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A fic I thought up after reading LadySonics' Chaos Destiny. Hers is really good and I'm hoping she finishes it. :: Glares at the non updatedness of her fic.:: ::Sighs:: Well in any case... I hope you enjoy my version. ^^

Prologue Magical Destiny

Harry woke up in a meadow, trying to remember what had happened and why he hurt so badly. Then he remembered. His Uncle Vernon had taken them on a vacation to Japan for Dudley's seventh birthday and to celebrate this big deal he had landed. Something weird had happened and Harry was blamed. He got beat for it and was left in a forest though he had no clue what was going on. A threatening yowl then interrupted Harry's train of thought. Harry turned to see a fourteen year old boy on all fours, looking not unlike a cat trying to figure out if he was friend or foe. A meow seemed to confirm that. Thinking the boy was playing a game Harry decided to play along and maybe the boy would help him get some food.

"Here kitty, kitty. I won't hurt you," Harry said softly, slowly sitting up and reaching out a hand. The cat boy came up and warily sniffed the air, and deciding Harry was not a threat, rubbed his head against Harry's hand. Harry finally got a good look at the older boy. He had fairly long pitch black hair that ended in a pig tail and steel, blue gray eyes. He wore what Harry recognized as a white martial arts uniform with no shoes.

The feral look in the boy's eyes warned Harry that the boy was not all there. 'Must be why he's acting like a cat,' Harry thought, petting the boy like he would a cat.

Soon, the boy seemed to fall asleep and Harry looked at himself to see what kind of bruises he had from his earlier beating. A sound made him look to where the boy lay to see him getting up and looking around confusedly.

"Huh? Nani?"

"What?" Harry asked.

Looking startled, the boy replied in a heavily accented voice, "I didn't do that did I?"

Harry looked down at his bruises and shook his head. The boy sighed in relief. "I'm Sao. umm... Ranma Saotome. Are you alright?"

Harry shook his head, "My uncle did this." Harry frowned, "What day is today?"

Ranma thought about it, "I think it's Friday, but I would have to ask my dad when I find him again. For now I should probably get you to a doctor," Ranma said picking Harry up.

Ranma looked at the badly beaten boy in his arms. 'Maybe I can get pops to train him also,' Ranma thought, 'Then I wouldn't be so alone on this trip and he could learn to defend himself. It would also keep the boy from his uncle.'

Harry shivered, and started talking as if shocked, "They LEFT me here? I have no family now. I don't know." Harry started crying, and Ranma held the boy closer to keep him warm.

"What's your name kid?" Ranma asked to keep the child from crying.

Harry sniffed, "I'm Harry. Harry Potter. I. had a family until they beat and abandoned me. I guess now I'll have to go to an orphanage."

Ranma thought a bit as he ran and then said, "I'll talk to my dad about adopting you into our family. Then you'll be able to learn martial arts. We could probably teach you enough to make sure you don't get beat up again by anyone. Maybe even enough to protect those you love but one step at a time ne?"

Harry dried his tears and looked up at the older boy, smiling. "Thank you," was all he said.

Soon they were at a small village's physician's office, and Harry was getting treated. While they waited for the doctor to find something for the boys to do to pay off the debt, Harry asked, "Why were you acting like a cat when I first met you?"

To his surprise, Ranma turned red and put his head down as if in shame. "My old man tried to teach me this unbeatable technique called the neko- ken. It means cat fist in your language. It involves wru. wrapping the trainee in fish sausages and tossing them in a pit of starving cats. The technique was banned cause the trainees always went insane. I was able to pull out of it the first time because of a nice old lady, and have an unnatural fear of cats now. It was set off when my dad and I were at a pier looking for a cheap boat to China." Ranma shivered.

"You're English is really good Ranma," Harry said

Ranma grinned, "Thanks, I've been working on it and other languages so that when I finally find a real traveling companion, we can go see the world. I've got all sorts of teach yourself books. I seem to be really good with languages."

Suddenly the doc came back with the work they were to do and the two got it done as fast as they could, glad that the doctor had taken pity on them. Finding his father the next day, Ranma pounded the lazy man into submission about adopting Harry, and all three got on the cheapest boat to China.

*****Two Years Later*****

A nine year old Harry stood balancing on a bamboo pole, watching as his adopted brother and father sparred. It had taken them two years traveling across China to find this legendary training ground of Jusenkyo. Harry listened to the guide with half an ear until the guide said something about curses. Harry looked at the guide and then saw Ranma kick Genma into a pool. A panda hopped out and brutally kicked Ranma into another spring. Harry started to lose his balance and quickly leapt to dry ground as to avoid the pools. He landed on the dry ground only to have it crumble beneath him and fall into a deep spring. Remembering that he still had problems swimming, Harry tried to kick his way to the top and found himself failing.

Ranma pulled himself out of the spring of drowned girl only to see his little brother fall through the ground. Forgetting about his own curse, Ranma quickly ran to where Harry fell and hearing a splash of water, dove in, intent on saving his brother. Grasping Harry under the water, Ranma suddenly heard a voice.

"You both are found worthy," it announced softly, "The young boy will grow into my powers and you, young Ranma, will be granted them when you learn something from your curse. When she who drowned teaches you all she wants or needs to, the curse will be lifted. Listen for her words. Welcome to the ranks of the race of the dragon gods. You are the first two in a million years, take care of how you use your power, else you be trapped here. Thank you for setting me free. I am Sepheid. My memories. for. you. find. them."

With that the voice was gone, and the unnaturally large spring dried up. Leaping out with his unconscious brother, 16 year old Ranma could only wonder at what was happening to him and his 9 year old brother.

OK, I fixed some things and when I thought about it before, it seemed natural that Sepheid wasn't the only dragon god in Slayers. Maybe the others were killed by Shabranigdo in the original battle? It also seemed a little strange that a dark LORD killed a dragon GOD when gods are supposed to be immortal. I figure that they weren't really gods but a race of the most powerful dragons, the ancient dragons which were neutral to the wars being second and golden dragons third. Also, if you think about it, the war was probably started by Shabranigdo in the first place. LON is most likely the only real God in Slayers, the rest just powerful entities that sparked awe in to the humans, who gave them the titles of Dark Lords and Gods. Let me know if you need more explanation. ^^ 0: )