When the lights are low, I'm alone with the feeling

Thick brown locks spilled across previously tanned shoulders that were now kissed a creamy white. A slow smile tugged across her face. Chocolate orbs sparkled with excitement. Her mouth both opened to release a teasing remark.

Rose perked for a second.

No, not for her. Her brief excitement gone. She had gotten lost in the scene in front of her, creating a daydream once again. Substituting herself for him.

She raked a hand through her long blonde curls. Emmet looked at her. I'm fine, she said with her eyes. She wasn't. She was tired.

How long could you spend watching your affection with someone else? Rosalie had bared about all she could. Perhaps Paris again. Or Denali maybe.


Then she would miss her too much. She supposed she'll stick around then. If this was how she was meant to spend the rest of her eternity, then so be it.

Could I take control and hold on to believing

I admit it, Rose thought to her herself. She heaved a large sigh internally, standing from the couch. Ignoring Jasper's questioning (knowing) eyes, she closed the latest Harper Bazaar's issue in her hand and stated that she was heading to her garage.

She was heart-worn. She was in need of recuperation. She was in need of reprieve from her emotions, or perhaps her instincts. She knew that Edward was content with Bella and her with him, yet she couldn't stop wishing for their demise. For Edward to bring someone home was enough for the clan to know it was something serious. Particularly, when said person was a human.

Four months and the pair spent damn near every day together. At the Cullen house. Under Rosalie's eyes. Granted they seemed to shy to do anything more than sit close on a bench, but still. That was more than Rosalie needed to see. It was more than enough for her heart to burn.

Lets go

She slid out from under Edward's jeep that she was tuning up, singing in tune to the music playing.

To another coast

Wiping her hands on the yellow rag hanging from her back pocket, she extended her arms above her head. A big stretch to the sky before she lowered her hands to her head to redo her low-hanging ponytail.


Rosalie froze. Some vampire she was. Turning around, she saw Bella standing in the doorway of the garage. Rose shifted her eyes behind Bella, looking to find a glimpse of Edward around her to find none.

"Hi," Rose returned after a pause. A lull. "Can I help you?" She continued unsure.

Bella, now casually leaning against the frame said, "I got sick of waiting."

Rose blinked. Then squinted her eyes slightly. Was she missing something here?

"Waiting for…"

"You to say hi. So I came to say, Hi Rosalie. Could I sit down" Gestured Bella towards a curved wooden chair in near her tool cabinet.

Take me somewhere we can be alone

"Where's Edward?" Rose asked after another pause. "I mean of course you can sit, it's just rather unexpected"

"He went to hunt I think, I'm not sure. It's not like he's my boyfriend," Bella ended with a chuckle.

Another blink from the blonde. Then one more.


Baby there we can get comfortable

Eyebrows settled into a deep furrow. "What do you mean you're not dating Edward?" Not sure why the brunette was lying to her.

"That..I'm not dating him?" Said a now confused, Bella.

"You're sure?"

"Pretty sure"



"I mean…really?"

Rose was far too skeptical right now. If they weren't dating, then what were they doing? Just being..friends? She thinks not.

"Yes, Rose."


"I don't believe you," came the mechanic's final retort before sliding back underneath the jeep. Before her creeper was being yanked out with an unexpectedly strong tug. "What the hell," Rose started, abruptly stopping when she connected with brown eyes gazing into her own. Bella sat beside Rose on the ground, leaning back on her palms.

"I'm gonna break this down so you understand what's going on here," began Bella with her low husky voice.

A blonde eyebrow arched up in a daring question, shifting to her elbows to better view Bella.

"So I was new to Forks. On my first day, a family of vampires walked in. There I was, expecting the boring mundane of pubescent gangly teens when a beautiful women walked through the doors. Imagine my surprise. Further that surprise when her brother turns out to be my lab partner.

Her brother and I begin to hit it off. We both enjoy the same music and literature. Just when I thought the opportunity provided couldn't get better, apparently her brother holds interest in a certain Quilete boy. Things are starting to line up now. Perhaps this boy and I could have a symbiotic relationship here further than our shared interest."

There's nothing to lose except our clothes

Rose still the skeptic, felt something begin to bloom within her chest. A warmth. A tension.

She tried to tamper it down until Bella had finished.

"So this man and I decide that we would aid each other in our endeavours of wooing these entrapping personas. So we begin. Hangouts at my house where the Quilete boy would be invited; Other days, his, where his dazzling sister would reside, often in the same room as us. I wouldn't say it was a complete failure, as Edward and Jacob seem to be making progress. But I however, cannot say the same for myself. For the object of my affection, doesn't seem to want to know me. "

I really want to let you know

"I must say I'm a bit shocked. I mean three months of sitting on a couch next to this girl and not a word. I mean don't get me wrong, I love Edward and you guy's house, but I really wanted to talk to the person running through my mind you know." Bella sighed dramatically. "I thought I looked my best too"

She did, Rose thought. Thinking back to her favourites, she briefly pictured Bella donned in a simple white t-shirt, leather jacket and black jeans. 'Yes, she had looked her best' She thought, as she felt her eyes fade slightly darker.

"Would you like to Rosalie?"

She took a shuddery breath. "Would I like to what?"

"Know me?"

That I could never let you go

She couldn't fight it. An unbridled smile broke out across her face. She chuckled, a watery one.

"Yeah, I really would like too." She brought her left hand over her eyes, laughing all the while.

Bella grinned a ferocious smile. She played down on the ground behind her.

"Well, I feel a bit silly. I wish someone had told me"

"I asked them not to because I wanted it to be organic, but if I knew it would take four months, then I would've said fuck that."

Cause I just want to be yours

"Well, I guess you can get back to work now. I'm just gonna chill here and groove to this music, if that's cool?" Questioned Bella.

Rose hid a smile, lowering her arms and sliding back under the Jeep. " Yeah, that's cool Bella."

Song is Yours by Maye