Hey everybody I know this is out of the blue and not the story I was working on but I've been busy and recently replayed Bladestorm: Hundred Year war\ nightmare and just had this pop in my head. This will be a one shot unless I get a lot of people asking me to continue it. Also I haven't forgotten about Brightest Light like I said I've just been busy and haven't had the time but I will be getting it out soon within the next week or so. All I ask is that you hold on for a bit more. Now without further ado The Maid of Westeros!

I do not own either Bladestorm: hundred Year war\ Nightmare nor Game of Thrones; they belong to their respective owners and yada yada yada on with the story.

And so the Maid fell to the evil dragon bent on the destruction of humanity with her dying breath she managed to wound the beast enough for her friend and greatest ally to rush the monster and bring his blade down upon death incarnate to deliver the final blow and with it the end to the nightmare that plagued humanity. Yet the Maid who led the people in hope of a new tomorrow would never see the fruits of her labor nor the peace that she wished for. With the final blow done upon her she lay in the stone fortress slowly dying, and as her friend approached her, she turned her teary eyes towards him and took in his imposing figure now ruined through the grueling battle they had fought to reach this point. His once strong and unyielding frame was now hunched and stumbled as he walked, his armor which was of; plate now cracked and broken clung to his body barely. As she began to look upon his face once handsome and clean now dirtied by blood, sweat and dirt. His helmet long gone showed off his dark brown hair matted from sweat and blood, and as the young Maid stared at him she couldn't help but let out a pain filled chuckle at his face that held nothing but concern for her when he himself could barely walk.

" What could you possibly be laughing at in your condition?!" As he said those words she turned her teary eyes towards him and said the only thought she's truly had since she fell. " We've won, after all the death and loss it's finally over." All he could manage was a light chuckle and agree." Ha, I guess we have but you are hurt we need to get you to a healer." Once the words registered in her mind she looked down towards her stomach which once had shining steel plate armor that shone as if the divine itself gifted it to her; now was broken and covered in her own blood, blood that did not seem to slow nor did it show signs of stopping." You are sweet my friend but we both know that my time has come to an end and no doctor or healer of any kind can heal me now." With those simple words he couldn't muster the strength to stay on his feet and fell to his knees." No, no, don't say that we can still do something, anything as long as we don't give up." All she did was take his hand into her own and looked him in the eye and asked for one final favor." Won't you watch the sunrise with me on this new day, this tomorrow free of the evil and monsters we have now fought against?" With that question the man renowned for his strength and genius on the battlefield, who could outwit nearly all those he fought against and in her mind one of the strongest and most kind hearted men she ever had the pleasure to meet cried for the first time she had met him. Not once in the time since they met when he saved her village from destruction had she seen one tear fall out of those pale blue eyes until now. With a squeeze of his hand he nodded." It wasn't supposed to end like this, first Magnus and now you. I had promised him that I would keep you safe and alive. Yet I failed." All she could do was smile saldy and say to him." No Adrian you did not fail you succeeded where all others failed, when others ran in fear you stood brave and unyielding. You my friend have saved so many lives including my own and now I ask you to continue to fight and help those you can for I can not." The man Adrian could only nod his head and accept the task asked upon him for who he would be if he refused such a task." I will do as you asked and I will do all I can in your name, the Maid of Orleans." With those final words spoken they both turned towards the rising sun to watch as a new day bloomed one of hope and the will for a brighter future. As the sun rose the tears that had been threatening to spill out of the Maid's eyes finally broke through and ran down her beautiful face, and though she cried these were not tears of sorrow for herself and the evils that had plagued her home. No these were tears of joy and hope to see the day when the evils of the dragon and his monstrous hord were over. As the sun rose and the first rays of the sun shot out into the sky the Maid of Orleans took her final breath with a smile on her face.

" That was a sad story but one that I liked, can you tell me it again sometime?" Asked a young boy with a head full of auburn hair. The person who told the story looked down at the boy and smiled sweaty." Of Course Bran as many or as little as you want me to. Now get to bed before mother has a fit okay?" The young boy now named Bran could only roll his eyes and nod to his sibling." oh alright, but in the morning I want to hear more tales of either the Maid or her friend, what was he called again?" As the person looked at the young boy and shook their head a little with a slight smile, they asked. 'Which name are you looking for? His actual name or hsi oh so many titles that would have Sansa swoon in joy if he were here." With a small giggle from both about the small jabe at their sister, Bran proceeded to ask for his title. " Ah, that one well it was the Mercenary General, and of course I will tell you more, in the morning though now sleep." With yet another roll of his eyes he nods and wishes goodnight." Goodnight Joan see you in the morning." As she looked at her younger brother all Joan could do was smile and kiss him on the head and wished him the same.

As Joan walked out of her brothers room and into the warm halls of Winterfell she unexpectedly bumped into her two elder brothers Robb Stark who held characteristics closer to their mother Catelyn Tully now Stark. And her second eldest brother Jon Snow who looked closer to their father in appearance. With dark brown hair and gray stormy eyes. With a small yelp she turned to both of them with a small amount of anger and exclaimed. "You both nearly scared me to death! What's wrong with you?" With her small burst of anger at the two handsome young men neither could contain their laughter. "I am sorry Joan but we couldn't help it, you were so engrossed in your story to Bran we knew you wouldn't notice us!" Robb laughed out as he talked all Jon could do was nod with him holding his sides. "Don't be too mad Joan we are only playing but Robb and I do want to talk to you." He said with a wide smile on his face. And with that Joan looked at her brothers with a raised eyebrow. "Oh and what could the heir of Winterfell and arguably the best swordsman in the North want with me?" She replied with playful sarcasm. As Robb continued to smile he nodded his head down the hallway. "Come, we'll talk as we head to rest." With a nod from the other two they began their walk to each of their bedrooms. "What is on your mind that made you wait for me?" With a sigh from the eldest of them he began. " As you know the Royal family is on their way here and should arrive on the marrow." With a nod of her head she started. " Yes I remember and I assure you I am not excited for it in the least unlike Sansa." A sigh could be heard from all three of them. "Yes Sansa has been a bit unbearable as of late but that's not why we came to find. I wanted to see if you wanted to practise after they arrived in the usual spot?" With a nod of her head towards Jon she let him know they were still on for sparring and then turned to Robb and inclined a brow. " If he wanted to know that then why are you here?" With a slight smirk. "What can't I just look for my sister that I love dearly?" And with that her suspicion grew with what he wanted. " Hm, if you used that line you must be desperate, what is it Robb?" With a long sigh he turned to both of them and spoke his piece. " I need you both not to spar for the time that the Royal family is here. And before you begin it's a request from father not me nor mother." And with that they both knew that any sparring they had planned was to be postponed till a later date. Though neither were happy they agreed to it, and with their meeting concluded they went their separate ways to their own bedrooms.

Once inside her room Joan got into her night wear and was prepared to lay her head to rest. Yet she didn't she went to her mirror and looked into it, while gazing into the reflective glass she took in her appearance which was an equal amount of her father and mother. With a head of auburn straight hair that reaches her mid back, a face of her mothers and the eyes of her father Joan was an attractive young woman, one that many have sought after yet none could attain. With a small sigh she looked at herself and wondered. "Why am I here? Is this my reward for my deeds, does God have a plan for me here in this strange land with not a single friend from my past here to aid me." With that she looked up to the sky and asked. "Dear Lord, why is it that you have given me new life in this world? Surly there are others more deserving than I, but I am not ungrateful I will live this life to its fullest and continue to aid those that cannot aid themselves and protect those that need protecting, I beg of you to aid me in this endeavor and to continue to lead me down your intended path." And with that small prayer young Joan laid her head to rest to face a new tomorrow that will have all new challenges. Yet The Maid of Orleans did not gain her title by being idle and in this new world danger lies everywhere from the north past the wall to the coast where the squid waits for a chance and south where a den of snakes make their home. None shall be prepared for the Maid nor will they be ready for those who aid her friends both new and old.

And that's all I got for ya. Just a little idea that popped into my head that I needed out but hey if you all want me to I can continue it but until I hear otherwise it'll stay as is. As I said before I will have Brightest Light out soon so you all don't have to wait long for that but until next time keep safe and healthy.