A/N: Time to meet a few other students and get to know Lorcan a bit better.

Chapter 2: A Revised History of Magic

Lorcan loved to read, and as luck would have it, he loved to read history as much as anything else. He'd read his mother's copy of Hogwarts: A History over and over when he was younger. But what was ten times more interesting was the newest edition. With excerpts written by Hermione, it documented the most recent history of the school: The Chamber was no longer a secret, the founders most precious possessions listed as Horcruxes and of course the history of Dumbledore as Headmaster. He'd read it quite a few times, taking notes of what was left out from the original and from his mom's stories in the margins. The first years took their seats in the history of magic classroom, Lorcan vibrating with excitement. On the other hand, Lysander was already half asleep at his desk. Professor Binns, the only ghost to teach at Hogwarts came to the front of the room through the blackboard.

"Welcome to A History of Magic. You can put your snazzy new books away, they'll do you no good." he looked at his notes and began the lecture as he always did. When he did take a moment to look up, he saw Lorcans hand raised.

"What?" he asked.

"Sir, don't you think more recent history would prove more relevant and useful for us to learn?" Lorcan offered as respectfully as possible.

"No." he said and went back to lecturing.

"Well, he's paying us no attention anyways. I might as well teach the class." Lorcan said.

"Sit down DORKAN." a Slytherin laughed.

"We don't want to learn the new history!" another Slytherin echoed.

"But it will be on our O.W.L.S!" Lorcan argued.

"Sounds like we have 4 years to read then". Blaine Jr stood up. "So why don't you take your seat" he grabbed the boy by the collar of his shirt "and take a nap like the rest of us." He set the boy down hard in his chair. "Do I make myself clear?"

"How can none of you care about learning?" Lorcan was stunned.

"Because we'd already have a nap this bloody early in the morning." Zabini pushed Lorcan's head down to his desk "Take a nappy Dorcan. Don't be Loony." Zabini laughed.

"10 points from Slytherin." Professor Binns muttered quickly between bullet points. Zabini slammed his fist hard on Lorcan's desk causing the boy's head to bang against it.

"Bloody…" Lorcan put a hand to his head "blood…" he looked to Alice panicking, but before she could respond Lysander was escorting his brother to the hospital wing. Professor Binns didn't even blink as the door opened and closed. They made their way to Madam Pomfrey pretty quickly.

"What happened Mr.Scamander and...Mr.Scamander." she said, having Lorcan take a seat and giving him a pain numbing potion.

"Zabini bashed his head into his desk." Lysander said angrily.

"That's not exactly right Ly…" Lorcan said softly.

"Well what happened?" Madam Pomfrey said, gently cleaning the wound.

"He did push my head against my desk but then he banged his fist on my desk which caused it to bounce rather violently." Lorcan explained.

"How many points did Professor Binns take from Slytherin?" she asked.

"Ten" Lysander said "Barely noticed at all, bloody ghost."

"Calm down. I agree, a ghost really shouldn't be teaching this long but you can take that up with McGonagall." she said

"Another 20 points from Slytherin. And drink this healing potion." she handed it to Lorcan. He drank it and sighed as his head groaned.

"It'll get rid of that nasty cut, but I'm afraid the headache may stick around." Madam Pomfrey said. Lorcan closed his eyes, nodded steadfastly and stood up shakily. He hadn't taken more than 2 steps when the vertigo set in. Immediately nauseous, he made his way back to the bed.

"I think I'm going to hurl." he muttered.

"Oh dear. Alright. That's okay. Lay down. You're not missing anything in Binn's class. Lysander, return to class. Tell whoever needs to know what happened. I'll inform Professor Flitwick." Madam Pomfrey said.

"I'm not leaving my brother's side, all due respect ma'am." Lysander argued.

"Please Andy." Lorcan let his personal nickname for the boy slip. He braced himself for impact.

"Okay Orca" he smiled, squeezing his brother's hand before he left. Madam Pomfrey brought Lorcan another potion, and the thought of swallowing another potion was enough to disrupt his stomach.

"Poppy, I have a request- oh I didn't realize you'd have any students on the second day of school." McGonagall said quietly.

"Ello Headmaster. My mum says hi." Lorcan mumbled.

"Ah, yes, Luna did always love transfiguration." McGonagall smiled.

"What is it you need Minerva?" Madam Pomfrey asked.

"I was hoping you'd be able to prepare yourself for an influx. Word has it Quidditch tryouts are bound to go badly." she shook her head "Don't you go flying out on to that court." she told Lorcan.

"Talking to the wrong twin." Lorcan groaned as his head throbbed again.

"He seems pretty miserable Poppy. What happened?" McGonagall whispered.

"Got his head banged against a desk." she said.

"And you didn't tell me? You know we don't allow violence." McGonagall asked.

"Sorry. With kids coming in here bloodied after Quidditch I forget." Madam Pomfrey quipped.

"Alright, I get it. Lorcan, who did it?" she asked.

"Blaine Zabini Jr, Headmaster." he whispered.

"Of course. I'll get in touch with his father." McGonagall shook her head as she left.

"Zabini is going to kill me." Lorcan sighed.

"If I see you in this hospital wing for him again he'll be the dead one." Madam Pomfrey huffed. She helped the boy prop his head up, and after a bit, he dozed off. In between A History of Magic and Potions, Alice stopped by.

"Excuse me Madam Pomfrey, I just wanted to see if Lorcan was feeling any better. I brought his book bag." she said.

"Let's see." she gently tapped Lorcan who blinked his eyes open.

"Oh. Hi Alice. Shouldn't you be in Potions?" he checked his watch.

"I've got enough time to get to the Dungeons. I wanted to see if you were feeling any better." she admitted.

"I am yeah, let me just get up." he said, slowly standing. The vertigo from earlier had passed, and although his head still hurt some, he thought the darkness of the dungeons would do some good.

"You sure you're alright?" Madam Pomfrey asked, checking to be sure the wound was healing.

"Yeah, I'm feeling much better. Thank you ma'am." Lorcan said kindly.

"It's no problem. Now off you go. Here's a note for you all, just in case Professor Bobbin gives you trouble." she smiled as they left. They arrived on time, but gave the note to Professor Bobbin anyway. They took their seats amongst the other Ravenclaws with the Huffelpuffs on the other side of the room. Lorcan was stirring Cedric and his potion when he needed to take a seat. His head was spinning. Professor Bobbin took notice and sent him, accompanied by Cedric, back to Madam Pomfrey.

"Already back?" she asked, Lorcan just laying down and closing his eyes. He was upset that he was missing his classes. Cedric didn't stay long- he could tell Lorcan didn't want anyone around. Madam Pomfrey was confused why it was bothering him so much. McGonagall had talked to Blaine, and he'd been incredibly apologetic. He hadn't meant to actually hurt Lorcan. So the force of the hit couldn't have been that bad.

"Have you ever had severe headaches before?" Madam Pomfrey asked, checking the wound. It had healed, just leaving a slight bump.

"No ma'am." he answered quietly.

"Are you supposed to wear glasses?" she asked suddenly. He nodded.

"Zabini broke them." he admitted.

"Well that's the problem! We'll get you a pair from Hogsmeade. I'll send the Lupin boy." she smirked "He doesn't have a class right now, he's probably aimlessly wandering the halls." As if she'd summoned him, Teddy showed up in the door way.

"Is that so Madam Pomfrey? I stop them from eating those puking pasties Ron and George insist on selling." he said smartly.

"How'd you know to come here?" she ignored him.

"Ran into the Chang boy after taking Zabini back to his dorm for Professor Weasley. Caused trouble in that class when he got paired with the other Scamander." Teddy explained "Your brother's alright Lorcan. He's got a mighty fine Protego."

"Look, I need you to get the boy a new pair of glasses from Hogsmeade." Madam Pomfrey interrupted.

"Doesn't he need to be there for that?" Teddy questioned.

"I...I suppose we need to ask McGonagall if he can go." Madam Pomfrey sighed. She quickly went and returned with an affirmative.

"Alright, let's Floo powder to the Hog's Head." Teddy said, making sure Lorcan went first and said the right thing before following. They were in and out pretty quickly, magical glasses taking little time to prepare, luckily for Lorcan. They'd even put a durability charm on them.

"Those look nice Lorc." Teddy complimented, walking him back to the Hog's Head.

"My head feels loads better. I was worried I was going to have to owl mum for my extra with Andy's owl." he shook his head "That bloody bird hates me."

"Unfortunately, you'll still need to owl Luna." Teddy reminded "Hogwarts isn't paying for those, and your cousin Teddy hasn't got that kind of money."

"I'm using one of the school owls." Lorcan said, before they floo powdered back to school. They arrived shortly before lunch, so Lorcan went to the Owlery to send his mom a letter. By the time he'd gotten it sent, he was able to just sit down to lunch with everyone.

"Nice glasses Lorcan!" Alice complimented, noticing they were blue and bronze.

"Thanks, Professor Lupin took me to get them." he smiled to the guys who were immediately jealous.

"Okay, Teddy Lupin is super cool right?" Aman asked.

"Isn't he like his mom, changing his hair all the time?" Connor asked, shoving food into his mouth.

"You're absolutely repulsive Connor." Lavender gagged.

"You know you love it." he said, food falling out his mouth, receiving a rather hard elbow from Aman who warned him not to hit on his cousin again.

"Sorry." Connor said sheepishly, this time swallowing before speaking. Lorcan shook his head.

"Okay but really, tell us about Teddy" Cedric probed.

"You could all just meet me yourselves." Teddy said appearing behind them.

"Rad! It's a pleasure to meet you Professor Lupin." Donovan shook his hand.

"Please, call me Teddy. Professor Lupin was my father. Let his name rest." Teddy said.

"Right. It's nice to meet you." Cedric shook his hand.

"Hey, you're named after a great man." Teddy reminded. "Who are all the rest of you?" the rest of the first year Ravenclaws introduced themselves before Teddy pulled Lorcan away for a second.

"So you totally like Alice right?" Teddy smirked.

"No, we're just best friends. Like Uncle Harry and Aunt Hermione." Lorcan insisted.

"You're pulling my leg right?" Teddy asked.

"Uh no Teddy. I'm not. I'm not really…" Lorcan shyly shrugged "Like that."

"What do you mean? Wait, don't tell me, are you like me? C'mon say you take after Uncle Teddy. Are you bi?" he smiled.

"You're my cousin, dude. Well sort of. Look," he whispered "I haven't told anybody, not even Ander. But yeah, I'm gay. Now shut up " Lorcan said

"Okay, okay but just one more thing. How'd you like a different hair color to differentiate you from your brother?" he asked.

"Teddy that's easy for you! But maybe. Come to the Ravenclaw dorms later and we can talk. I've got class." Lorcan said. He caught up as his friends were getting up, lying about what Teddy had said.

"Why were you talking to Lorc?" Lysander said sidling up to Teddy.

"None of your beeswax Thing One. Go to class." Teddy said. Lysander rolled his eyes and followed the crowd of first years heading to their next class, Transfiguration. Which Teddy quickly realized, he was teaching. He apparated up to his classroom to greet the first years as they wandered in.

"Welcome, welcome, take your seats. I've already met some of you. And I'm looking forward to getting to know the rest of you. Now I know I'm the youngest Professor around here, but that doesn't mean this class will be all fun and games. Now you're probably wondering, why is Metamorphmagus teaching Transfiguration? I asked the same question when they offered me the job, but apparently it was because I got top marks on my OWLS and NEWTS." Teddy explained. He smiled at the impressed looks on the majority of the students faces, noting the scattering of rolled eyes.

"Now of course, doing what I do can be done with spells. Not as easily I do it" Teddy's hair flashed a variety of colors "but done. In fact, there's a lot that can be done. But, we'll save those for your later years if you choose to continue this class." Everyone nodded as they worked on something simple: turning a coffee mug into a tea cup. The differences were small, so it should be easy.

"Professor Lupin?" a student held up their hand and on his way over he announced "Call my Professor Teddy please. Professor Lupin is my father." Clearly it was a practiced line. Having watched his grandfather transfigure animals to try and prove a point, Lorcan had little trouble getting it within a few tries. He shook his head when Alice went to announce it: he didn't want to show off. He hadn't expected to be so talented at everything so far. Luckily, Cedric seemed to have a knack for it and was more than willing to show his work. Lorcan smiled happily, clapping for his friend. Cedric high fived the other three boys and made his way to shake Lorcan's hand.

"I know you had it. Thanks." he said under his breath, before clapping the boy on the back. Lorcan fought to catch his breath, not from the hit but from the nearness of Cedric as he whispered.

"You okay Lorc?" Alice asked, looking at her square tea cup.

"Huh? Oh yeah. And round out your motions." he mentioned. Alice did so and her square became round.

Teddy saw the way Alice was looking at Lorcan. He could smell disaster. Victoire were lucky they'd never hurt each other. But Teddy was with quite a few people before her as was she. He only hoped Alice realized at some point. Class ended and they were released until late that evening when they would head up the astronomy tower. Lorcan stayed back, and asked Teddy about the hair thing.

"Do you really think our uniforms aren't enough? Not to mention I wear glasses." Lorcan pointed out.

"Course I think it's enough. But that Cedric kid, he's trying out for Quidditch right?" Teddy had caught Lorcan's look.

"Yeah… so?" Lorcan asked suspiciously.

"I bet he'd love it if someone came and supported him with Ravenclaw colors." Teddy's hair went blue

"I… I won't be in trouble will I?" Lorcan worried.

"You did notice your bully has neon green hair right? Of course not." Teddy said, flicking his wand, dyeing the boys hair blue. "Now run off. And by the way, Alice likes you." Teddy apparated before Lorcan could ask any more questions. He caught up with the other Ravenclaws as they were answering the riddle to enter the dormitory. They got in and quite a few students were suiting up in Quidditch gear. Ravenclaw tryouts were being held. The teams needed to be completely reset. The whole first tier team the last year had been seventh years, meaning they'd won the house cup but also had no team going into the year. The Captain had been designated by Flitwick, but everything else was up for grabs.

"Nice hair Lorcan." Lavender said, and he suddenly realized her hair and name matched.

"Uh, thanks. Wanted to be different from Lysander. And I thought I could go support everyone as they try out."

"Oh thanks, but I don't need support." Helena smirked.

"Maybe I want him there." Terry argued.

"Maybe I'm not going for anyone in particular." Lorcan said "Maybe I'm going to support the guys." He pointed to Cedric and Conner who were suited up.

"Alright Ravenclaws!" Captain of the Quidditch team Marcus Clearwater-Johnson, Helena's older brother said "Let's head to the Quidditch pitch."

There was a fair number of Ravenclaws trying out. A total of 20, which mean 6 wouldn't make either team, and 7 would make the second tier and 7 would make the first tier. It was pretty obvious that the kids who'd been second tier the past year would be making up the first tier. But Lorcan couldn't believe how good Cedric was. He was tailing the golden snitch with two other boys trying out for Seeker. But Lorcan could tell that Cedric had them beat. He couldn't hold back his cheers as Cedric held up the snitch to Marcus. Marcus signaled everyone to land and began handing out assignments and cuts. Conner and the girls unfortunately didn't make it, though they weren't surprised, first years rarely did. But Cedric made it- to the first tier team seeker.

"Don't disappoint Chang. You better be some sort of Harry Potter." Marcus said.

"I can't believe you cut me bro!" Helena complained.

"There were just better Keepers sis. I'm sorry." he patted her back.

"Well, at least you made it Cedric." Helena congratulated him. Lorcan waited outside the pitch as his friends came out.

"I'm sorry y'all didn't make it." Lorcan said apologetically.

"It's okay Lorc." Helena smiled. Terry just rolled her eyes and left with Helena.

"Will you tell Cedric congrats for me. I just need a minute." Conner asked and Lorcan nodded.

"Hey Lorc." Cedric said panting.

"You made it!" Lorcan said "You were great!"

"Was I? Thanks." Cedric said sheepishly "Ma taught me her moves. Guess she must've been pretty good."

"Those may be her moves, but it's your skill." Lorcan reminded.

"Thanks, means a lot. Where are the others?" he asked.

"The girls went to shower and Connor needed to take a walk to cool off. He's taking it pretty hard." Lorcan sighed.

"I thought he was a great beater, but those 5th years were real brutes." Cedric admitted.

"I'm sure he'll get over it." Lorcan said "And he'll be glad to cheer you on."

"Even if he isn't, I've got you as my own personal cheerleader right?" Cedric said.

"Of course." Lorcan smiled.

"Good deal." Cedric put his arm around Lorcan "Now why don't you say I hit the showers and you go hang with Alice?"

"Why Alice specifically?" Lorcan raised an eyebrow.

"Aren't y'all into each other?" the seeker asked.


"Why not? She's clearly into you."

"I'm not…" Lorcan trailed off.

"Look you don't have to explain right now." Cedric winked as he jogged off. Lorcan sighed and made his way back to the tower, deciding to talk to Alice.

"Hey, how'd things go?" Alice asked.

"Cedric is the first tier seeker." Lorcan shrugged.

"Good for him. You look rather unexcited though." Alice closed her book.

"I'm excited just...I need to ask you something."

"Are you into me?" Lorcan cringed slightly as Alice nodded nervously. Lorcan sighed "I'm...gay."

"Oh…" Alice gulped "So...not possible?"

"Sorry." Lorcan looked down.

"No, it's okay! We can be best friends and talk boys and such!" Alice said excitedly.

"Really? I was worried you'd be upset." Lorcan breathed a sigh of relief.

"You didn't make a choice. It's okay. So got any crushes?" Alice probed and Lorcan laughed, before nodding slightly. "You're kidding!" she said, and he shook his head.

"Well, who the bloody hell is it?" she asked as the other girls approached.

"Who is who?" they asked suspiciously.

"Ummm" Alice looked to Lorcan who shrunk down into his chair.

"What, having girl talk with Lorc the Dork now Alice?" Teresa snorted.

"Don't call him that!" Cedric said, coming in.

"What are you gonna do?" Helena crossed her arms.

"HELENA." Marcus came in with the rest of the Quidditch team "In Ravenclaw we support each other. No matter what."

"You're seriously pulling your Head Boy status on your own sister?" Julia said from her place at the bottom of the stairs to the girls dorms "Let's go girls. Alice, Lav?" she asked. Both of them shook their heads. What Teresa said was uncalled for. Lorcan however was nowhere to be found anymore.

"Where'd he go? Lavender we've got to tell him that Terry will come around." Alice insisted.

"Are sure she will?" Aman asked his cousin.

"I believe she's having a bad day." Lavender said "Did he go up to your dorm?"

"I'll go check." Conner offered. And everyone nodded as the crowd dispersed. Marcus sighed heavily. He did not need animosity running rampant. And as head boy, he had to try to stop it.

"Lorcan, I know you're in here." Connor said as he entered their dorm. He saw Lorcans cat pawing at his trunk and opened it. "Why in Merlin's name would you stuff yourself in a trunk?"

"To hide, unlike Lockett and Thunder" he said as the cat scampered off "I'm a bit harder to hide." The bowtruckle previously mentioned peaked out nervously.

"Look, Alice and Lav want to talk to you. You should go down there and clear the air. What twisted their panties anyway?" Conner asked.

"It's nothing. Alice and I were having a conversation. They weren't invited." Lorcan shrugged.

"Any reason they couldn't be?" Conner asked "They're probably feeling a little excluded right now y'know."

"They're also gossips, and I'd rather my business stay private for now." Lorcan explained "that's all really."

"I don't see what could possibly be so problematic." Conner shrugged.

"You wouldn't understand even if I told you. And I don't really want to tell you. I really just want to talk to my brother." Lorcan lamented.

"I can get you out. But you're eventually going to have to explain." Conner advised.

"I know, just get me to Gryffindor common room." Lorcan begged.

"How do you bargain you'll get in?"

"Ly told me the password in case I really needed to see him." he shrugged.

"Alright, we ought to make this quick. It's almost dinner." Conner said. He shoved at a loose board in their dorm wall "This'll take you just outside. You'll have to get to Gryffindor on your own so I can cover for you." Conner said, rushing him out as Cedric came in.

"Was that just Lorcan?" he asked.

"Just let him go." Conner instructed "He said he needs to see the other Scamander."

"Alright. Look, there's no animosity left from the pitch right?" Cedric asked.

"Of course not. There were just better beaters. I'm glad you're on the team. I just wish I could play with you." Conner shrugged.

Lorcan quickly made his way to Gryffindor. He had removed his tie and was carrying his robes so he wouldn't be easily recognized as a non Gryffindor. Of course, most of Gryffindor house knew him, so it'd do little good. Luckily though, as he was stepping through the portrait, Lysander was already pushing him out.

"What's wrong?" Lysander immediately asked.

"How'd you know I was coming?" Lorcan asked.

"Twin sense I guess. Now spit it out."

"Right. I um, I have to tell you something can we, I don't know, go somewhere?" Lorcan nervously asked and Lysander nodded dragging him to a random alcove.

"Okay, let's go, make it snappy."

"Right...I'm gay Andy" Lorcan looked down waiting for his brother to respond badly.

"What, did you think I'd feel weird or upset? Of course not." Lysander said putting an arm around his brother "Orca, I ain't gonna let anything come between us, certainly not that. I haven't figured all that out myself yet, but I'm glad you have." he noticed Lorcan was crying a bit "Hey now, no crying. Mum and Dad won't care a speck either. So why the rush to tell me?"

"Because I'm about to be forced to out myself." Lorcan admitted.

"What, why?" Lysander grew angry "I'll stop it."

"Look, just hope I don't have to reveal my crush too." Lorcan said sadly

"Let me help." Lysander begged.

"I'm sorry Andy. I've got to go." Lorcan got up and ran off before his brother could stop him, haphazardly putting his robes and tie back in, causing him to bump into someone accidentally. "Oh God I'm sorry." he said adjusting his glasses and breathing a sigh of relief when he saw it was Teddy who immediately pulled him into his classroom.

"What's going on?" Teddy said, straightening the boy's tie.

"I told Alice and we were talking and the other girls asked about what and" Lorcan shook his head.

"Deep breaths kid." Teddy said "You don't owe anyone anything. I can't put a stop to this I'm sure."

"No, it'll ruin the good thing we have going on, all us first years." Lorcan sighed.

"Look, just...I hope things go well." Teddy said "Do you want me to come with?" Lorcan nodded and Teddy escorted him back to Ravenclaw Tower. When they got there, the common room, which was bustling, came to a complete halt. Alice and Lavender immediately ran over. Conner watched from the stair as the rest of the guys looked to him expectantly.

"Alright, since apparently my business is going to divide the house...I'm prepared to tell you all my secret" he looked at Helena and Terry "I'm-" he took a deep breath "Gay."

"Oh that is rich!" Terry cackled "Lorc The Dorc is fruity."

"MS. BOOT 20 POINTS FROM RAVENCLAW!" Teddy shouted "And detention with me tomorrow."

"What the hell Terry?" Helena said "Not cool."

"Don't you remember I have two moms?" Julia questioned.

"Whatever." Terry rolled her eyes.

"I'm sorry for prying." Helena said quietly.

"I'm sorry too." Julia added.

"So, since I'm already in trouble, who were you talking about Lorcan hmm? Your crush? Who is it?" Terry pressed.

"Teresa, be quiet." Marcus begged.

"No no, I want to know. Tell us Lorcy." she asked.

"Teddy?" Lorcan asked.

"Stop Ms. Boot, or you'll be seeing the Headmaster.

"C'mon, tell us." she ignored the warning.

"Fine! I'll tell you." Lorcan looked down.

"My crush is...Cedric Chang." Lorcan said. He didn't look up as he walked straight up the stairs and hid under his bed. Teddy dragged Terry out instructing the rest of them to not be late for dinner.

"Lorcan, come out. Let's just talk." Cedric said, coming into their dorm "The other guys promised to just give us space come on."

"I don't want to talk. I'm mortified." Lorcan said.

"Don't be. I'm flattered." Cedric chuckled.

"But you're straight?" Lorcan tried to fill on the blank.

"If you get out from under the bed I'll answer all your questions." Cedric said.

"Okay…" Lorcan shuffled out "I'm listening."

"One, I'm not straight . Two, nerdy is totally my type." Cedric smikred.

"You're being an arse." Lorcan shook his head.

"No, it's the truth Scamander." Cedric looked at him seriously, "I'm telling you the truth, I swear on my wand."

"I...so what?" Lorcan stumbled.

"So" Cedric got up and moved to sit beside Lorcan "You've got me." he gently kissed Lorcans cheek "We may be eleven, but I don't see the harm in a little bit of hand holding. We can just see where it goes yeah?" Cedric asked.

"Yeah...that'd be great." Lorcan smiled.

"Good. Now I'm starved, let's go dinner" Cedric pulled Lorcan up and led him down the stairs.

"Okay, no one gave you two the right to be this cute." Alice shook her head.

"You two." Marcus motioned for them to come over "no mischief in your dorm, you hear? You're eleven. Keep it PG."

"Of course Marcus." Lorcan said.

"If I hear of trouble, you'll lose your spot on the team Cedric." Marcus advised, leaving for dinner. The first years were right on his tail.

Lysander saw Lorcan as soon as he entered the Great Hall and hopped up to talk to his brother. He noted the held hands and smiled softly before approaching.

"Hey Lorcan, Chang." He nodded to Cedric who embarrassedly let go of Lorcans hand. Lorcan smiled and grabbed it back reassuringly. Lysander hopped into a vacant seat beside Alice across from the boys. "You know Lorc, I never in my days saw you being hotter than me." the boy jokes, Alice poking him in the side.

"What's the heck Longbottom ?" he asks.

"Just wanted to see if you hated it as much as Lorc said." The girl shrugged going back to her food.

"So what's up Andy?" Lorcan asked, the nearby heads turning at the nickname "Oops."

"No worries Orca." Lysander winked "It's Sander to others tho. SO this is happening?" he gestured to Cedric.

"As long as your parents are okay with it of course." Cedric quickly said.

"Dad will come around to the idea. Mom will be thrilled. She'll be calling up your mom reminiscing." Lysander sighed.

"Didn't think about that…" Lorcan sighed "They're gonna be all over us."

"Yeah well, it seems things went okay. And Chang, maybe we'll meet on the pitch?" Lysander asked and Cedric nodded.

"That wasn't so bad." Cedric said to Lorcan. The blue haired boy shrugged, he expected worse from his brother.

"Do you think your brother will make the first tier?" Alice asked.

"He'll put up a good effort. It'll depend on which Weasleys and Potters he's facing." Lorcan mentioned.

"They've got a pretty nice team going." Aman said "I hope he makes it but…"

"I know. I hope he's realistic." Lorcan looked to his brother who was amicably joking with Gordon Finnigan.

"So what's the gossip with your brother?" James Potter said shoving his way between Gordon and Lysander.

"James, it's not my business to share." the boy held up his hands in innocence.

"He tell you finnigan?" James asked and Gordon shook his head.

"Told me the same thing." Gordon admitted.

"Huh. I guess I'll have to ask the twerp myself then." James strutted away.

"That's not going to go well." Seamus patted a worrying Lysander on the back. They watched from afar as James threw an arm around Lorcan's shoulder. They could make out what they were saying but next thing they knew Cedric was pushing James away. The next thing the entire great hall heard.

"Oh looks like the little man wants to stand up for his boyfriend HOW sweet!" James taunted. Cedric tried to charge him but Conner and Aman held him back.

"Nah let him go! I can take down a little gay boy!" James shouted as Albus sidled up to him, Scorpius on his tail.

"Get out of my way Albus." James said trying to get to Cedric.

"Stop being an arse James!" Albus shouted. Lily Potter and Hugo Weasley found Rose Weasely who pushed James back.

"Stop it this instant!" she shouted.

"What in the world is going on!" McGonagall voice echoed sharply.

"James is throwing slurs around." Cedric said, shaking free of Aman and Conner.

"Is that true Mr.Potter?"the Headmistress asked.

"Oi, they bloody need to know what they're called." James said "Nasty little brats, acting as if they're normal."

"Is that so? Albus, care to comment?" McGonagall raised an eyebrow at the younger Potter brother.

"No ma'am." he said, quickly glancing at Scorpius.

"Right. Mr.Scamander, Mr.Chang, if you'll accompany Professor Flitwick to his office?" she said, and the boys nodded silently.

"As for you Mr.Potter, you'll be coming with me." she said, shooing everyone else back to their seats.

"Why ain't I going to see Uncle Bill? That's bloody unfair" James complained.

"You said the reason just now. He's your uncle." she led him up the stairs to the Headmasters office.

"He doesn't treat me any differently then nobody else." James slumped into the chair.

"Of course not. I trust that, but I'd hate to put him in a position to summon your mother and father here." McGonagall said, flicking her wand.

"Oi, c'mon!" the boy groaned as his parent apparated into the office.

"What happened now Headmistress?" Harry asked tiredly.

"Your son can explain. Go on." she instructed and James grumbled his way through an explanation.

"JAMES SIRIUS POTTER!" Ginny yelled "You bloody idiot. You ought to know better. Where in the world did you get the idea picking on someone, let alone two first years, was a good idea."

"They weren't just two random first years! It was Dork Loony and Chang!" James argued.

"And that's supposed to make it better?" Harry asked.

"It was just in good fun." James scoffed.

"It doesn't sound like they were having fun. What in Merlin's name possessed you to bother those two boys?" Ginny asked.

"They were being all perverted Ma! Holding hands and what not!" James said.

"Minerva, call Albus up." Ginny said "You sit and think about your actions. There are going to be serious consequences." In a few minutes, Albus showed up to the office.

"Mum, Dad." He said cordially "Headmistress."

"C'mon son, give your old man a hug." Harry said, ruffling the boys hair.

"Dad!" Albus groaned "Why am I here?"

"Tell your brother about yourself and Scorpius." Ginny said quietly.

"What, no!" Albus argued.

"No way! You're telling me he's a- Albus?" James said quietly.

"Don't be so shocked James." Albus rolled his eyes.

"Get out." James said and Albus looked at McGonagall before leaving.

"How are you okay with this?" James questioned.

"Because we believe in love. Like we taught you." Harry sighed.

"So how do you wish to punish him?" McGonagall asked.

"We'll be taking your owl, the cloak and anything else we deem unnecessary. You're lucky we're not pulling you off the Quidditch team. But I'll be speaking to Bill. You're no longer the captain." Ginny said. James argued all the way back to Gryffindor dorm.

Meanwhile, Lysander was fuming in the first year boys dorm. It took all four of his roommates to hold him back as the Potters passed by on their way up the stairs.

"Get your bloody hands off me!" he roughly shoved them away as he grabbed his astronomy book and cloak. "I'll see you all in class."

"What James did was really messed up." Gordon sighed, gathering his own astronomy book.

"Trust that we agree." Kyle McLaggen said "But none of us want to start a fight with a Potter. It'll be all out war with all them Weasleys and Potters running amuck."

"He has a point. We'd do well to not face off against James." Jacob Thomas said.

"Why cause my father was wrong?" Gordon groaned.

"You know full well our fathers were best friends through thick and thin!" Jacob shouted.

"Whatever. I gotta get out of here." Gordon left quickly.

"Do ya mind filling me in?" John Oldstein, a muggle born, asked meekly.

"Oi, we've forgotten you again ain't we?" Jacob asked, and the boy nodded. The three remaining explained what they'd been discussing.

In the Ravenclaw dormitory, Marcus was pacing nervously.

"I damn well hope this ain't a war against James. Oh we'd do well to not pass off Gryffindors team captain." the older boy shook his head "It ain't your fault Cedric. Go get ready for astronomy." the first year scampered off.