I could feel my face heat up as I walked out of the restaurant, shaking my head in disbelief at what I was just told by someone I thought was my friend.

As it turns out, I had been right all along, Edward has been having an affair with Thanya for the last year, and no one bothered to inform me.

This is fucking rich. He constantly told me that it was a lie to not believe anybody because they were just jealous of our happiness.

Maldito! Hijo de puta! I gave up living in my birth country, and being near my family and friends to come live with him!

Funny how things always play out.

I could hear someone following me as I tried to hail a cab.

"Isa! Bella, Bella, wait!" I heard as I finally managed to get a cab to stop.

"Dove signora?" The man asked as an insistent knocking began on the window. (Where to ma'am?)

I tell him the address before turning to look at my soon-to-be ex-husband, shaking my head at him before rolling down the window. "I hope she was fucking worth it…" I say, sliding off the rings from my finger and dropping them on my hand, and turning to the driver. "Andiamo, andiamo." I say as the window slides up.

The rain begins to fall heavily on the way home. I ignore the concerned look the driver is giving me as we finally pull up to our apartment building, wanting this to be over already.

I sigh and drop the correct currency onto his hand before exiting the cab and rushing inside. Slipping off my heels before practically sprinting up the stairs and into our shared condo.

As I walk through the front door, I head into our room and pull out my clothes out of the closet along with a large suitcase.

Ignoring the frantic beeping of my phone as I meticulously fold my clothes and begin arranging them into my carry-on and my large suitcase. Then I went into the bathroom and grabbed my favorite bottle of perfume, and my hair products and appliances, and my makeup bag.

I drop in what I was wearing before pulling on a pair of jeans, a tank top, and a pullover. Then dropping the smaller bag on top along with my heels, and zipping it closed. Before I slipped on my sock and sneakers, tying them into knots.

The framed picture of the day we got married sat on the nightstand, taunting me as I stared at it in pain. I took a deep breath before slamming it down and pulling out my laptop and its travel bag before exiting the room.

I slung my crossbody bag over my body before slinging my laptop onto my shoulder, the carry-on, and luggage bag held in one hand as I snatched my keys off the table in the foyer.

Just as I made it to the elevator that leads to the carport, the door to the condo opened.

"Bella wait! Bella please wait!"

I ignored the voice and pushed the button, holding back tears.

"It's not true! Please believe me!" He begged.

"No. I'm afraid I can't do that," I stated, calmly.

"Why not? Isn't this what you wanted for us to trust each other?" He asked.

"Edward, today, I thought my life was perfect. Only to find out that you and Thanya have made me look like an idiot in front of everyone! Do you honestly think I am that stupid? That practice ran longer than usual! That the lipstick on your collar was of a fan who was trying to kiss your cheek? I'm not stupid or blind! I also didn't miss those fucking condescending looks Thanya always sends me while you fucking play. This is done. I'm done. I waited for you to tell me. To fucking come forward, to show me a sign that you still loved me! But it's been a fucking year, Edward! And I for one don't want to keep living a life like this. I can't and will not keep pretending that everything is okay, when that is far from the truth. Goodbye, Edward Masen, I hope you have a good life…" I say, calmly, watching his face grow pale.

It was only another tear at my heart as I realized he never wanted me to know.

So, I sighed and swallowed my pain as I reached up and kissed his cheek goodbye, before turning and leaving.

After I reached the carport, I calmly walked towards my SUV, slipping my bags into the back seat before quickly driving out of there.

Hoping to never see them again.

A/N:So this is another story that I came up with... All canon pairing except Edward and Bella.