A/N: hi guys this story will short and to the point for the most part, but it was bothering me all day! I had to write it down! In this story, Jacob is 18 and Bella is 19. Jacob is getting ready to become Alpha. This two months after new moon but before Eclipse. Edward has not proposed. our story starts off in Jacob's garage. Also Quill sr. is alive and so is Harry . Also MY JACOB IS NOT A JERK!at least i dont think he is. not in the books and movoies oh yes, he had changed a great deal. anyway on with the story.

Bella closed her eyes as the rain poured. Rain. Always rain. When was the sun going to shine? With a sigh, she returned to her current distraction. Helping Jacob work on his bikes. Well, more like watching him work. The radio played and it reminded her of old times. Times before Bella knew Jacob was a wolf. Times when he wasn't a wolf. The times they sat, ate cold pizza, and watched the rain. Bella watched Jacob with a sense of longing and missed comfort.

She would miss him dearly and right now she needed to ask a question.

"Jake?" she asked timidly.


"what's imprinting? Um, I overheard the pack talking about it some time ago…" she hinted.

Immediately Jacob's body tensed. A sigh and a curse emitting from his lips.

"Imprinting on someone is like…like when you see them, everything changes, suddenly its not gravity holding you to the planet. Its them. Nothing else matters. You would do anything. be anything for them."

Every word out of Jacobs mouth was full of bitterness. As if he had sucked on a lemon and forced to choke it down.

"sounds like you know the feeling. Have you imprinted on someone...?

Bella held her breath as she waited.

Why does it matter if he did? You guys are not together! She thought. But you want to be... you know, you want him. You know you love him and yet your refusing him.

"you would know if I had. I just have a direct line to Sam's thoughts."

Once again, Jacob's voice was full of bitterness. She empathized. He had taken on so much, so fast. First, his mother dying. His sisters leaving. The responsibility of taking care of his sick father, and to make it worse, one of his sisters had returned but it wasn't good. She wasn't here to stay. She had brought Jacob's twin nephews and had left in the middle of the night and Even now, with Sam wanting to step back, Jacob had stepped up. He was the alpha. The chief. At least he would be by the end of the week. A gathering that she was NOT invited to. And Bella understood why. She was dating their enemy. She was practically one of them now and deep down she knew the pack felt betrayed.

But what could she do? She couldn't put them in anymore danger. They had willingly put their lives on the line not just for her but for everyone in forks and la push. How could she expect them to still want to be friends when she was with the ones that caused so much damage. Besides, she didn't have a choice. It was Join or die, literally.

"so, for now your still you?" she asked her voice laced with hesitation.

"and your still you." He agreed his voice full of hope. It almost made Bella cry.

"until… graduation" she admitted.

Bella flinched as Jacobs voice filled with anger.


"you knew this was going to happen." She whispered.

"not in a month!… I mean not before you have even lived or before I could- for a second…. for a second, I thought….

By now Bella allowed a stray tear to fall. The way his voice broke, by now she knew they had no chance. The love that had lasted while Edward was gone, it couldn't last now. Not with this weight on both of their shoulders

"He's got his hooks in you so deep."

"I decided this! Not him!" She defended but deep down, she knew Jacob was right. When Edward was gone, it hurt but for the first time in a long time she felt like she could breath. She had still been sad, but it wasn't the same. With the Cullen's gone, she branched out. She found friends that cared. And they were all human. Not a drop of supernatural blood in them. And they showed her how to be a teenager. She partied. Well, more like hung out on her friends couch until the next day but still. She loved her group of friends and yet…as soon as She returned from Italy, she dropped them all. Well, no, she didn't drop them. It was simply hard to get away. Edward refused to leave her side for a minute, and he updated her cellphone buying her some new and expensive one that she didn't want. Of course, that meant a new number so her friends couldn't reach her.

Once again, Jacob's heartbroken voice brought her back to reality.

"Bella…they aren't even alive! It makes me sick! -…I…...I..."

He paused. His eyes filling with actual tears. He quickly brushed them away. Looking up at her with a sadness she had never seen before.

"…Will this make you happy?"

Bella was taken aback.

"wh- what?"

Jacob put down the wrench he was holding, not caring about his grease covered hands.

His eyes no longer holding anger but pure love. A love that made Bella's heart clench.

His hot hands found her face and he simply held them there. His brown eyes looking into hers.

"…Will…Will being with Edward make you happy? Will being a vampire make your life complete because…if it does…if it will.. I…I will support you Bells. I just...I just want you happy…"

And it was those words that made Bella break. A pain filled sob ripping from her soul.

And not only pain but anger. Searing Hot anger.


Bella stopped as Jacob wiped her tears away.

"I love you…I love you Jacob…but...I want you alive…and if being a vampire is the only way to do it then so be it."

Jacob stared at her. Hard.

"…you love me?" he asked.

"yes." The confession feeling like balm to her soul and yet painful to reveal.

"What aren't you telling me Bella? Did Edward or the Cullen's threaten you? Come on Bells be honest with me. Tell me honey."

"I can't…. I can't… it's too…it's too much..." she panicked.

"ok. Ok. Shh shh…then show me me Bella." He urged.

Over their time together, the duo had discovered a surprising power of Bella's. she could create a bubble around herself and Jacob. But not only that, she could show him her memories or show him what she wanted through her minds eyes.

With her face still streaked with tears. Bella put her forehead against Jacob's.

He was immediately shown there time together and how much she absolutely loved him. She then showed her nightmare. The nightmare she had been reliving ever since she returned. The red eyes, the cold hands, the screams. The declaration of her death and those she loved if she wasn't turned as soon as possible. And then the pixie declaring that Bella would be like them soon. Showing the red eyed leech, a vision.

Jacob broke the connection. Pulling back from Bella, he took deep breathes. His wolf was ready to rip the leeches a new one.

"they will kill you guys Jacob! they will kill everyone I care about! its not that I dont think you guys will win but I dont want anymore fighting! you saw it! you saw the blood and the bodies! they are monsters! they dont care!" she cried

With urgency, Jacob grabbed Bella's face so that she could not look away.

"Bella…I need you to listen to me... Right now, I need you to decide. I will support you no matter what. Do you hear me? What do you want? If it could all be taken away? If the threat could be taken away…, what would you do?"

"I would-I would stay human… I would visit my mom and fish with Charlie and…and I would choose you… but Jake- "

"No buts. No buts…Bella. I know of a way. A way to give you your life back. To give us our life back… just give me the ok..."

"ok..." she whispered.

"ok?" he questioned.

"ok." She confirmed.

Before she knew it, Bella found herself on the garage floor. But instead of the cold hard floor she felt something soft and warm.

It was blanket. A weighted blanket.

"jake…what….? -"

"ssh… do you want this?" he asked as he hovered over her.

It was then that the lightbulb went on in Bella's head.

She knew what he was asking…

"yes…but how..."

"don't worry. Stop asking so many questions. Just trust me."

Just trust me…

As Jacob's lips met her skin, Bella felt electricity and excitement flow through her. At the song time a song began to play….

Climb on board
We'll go slow and high tempo
Light and dark
Hold me hard and mellow.

I'm seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure
Nobody but you, 'body but me
'Body but us, bodies together
I love to hold you close, tonight, and always
I love to wake up next to you
I love to hold you close, tonight, and always
I love to wake up next to you.