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The Guild of Gamers: The Supervillain

Chapter 22: Hard Work Pays Off

Kazuho Haneyama (Popstep) —

She honestly liked Uber and Leet, despite Leet's obvious crush on her that she just didn't return. Aside from being quite a bit older than her, he was not her type and way too awkward.

But at times like this she regretted her genius plan to turn the two former-villains into vigilantes instead. Honestly, not much had actually changed other than them targeting the thugs of various gangs instead of civilians.

"Again? How?! I'm literally cheating. How is he still beating us?" Leet shouted at the screen, Uber leaning forwards with a scowl as he focused on the game.

If only they put so much effort into their work as they did their games, but alas. Secretly cheering on their new nemesis, only known as 'BobtheBeast', she went back to planning her questions.

She hadn't expected Midas, the very definition of a major villain, to agree to let her interview him on her show, but she definitely wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Midas had even shared a private contact number, and he'd been incredibly cordial so far. Midas was a rising star in the world of villainy, his name was quickly spreading across America and even worldwide, and you don't get that powerful by playing nice. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't at least slightly afraid of him.

Which was why it was so important she know exactly what she wanted to ask him, because she didn't want to accidentally piss him off.

Manami Aiba —

"Umm, I-it's an honour to meet you, sir!" Manami said quickly, trying to take her mind off her revealing outfit as he chuckled.

"Calm down, Manami. You can call me Jin, but let's keep that between us," King Midas, no Jin, said to her as he sat down on her old couch.

There was a half-eaten takeaway on the table next to him.

"I'm so sorry about the mess, and my outfit! I wasn't expecting company and- I should get dressed, and clean up, and-" Manami rambled as Jin chuckled again.

"Manami, be a good girl and relax for me," Jin said, making her fidget in place. Oh god, his voice was so much smoother in person.

Why was he here? He wasn't even wearing his mask, his handsome face on full display which only made her blush deeper.

"Y-yes, sir!" Manami shouted, entirely not relaxing despite his request.

"Well, close enough for now. I don't mind the mess, and your outfit is lovely. If you'd feel more comfortable with more clothes on, feel free to get dressed. Of course, you're also free to take them off, I certainly won't mind," Jin teased as she went bright red, stuttering for a moment.

"Do-do you want me to take them off? I will! Anything for you, King Midas," Manami said quickly, surely she was imagining the glances he gave her tiny, ugly body right?

"That's up to you, whatever makes you more comfortable," Midas said with a sly smirk, taking a long look over her barely covered form. "And please, call me Jin when I'm not wearing my mask."

"I, yes sir, Jin sir?" Manami stuttered, making him chuckle.

Whatever would make her more comfortable? Did he want her to strip? Surely not but he definitely kept looking at her boobs.

She was barely four foot tall, much shorter than the easily six foot something King Mid- No, Jin. She was suddenly on first name basis with fucking King Midas himself, the saviour of Brockton even if some people didn't see things as clearly as she did.

Making her mind up, she reached back and unclipped her bra, her breasts bouncing free as she dropped it to the ground, her blush growing deeper as Jin calmly watched with an almost appreciative smirk.

At least she hoped it was appreciative, she did have surprisingly large breasts for her size. Her panties went down next, making her wish she'd taken better care of her grooming as Jin's eyes lowered to the small red bush above her exposed pussy.

She wasn't overgrown or anything, she did keep herself neatly trimmed but maybe she should have shaved completely.

She'd never been naked in front of anyone before, but if this was what Jin wanted… and given the smile on his face she'd definitely made the right decision.

Still, she couldn't help herself from covering herself in embarrassment under his intense stare, which made him shake his head.

"Be a good girl and stop covering yourself, you have nothing to be embarrassed about," Jin said, making her move her hands quickly.

She was still embarrassed but she wouldn't say no to King Midas.

"Come, sit next to me," Jin said, patting the couch next to him. While she was like this?

Again, she couldn't defy him and quickly found herself sitting right next to him, their legs touching thanks to how small her couch was.

"W-what brings someone as busy as you to visit someone like me?" Manami asked, making him smile.

With the way he was looking down at her, he was definitely seeing her breasts even as he looked into her eyes.

"As I mentioned before, your fervent support of me online drew my attention. I have an entire team dedicated to my online P.R. of course, but you outwork them all," Jin said with a chuckle, making her laugh awkwardly.

That was because she had literally nothing better to do with her life than sit at her computer and argue with people online.

"You've done so much for Brockton Bay, I just didn't want people bad mouthing you online…" Manami admitted.

She lived in what used to be Merchant territory, and the mere fact that she didn't get woken up by gunshots or screams told her everything she needed to know about the rule of King Midas.

On the rare occasion she actually left to go shopping, the difference was as clear as night and day.

There was no graffiti anymore, the roads didn't have potholes, no buildings were boarded up or trashed anymore. She could cut through any alleyway and know she'd reach the other side alive, something no one could have said when the Merchants reigned.

"Indeed, and I'm incredibly grateful for your hard work," Jin said, his hand resting on her bare thigh.

Feeling his strong hand rubbing against her thigh, she squeaked slightly as her blush travelled down her body.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" Jin asked, his hand moving further up her leg as she shook her head rapidly.

"O-of course not!" Manami answered, watching as his hand reached her upper thigh, slipping between her legs.

Oh god, she was wet… and with her response his hand moved right up against her dripping slit. Who wouldn't be wet with a hunk like this sat right next to her?

"Ah, I see," Jin said as his hand slipped further between her legs, forcing them to part slightly. "You're enjoying my attention," Jin said, almost purring as he gave her a grin.

Too embarrassed to answer, she tried to hold in the moan as the side of his finger brushed against her slit. She had no idea how to react to this kind of attention, especially from someone like Jin.

She couldn't stop the yelp as Jin pulled her into his lap, staring up at him in shock as his hands moved to her backside, sinking into her curvy behind.

"Anyway, as I was saying…" Jin said, as if he wasn't groping her ass, making her moan despite her best efforts. "I am very grateful for all your hard work," Jin said with a sly smile as she felt something pressing against her undercarriage.

Oh god, he was getting hard… was he going to fuck her? Was this how she would lose her virginity? By Scion she hoped so, she'd written a fic (that she never posted) where Midas seduced her but it was nothing like this.

"And I decided that your efforts deserved a reward," Jin said, making her blush as her mind immediately went in a lewd direction.

How else could she take it when she was naked in his lap?

"R-reward?" Manami whimpered, well aware of the large shaft she was currently sitting on.

"Naughty girl, that's not what I meant… not that I'm opposed to rewarding you like that," Jin teased, one hand moving to her chin to force her to look up at him. "Would you like me to reward you?"

"Y-yes," Manami admitted, making him chuckle as he leaned down and captured her lips, making her close her eyes and lean into the domineering kiss.

It didn't last as long as she'd like, with Jin breaking it after a few moments, grinning at her as she gasped, leaning forwards again.

"Now now, let's not rush things," Jin said easily, giving her bottom a squeeze as she blushed. "I want you to work for me, under me, Manami. You'll be looked after, I always keep my people happy, and I don't expect you to do anything but what you're already doing."

King Midas wanted her? She was just a shut-in loser, but Jin was a genius, maybe he saw something in her that even she couldn't? Could she hope that was the case? That she truly had something that made her worthy of his attention?

"I… I don't know what to say," Manami admitted, yelping as he gave her a light spank.

"Be a good girl and say yes," Jin suggested, making her blush and nod her head.

If she could help Jin in any way, she should. The entire city owed him that much.

"Y-yes, Sir. Whatever you want," Manami said with wide eyes, making him give her an approving smirk.

But she'd already decided that actions spoke louder than words, and moving out of his lap, he went to speak before she moved to her knees, between his legs.

"L-let me take care of that for you, sir," Manami said hesitantly, expecting him to turn her down.

Instead, he just watched with a smirk as she undid his belt, unzipping his expensive trousers and pulling them down.

Gasping as she pulled out his cock, the first one she'd ever seen in person and definitely the first she'd held. She looked up into his approving eyes and leaned forwards, taking the tip into her mouth.

She had no idea what she was doing, they both could tell that as she amateurishly bobbed her head, occasionally gagging as it hit the back of her throat.

She was very careful to not graze him with her teeth but he probably wasn't enjoying this, he could have supermodels or villainesses doing this instead of her, he could even probably have heroines in her position if he wanted.

Pulling back, she looked up at him in awe. He saw something in her, she wouldn't let him down.

"Sir… I don't know how to do this, so please use my mouth. Fuck my face as hard as you want," Manami said, making his eyebrows rise.

His smile grew slightly so she was obviously doing the right thing.

"Are you sure?" Jin asked, his hands moving to grasp her two twin-tails as she nodded, opening her mouth and taking his cock between her lips again.

This time, as it hit the back of her throat, Jin simply gripped her twin-tails and used them like handholds to force her to take him deeper, making her choke as the thick cock pushed into her throat.

With Jin guiding her head, preventing her from pulling back, she could do nothing but kneel there as he stood up, starting to roughly thrust into her mouth.

She felt her vision darken as he deprived her of oxygen, but he always pulled back in time to let her desperately gasp down a breath or two before he started again. She never complained as he dominated her mouth, staring up at him with watery, awe-filled eyes.

King Midas was enjoying her mouth, what was a little oxygen deprivation compared to that? How could she ever complain when her hero was right there, groaning in pleasure as he fucked her face.

Sure, she wasn't exactly a participant in his pleasure, just a tool, but that didn't change the fact that he was using her for his pleasure. That was an honour, one she'd dreamt of.

She wanted to keep eye contact with him, but her eyes rolled back in her head as he sped up, the bitter taste of pre-cum telling her what was heading her way.

Again, his roughness didn't raise any complaints as she obediently waited for her reward, she didn't have to wait long as he bottomed out inside her mouth, her eyes bulging as he unleashed his load straight down her waiting gullet.

She almost wished he had pulled back so she could taste it, and swallow it herself to show her devotion, but she didn't put up a fight even as her vision darkened, his climax seemingly unending as he pumped his load straight into her stomach.

But again, just before consciousness left her he pulled back, the final spurt of his seed splattering onto her waiting face.

Wiping it up, she licked her fingers clean as she stared up at him adoringly.

"Good girl," Jin said, stroking her now messy hair as she beamed up at him. She was soaking wet at this point, and he knew it as her arousal pooled under her. "Wait a moment," Jin said, heading into her bedroom as she obediently waited.

Returning with a coat, he passed it to her.

"We are moving locations, put that on," Jin ordered, watching her quickly pull it on. She felt like a pervert wearing nothing but a coat that barely reached her ass, but it gave her some measure of modesty as she followed behind Jin to the very expensive car outside.

Climbing in next to him, she wasn't surprised that he had a driver, and she didn't ask any questions as she found herself nervously fidgeting in the backseat, next to her new boss.

Was she a criminal now? The PRT would say so, but who cared what they thought anymore. They were a joke.

It didn't take long until they pulled up at one of the many buildings King Midas had built in his territory. It wasn't quite as big as some of the skyscrapers his men were building, but it was still much larger than her apartment building as he led her to the elevator.

Following him into an expensive apartment, she instinctively knew this wasn't where he lived. It was too small for someone so great, plus it seemed almost like a showroom, no signs that anyone lived there.

"Um, where are we?" Manami asked, making Jin chuckle as he placed the key he'd used to open the door on the fancy table.

"Your new apartment, if you want it," Jin said simply, making her eyes widen in shock.

"I can't afford-"

"Manami, I already told you my followers are very well rewarded. You can afford it, because it's free. You don't have to pay anything," Jin chuckled, walking back towards her. "All you have to do is say yes, my men will bring your belongings here and everything will be taken care of," Jin promised, making her hesitate before she looked up at him.

"Thank you, sir," Manami said, making him smile wider, which made her smile grow.

"Excellent, then there's one last thing to take care of…" Jin said with a playful tone, making her tilt her head. "Christening every surface in the apartment, starting with the bed. Lose the coat."

Shuddering at his demanding tone, she shrugged her coat off and gasped as he picked her up in a princess carry and headed towards the bedroom.

Gently tossing her onto the bed, he grinned as he stripped and climbed onto the bed slowly, prowling towards her with a hungry grin.

Her legs spreading to accommodate him, she bit her lip in anticipation as she watched him grasp his length and line up, her tiny slit didn't look like it would be able to take such a large member but she was damn well going to try.

"Not going to ask me to be gentle?" Jin teased, pressing the tip against her lower lips and gently rubbing it up and down, making it glisten with her arousal.

"Be as rough as you want, but please… fuck me, Sir," Manami said needily, making him chuckle.

"As you wish," Jin replied, thrusting forwards as she moaned, feeling an unbelievable fullness as he snatched away her virginity.

Clutching the fancy bedsheets of her new bed, she could only lay there and take it as Jin had his wicked way with her, because her virginal mind wasn't prepared for the influx of pleasure she received from Jin pounding her into the bed. Long, fast thrusts, sheathing himself inside her tight cunt again and again.

She wanted to be an active participant in this, but with the pleasure clouding her mind she was very much reduced to a quivering pile of moaning flesh as Jin once again dominated her, using her for his pleasure and entertainment.

"You're mine, aren't you?" Jin asked, his voice steady as he thrust into her. Of course it was, he probably had women far hotter than her under him daily.

"Yes!" Manami shouted, her legs trying to lock around his waist. She'd lost track of how many times she'd already cum, far more frequent and much more intense than what her hands and toys could bring, they just didn't compare to the real thing.

"I'm going to cum, and I'm not going to pull out," Jin said with a growl, making her eyes widen. "I'm going to pump my seed right into your womb."

"Do it, knock me up!" Manami begged, too clouded by pleasure to think about the long term consequences. "Breed me, make me yours forever!"

Speeding up, he smirked down at her as he rutted into her, pounding into her with increasingly powerful thrusts.

As he slammed into her, her eyes widened as she felt a sudden warmth inside her, knowing Jin was pumping his seed into her waiting womb.

Panting in pleasure, which made her chest do interesting things Jin seemed to enjoy, she watched as he slowly pulled out of her freshly fucked pussy.

"Well, that's the bed christened, I figure there's only a couple dozen other surfaces left to go," Jin said easily, making her eyes widen in shock.

He didn't mean…

Oh dear.

Jin Yukimura —

Leaving Manami a puddle of barely functioning flesh, I write a note for her when she wakes up.

Manami has put more work into my P.R. than I have, and she has a talent for it. Beyond that, she's a well-known figure in the online parahuman circles, so she's more effective than my new minions and their newer accounts.

I intend to cultivate that skill.

This apartment block is one of the new ones I've had built by my minions (and local construction firms I have propped up) who can be damn fast when I need them to be.

I've kept Uraraka Constructions working on projects outside my territory to maintain the fiction that I am twins, but they are far from the only ailing building company in Brockton bay. Few of them are in a position to ask questions when there is safe work available and money to pay for it. There is certainly no shortage of the former in my territory, since it's been rotting away uncared for and unmaintained for years.

For additional manpower, I actually made a deal with the Dockworkers Union, and Danny Hebert was thrilled that I could put so many of his men to work.

Does he suspect Yin Yukimura is Midas? Maybe, but the unwritten rules serve as a form of protection against anyone, even the PRT doing anything about me making waves as a businessman. And even if they wanted to…

Someone is covering for me, and I don't know who. The sheer amount of money I've stolen, scammed, and generally acquired through less than legal methods should have attracted far more attention.

The League is my main source of income. Roulette is a true genius when it comes to squeezing every last drop out of any and all sources, and just being the middleman between League members and those who desire our services pays very well.

My minions are a close second. I've almost always got a dozen schemes ongoing and I've not limited myself to Brockton Bay, in fact I've limited my personal actions inside Brockton Bay and focused my schemes around the rest of America.

I'm preparing to go global, but there's some things I need to take care of first.

But again, nobody is paying attention to my accounts and I don't know why. I've planted false trails, made secret off-shore accounts and taken plenty of other precautions but they've proven unnecessary so far.

I'm used to having to hide less-than-legal income- all powerful businessmen are- and having an army of minions has only added to the many ways I can make money, but why is the PRT just ignoring it?

Also, more importantly someone keeps transferring money to my accounts and I still don't know who. It's actually rather unnerving because they obviously know a lot about me.

Fortuna (Contessa) —

Midas was a man for whom wealth was everything, and she needed him to look favourably on her for when she approached the League.

The path to procure immense wealth wasn't even that many steps, as long as she didn't focus it too much on Midas himself.

It's not like the men and women she was robbing would be able to use their wealth if Scion killed them all, so she was really doing them a favour.

They probably didn't see it that way, and she'd had to deal with some of the more troublesome ones, but Cauldron was all about doing terrible things for a good cause.

Not that she was listening to them anymore, the Paths never lied and if the path meant she left Cauldron to complete it then so be it.

But to join the League she needed more than just wealth, most of which she was sneaking into Jin's many, many accounts, she needed fame.

So, which incredibly valuable and famous artifacts should she steal to prove her skills?

Rebecca Costa-Brown (Alexandria) —

Hitting her head against the desk, she groaned to herself.

Why, in the name of any God who was willing to listen (except Scion, the bastard), had Contessa stolen everything from the Louvre?

She wasn't even hiding that it was her, blatantly being caught on camera several times and downright posing for it half the time.

Where did she even get that red dress and incredibly floppy matching hat, why was she treating the security cameras like a fashion show?

She'd also left a calling card, claiming her name was 'Miss Fortune', which was fitting considering how unfortunate Rebecca was feeling right now.

…Contessa was frequently delivering bondage porn and smut to her house, as well as ropes, sex toys and outfits.

It was embarrassing enough that they couldn't catch her, but the woman was returning to her house constantly and they still couldn't catch her.

Not to mention the time she'd woken up tied up, wearing some very tight leather straps that covered exactly nothing. It definitely wasn't what she went to sleep in.

…it had been surprisingly hard to free herself, and she'd been late for work because of it.

What in the actual fuck was Contessa up to?

Victoria Dallon (Glory Girl) —

Just because the villains of Brockton Bay seemed to be keeping their heads down for now didn't mean that the low level thugs were. In fact it meant the exact opposite.

With so many capes currently laying low for a variety of reasons, the low level thugs were more confident than usual, which meant she still had a lot of work to do.

"Come on, at least put up a fight," Vicky taunted as she crushed the empire skinhead's gun in her hand and dropped it to the floor.

"Funny, that's what we said to Fleur," the skinhead sneered back, hiding his fear with bravado.

Logically she knew Fleur hadn't been raped despite this guys implication, she could also see that he wasn't old enough to have even been around when Fleur died. She was smart enough to see it for what it was, a cowering asshole trying to sound tough, but she was also not exactly known for her calm personality.

Which was why anyone who actually knew her wouldn't be surprised at her immediately response, slamming into the thug who barely had a chance to shout in pain as she smashed him into the alleyway wall, leaving a Nazi-shaped dent in the brick.

Whatever she was going to say as she went to speak immediately died in her mouth as the skinhead's mouth opened and spat out an uncomfortable amount of blood. She instinctively dropped him, watching him slump to the floor with a pained whimper.

Her eyes widened as he coughed up more blood, having seen enough injuries to know that she'd fucked this guy up, and Amy wasn't around to fix her fuck up this time.

She'd never actually killed someone, and she didn't plan to unless she had absolutely no other reason, and looking down at the blood on her hands she felt her heart sink.

She knew Amy was safe and happy, but she didn't have a clue where, since Amy didn't want their mom pressuring her to tell them where Amy was.

Amy had fixed her mistakes countless times, healing the criminals she was too rough with, but Amy wasn't using her phone because people wouldn't stop calling her. She'd talked to Amy over PHO, and that wasn't exactly ideal for emergencies.

She could already hear Carol complaining another the PR disaster of her killing or permanently crippling some dumb Nazi, but she couldn't focus on that with a dying man in front of her.

Prophet, Prophet would know what to do.

He would, if he wasn't busy. She'd been at his place not an hour ago and knew he said he was going to be busy handling the mess caused by Lung's weakened state, he'd had to send her away because she was distracting him, not that she minded.

Her relationship with Prophet, with Jin, was far more comfortable and stable than hers and Dean's had ever been, even when her temper flared he usually had her calmed down in seconds, forgetting whatever had made her angry.

So when he didn't answer his phone, she wasn't overly surprised but she was certainly panicked.

Should she take him to a hospital? They'd ask questions but she wasn't going to worry about PR when someone was coughing up their lungs all over the alley floor.

No, they probably wouldn't be able to do anything for this, she needed Amy and Amy wasn't aro- No, she needed Amy or something like her…

Like for instance, the medical pods Midas had made, Amy herself had admitted that they could heal almost as well as she could. She'd heard the PRT were basically kissing Midas's ass to get access to them, not Piggot but her boss's bosses.

She was on the border of Midas's territory, and she'd seen (and even studied) the map of Brockton Bay Jin had made, she knew where the nearest clinic was.

Taking an Empire thug to a Syndicate clinic seemed like a risk, but Midas had claimed that anyone who came to them would be healed, and Jin told her that Midas prided himself on keeping his word.

Trying Jin's phone again, she took a deep breath as she reached an answering machine, it hadn't even rung so he probably didn't even have his phone on him.

Damnit, she wasn't going to let anyone die because she lost her temper, not even some stupid skinhead.

Picking him up, she tried not to think about the blood he coughed up onto her dress as she set off, some garbled words leaving his mouth but nothing she could make out.

Landing in front of the clinic, she ignored the people out and about and the insidious thought that the civilians in Midas's territory seemed so much more comfortable being out at night as she barged into the clinic, noticing one of the guards go for his gun before another waved him off.

"This guy needs healing, badly," Vicky said, trying not to think about how many of Midas's men were around.

They paused for a moment, and she spotted one texting someone but after an awkward pause one of them lead her into a side room, taking the thug from her and placing him in the almost egg-shaped black and golden pod.

…was Midas incapable of having anything not be gold coloured? Or maybe it was to remind the person being healed just who they owed their health to.

That sounded more like the golden bastard himself.

"Will he-" Vicky started, hesitating as she spotted the golden skull emblem on the man's shoulder.

"He'll live, probably," the man said with an indifferent shrug, glancing down at the swastika brazenly displayed on the thug's shoulder. "You fucked him up pretty bad, but the pod should have him fixed up by tomorrow morning."

"I didn't-" Vicky started, stopping as the Syndicate man outright laughed at her.

Okay, that wasn't her best attempt but that was just rude. Oddly, she didn't think 'thug' was appropriate for Midas's men, they were criminals but she'd never caught one of them mugging people in the streets.

"Whatever, I'm-"

"Waiting here, the Boss wants to speak with you," the man interrupted, making her freeze.

"I shouldn't wait around, it's getting late anyway," Vicky said with an awkward tone.

"Then you're lucky I'm already here, Miss Dallon," the unmistakable voice of Midas said, making her jump and turn to the door, spotting the villain himself for the first time in the flesh. "Follow me, please."

It wasn't a request, but an order. She considered running, but Midas was dangerous for more reasons than his powers.

Following behind hesitantly, she was led into an opulent office, was this one of Midas's main bases?

"Of course not, I have an office at every single one of my buildings," Midas answered, making her freeze as her heart skipped a beat. Prophet did the same trick, he even admitted it wasn't actually mind reading.

When Prophet did it, it was impressive and kinda sexy, but when Midas did it she found it honestly unnerving.

She hated how much they sounded alike, Midas had a posher accent, always sounding so superior, while Prophet was more laid back, but the similarities were unmistakable.

"You know, I told Kaiser I'd kill any of his men that came into my territory," Midas said idly, pouring two glasses of expensive whiskey, offering her one.

Staring at the glass, she glared at him briefly.

"Victoria, I'm not trying to poison you," Midas said with a snort of amusement, taking a sip from the glass.

"Maybe I just don't want to share a drink with the source of so much of my trouble," Vicky scoffed, making him chuckle.

"Just because we're enemies doesn't mean we can't be polite, so be a good girl and take the drink," Midas ordered with a condescending tone, making her glower at him even as she snatched it from his hand.

"You said anyone who came to your clinics would be healed," Vicky said, not replying even as she took a small sip from her glass.

She hated how good it tasted, of course he'd have expensive tastes.

"And I will, I'll just shoot him after he's been healed," Midas said with an idle smile, reaching up and taking his mask off as he leaned against the desk.

She knew he'd look like Jin, but seeing him in person like she could see some small differences, Jin had a smaller nose and softer cheekbones, they were twins but they weren't quite identical.

"You- that's-"

"Villain, remember?" Midas reminded her as he took a sip, before shrugging. "But very well, one Empire thug means nothing to me, so I'll let him go… as long as you're a good girl."

There it was, glaring at him she forced herself not to throw his drink in his face. Her temper had gotten her into this, in the first place, she couldn't let it make things even worse.

"I knew you were a temperamental little princess, but really? Is it so easy to send you into a rage?" Midas asked mockingly.

"You don't know what-"

"I can guess, and my guesses are more accurate than most first hand accounts," Midas said idly, cutting her off.

His arrogance annoyed her, and it never occurred to her that she'd heard Jin make the same boast, which had impressed her at the time. What she saw as sexy confidence in Jin was infuriating arrogance in Midas.

"Jin must have his hands full keeping you in line, look what happens when you slip the leash," Midas continued, blatantly mocking her as she growled.

She wanted to punch him, she'd wanted to punch him since he posted her nudes online and kept targeting her family for his own amusement and profit.

If it wasn't for Jin, Midas would have probably destroyed New Wave, and even with his hard work she knew her family were in shaky legs.

"He hasn't leashed me," Vicky growled, making Midas chuckle again.

"Ah, of course. You're not his leashed pet hero, you're his girlfriend, you two are a happy couple and it's just a coincidence that you do whatever he wants," Midas taunted, making her glare harder.

She knew what he was trying to do, but he wouldn't put a wedge between them.

"Yeah, yeah, Jin is manipulating me, you know I came onto him, right? And how much he's done for me and my family?" Vicky said, equally mocking as Midas chuckled.

"Of course, you jumped into his lap on the rebound to spite your boyfriend, and he saw an opportunity to get an obedient little pet. Honestly, credit where it's done, he saw an opportunity in the chaos I made and grasped it. I'm almost proud," Midas continued, smirking at her.

"How sweet, I'm sure Jin will be so happy to hear his sociopath of a brother is proud of him," Vicky bit back.

"I said almost proud," Midas corrected, giving her a dangerous smile. "He made a good attempt, but his execution was unfortunately flawed. If he'd trained you properly, you wouldn't be in this little mess, would you?"

"I'm not a dog, I can't be trained," Vicky snarled, making him laugh.

"Anyone can be trained, my dear, you're no exception," Midas said with confidence. "All it takes is the right balance of leverage, discipline and rewards and anyone can be tamed," Midas said, his gaze moving over her body.

That's what she was afraid of, he'd made suggestive comments to her in PHO, but it was different when he was right in front of her.

She wanted to run, but the knowledge that someone would die if she did froze her in place as he prowled towards her with a smirk, his hand grabbing her chin and forcingher to look into his eyes.

She hated that they looked so much like Jin's.

"Perhaps I should give him a hand and discipline you properly myself," Midas said, as indecision paralysed her.

She didn't want this, she didn't want to be anywhere near Midas, she certainly didn't want to be forced to cheat on Jin with his own assholish supervillain brother.

But what happened if she pushed him away? Someone died, to begin with. Sure, it was a dumb Nazi thug but he looked barely a couple of years older than her, she'd have killed some one…

And Midas would make sure she and New Wave took the fall for it, all he'd have to do is say the thug was too badly injured by the time she brought him to them. Glory Girl murders helpless unpowered man, yeah that'd be the final nail in the coffin he'd been building for New Wave.

She'd been warned about her 'brutality' by the PRT several times, and Piggot hated independents. Maybe even as much as she hated villains.

They'd probably be forced to join the PRT to keep her out of jail, maybe even split up and sent to different cities. She'd heard stories about other independent teams being torn apart by the PRT the moment they were strong-armed into joining.

Which is why she didn't push him away as he smirked down at her, shaking slightly as the consequences of her actions became painfully clear.

"Fuck you," Vicky said weakly, making her nemesis laugh derisively.

"A poor choice of words, because I just might," Midas replied, making her shudder. "So tell me, how much is your pride worth to you?"

Going silent, she glared at him with slightly watery eyes. She wanted to punch the smarmy look of his face, but with the consequences running through her mind she couldn't bring herself to do it.

"No answer? Well, they say actions speak louder than words… lose the dress," Midas ordered, stepping back as he watched her expectantly.

She hesitated for a moment, before a shaky hand undid her dress and let it drop, leaving her standing before Midas in nothing but her tiara, boots and underwear.

"Be a good girl and keep going," Midas ordered, obviously taking joy in her suffering as she glared at him hatefully, wishing she had laser eyes now more than ever as her bra came undone and fell to the floor.

Knowing he wasn't satisfied, she slowly hooked her fingers into her panties and pulled them down, stepping out of them and her boots.

"Very nice, now be a good girl and bend over the desk," Midas ordered coldly, making her blood run cold. This was actually going to happen, she was going to let Midas…

Bending over the desk as ordered, she refused to turn around and acknowledge who was moving towards her, whose hand came down on her ass harshly, making her yelp.

But she couldn't delude herself, it was Midas's hand resting on her ass, moving between her legs.

"You're rather lucky, Victoria," Midas taunted, apparently having her like this wasn't enough for him.

"H-how is this lucky?" Victoria snarled, finally glaring back at him.

"Because I don't want my brothers sloppy seconds, I just wanted to see how far you'd go," Midas mocked, moving away with a chuckle. "Frankly, my dear… you're not good enough for me," Midas said, giving her a smirk. "Run along, Victoria, and say hi to my baby brother for me."

"You-" Victoria started, glaring at him in disbelief.

"Would you rather I go through with it? Would you rather I fuck your right there on my desk?" Midas asked, reaching down and picking up her panties.


"Then fuck off, I'll be keeping these because the idea of you flying back in such a short dress amuses me entirely too much," Midas said bluntly, the gentlemanly facade vanishing.

Jin told her it was mostly an act, but seeing it herself was a different matter entirely.

Dressing again, she couldn't help the relief she was feeling as she went to leave the office.

"Wait, what about-"

"He'll be set loose, with a warning that I won't be so forgiving next time. I suggest you remember that as well, remember how utterly helpless you were here, Victoria, and keep it in mind every time you consider coming into my territory," Midas said darkly, making her shudder. "I have high standards, but my men aren't so picky. They don't mind used goods."

Not willing to test his patience, she left the room and the building shortly afterwards, she needed to talk to Prophet.

Glancing back at the building as she flew off, she shook her head with a scowl. She really didn't like Midas, but still-

It could have been so much worse…

Unnamed Empire Thug #48 —

Running back towards Empire territory, he cursed Glory Girl again for fucking him up like that and then dropping his ass deep in Syndicate territory where they'd been told not to go.

Looking over his shoulder, he kept expecting to see the Syndicate guys chasing him, but for some reason they were leaving him alone.

Whatever their reasons, he wasn't going to question his luck as he cut through an alleyway that should put him back in Empire 88 territory. Turning back from looking over his shoulder, he panicked as he saw a large bald man swinging a baseball bat at him out of fucking nowhere!

The savage blow rattled his brain, and the last thing he was aware of as he faded from consciousness was someone picking him up…

He regained consciousness with a start, and a cry of alarm. Or at least, he tried to give a cry of alarm. To his mounting horror, he realised that his body didn't do what he told it, and in fact, was running towards Empire territory without any input from him. Someone else was in the driver's seat.

No matter how he screamed in his head, he couldn't warn his friends that someone else was piloting his body like a fleshy puppet.

They acted like him, they spoke like him, but they weren't him and nobody could tell. Not even his girlfriend as 'he' went home, flirting and fucking his girl while he was forced to watch, a passenger in his own body.

Jin Yukimura —

Cyberpunk has some truly horrifying technology, and all it takes is a few implants in the brain and I can turn anyone into an unwilling agent.

I have a new division in my base, where 'Netrunners' sitting in fancy chairs basically technologically possess those I've altered.

It's a costly process. Training Netrunners is complicated because I have to train them into Hackers first and then into Netrunners, both of which take a fair amount of time, so I can't have as many as I want (yet) but with every passing day, the other gangs slowly find themselves filled with my men wearing their mens' bodies.

Even the PRT hasn't been able to notice the single plant I snuck in, and if they do…

Well, that's what the explosives in their heads are for. They can't analyse my tech if I just blow it out of existence.

Amy Dallon (Panacea) —

She knew a lot. It came from her powers and her own intelligence, and sometimes that knowledge was a curse.

When you saw behind the scenes, peeked behind the Wizard's curtain, a lot of Midas's actions started to make sense.

She had the missing pieces that were stopping people like her family and the PRT from putting the big picture together, and what was she doing with it?

As Midas sheathed himself inside her again, she moaned into his mouth as he came inside her, she'd made him infertile at his request thanks to his daily liaisons, so there was no risk as he creampied her once again.

Pulling out of her, she panted slightly as she stared up at him in indecision.

She loved her time as Midas's prisoner, or would pet be more correct?

She spent her days playing with her powers in ways she'd never dared before, then she relaxed in her fancy bedroom, where she could call for fucking room service, she had dinner with Midas who made time for her (probably because she'd helped him get three bodies) then she got dicked down by her supervillain boyfriend/master. Repeatedly dicked down. She never once thought about healing, even when she heard of accidents happening in Brockton Bay.

Midas had helped her accept that it wasn't her duty to heal everyone, she could heal whenever she felt like it but no matter what other people said, especially Carol, it wasn't her responsibility to save everyone. Admittedly his pods made that easier, knowing there was another option, arguably a better option.

But she knew too much, and there was one thing she couldn't ignore just because she was happy here.

Vicky was the social butterfly between them, unlike Amy who was a grumpy bitch and honestly kinda proud of it.

So while someone else might have approached this better, she decided to handle this in the best way she knew how, bluntly.

"…you're Prophet, aren't you?"

Watching Midas blink as she rested her head against his chest, staring up at him as he stared back.

She could see the scheming going on behind his eyes, and she knew she couldn't really stop him at this point.

She could kill 'him', sure… but he was running around with three bodies and she was pretty sure he'd survive this one dying.

"Yes," he finally admitted. "I'm Jin, I just made up Yin."

"…I think I hate you," Amy said after a long pause.

"No, we both know that's a lie, but I suppose we should talk," Jin admitted, sitting up as she sighed.

Life would be easier if she didn't know so much.

Bonus Scene — Max Anders (Kaiser)

Midas had changed the entire power balance in Brockton Bay, and he'd be lying if he said it didn't make him nervous.

With the minor war between Poison Ivy and the Empire heating up after a failed attempt to rescue Brad, he had enough problems to deal with without the much larger threat of the Golden Syndicate.

Ivy had taken control of dozens of his men, no more capes thankfully, but Hookwolf was a zealot in his protection of his… mistress.

He never thought he'd miss the Merchants, but he truly did miss Skidmarks sheer incompetence and he couldn't even try and take advantage of Lung's weakened state.

Lung was no mere beast, only a fool would underestimate him, and the moment his new weaker power became public, he went fully on the defensive and he still had too many capes to risk attacking him (and exposing his flank to Midas) without Hookwolf.

Then there was the issue of the Empire taking control of parts of Brockton that were primarily Asian. He didn't buy into the bullshit he was peddling, but many of his men did and it'd be a constant challenge to keep them in line without looking weak if he held the Asian sections.

He couldn't let his men just do as they pleased because he'd be stuck dealing with constant rebellions from the civilians, but he couldn't stop them because they'd start to suspect he wasn't as loyal to the cause as they believed.

Plus who knows what the fuck Coil was up to, the snake had been cowering in the shadows since Midas showed up but he wouldn't remain hidden forever.

If he attacked the Golden Syndicate's turf, he could find himself at war with the League which had some very powerful names in it.

He needed to come to an agreement with Midas and the League, perhaps he could even get Midas to force Ivy into giving him Brad back.

She could keep the other idiots, he'd told them not to get too close to her and they didn't listen.

Forming an alliance between the Empire and the Syndicate, maybe even the League, would be ideal. He could even use the new heroes that were reinforcing the PRT and Prophet's own group as the reason.

He just needed to not act rashly-

"Kaiser, have you heard?" Krieg said as he burst into the office, seeming uncharacteristically concerned.

"…have I heard what?"

"Purity just blew up one of Midas's bases!"



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