Dr. McDugan walked out of Dri's room some twenty minutes later. She wiped a hand across her forehead as if wiping sweat away. Duncan, Richie, and Joe were all up and walking towards her. Joe lagging a little.

Dr. McDugan raised her hand before they could say anything. "Relax, she's fine."

"What happened?" Duncan asked.

"She had an allergic reaction to one of the medications that we had recently given her. It sent her to convulsions, but she's doing fine now. She's sleeping."

"Can we see her?" Richie asked immediately.

"Of course, there will be a nurse in every half hour to make sure she's doing well."

Richie walked past the doctor and into the room.

"Is there any chance of her having a relapse?" Duncan asked.

Dr. McDugan shrugged. "Possibly, but highly doubtful. Now that we know what she's allergic to, we know not to give it to her."

"Thank you Doctor." Duncan said walking past her to Dri's room.

He and Joe walked inside. Joe was about to say something, but Duncan raised his hand to silence him. Joe followed his gaze and saw that Richie was sitting in the chair next to Dri's bed, with his back towards the door. A soft melody floated through the room.

After a moment Richie began singing.

"I was alone before you Never knew You'd bring the joy you do Never thought in a million years You'd be the one to take away my fears

My little sister My little darling You are my moon My little starling The love I feel When I look in your eye Will fill me forever Until the day I die

You are my world My favorite girl I will always be there I will always care You showed me happiness so true Know that I will always love you

My little sister My little darling You are my moon My little starling The love I feel When I look in your eye Will fill me forever Until the day I die"

Richie ended the song with a few cords on his guitar and looked over at Dri. She lying there with her eyes partially open. A lone tear slid down her face.

"You're awake!" Richie exclaimed.

She nodded slightly. "That was beautiful Rich."

"I agree," Duncan said walking up and putting a hand on the younger mans shoulder. "I didn't know you could sing like that."

Richie blushed and Dri laughed.

"What's so funny?" Joe asked walking to the other side of the bed.

"Richie turned rosy." Dri laughed even harder as his jaw dropped.

"She's got you there," Mac said.

He and Joe were both laughing now.

"Hey come on, I write this song for you and you make fun of me!"

"I'm sorry. Just when you blushed, it slipped out. I thought it was funny. I mean..I'm sorry!" She gasped still laughing.

Richie couldn't help but smile and started laughing as well.


Three days later Dri's fever had broken and the doctor cleared her to go home. No one was happier than Dri. She couldn't wait to get out of that place. She sat on the edge of her bed wearing a pair of blue cotton pajamas and clutching Richie Jr. to her chest.

"Where is he?" She exclaimed. "I want out of this place!"

Mac laughed. "Calm down. He went to find the nurse so she could bring you a wheel chair."

Dri sighed. "This would be so much better if I could walk."

"Not gonna happen." Duncan shrugged. "Sorry."


"Grr? What are you a tiger?"

Dri glared at Duncan's smirk. A moment later Richie came in with a wheelchair.

"You're chariot Milady."

Dri smiled. "Thank god! Get me out of this place!"

Richie rolled the chair over to her and Dri started to get up. Duncan put an arm under her elbow to help her.

"You're supposed to take it easy."

"I am taking it easy!" She replied sitting down in the chair. "I'll be taking it much easier when we get home."

Mac rolled his eyes and grabbed Dri's bag.

"How did you con the nurse into letting you take her out of here alone?"

"Nurse? What Nurse?"

"Richie," Mac said in a warning tone.

Richie smiled and took off down the hall with Dri.

"Be careful with her tough guy!"

Richie continued running and Dri was laughing her head off. Duncan sighed and walked after the two. They were out of the woods. As long as Dri was going to be all right. That's all he cared about.