I can hear them all, the screams, the pains, the suffering that unfolds, I look to the blackened sky where once my light and my people fly in perfect unity, and to my surroundings of my people dying and more from the outside of my realm.

All of them screaming for my name to stop it all, to save them all, I look on my with my own eyes, frozen with shock, the very paradise for my people that I created tumbling down and crashing to the ground and the void of space and nothingness and all of it confirming my fears that I have been wanting to stop and prevent. The inevitability of them all dying along with everything I built and I will be the only one left.

Instead of sadness of the incoming extinction, I felt rage, unbridled, unrivaled rage that my own creations betrayed me, and are now killing my people and recreating everything I created in their own image, I saw my people all across the metaverse fighting against them, their new abominable machinations in full for me to see and adding more is the help he had from my brothers and sisters, whom had viewed him with awe and jealousy.

With my stolen powers, they are scouring them all and all of them are crying for my name to save them and were horrifically stamped out, who were suppose to be the protectors of my people are now slaughtering them by the masses and their souls harvested to be fuel for there war machines and I could only watch as they did it.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!", I screamed in rage that pierced through the dark sky with the blood-red, the ground and the entirety of the planet I stood upon is blackened, time stood still and the ground that I walk crackled beneath my feet, with every step the ground was melting and oozing lava, the skies began to change from the blackened sky to the blood-red, water to change in my presence in blood and lava and the seas along followed emanating huge amounts of steam that is now forming in the sky, my energies running rampant to dangerous degrees and my once beautiful realm now being corrupted in order to save them all.

Storms of winds and tornadoes' raged across the skies of my realms, seeming to do battle with the thunders as their own collision is affecting the ground and all over my realm as lightning streaked through with unrelenting speed, ripping apart everything that they touch. Clouds began to form on the void of space and swirl into a chaotic bloom, washing away the dark made by my son and my light began to shine, but instead of the golden light, it is now the corrupted red.

My people, my children, my beloveds of both dying and suffering saw my light and they all quickly gathered before me, and those that can only see from the distance pray to me, their own hands reached upon me like a moth to the flame knowing they will all burn. Shame and despair ran across me. I clenched my own fists and gritted my teeth that the failure I have received.

But they still prayed to me and walk unto my light, there were no words said as they still walk towards me and touched me, their own bloodied and damaged hands caress my body, and from the moment, they have given me their will, there sacrifice, that they will follow me, they will always be with me and unto death, the revelation struck me more than ever and my tears began to escape my eyes and in there eyes I can see understanding, acceptance and unbound loyalty, and I grasp them all into my arms, reaching and caressing them all and in one final swoop.

They all began to change.

The erratic and dangerous of my energies swept through the entire realm and began to change everything in the realm that I created, my people I saw changed, their own skin becomes reddish, gray, and pinkish, and some are growing muscle that is hardening, some began to become larger but all the same, monstrous and malformed, animal-like and even alien-like appendages began to grow, there own nails began to become sharper and longer, horns began to form on their heads, wings, tails, and hair some all over there body as dark as night began to grow, whilst others lost all there hair, their eyes began to lose their colors and become white, black and blood-red as the skies and some are multiplied by the dozens, legs began to bent in bizarre ways and change into hooves, tentacles and all kinds of changing their once-perfect characteristics.

The dead began to rise and they all began to shake uncontrollably until they were dropped and sink to the ground and the rumbling began and became stronger, and out of the ground, a giant hand erupted from the sky emerged and more I can see beyond appearances, titans of all forms began to crawl out of the ground, some are larger than others and began to bang the ground as they all are in pain along with his people undergoing the change.

He can see them all, Planets, Galaxies, Universes and all that are in his realm that he created are now undergoing the same change from what he can see as well, the concept of time is slowly being removed, the rules of the living that I created to have ordered are now being removed by my will, fires and brimstone everywhere and as hellish as my realm is becoming and as much as I hate it, I look on the devastation and corruption and destruction as salvation and a defiance to the creations I once cherished, that even when my WRETCHED creations have thought me dead, they will never see me and my vengeance coming.

I look onto the seal in the sky and to my own skin fastened on me by my son, I glared upon the seal that it is starting to burn away slowly but due to the potent of it, it will take a thousand years and will be a reminder of this day, that he will no longer be betrayed again and that everything he created that is now remade in his sons and his other wretched creations in their image be all unmade by his hand.

And for thousands of years, I have watched them all and I raged in this realm that I once called my home, my people evermore changing into abominations that I loathe but the people of Immora are safe, they are the last remnants of my people, my legacy, and all that tried have been burned and cast down by my hand, they will never again see the glory recreated but only remembered and everyday I come to them to bear news and they all cried in my arms and I too joined in the sorrows and cries of my people, for I was too in part of the failure and destruction that happened to all of them and now the time has come for a reckoning.

He began to move through his darkened and damned realm with speed that not even the strongest of his demon can see and his mouth and eyes began to grow brighter and began to glow brighter along with his body, and with all his anger and unmatched will, he screamed it all and released a beam of havoc and destruction surpassing that of everyone of his brothers and sisters that broke through the timeless and hellish realm with speed unmatch and sound that not only made some demons ear bleed and their head and the ground underneath mine formed a crater and the wind blew everything in my path.

Time stood still and the clouded and darkened sky was split in half and entire space was rendered useless, the entire realm began to shake as the beams began to go straight to the seals, powered by the faith and rage of his people dying and there own wishes and deeds for him to save them and kill the Maykr's and his once cherished creation's, the lasers slammed into the seals.

His people that have now become malformed and demonic, all rejoiced and roared through as the seals began to fall and disintegrate, the titans and all forms of corruption from every corner roared out as everything began to shake, and their own combined voices also joined in destroying the seals, creating there own beams to eviscerate every last part of the seals as the very nature of my realm became twisted and faster than ever succumbing to the corruption.

He began to feel the countless souls and emotions flow to him from the outside, all their wishes and hates now began to make him stronger, of those that died and forcefully remade by the Maykr hand. He will make them all feel his despair and his people's pain.

All shall fear the Destroyer. All will fall under the Dark Realm. And I will have my vengeance.