kid came barging in and telling him the news of Blue. He was shocked to hear as he changed and got outside. Soon he sees the rest of sword kid's friends and Blue's group with Professor Oak.

"I have heard the news, I cannot believe he left already." Red told Professor about what happened to Blue.

"Yeah, I guess he is impatient about his goal…" Professor Oak told him which confused everyone about Blue and his goal.

"Oops, I forgot to keep that a secret hahaha." Professor Oak got embarrassed as the rest sweat dropped. He then turned serious, "I believe Blue's goal is to defeat the ruler, for revenge." Everyone was shocked, but Red expected that since he saw how serious he became when the weapons were mentioned.

The leading kid started to cry a bit as he turned to Red, "Red, please do not let boss die, help him."

Red smiled, "Do not worry, he is my close friend and I will not let him die on my watch."

The Professor agrees, "Do not worry young ones, he will be fine, besides I have one more trick to teach Red", Oak then turns to Red, "I want you give your blood to your weapon"

"Huh?" Red was confused.

"You do not need that much, just a small cut." Oak was hopeful he could trust him.

"Ummm, Okay", Red reluctantly obliged and cut his finger as a drip of his blood fell to his sword. Soon Red and his sword started to glow and his appearance changed as he had better armor with his sword having a flame on the hilt.

"Woah!" Red was surprised to see as he checked himself.

"Hahaha, as you can see your sword grows through enemy damage and you will even gain abilities to make yourself stronger.

"Wow thank you Professor Oak", Red bows down.

"Well, are you ready to leave?" Oak wants to see Red's answer.

"Of course." Red is determined to leave.

"Alright, here is your supplies, you should say goodbye to your family." Before Oak tells Red to go meet his family, Red's mother has appeared with a few small jars.

"I see I am here on time, well Red best of luck out there and here some Vulneraries", Red was shocked to see his mother there, but was grateful nonetheless.

"Alright, it is time for me to go, thank you for everything, and wish me luck, bye" Red waves goodbye.

"Bye Red", Everyone waved back.

Soon Red turned to the trail, and thought to himself, "I will see you soon Blue".

While Red walked away, a shadowy figure on top of the tree saw everyone distracted and immediately sneaked into the windmill castle as the target was the green-purplish bow.

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