In just a matter of days, Iris will die by the hands of Savitar. The team was at a loss on how to save Iris from dying. But then Cisco had the idea of calling on their alien friend from Earth-38 to help them with Savitar. So they contacted her via interdimensional device and told her what they were facing. She agreed and would be there in a few minutes.

The team were all in the breach room awaiting the arrival of Kara Danvers (aka) Supergirl. They didn't have to wait long as a breach opened up and a few minutes later, kara jumped out in her traditional red and blue suit. "Barry!" she greeted as the breach closed behind her and hugged the speedster.

Barry hugged her back, "Hey Kara." he greeted, breaking the hug, "It's good to see you. Thank You for taking the time to help us out, I know you must have a threat you're facing but…." he started to explain but Kara shook her head, "No. It's okay. I'm always happy to help." she interrupted him as she took a deep breath, "So tell me about this speedster." she said getting down to business.

Somewhere in Central City

On the outskirts of town, there's an abandoned warehouse near the docs. That warehouse is the hideout of no other than Savitar (aka) Barry Allen. Who was inside repairing his suit after his last fight with The Flash that resulted in leaving a piece of his suit behind.

He was in the middle of working on it when he got pulled into a memory. He sees a breach opening up and a few minutes later he watches as Kara Danvers (aka) Supergirl jumps out of the breach. He got teary eyes as his heart ache at the smile she displayed and how he wished he could have her in his arms again.

But that's not gonna happen, because in the future his Kara died. Or more like erased from existence. When Barry Allen of 2017 proposed to Iris West, his childhood crush, he didn't realize what he had done. The proposal resulted in his Kara being erased as he held her in his arms crying. When Kara and Anya were completely gone, future Barry was filled with rage and screamed his hatred towards his past self, the team and Iris West.

When the team shunned him, they had also shunned Kara because she stood by his side through everything. But after he became Savitar and spread his myth around, he went to the year of 2017 and watched as Barry proposed to Iris. Seeing this made his blood boil and was filled with rage. He then vowed that he would kill Iris West and watch Barry suffer just like he did when he lost Kara.

Now, here he was, in some run down warehouse planning on killing Iris West. But first, he needs to get Kara away from TeamFlash. So they can talk in person. He needs to explain to her why he's doing this. Doing all of this. All of this was for her, so he could go back and save her from ever being erased and that means killing Iris West. Right now, she's the only person whom he's willing to trust enough to meet.

With that in mind he got back to fixing his suit, he will save her if it's the last thing he'll do.


Kara was sitting at the computers listening to Barry as he explains to her what they know about Savitar and his plans to kill Iris. To say she was stunned because she had never faced anything like this before. "So you're saying that you were thrust into the future on accident, saw Iris die by the hands of Savitar, and now he's here in 2017 to kill Iris." she listed off as the team all nodded.

"That about sums it up." Cisco commented as Kara sighs. "Do you guys know why he wants to kill Iris?" she asked as the team all shook their heads.

Kara winces as she closes her eyes and rubs her head, "Kara, you okay?" Caitlin asked as Kara opened her eyes and nodded, "Yeah, just tired." She lied not telling them everything. What they don't know is that ever since she had stepped foot on this earth she's been getting headaches. But that's impossible because she doesn't get headaches.

"Anyways, do you have a photo of Savitar?" she asked diverting the topic from her at the moment. Cisco nodded before typing a few keys and a photo was brought up on the big monitor on the wall.

When she saw the photo, she couldn't help but feel that she somehow knew who this was. Not just by the team telling her, but by actually knowing who he was but she can't remember nor does she know how she knew this….this speedster. She was so deep in thought that she jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder and looked to see it was Barry, "Kara, are you sure you're okay?" he asked as Kara smiled.

"Yeah, it's just…"she started to say but sigh, can she really tell them? "Just what Kara?" Caitlin asked as Kara took a deep breath, "I don't know how, but…" she trailed off as she stood up walking towards the photo, "Somehow I feel like I know him. I mean not the armor itself but the person inside the armor." she said as the team stood there stunned.

"Kara, how do you know him?" Barry asked. Still stunned as Kara shrugged looking as confused as the team was. "I don't know Barry. I just don't know." she said looking at the photo. The next thing she knows, she hears ringing and groan as she closes her eyes and places a hand on her head as a headache grows.

"Kara?" She heard her name echo but paid no attention as the ringing increased, making Kara yell out and clutch her head in pain, bringing her to her knees as flashes of memories flashed in front of her vision at fast speeds.

"Barry, don't leave me." she said as he turned showing his scarred face. "Never" he replied as he hugged her.

"I'm sorry my team shunned you." he told her as they sat on a bench.

"I don't care. I love you." she said as they kissed.

"NOOOOO!" Barry yelled in anger as tears fell down his face.

The last thing she knew, she felt someone's arms around her before everything went dark.

Barry caught her as he gently laid her on the floor, "Kara? Can you hear me?" she asked gently, shaking her. A few minutes later Barry called out to her again making her groan as she opened her eyes, "W….What happened?" she asked in a raspy voice as she sat up with the help of Barry.

"We don't know. You yelled out and was clutching your head as if you were in pain then you blacked out." Caitlin described as Kara closed her eyes and shook her head. "Wow." she whispers, opening her eyes.

Caitlin extends her hand to Kara and helps the alien to her feet. "Are you sure you're okay?" Caitlin asked as Kara nodded. "Yeah. I'm just….I'm just gonna get some air." she said as she slowly left the room.

"Wonder what happened?" Cisco asked concern for the alien. Barry shrugged and looked at the photo. "I don't know. But it happened when she saw this photo." he replied trying to think of why this photo made Kara collapse.

Savitar's Hideout

Savitar gasped awake as he opened his eyes breathing heavily, he looked and found himself on the floor of his hideout. "What the hell?" he whispered as he got up on shaky legs and looked around as if to make sure nobody found him. The last thing he remembered was pain, then he started seeing flashes of memory he long since forgotten. But before he blacked out, he saw Kara of Earth-38 in the same condition as he was.

Just then a thought came to him. But it was impossible. What if this Kara was getting his Kara's memories? What if somehow, his Kara was placed in another timeline without any recollection of their life together in the future? He felt a little hope, The hope he hadn't felt in a long time. Hope that somehow this was his Kara. He has to know. He needs to find out.

So without a second thought, he sped into his suit and sped out of the warehouse searching for Kara. If this really was his Kara, and if she was just now remembering, then that proves his theory.

Somewhere in Central City

Supergirl was flying around Central City, she didn't care where she was going, but she needed to get out and think about what just happened. She knew Savitar but how and why was a mystery to her. Then there were those memory flashes, memories that are not hers, yet they are. But she doesn't remember them. Why didn't she remember them? It all started when she saw that photo of Savitar.

She was brought out of her thoughts by something, down below. She looked to see glimpses of white and blue lightning. Curious, she decided to follow the lightning, "Who are you?" she whispered as she stopped flying and looked to see she was in a forest surrounded by trees in a clearing.

The lightning had just…..disappeared. She landed and was tense as she looked around her to determine the danger, "I KNOW YOU'RE HERE" She yells out into the darkness as she hears nothing but crickets chirping.

"SHOW YOURSELF." She yelled again as she looked around getting ready to fight with whoever she followed.

She felt a breeze going through her hair and thought nothing of it until, "Kara Zor-El." said a metallic voice startling her as she turned around to see Savitar. The speedster the team told her about.

"How do you know me? I never even met you." she stated, tensing up as if getting ready to fight.

"I'll tell you. Only if you race me." he replied as Kara bites her lip for a few minutes, deciding rather or not racing him is a good idea. She does want information and maybe this is how she can get it? She lets out a sigh, "Fine! We'll race." she as she leashed her heat vision and made a long line in the grass.

Kara and Savitar line up at the starting line, "On your marks." Savitar said. "Get set." Kara added. "GO!" they both shouted as they took off racing on foot. Kara was keeping up with Savitar for about three miles when all of a sudden the lightning disappeared and she skidded to a stop and looked around for Savitar.

"I win." said a voice making her turn around to see Savitar standing there. How could he be that fast? She thought to herself, "But I'll give you points for trying." he told her as she crossed her arms.

Kara took a deep breath, "I heard about you. From The Flash. Why do you want to kill Iris?" she asked, hoping to get an answer from the God of Speed.

It was a few minutes before she got an answer, "I'm doing this for you, Kara." he replied, stunning the alien. "To save you," he added.

"W...What? What are you talking about?" she asked, wondering if this was some trick. "Save me from what?" she added wanting to know.

Savitar didn't speak for a few minutes, "Not what. Who. Because they killed someone I loved. 20 years from now they will kill the love of my life. You are the only person I am willing to trust enough to meet." he told her as Kara stood there stunned. He trusts her?

She crosses her arms "Why do you trust me? I don't even know you." she replied as Savitar took a few steps towards her, "Yes, You do. I know about the memory flashes. Seeing memories that are not yours. Yet they are." he told her as Kara backed up a step.

"H...How did you know? I never told anyone." she replied but then took a deep breath and asked the one question that's been burning in her min, "Why do I feel like I know you?" she asked, wanting to get the question she's been asking herself for a while out in the open.

Kara watched as the suit bent down and started opening. She was amazed but then she realized that he was revealing himself to her. "Because you do." he answered as her amazement turned into shock as she saw who came out of the suit and couldn't believe her eyes, "B….Barry?" she whispers confused and stunned.

Barry/Savitar smiled, "Not Barry. Well, not quite." he answered gesturing to his scar as he looked at Kara.

"I….I don't…..I don't understand. H...How?…" she was having trouble forming a sentence, just then Savitar or Barry started talking. "I know it's a lot to take in. But I can explain. If you let me." he told her in that all too familiar voice of his.

Kara, still stunned, looked at Barry or Savitar up and down, she still couldn't believe that Savitar was Barry. The same Barry who would never hurt or kill anyone. What happened? She thought to herself as she looked back at his face and noticed the scar on his face. It was the same scar she saw in her memory flashes.

Should she let Savitar or Barry explain? She would like to know what's going on. So after a moment's hesitation she agreed, "Okay. Let's talk." she said as Barry nodded in agreement, "But not here." he said as he sped back into his suit and swept Kara off her feet making her yelp in surprise before he took off with Kara in his arms.


Barry had just sped into the cortex, "Did you find anything on Kara yet?" Barry asked as he walked over to Cisco who shook his head.

"No man, not even a phone signal." Cisco replied as he typed at his computer. It has been a few hours since Kara left to go get some air and the team haven't been able to find her. Some of them were hoping Savitar didn't find out and took her.

"I've even started recalibrating the satellites and expanding the grid." Cisco said doing just that. "There's still no traces of her." he added as Barry stopped pacing as if an idea had come to him.

Barry then walked over to Cisco, "I have an Idea. Can you use the satellite to track radiation?" he asked as Cisco nodded, "Yeah, but why?" he asked as Barry sighs.

"Kara's heat vision. They give off amounts of radiation." he answered as Cisco smiled. "Of course." he whispered as he typed a few keys. "Got something." he said as he brought up satellite footage and what the team saw stunned them.

There was Savitar and Kara, "Looked like they were talking." Caitlin commented as they saw Kara leashed her heat vision making a line. "What is she doing?" Joe asked as Barry got a feeling he knew what's going on.

"He's gonna race her." he said as they all looked at him. "It's just like Zoom. But Savitar must've told Kara that if she races him then he'll talk." he added as Cisco nodded. "Well that makes sense," he replied. "But why Kara and not you? He's the one he hates." he added.

Barry shrugged his shoulder, "Maybe, he somehow found out that we brought in a new player and that he found her while she was out getting some air." He said as the team nodded, agreeing with his assessment. "Is it weird how Kara collapsed looking at the photo of Savitar and now we see her with Savitar?" Cisco asked

"It seems like they know each other." Caitlin said as Barry shook his head, "But they had never met. Kara had just got here and she had never met him." Barry said as the team shrugged their shoulders not knowing what to think.

"Well, he did say that he was a future flash. Maybe he's from sometime in the future and knows Kara." Cisco theorize as Harry nodded. "It's possible." he replied as Barry sighs. "You think there's a connection between Kara and Savitar?" he asked as Harry shrugged. "If there is, then we need to find it."

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