( Hi, my name is Juhana. This is my first fanfiction. The story shows the legends falling for each other. Emma Cordell/ Electra is my oc, she has electrical powers. This is focused on all the legends. Not just Emma, I love Captain Canary, but!!NOTICE!! I'll kill Leonard. Don't worry you'll still see Captain canary. I'll make my own episodes, most of the things will be different. Season 2 will be totally different, though I can't promise you'll see season 2. But please give my story a try. )

Song: 1. Legendary

2. Fallin' for you

3. Love is in the Air

Characters: Sara lance/ White canary, Leonard snart/ Captain Cold, Rip hunter, Raymond palmer/ Atom, Mick rory/ Heatwave, Martin stein/ Firestorm, Jefferson Jackson/ Firestorm, Kendra Saunders/ Chey-ara/ Hawk girl, Carter hall/ Khufu/ Hawkmen, Emma cordell/ Electra, Amaya Jewi, Nate haywood.

Emma's house: Emma was doing some coding. Her doorbell rang. She opened the door. An unknown man was standing there. He said.

Rip: Emma Cordell, daughter of the famous scientists, Elle Cordell and Evan Cordell.

Emma wondered if the man wanted to meet her parents, but they weren't home. She said.

Emma: Yes, my p-

She gets cut off.

Rip: You need to come with me, Ms. Cordell.

Before Emma could say anything. The man points a gun, a bright light appears and Emma passes out. Emma wakes up on a rooftop with 9 more people.

Emma's POV:

Did I get abducted?

Leonard: Stein!? What the hell are you doing here?

The infamous Leonard Snart!! did he abduct me? Professor. Martin Stein!!! No. It was that British man who abducted me. What does he want with me? I am in starling city, Doesn't this dude know about the Flash and Arrow.

Sara: What is going on?

Jax the British dude. Who kidnapped us, with the flashy thing.

That British man, where is he?

Rip: The names Rip, Rip hunter. I'm from East London...oh and the future.

Mick: Nice to meet ya, Rip.

Mick Rory!!! ok, what does this dude want? what could he possibly get from these criminals.

Rip: A man named Vandal savage is changing history and time.

Kendra: We killed him.

Carter: Electra, The Flash and Arrow helped us.

Kendra and Carter? Vandal Savage? Isn't he dead.

Emma: Kendra? Carter?

Kendra: Emma?

Rip:Savage is immortal.

Mick: What do we have to do with savage guy?

yeah, do you work for him?

Rip: I have been tasked to form an elite team to stop Savage.

Sara: How?

Rip: Stop Savage in the past so he can't become a monster.

He hands a card to Stein.

Rip: Meet me in this location if you say yes.

Looks like I've got a lot to think about.

Next day

I went to the location and saw almost everyone except Professor. Stein and Jax. Then the blonde haired short women called.

Sara: Hey,kiddo.

Leonard: Hey, Lemme guess you got a " YOU CAN BE A HERO " speech from Barry.

Emma: Damn, those speeches.

Sara: What is your name?

Emma: Emma...Emma Cordell

Sara: Sara Lance

We shake our hands.

Raymond: Raymond Palmer, but you can call me Ray.

Leonard: Leonard snart

Emma: uh- uh Robber of ATMs, Enemy of the flash who the flash couldn't defeat even with superspeed Cuz the flash is a "COWARD ".

Then we see the Professor. Stein coming towards us driving a red car, and Jax passed out on the passenger seat.

Emma: Woah, professor did you -

Stein: Yes, I may have slipped something in his drink.

Leonard: well, didn't think you'd do that. Though, that's a better way to bring your partner than arguing.

Mick: Snart!!!

Sara: Don't fight. Where is our British Captain?

Mick gave a low grunt. Anyway where is our "CAPTAIN " ?

Rip: Hello, you all have decided to come.

There he is.

Emma: That ain't good timing for a timeship captain.

Rip: Sorry , it was a bit late. Now imagine what a timeship would look like if it said "VICTORIAN ENGLAND "

Stein: Holographic camouflage protection.

Rip: Correct.

then he presses a button and then the timeship appears.

Rip: It is called the WAVE RIDER, it's been my ship for over a decade. Shall we?

We all nod and walk into the Wave rider.

Gedion: Hello, welcome to the Wave rider.

Jax wakes up and hears that. He jumps away from Mick who bought him in.

Jax: Grey, what am I doing here?

Stein: This is you'll regret missing.

Jax gives a sigh of calming down. He asks.

Jax: What's that?

Gedion: I am Gedion. The ship's artificial conciousness.

Rip: Now, explore the ship and get to know eachother.

We explored and introduced ourselves.