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'Shared Pack Mind/Mindscape'


A/N: So, one of my laptops that I mainly use to write my stories crashed. So there went most of my chapters for my previous story. Being in a self-pity mode, decided to do this new story. Hope you enjoy!

Timeline: Set after the Cullen family leaves. Harry Clearwater isn't dead in my story.

Chapter 1

A small, black, four-doored car kept going down the empty narrow road. Sitting in the driver's seat was a lean young woman. Her skin was a tannish beige color. On top of her short, frizzy, hair was a burgundy headband. Each time the sun's rays managed to penetrate through the thick trees, streaks of golden light brown hair could be seen. She was wearing a long black sleeve, paired with a burgundy knee length skirt, black leggings, and black combat boots. As she clenched the steering wheel to guide the car along the winding road, dark brown eyes briefly looked over at the large wolf sitting on the passenger seat. The wolf was looking out the window, silent and slightly transparent. Sitting underneath the wolf's chest was a sleeping wolf pup. It too was just as silent and transparent as the large wolf. She tried to see if she could see any expressions on the wolf's face but found no reflection on the window.

As if the wolf knew that she was looking at him, it turned its head. His golden amber eyes twinkled at her before facing back into the forest.

"What is it?" she asked.

The wolf spirit shook his head slightly, as if to say, 'Nothing.'

The woman's lips quirked when she heard a pair of snores coming from the back seat. One was loud and deep, while the other was soft and gentle. Propping her left elbow against the door, she reached over to touch the necklace that was underneath her long sleeve. They continued down the road, passing a sign that read: Welcome to Forks, Washington.

After a few minutes, she had entered the small town of Forks. As she pulled up into a parking lot, the large wolf let out a soft whine. She smiled reassuringly to it. "I'll be quick."

She placed the car on park, rolled down the windows halfway, and turned off the car. Turning to the wolf, she said, "If anything happens, howl and I'll come running."

The wolf spirit let out what seemed to be a huff and nodded. Maya smiled and opened the car. Light dinging sounds could be heard, waking up one of the passengers as the loud snoring was replaced by a low groan. "Are we there yet?" a gruff voice asked as he wiped away his drool.

"Almost," she laughed as she looked towards the backseats.

Both backseats were folded out flat. A young man in his early twenties turned onto his stomach, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes. His short curly black hair was poking every which way as the lower portion of his body and legs disappeared into the trunk. Beside him was a sleeping boy, who looked no older than five. The child's unruly mop of wild golden-brown hair poked from underneath a dark brown blanket. The young man carefully sat up, ensuring not to disturb the sleeping boy.

"I'm making a pitstop to grab some food. Want anything?" she asked.

The young man perked up, wide awake at the mention of food. "Orange juice, with no pulp. Oh, and milk and anything breakfasty as long as it fills me up," he listed.

She grinned teasingly at him. "Let's see, orange juice with lots of pulp because pulp has fiber and fiber is good for you. And anything to fill up an army," she recounted.

"Har, har, har," the man said as he rolled his eyes. "Just get me some food, Maya. It's been days."

Maya quirked an eyebrow at him. "You ate everything in my car during the drive here, John."

John shrugged. "What can I say? I'm a growing boy."

Maya rolled her eyes. "You're not a boy, John." She pointed to the still sleeping child. "Will is the only boy here."

John laughed and rubbed William's head gently. "Damn right," he said softly.

Maya smiled gently at the two before throwing the keys at John as she got out of the car. In a serious voice, she said, "If I'm not back in 30, come get me."

John straightened as he looked worriedly at her. "Do you need me to come with you?"

Maya shook her head. "You best stay here, in case I need a getaway car," she said.

John sighed. "You got twenty."

Maya grumbled but nodded. As she looked towards the store, she saw two automatic doors opening and closing. Hanging above it was the sign: Thriftway. Above that, she could see a dark cloudlike mass covering the whole sky. It was getting darker by the minute. Frowning, she grabbed her things, closed the driver's door, and walked towards the grocery store.

She heard John call out from the door, "Don't forget the snacks!"

She lifted her right arm out and waved, letting him know that she heard him. Entering the grocery store, she grabbed a cart. Walking towards the refrigeration aisle, she perused the orange juice options looking for the ones with no pulp. Seeing that there was only two left at the bottom of the shelf, she opened the door to grab them. As she stood up, she paused. She can feel their stares. Calmly closing the door and placing the bottles into her cart, she made a bee line out of the aisle.

Entering the refrigeration aisle was a group of four young men. They were all wearing large white shirts with sleeves that barely covered their shoulders. Black elastic shorts and white sneakers completed their look. Standing to the right was a young man who was slender than the rest of them. He had russet skin and a dimpled chin. Next to him was another young man who appeared to be the same age as him with red brown skin and long rounded muscles. To the left was a young man with golden tanned skin. He was more muscular than the others and would scowl from time to time. Standing in front of them was a taller and older looking young man with copper skin. He was pushing a cart full of food.

The red brown skinned man asked, "What did Emily need again?"

"Milk," said the tallest of the four.

As the red brown skinned man opened the fridge to grab a jug of milk, they each paused to see someone exiting the aisle. Deciding not to think more on it, the tallest one said, "Come on. Let's go. That should be the last of it."

"But Sam, Emily said to also grab some flour," reminded the russet skinned man.

Sam sighed as he looked at his cart full of food. "Let's go. We keep feeding the bottomless pit that never ends."

Beside him, the golden skinned man laughed. "You're part of that bottomless pit dude."

"Shush Paul," Sam said as he reached an arm out to whack him, only for Paul to step out of his reach.

Laughing, Paul turned away. "I'm going to go look around." Looking over his shoulder, he asked, "Coming Jared?"

"Yeah," Jared called as he took off towards his friend.

Sam rubbed the bridges of his nose, exasperated. Looking at the only one left, he said, "Come on, Embry. Let's finish up Emily's list."

Embry nodded. "Sure thing."

As Paul and Jared walked through the chip aisle, they saw a young woman with a small black backpack standing in the middle of the aisle. She was looking up at the top shelf at a bag of lime Tostitos.

"Need some help?" Jared asked.

Maya looked over to see two six-foot men. She felt something inside of her hum when she locked eyes with the man standing next to the one who spoke. Walking beside them were two large slightly transparent wolves. While both wolves were larger than your normal wolf, one of them towered over the other. He was at least three times larger than the smaller wolf. Maya forced herself to ignore the larger wolf. It was looking at her with extreme intensity. The other cared more about the food in the aisle.

"Thanks," Maya replied, "but I'm good."

Before the two could stop her, she grabbed two bags of Ruffles and left with her cart.

Paul scowled at her retreating form.

Heading into the next aisle, Maya sighed as she internally cursed at herself. Grabbing some sunflower seeds and pistachios, she exited the snack aisle and walked into the bread aisle, only to stop short. There, in the middle of the aisle were two men who looked similar to the last pair. One of them was taller and looked a bit older than the other. They were discussing which type of bread to get. Laying down beside their legs were two large slightly transparent wolves. Laid out, Maya could see that the wolf next to the slender man was larger than the other one. It was almost the same size as the previous one that she had seen in the chip aisle. She parked her cart around the corner and sucked in a breath. Letting it go, she entered the aisle. Both wolves raised their heads when they saw her. Maya ignored them as she looked through the products in the aisle. She internally sighed as she saw that what she had wanted was blocked by their cart.

Sensing someone standing behind them, the taller one turned around and asked, "Did you need something?"

Maya felt something in her hum again as she locked eyes with the slender man as he turned around as well. She saw the larger wolf get up on his legs, looking at her with the same intensity just like the previous large wolf had done. The one laying down next to the taller man dropped its head back down, uninterested.

"I just need to get some of those," she replied as she pointed to the bags of bread blocked by their cart.

"Oh, sorry," the taller man apologized as he moved the cart to the other side.

"Thanks," Maya said as she grabbed three bags of bagels, two bags of Hawaiian Rolls, and two wheat loafs.

Embry frowned as she disappeared around the corner.

In the next aisle, Maya peered into her cart to see that she had forgotten to grab some items. After grabbing some milk, butter, cream cheese, and eggs, she looked around to find the meat aisle. Finding some bacon and sausages, she added three of each into her cart. Looking around, she saw some fruits and vegetables. Grabbing a bag of grapes, strawberries, and apples, she placed them into her cart. Seeing some vegetable platters, Maya placed four in her cart as well. When she turned around, she froze when she saw the same four slightly transparent wolves entering the aisle. The two larger ones perked up at seeing her. Knowing that the men were not far away, Maya turned the cart the opposite direction and walked towards the checkout line.

When she reached the line, Maya sighed in relief when she saw two of the men walk out of the shop. Behind them were two wolves. The larger one had not seen her. Her relief was cut short when she saw a large transparent nuzzle rub against her shoulder. She forced herself to remain calm as the same men who were previously in the bread aisle got in line behind her. With nothing but a full cart between them, Maya stepped forward. The wolf also moved forward. This in turn made the slender man move slightly forward, all the while sending curious glances at Maya. Feeling his gaze, Maya smiled him as she waited for the cashier to finish wringing up her items. Once she paid, she grabbed her bags and left.

Embry frowned as he watched her walk away. He had felt sad suddenly, which was odd because he was sure that he had never seen her before. As the cashier wrang up the food, he kept looking out towards the sliding doors. He saw the woman leave the cart with the rest of the carts and walked away with her bags. Now, he had the urge to leave as soon as possible. Sam, who was watching Embry, was staring at him in wonder as he looked at the sliding doors to see no one there.

Outside in the parking lot, Paul and Jared were sitting on the tail of the truck bed, waiting for Sam and Embry to exit. They watched as the same woman from the chip aisle came out. Her hands were full of groceries bags. Hearing a car start, Paul watched as she opened the trunk off a black sedan and placed the bags inside. After she closed it, she entered the passenger side. Paul felt worried all of a sudden as the car reversed. When the car left the lot, Paul let out a low whine. He froze and Jared looked at him in shock. Paul was shocked himself.

"Did you imprint?" Jared asked.

"Hell no," Paul said, horrified at the thought.

"Then what was that?" Jared asked, still not believing the sound that came out of Paul's mouth.

"I don't know," Paul growled out, irritated. "I'm going to go for a walk. Let Sam know."

Jared's eyes widened as he put two and two together. "You can't follow her, Paul."

Paul smirked at Jared. "Who said anything about following? I'm just going to check out who was in the car with her."

"That's called following dude," Jared said as he watched Paul take off towards the tree line. Jared let out a light growl, sent a text to Sam, and called out, "Wait up Paul."

Jared ran off after his friend.

Just as Sam and Embry had finished placing the bags into the cart, Sam's phone beeped. Pulling it out, it was a text from Jared.

We're going out for a run. Meet you at your place.

Sam frowned and texted back.

Howl if anything happens.

As Sam placed his phone into his pocket, Embry asked, "What happened?"

"Paul and Jared are going out for a run, it seems," Sam answered.

Embry nodded as he pushed the cart out of the store. As they neared the truck, Embry caught a whiff of a scent that felt familiar to him. It was both earthy and florally, like a field of wildflowers surrounded by pine trees. He turned around to find no one in the parking lot. It was just him and Sam. He frowned.

Seeing him acting uncharacteristically, Sam asked, "What's wrong?"

Embry shook his head. "Nothing."

Sam was unconvinced but said nothing else on the matter as they loaded up the groceries into the backseats of the truck.

When the trio were back on the road again, John asked, "You ok there?"

"Yeah. Why?" Maya asked as she turned to look at him.

"You entered the car as if someone was chasing you," John replied, worried.

Maya sighed as she leaned against the passenger seat. "It's nothing."

'I hope,' she thought as she stared at the gigantic wolf spirit that towered over the canopy up ahead. She let out a soft sigh as they passed a sign: Thank you for visiting Forks.

After a few minutes, Maya unbuckled her seatbelt. The passenger seat swiveled to face the inside of the car. The space inside the car expanded as a large square table appeared. On the right side of the car was a fridge hooked up to a solar power inverter. Next to the fridge was a wooden shelf. On top of the shelf was a small oven toaster, also hooked up to the solar power inverter. The rest of the shelf was bare, except for the bottom which had three woven baskets. One was filled with potatoes, the other with onions and garlic, and the other dried herbs wrapped in brown packing paper. On the back of the car was a large silver bowl with a red button above it. Above the red button was a shelf. On the shelves were three large clear barrels with small spouts attached at the bottom. Hanging beside the red button were two small white towels. A small hamper was placed on the left side of the silver bowl with an already used small white towel. To the right of the bowl was a see-through plastic storage unit. There were dishes carefully stacked inside each drawer. Beside it was a small green plastic container.

Maya got up and walked towards the back of the car. She pulled out two portable burners and placed them on the table. Maya rummaged through the grocery bags she had placed into the trunk earlier. Leaving the eggs, sausages, bacons, and butter on the table, she put the rest in the fridge. Walking towards the shelf next to the fridge, she placed the bread inside the shelves. Folding up the plastic bags into small triangles, she placed them into the small green plastic container. Grabbing a bin lined with a plastic bag from behind the hamper, she placed it on the floor of the car beside the table.

As she turned on one portable burner, John asked, "You sure you want to do that?"

"I'll be ok," Maya assured him as she turned on the other.

John looked at her briefly as he sighed and focused on the road. Maya grabbed two pans from the back of the car and placed them onto the burner. She then placed some sausages in one, and bacon in the other.

"Mama?" a soft voice crackled from the bedding at the back of the car.

Maya looked up to see Will rubbing the sleep away from his eyes. "Mornin' pumpkin."

"Morning," Will mumbled back.

"What about me?" John asked as he looked at the still tired child from the rearview mirror. "Don't I get a 'morning'?"

Will grinned. "Morning Uncle John."

"Morning kiddo," John greeted back.

Maya rolled her eyes at John's antics. "You hungry, pumpkin?" she asked.

Will's eyes widened as he threw the blanket off him. "You bet."

Maya laughed. "Go wash up."

Will nodded and stood up. Walking towards the back of the car, the large silver bowl towered over him by a foot. Looking around, he found the stepping stool beside the fridge. Retrieving it, he placed it in front of the large silver bowl. Will stepped onto the highest step and reached over to grab a white towel to wrap it around his neck. He peered his face over the large silver bowl. Chocolate eyes looked back at him. He blinked, and the boy in the silver bowl blinked. He puffed up his cheeks, and the boy did the same thing. Releasing the air he kept in his cheeks, Will grabbed a cup from the plastic drawer. He lifted it towards the barrel with the least amount of water. Filling up the cup with the rainwater they had collected, he grabbed his green toothbrush, dipped it into the cup, and paused. He realized that he had forgotten to get the toothpaste. He looked around to see that it was on top of the plastic storage container. Placing the cup carefully on the ledge of the silver bowl, Will grabbed his bubblegum flavored toothpaste and spread a bit on his toothbrush. He then began to brush his teeth. Once done, he took the cup and poured some water onto his toothbrush. Once done, he placed his toothbrush back into the holder along with two toothbrush. One blue and the other purple. Refilling the cup, he rinsed his mouth and spit into the bowl again. Will refilled the cup to wash his face. Once done, he patted his face dry with the towel and rinsed the cup. He then placed the cup on his towel on top of the plastic storage container.

"All done!" Will declared as he carefully stepped down from the stool.

Maya smiled. "Good. Do you want bagels or Hawaiian Rolls?"

As Will walked towards the table, the passenger seat moved towards him. He sat on the seat as it moved to the table. "That's not fair, Mama," he said as he furrowed his brows. "Bagels and Hawaiian Rolls are in their own different categories."

Maya laughed while John grinned. "Tell you what pumpkin, you can have half a bagel and half a Hawaiian roll. If you're still hungry, you can eat the rest."

"Deal," Will said in agreement.

"What about you John?" Maya asked.

"I want what the kiddo got. Both." John replied.

Maya shook her head in amusement. Turning to Will, she asked, "Do you mind putting them into the toaster?"

Will shook his head no. "I got this, Mama."

Maya ruffled his hair. "I know you do."

Will walked towards the back of the car to retrieve the bag of bagels from the shelf. Turning towards her, he asked, "Did you want some bagels too?"

"Just one," Maya replied. "I'm going to pass on the Hawaiian Rolls though."

"Okay," Will said as he took out three bagels and put them onto the toaster oven tray. He closed the bag up and put it back onto the shelf. Pulling the bagel slices apart, he placed them back onto the tray and closed the lid. Will turned the dial to the image of a bagel and waited. Once they beeped, he grabbed a plate. Putting on some oven mitts, he carefully opened the oven door. Using a tong, he moved the toasted bagels onto the plate. Once done, he did the same with the Hawaiian Rolls, but this time the dial was set on an image of a bread roll.

"It's starting to smell good in this car," John said from the driver's seat. "I'm salivating here."

Maya laughed as she placed the bacon and sausages onto a plate lined with paper towels. She opened the carton of eggs and cracked them into the pan. Each time an egg landed into the hot oil, it sizzled. Sora dropped the shells into the bin beside her. "Can you grab the cream cheese from the fridge on your way back, Will?"

"Sure thing," he replied as he grabbed the plate full of bagels and rolls.

"Thank you," Maya said as she placed the eggs on a plate.

Will opened the fridge to get the cream cheese and walked towards the table. Maya turned off the burners and moved them and the hot pans to the other side of the table, away from Will. Grabbing three plates and glass cups from the back of the car, she placed them on the table.

Placing a plate in front of Will, she asked, "Milk or juice for today?"

"Milk please," Will replied.

Maya nodded as she walked towards the fridge with a cup and poured some milk into it. She placed it back into the fridge and pulled out a bottle of orange juice. Once she placed the cup of milk in front of Will, he reached over to take a sip. Filling the other two cups with orange juice, she set the juice down and proceeded to fill three plates with food. Walking towards the glove box, she pulled out a box of utensils. She gave a fork and knife to Will.

"Thanks," Will said as he wiped off his milkstache.

Maya smiled and placed two more sets of forks and knives onto the other two plates. Taking a cup of orange juice, she walked towards the driver's seat. "Go wash up," she said as placed her cup into the cup holder.

"You sure?" John asked.

At her nod, he unbuckled his seatbelt to go wash up. Maya sat with her legs crossed in the driver's seat. She placed her plate on the dashboard as she put the seatbelt on. Once settled, she brought the plate to her lap. As the steering wheel moved to guide the car along the road by itself, she pulled a slice of bagel apart with her hands and brought a piece to her mouth.

The small black sedan carrying three passengers passed a sign that read: Welcome to La Push.