Savitar came up to her and pecked her on the lips, "That's my girl." he said as He backed away heading towards his suit, when all of a sudden he stopped and brought his hand to his head. Kara sped over and laid a hand on his shoulder, "What is it?" she asked wondering what he saw now that she knows that Barry can see whatever the other Barry was thinking.

He looked at the two girls and smiled, "I know what they're planning." he said as Kara looked at Frost before looking back at her lover. "What are they planning Savitar?" she asked hoping he can tell them or at least her.

"Their plan is to make a speed force cannon that will send me into the speedforce prison. If not, kill me" he said as Kara felt her heart drop, "What? No. I….I won't let them. Not when I just got you back." she said getting ready to fly away to deal with them when she felt a hand on her wrist.

She looked to see Savitar, "They won't be able to finish it for another few days. We got time, Kara. I promise you nothing is gonna happen to me." he said as they kissed. They broke away for some air as Kara nodded. "Okay. But we are destroying that cannon whenever they get done with it." she said as Savitar nodded before going to work on his suit.

Kara switched back into her civilian clothes, the same ones she had on before she put on the suit as it was hanging up beside his so he could do some upgrades. Right now, she was in their makeshift bedroom on the second floor of the warehouse, laying on the bed thinking about everything that has happened to her. She was still dealing with the fact that her entire life was a lie and that she actually came from the future.

If it wasn't for Savitar, Kara would probably still be with team flash figuring out a way to save Iris. But now, she's the one who was planning on killing Iris alongside Savitar. Just then she felt nauseous and got up as she ran to the bathroom and vomited into the toilet.

Savitar must've heard because he was there in a split second holding her hair back, "Kara, what's wrong?" he asked as Kara took a deep breath, "I...I don't know." she replied before vomiting into the white bowl once again. Once she was done she was too weak to stand and she collapsed into Savitar's arms. He picked her up bridal style and then brought her to their bed as he laid her down.

"Frost." He called out and afew minutes he heard heels clicking as the frosty woman entered the room, "What happened?" she asked to go to her new friend. Savitar, "I don't know. But use Caitlin Snow's knowledge to help you." he said as she nodded and got to work.

He got down and moved a strand of hair from her eyes, "Everything will be okay." he whispered as he pressed a kiss on her forehead before heading out knowing that she was safe in Frost's hands.

Savitar was downstairs working on his suit. He was worried about Kara and couldn't stop thinking about what he saw. He was scared for a second that something was gonna take her away from him. But he was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of footsteps and looked to see Frost with a small smile.

"What is it?" he asked to get up meeting frost half way. The woman sighs, "I know what's going on and before I tell you, you need to be calm. Okay?" she asked as Barry rolled his eyes. "Alright. Alright tell me." he demanded to know what's going on with Kara.

Frost shrugged and tilted her head, "She's pregnant." she said, making Savitar freeze in his spot as he felt his blood run cold. Kara was pregnant? "P…..Pregnant?" he whispered as if not believing it. But at the nod of Killer Frost he felt warm inside and let out a small smile, "Can I see her?" he asked as Frost nodded.

In the bedroom

Savitar knocked on the door frame as he looked at Kara who was awake and still laying in bed. "Hey." She greeted with a small smile as Savitar walked in and sat down beside the bed in a chair.

"I guess she told you?" Kara asked as Savitar nodded, "I...Is it true….were…..we're having a baby?" he whispered his eyes filled with unshed tears as Kara nodded, "Yes. We are." she replied with a smile and some tears of her own.

Savitar couldn't believe it, all his life he had always wanted to be a dad. To have a little person depend on him and he finally gets that chance. "D...Did you know?" he asked, wondering if she knew this was gonna happen. Kara shrugged her shoulders, "I guess. I don't know. I've been feeling different lately, but I din't know why until now." she replied as the god of speed nodded and held her hand.

"Well, I will be here for you and for our unborn child." he declared as Kara smiled, "I know." she replied as she squeezed his hand. ""I'm just afraid that Flash's team will find out and do something. I'm scared for me and the baby." she admitted as Savitar looked up determination in his eyes.

"I will never let anything happen to you guys, okay? Nothing." he vowed as Kara nodded believing him that he will take care of them both. She slowly sat up with the help of Savitar and then hugged him. He hugged back just as tight, "Shhh, everything will be okay Kara. I promise." he said as he pulled away and kissed Kara on the lips before getting up and helping her out of bed. "Should you even be out of bed?" he asked worried as Kara chuckled, "It's okay Savitar. Frost said I can get out of bed. I just have to take it easy." she replied as Savitar nodded.

He placed a hand on her still flat stomach and shook his head with a smile, "We're gonna have a baby." he whispered as Kara nodded and placed her hand over his. "Yes we are." she agreed as they both walked out hand-in-hand.

STAR Labs= A few Days Later

TeamFlash was at a loss once again on how to defeat Savitar, they started building the speed force cannon but it was gonna take time and time is what they don't have. With Kara now working with Savitar, they are beginning to think that nothing will stop Savitar from killing Iris. Barry still doesn't believe that Kara was working for someone like Savitar. She would never do anything like that.

There's only one thing he can do, speed up the process of making the cannon.

He enters the lab where Harry and another scientist who created the cannon in the future was there. He looked and saw the cannon was almost finished, "Looks great you guys. Tracey thank you." he said as she nodded her head with a smile. "Your Welcome. I hope it will work." she replied as she got back to putting on the finishing touches as Barry nodded and sped out of the room.

Barry walked back into the Cortex to see Iris standing there, "Iris, everything okay?" he asked as he approached his soon to be wife as she shrugged her shoulders, "Barry what if we can't beat Savitar?Without Kara there's nobody else to stop him." she said as Barry shook his head.

"No, don't think like that. We will beat Savitar just like we did with all the other villains we fought. The only difference is that he's much faster than me and Zoom combined." he said as Iris sighs. "Don't worry. I won't let him hurt you okay? We have the cannon. It's finished, all we have to do is lure Savitar towards us." he said as he kissed Iris before speeding out of the lab.

Abandoned Warehouse near the docs

"It's finished." Savitar told them as they gathered around him as he got a memory from his past self. "The cannon is complete." he said as Kara smiled along with Killer Frost.

Kara walked over to Savitar and took his face into her hands, "Everything is going according to plan." she said as they knew that they were gonna make the cannon. "But what are we gonna do with the cannon when we get our hands on it, it;s only purpose is to send you into the seedforce.'' She told him worried that their child will grow up without a father.

Savitar took Kara's hands and held the between the two of them, "I'll be okay Kara. It's you I'm worried about. When we get the canon I want you to stay here. Where is it safe." he said as Kara was about to protest but the desperate look on Savitar's face made him reconsider. Finallyshe sighed as she nodded her head agreeing to stay here. "Be careful, okay? Come back to me. To us." she said as Savitar nodded as he kissed Kara before speeding into his suit and took Frost speeding away to retrieve the cannon.