"You must become friends with Harry and Hermione." Said Lucius to his son, out of the blue. Draco looked up from the book he had been reading.

"What!" he exclaimed, "friends with the Golden Boy? The one who destroyed our master? You want me to be friends with him?

"Yes," replied the elder Malfoy, ignoring his son's perfect impression of a fish, "and I know the perfect way."

"May I ask why?" said Draco, after mastering his emotion.

"They are the children of one of my dearest friends." And with that, he left the room.

Draco mulled this over for some time, either his father was being sarcastic, which he highly doubted, he had seemed too distracted to pay attention to what he was saying, or James Potter was not Harry's real father.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

Harry had changed over the summer, he had grown taller, but was still lanky, his hair had grown longer, it reached past his ears now and had smoothed out considerably and his face was thinner and more defined. He had gotten rid of his glasses now, using a potion to correct his vision, and his looks had benefited from it.

He waved at Ron when he reached the platform, seeing his friend chatting up a Ravenclaw girl from their sixth year. Harry shook his head and looked down to hide his smile; who would have thought that Ron Weasly would have been chatting up girls, he still remembered their fourth year ball, when Ron was scared to talk to a girl.

He got on the train, trying to find a berth that he could save for his friends, and was surprised when he found Hermione already there. She had changed over the summer too, she looked more grown up than ever, her hair was longer and darker, and was bound back in a plait. "Hey 'Mione, what are you doing her so early?"

"My parents had to visit someone over the other side of London, so they dropped me off early to get a head start. How were your hol's? the Dursley's any better?"

"Actually, they're not so bad anymore, it might have something to do with the fact that I turned Dudley into a mouse for a couple of days, they were extremely courteous after that, always giving me the best food, and letting me choose what to watch on the telly." He laughed at the look on Hermione's face, "don't worry, he was perfectly alright, actually it did him good, he lost some of his fat, he's too scared to eat too much in case I get angry. It's hilarious but, sometimes if he doesn't see you looking, he twitches his nose and looks for his tail. Hermione, what? It was an accident, it took me almost two days to figure out how I'd done it and change him back." Hermione stared at him warningly, Harry knew he was going to get a lecture later. But just then, Ron came in and stopped dead in the doorway as two pale faces with black hair looked back at him.

"Merlin, did you two know you looked like brother and sister?" As the pair looked at each other with wide eyes, Ron shook his head, "Anyway, guess what I just heard," without waiting for a reply, he went on, "Malfoy's been kicked out of home." He waited for their appropriate responses, and finished, "Apparently he refused to have the dark mark, his dad was furious and said that 'No son of mine'" Ron was cut off by a new voice from the doorway.

'"No son of mine will refuse me in this way, therefore I have no son.' Yes, that's what he said." All three looked at the speaker, there stood a very tired looking Draco. "Do you mind if I sit here? I'm not welcome anywhere else, they either want to gawk at me or kill me."

"Sure" answered Harry, not responding to the glare Ron sent his way, he could smooth things over later. "So who are you staying with?" he asked of the now sitting Draco.

"I was going to stay with Snape, but he's supposedly you know who's loyal follower, so he can't be the one. At the moment I'm staying at an orphanage for non-muggles. Hey Harry, I'm just like you, no parents because of Voldemort." With that, he closed his eyes and rested his head on the window. Not long later, faint snores were heard coming from the pale form.

Harry looked at Draco again and spoke to Ron, "He's been through enough, I think I know how he feels." Ron was silent, but the look on his face said that he understood.

It was not long until they reached the station and were escorted into the waiting carriages, Harry managed to get one with Neville, Seamus and Hermione. Neville and Seamus were whispering together, shooting glances at the other pair. Seamus was the first to speak up, in his thick Irish brogue. "Hey did you two know you look like twins? Cos it's really obvious, what sort of spell did you use?" he asked interestedly.

"No spell," replied Harry at the same time as Hermione said, "just some charm, you know, I found it over the hol's." Harry shot a worried glance at her, and she leaned over and whispered, "If we look so much alike, then hadn't we better find out why first, and you don't want more gossip do you?" Harry acquiesced, and pointed out the first glimpse of Hogwarts to the other occupants of the carriage. They reached it soon enough, but as they were ascending the steps to the great hall, Professor McGonogall motioned for Harry and Hermione to follow her. Looking at each other, they obeyed her, wondering if this had anything to do with the way they looked.

As it turned out, it was. They were led to Professor Dumbledore's office and sat quietly waiting for him to arrive. Once he did, they became concerned with the look of worry that was etched into his face. "Harry, Hermione, welcome back for your sixth year is it?" they nodded dumbly. "Well, now that you are both seventeen, I have some news about you both that may change your lives forever." Taking a deep breath, he continued, "you are twins, you were taken away from your real parents at birth and placed in other's care. Harry, you were sent to live with the Potter's, and Hermione, you were placed in the care of a muggle family with wizarding sympathies. This news is very shocking, I know, but there is something else, concerning your true parents." He seemed unwilling to speak further, and Harry had to prod him into revealing the truth, "well, this will be extremely hard for you to bear, but you are the children of Voldemort." He waited for their reactions, and was surprised when he heard them both laughing.

"Ha ha ha, oh gods, you almost had us there." Cried Harry, tears leaking from his eyes. It was only when Dumbledore didn't join in the joke that the information he had just given them began to sink in. "Oh Merlin, you're serious, aren't you?" Harry choked out.

"Now, now, that doesn't affect who you are in any way." Responded Dumbledore quickly, trying to salvage the situation. "But you needed to be aware, as he has begun looking for you again. He will of course want you to join his side, you are his heirs, he will do anything to get you back, you were kidnapped all those years ago, by Snape and Sirius. Voldemort of course does not suspect Snape, and we hope to keep it that way, but now, with the two of you looking more like Tom Riddle each day, word will soon spread that a boy and a girl looking very much alike but not related are about to graduate from Hogwarts. We believe that he may already know who and where you are and is only waiting for the right moment." At that moment, a pounding came on the door.

"Albus, let me in, I have some important news." Came Snape's voice from the other side. The door swung open and he stepped inside, but took a step back when he saw the two very similar faces turned towards him. "Merlin" he breathed quietly, "you really do look like him."

They were interrupted at that moment by a tearing noise, and both Harry and Hermione fell to the ground in pain, Harry clutching his scar. Darkness swirled around and loose objects flew with the dark wind around and around the room, circling in and in until, in a blinding flash of light, a man appeared. He was long and lithe, hunching over at the shoulders, with shoulder length black hair that hid his face.

The lights and sounds disappeared, leaving the man standing there. Harry helped Hermione stand up and they slowly made their way over to the man. Their eyes were glazed and they walked as if asleep. The other occupants of the room were unconscious, all slumped back in their chairs except for Snape, who was frozen in place, staring directly ahead, mouth open to utter some words that were too late. Voldemort beckoned to his children, they came, arms open, and the three of them shared their first hug.

"It has been too long you have been hidden from me, my children, and for that they will pay." Those were the last words uttered in the room before the black wind came again and swept them off to an unknown destination.