Chapter I: Doing God's Work.

In a hotel in the City of Las Vegas, there was a young man and young woman in bed fornicating.

The woman had long jet black hair and ruby red eyes, while the man had short spiky brown hair and greenish blue eyes.

She was a well-endowed woman with a plump butt, and thick ass thighs who looked to be around twenty-three to twenty-four years old, and had a birthmark on her right shoulder.

As for the man, he had an athletic build, a chiseled jaw, and some firm buttocks that would make girls play grab ass with him. He had a scar on his right calf, and appeared to be around the age of twenty-one to twenty-two years old.

The two had no history with one another, and barely knew anything about their partner, but that didn't stop them from fonduing with another.

"Mmm, mmhmm." Were the noises the woman made as she rode him while keeping her lips pressed against his.

Meanwhile, the man in response released moans of his own until she stopped kissing him. Once, she had peeled her lips away from his, he let out what could only be seen as ablissful sigh, and told her his thoughts.

"That was... intense."

At this, she let loose a giggle and said, "thanks," before moving to kiss him again.

They made out with one another for roughly twenty seconds, but about halfway through their makeout session, she cupped his ears, which had caused the tongue action that was going on to become ten times louder for him.

This had turned him on even more, and brought him to the point of peaking.

Feeling him become bigger inside of her, a ghost smile was formed followed by her doing something he wasn't expecting at all.

She had latched onto his bottom lip with her teeth, and clamped down on it, hard.

This sudden and unexpected pain was not only enough to make his eyes go wide, but it also made his breathing quicken and let out a pain-filled grunt. He tried to pull away from her, but the attempt was futile and brought him even more pain.

Eventually, she unclenched her teeth, and pulled her head back so she could have a better look at his shocked expression, underneath her bottom lip was a smidgen of his blood.

A small smirk started to take form on her face as he looked at her in horror before he decided to feel his bottom lip to make sure it was okay.

As he did this, the woman became wetter and seductively wiped off the drop of blood with her thumb before putting it in her mouth and sucking the blood of it, all while staring down at him.

Once she was done sucking the blood off of her thumb, and he was done patting his redder than usual lip, she spoke with a hungry look in her eyes. "I want more."

"Huh? What are you-" Was all he was able to say in response before seeing her fangs become longer and lunging at him.

A 35-year-old man with blue eyes and short black hair swept to the right stood in an elevator with his arms behind his back and a young boy next to him. He wore a dark-blue collared shirt and a red tie, along with a white coat with dark blue cuffs, dark blue and red accents, and silver buttons. He wore a white long-sleeved double-breasted jacket over his shirt and underneath his coat, with two dark-blue belts one across his chest, and the other around his waist.

The pants he wore were dark blue and tucked into a pair of dark blue calf-high boots that had a red lining and large cuff alongside silver steel toe and heel plating. He also had on a pair of white gloves.

Meanwhile, the boy next to him, who had hazel eyes and black hair, wore an outfit similar to his but not quite like his.

The clothing he was wearing consisted of a white double-breasted coat with silver buttons, dark blue accents, a collar, and shoulder flaps with matching cuffs that had two silver buttons. He wore a dark blue belt with a silver buckle around his waist, and a white shirt underneath. As for his pants, He wore dark blue trousers tucked into black knee-high boots.

There was a silence between the two of them with the man having a blank expression and the boy having one of nervousness.

However, the boy's nervousness did not go unnoticed by Ironwood, for he did say to him for a seventh time now. "Relax yourself, Oscar, everything is going to be just fine."

Oscar sighed at his words, and said in response. "I'm trying to, sir, I've been trying to since leaving the church, but I can't help it. I've never faced a vampire before, let alone anything really, so I'm scared."

"I know, but you will be fine, trust me, Oscar, I won't let anything bad happen to you." Ironwood assured as he turned and put a hand on Oscar's shoulder.

At this, Oscar glanced at the hand on his left shoulder. He stared at it for no more than a couple of seconds before looking at the man and nodding his head.

It was his gesture of saying thanks and I believe you.

Smiling at Oscar's response, Ironwood let go of Oscar's shoulder and turned back to facing the elevator doors.

Another silence passed, but this one was brief, for the Ironwood broke it. "You know, when I was your age and I had my first mission, I also was nervous and scared."

"You… you were?" Oscar questioned with surprise laced to his voice as he looked at the man.

"Yes, I was." He affirmed as he smirked a little. "I was a year older than you, and had been considered a prodigy for my generation alongside a couple others, but that didn't change the fact that I was young and inexperienced."

"... So, what did you do to overcome your fear?" Oscar asked hesitantly with a tiny bit of curiosity seeping into his voice.

"I steeled my heart." He declared with a firm look in his eyes. "I came to the conclusion that if I don't stop this… being, then dozens of people would die including myself. The mere thought of that was enough for me to overcome it all."

"I see…" Was the response Oscar gave him, albeit hesitantly.

Ironwood looked at him after hearing his reply and was going to speak some more when the elevator came to a stop with the doors opening.

Exhaling through his nose, Ironwood instead said to Oscar. "Come on, I'll tell you more about it another time."

"Aaah~, that was great, dear. You may not have been a virgin, but your blood was still so delectable." Zofia proclaimed with a smile as she looked down at the husk of a man beneath her.

"Oh, you're uh, dead now." She declared with a frown that lasted for a few moments only to be replaced by another grin. "No matter, I'm sure I'll find another delicious man like yourself around here, so I shouldn't fret too much about it."

"Although, it really is unfortunate you died, Adrian. I did quite like your sense of humor, and did indeed find your jokes to be hilarious, but at the end of the day, you're just a meal waiting to be devoured by someone like me." She stated in a serious tone as she put a hand on his left cheek.

She stared at him for no more than a few seconds before bending down and planting a kiss on his forehead. She smiled a bit more fondly at him after doing that before climbing off of him and out of the bed.

Zofia then began to pick up her clothing that was scattered around the room and was just about to take them to the bathroom and set them there for the time being when she sensed something.

"What is this~? This intoxicating smell I'm smelling right now?" She asked herself as she dropped her clothes and inhaled deeply through her nose.

She hadn't smelled something like this earlier when she was looking for her meal, but now that she had drunk some blood she was able to smell beings that were farther away from her.

"Yes this is, a virgin, but not just any kind. No, this is a young, naive, and innocent one from what I can tell." Zofia declared as she practically basked in the sweet aroma.

"Unfortunately, I also smell something foul." She stated as she scowled a bit. It wasn't easy to notice, but in this sweet aroma there was a tiny stench, barely noticeable, but nonetheless noticeable.

It was a holy scent, which meant one thing.


The Church had sent another one of them after her.

It was understandable given how many human lives she has taken, but she doubted they had just sent one after her, and a young one at that.

"Knowing them, they've probably sent two or three with this mega virgin in order to make sure nothing goes wrong, but it's fine." She said to herself as her lips began to curve upwards into that of a smile. "The night is still young, and I've just had a wonderful feast. Whatever chances they've had against me are now nonexistent."

After they had gotten off of the elevator the two of them walked down the hallway that had room 317 in it, and would have continued when a shroud of dark grey mist fell upon them. It came from all directions making it hard for Ironwood to see his own hand in front of him.

"Sir? Sir What's happened? I can't see anything!" Oscar yelled in a panic filled voice that caused Ironwood to turn around and see Oscar glancing around in all sorts of directions.

"Zofia is what happened." Ironwood answered sternly as he pulled out one of his revolvers. "She sensed our presence and now plans on running or fighting us."

"Okay, so what do we do? How do we get rid of this fog?" Oscar asked him as he looked in his direction.

At this, Ironwood answered his question with a question.

"Have you forgotten your training, Oscar? What is one of the first things I taught you?" Is what he asked the young boy.

Oscar was silent, but after a couple seconds of silence he began to speak. "Heavenly Father, who resides up above, grant me perfect vision, so that I may see what lies before me and not be led astray."

Ironwood smirked a little at this before closing his eyes and saying the same thing, although he wasn't as loud as him, and was much more calmer.

Upon opening his eyes, he was able to see clearly and saw several people that he didn't see before out in the hallway wandering around aimlessly.

He narrowed his eyes at the sight of this, and as he did Oscar asked another question. "So, how exactly do we proceed now that she knows we're here and what should we do about the people out here?"

"We-" he begun before suddenly widening his eyes and swiftly turning around and firing his weapon.

The bullet hit nothing but the wall at the end of hallway, which left Oscar in a confused state for he had been startled by Ironwood's abrupt action.

However, before he could ask why he had done that, a cackle was heard from the direction he had shot prompting Oscar to look that way once more and see a swarm of bats round the corner and come towards them.

Ironwood pointed his gun at the swarm and could have easily shot at it, but because it wasn't coming at them at a very fast pace, he held his fire.

The swarm stopped several meters away from them, and Oscar couldn't help but stare in awe as a gorgeous and naked woman manifested out of them.

Meanwhile, Ironwood kept a blank expression and his gun trained on her.

"So, instead of sending a group of exorcists, the Church decided to send one of their finest after me along with his young, and inexperienced trainee."

As she said those things about Oscar, she looked at him and gave him a playful wink that only made him blush harder and look away.

"If you know me, then I suggest you surrender and come quietly. Otherwise, you'll end up like all the other supernatural beings I've faced." Ironwood declared in a stern tone as he continued to keep his gun on her nude body.

"Humor me here, but let's say I did surrender and come peacefully. What would happen, hmm~?" She inquired with an amused look and a curious glint in her eyes.

"I would take you to the Vatican where you will be tried for your crimes against humanity." He answered almost immediately without blinking an eye.

"Hmm, tempting." She said aloud as if she were pondering the answer before closing her eyes and frowning. "But not tempting enough. Don't get me wrong I would take it had we been in different circumstances, but unfortunately for you we're not in those circumstances, so I will have to decline."

"Suit yourself." Was all Ironwood said in response before pulling the trigger and firing his gun.

Zofia laughed at this as part of her body transformed into bats and avoided the bullet that would have hit her.

"Did you really just shoot one bullet at me thinking that would end me?" She asked in a ridiculing manner with a smug look on her face.

"Possibly." Replied Ironwood earning a laugh from her.

"You do know who I am, right?" She asked as her laughter died down. "What I am capable of doing and who I have killed?"

"I know very well who you are, Zofia, now consider that your one and only warning shot, and surrender. There won't be any second chances should you refuse." Ironwood declared as he put a hand on Oscar and slowly moved him behind him.

Zofia didn't make any remarks in response to this. Instead, she stared at Ironwood with a hard look as he now got between her and the boy she wants.

Finally, after what seemed like several seconds, she spoke. "People who live in glass houses should-"

Whatever else she was going to say was cut off by Ironwood who had fired his revolver at her while pulling out his second and charging her.

She formed a barrier to block this attack of his before unleashing a black mist that engulfed not only herself but also Ironwood.

Oscar, who was still standing in the same position Ironwood had put him in, didn't stay there for very long and quickly rushed towards themwhile bringing his holy sword back to launch an effective and powerful attack.

As he did this, Ironwood swung at her with his second revolver and tried to shoot her at point blank range a couple of times but his attacks were fruitless.

Zofia was just too nimble. She would either evade the attack completely or have that part of her body transform into bats to evade it.

Once Oscar was within roughly two meters of them, Zofia transformed into bats and moved behind Ironwood. She followed this up by sending a kick to his lower back that propelled him into the wall before turning her gaze to the young boy that was now about to slash her.

"You're adorable." She said to him moments before grabbing one of his wrists and pulling him in close to her. "But I can't play with you right now, so why don't you just go back over there?"

Oscar didn't even have a chance to really respond to her statement, he had been sent flying backwards before he could say anything, and it wasn't very long after she had done to him did he crash and skid across the floor.

She watched him do this for a moment before turning her attention to the hole in the wall Ironwood had made. The small smirk that had formed when watching Oscar slam into the ground had vanished and was replaced by a serious and tight lip look as she stepped through the hole.

Upon entering, Zofia witnessed Ironwood finish getting up off of the ground, and saw this as her opportunity to strike. She flew at him with her wings, and had brought her foot up to do an axe kick directly on his head, but the kick never landed.

Ironwood had caught her by the ankle with his left hand and gave her a quick stern look before slamming her onto the ground.

Zofia had been completely taken aback by this and had attempted to recover, but was unable to due to Ironwood quickly following up this attack with a kick to the abdomen that had sent her into the wall and through it.

He then took the moment to pick up his weapons and was going to make a hole for himself to go through when Zofia came flying through with her arms extended out in front of her.

He shot at her and had managed to hit her and make her curse at him, but this ultimately didn't stop her from grabbing ahold of his waist and flying through a set of walls and then throwing him through another pair.

Meanwhile, Oscar who had finished recovering from her throw of him decided to get the people in the hallway to safety by moving them towards the elevator.

He had heard all the commotion going on and had wanted to go help his mentor, but ultimately thought it would be best if he got all the civilians in the area out of harm's way, and then went to assist him once more.

After he had been thrown through some walls, Ironwood was given practically no time to recover. Zofia had flown through the holes in bat form and had attempted to end his life with a wave of flames after detransforming, but was unsuccessful because of Ironwood evading her attack.

It wasn't a perfect evade, for the tail end of his coat had caught on fire in the process of evading, which left him practically no choice but to take it off and throw it at her as she launched more fire at him.

The coat took the initial burst of flames, but it didn't last much longer after that. Within roughly a second it had been reduced to nothing but ash and dust. Luckily, that was all Ironwood needed to dodge the fire, and launch himself towards her.

Zofia tried to hit him for a third time with fire, but right before the magic could leave her hand Ironwood had grabbed ahold of her wrist with his right and forced it up causing the flames to hit the ceiling above them and for her to dangle above the floor.

Their eyes met, but no sooner did they meet did Ironwood start to tighten his grip on her wrist all while staring directly into her eyes.

Zofia at her first tried to pry her wrist free from his grip, but was unable to. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn't break free of his grasp and soon began to wince in pain as she felt her bones begin to break.

With the feeling steadily increasing, Zofia looked at Ironwood and began to hit him in the face out of desperation, but even that didn't make him let go. No, he just continued to slowly increase the pressure while staring at her.

Fearing that her wrist is about to break at any moment now, Zofia began to transform into bats but was stopped by Ironwood grabbing ahold of her throat with his other hand.

"I told you what would happen and you ignored me." He stated in an emotionless tone as he started to apply pressure on her throat. "The chance to come quietly was given to you."

Zofia gasped for air in response to these statements as she struggled to free herself from his grip, but was unable to. No matter how hard she tried to break free, Ironwood didn't budge.

"So, do not curse me in the afterlife and say it is my fault you died here today. The person who killed you was yourself, I simply just played a part in your death." Ironwood professed while still gazing into her eyes.

It wasn't very long after he told her this he finally managed to shatter her wrist, causing her to wince and let out the closest thing she could do of a painfilled cry.

He let go of her wrist after doing this and would have put his other hand on his throat when he heard the sound of wood breaking prompting him to look up and see that the ceiling was about to give out at any moment.

Looking back at her, Ironwood lifted her up a bit more and then slammed his head against hers before letting go of her and moving away from her.

Not even two second after he had done this, the ceiling above collapsed on top of her, which was followed by her shrieks of pain.

Ironwood didn't react really at all to her screams. He simply watched in silence as she struggled to free herself from the debris that had fallen onto her.

Finally, after who knows how long it seemed he had enough, for he pulled out a revolver of his and fired three shots at her.

The screams of the vampiress known as Zofia Rose had finally stopped.

Oscar had a troubled look on his face as he followed behind Ironwood. The vampire they had been sent to deal with had been eliminated, but he didn't really do much when it came down to it.

All he had done was get thrown by her and help innocent people get out of harm's way when he didn't even have to do that. Ironwood had handled the situation by himself, which made him wonder if there was even a point of him getting out of the car.

"I know what you're thinking Oscar," began Ironwood in a neutral voice. "You feel like you didn't do anything useful back there, but you're wrong. What you did, it was right. You got people out of possible harm's way and that is always something you should do if you can."

"I know, but I still wish I had done more in the fight." Oscar confessed as he walked to the passenger side of the car and opened it. "Like at the very least land a hit on her, but instead I just got thrown across the hallway like a toy."

"I understand, but understand that Zofia was someone on a different level than you. She has killed four exorcists with one of them being well experienced in dealing with vampires." Ironwood stated as he looked at Oscar before entering the driver seat. "It's why I had moved you behind me. I didn't want you to be added to that list."

"If you didn't want me to be added to that list, then why was I brought along?" Oscar asked with a frown after putting on his seatbelt. "Wouldn't it have been better if I just stayed behind at the Church?"

"In regards to your safety? Yes it would have been better if you stayed behind." Ironwood announced in a serious tone. "However, if you did, then you wouldn't have gotten any experience and that is something you need."

"I see…" Oscar murmured as Ironwood started the car.

"Indeed, so as I said, do not feel useless. You did good work tonight and that is something you should always be proud of. Next time will be different... probably." Ironwood claimed with a tiny grin.

"You know, you didn't have to say that last part there." Oscar pointed out with a chuckle as they pulled out of the parking space. "You could have simply left it there with things will be different next time."

"Yeah, that was something I could have done couldn't I?"

To Be Continued.

Hmm, I doubt I'll do Ironwood the justice he deserves, but I will try to make a good and proper story with him. He may not be spot on, but I think as long as he doesn't end up like Volume 8 Ironwood everything will be fine.

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