The self is a very strong thing, whether you love thyn or despise it, humans always have a core foundation that lies within their souls. And Yet here you are, a being Whose soul split off into two entities, I will be watching dear ones, for your cause of life is truly a mystery.

On November 20th, 1990 the birth of twins Alexander and Allissa swan came into the world. I remember their case very clearly; well I guess I should say her case, lily jones; died on March 5th, 2021 in reality 221, cause of death, suicide. Truly tragic for someone as pure as she. I had been watching lily for a while you see, as her time grew nearer I couldn't help but be fascinated by what would be her end. Sadly I did not foresee the path she chose, she told me she regretted it of course, and begged to go back, I was pained dear one. It should have been my gentle hand that guided her away. instead, you choose to end it yourself. Yet I saw something in those eyes… something that I simply can be describe as human.. What that humanity was, I now see as destruction, chaos, unorthodox. When lily Evelyn jones died, something in her soul broke… leading to the fraction of herself. So I protect the soul of lily Evelyn jones and learn to love alexander beau swan and Allissa may swan just as I loved her.

'Do you think charlie's okay with this?' Allissa gives her brother a sigh as she shifts in her seat. Alexander grabs her hand, giving it a small comforting squeeze.

'Honestly no.' alexander shrugs 'but even so at least we don't have to live with the idiot known as Renee swan.' Alex and Allissa chuckle. Allissa's voice soft and sweet like enticing vanilla, alexander's dark and maniacal, like adding straight charcoal to the ice cream, intense, earthy, and uncomfortable. Overall both children's laughs are unnerving.

"You guys excited to visit your big sister!" the adolescent's mother shifted her gaze to her youngest. Allissa gave their mother a small nod whereas Alex rolls his eyes.

''Bella this, Bella that.'' both voices in their minds echoed.

'I do miss Bella though. ' Allissa thought.

'Me too.' Alex agreed, both kids pulled out their ds consoles, playing opposite versions to the same pokemon game.

Renee frowns, looking at her new husband in concern. Renee had tried everything at this point. Sending them to charlie was the last thing she thought she could do, the last straw she had was bent and flying away in two.

Renee attempted therapy, which Allissa excelled in, her therapist calling her a genius in all aspects of her mind.

Alexander though… his therapists always somehow went mad or oftentimes tried to harm him for almost no reason at all. Even the calmest of beings she hired would attempt to abuse the two for almost no reason. Like a psychological break. Renee had an uncomfortable feeling that alexander somehow made them like that, somehow forced them into abusing him and his twin. But Renee had watched the police tapes. And each therapist said the same thing

"The children didn't do anything. They were just playing pokemon… then I just... Got so mad." she knew it was impossible, and it upset her how much pain her children had suffered. All from people she allowed into their life. Renee felt guilt. This is why even when she noticed disturbing intuitions she never questioned them. Blaming it all on trauma. How… nice of her… if they heard her thoughts I knew alexander wouldn't mind causing another two casualties to the list of people he's broken.

The ride to the airport was silent inside the minds of the swan twins, inside reality Renee and Phil were excitedly talking about the coming of Bella's senior year. When the twins finally made it past all the human security and transportation, Allissa was a nervous wreck, her eyes wide like boba balls, hands shaking restlessly.

'Just take deep breaths, Lisa,' Alex reassures her, Allissa shifts closer to him, recognizing the endearing smile Alex had on. Allissa finally seems to calm down at his loud, sadistic feelings. It was odd, to say the least. How the split in soul affected what humanity lily jones had. I remember lily Jones' soul being warm, amethyst, kind, and tender. But for some reason, the cause of her death traumatized her in such a way she broke. She broke from a mistake. And now the two puzzle pieces fought to fuse together again when they never could. It's sad really, for she will perhaps never be whole and never realize they are broken.

Once the luggage was in Alex's hands they both hunched over to the waiting area where they would finally meet charlie and get to rest. Instead, they were met with their older sister and an inhumanly perfect stranger. Allissa hid behind her brother as they approached the two.

'He's one of them isn't he lex?' Alex didn't show any signs that he was uncomfortable with the man, neither did Allissa, but the discomfort they felt of this man's presence was evident.

'Looks like it.' Bella gave the twins both an awkward smile, and hugs at each side. "Look at you two! Alex, did you grow an inch?" Bella teases her siblings, Alissa snickers along with Bella. "Har har har, very funny Bella, blame the kid that's still growing. What are you, my grandma?" Bella stiffened, to which Allissa notices.

'Do you think this guy is her vamp sugar daddy?' Alex asks his twin.

'No Bella's smarter than that. Although I wouldn't be surprised if she went through the whole ordeal of using him for immortality.' Allissa shrugs

the male reaches forward to grab their luggage. "Here let me-" Alex glared swiping the duffle bags away from the unknown teenager.

"I got it." his voice oozed venom, and seemed awkward in its standing, as it was deep and gravelly, yet Alex in his own right was very petite for a 16-year-old. Alexander stood at a 5'6, was lean but very scrawny, with tufted brunette hair that tucked into his eyes, which, aside from the surprise of the two twins knowing what he was, there was the beauty of their eyes. Alex and Allissa's eyes were both a hazel blue that had a bright emerald that swam around the iris. Yet they looked so lifeless, so dead, the heavy bruising under their eyes proved their lack of sleep. Allissa looked terrified, and shy, whereas alexander stood confident and defensive. Edward had seen similar eyes through the years of people who had suffered extreme abuse. But these eyes. Both of them. Copied and mirrored each other in pain. That was Edward's analysis of the two. Bella had warned him about them, saying how fragile they were

"You okay?" Bella whispered over to him as the two teens placed their belongings inside Edward's Volvo.

"Yes. just concerned." Edward answered half-truthfully, she gave the twins a look of pity. Edward gave her a light, feathery kiss on her forehead before whispering into her ear.

"I'll tell you later okay?" Bella nodded, hopping into the other side of the car, seeing the two already immersed inside the world of pokemon.

'Do you think Charlie is mad at us?' Allissa asked Alex. Both kids acted like they weren't communicating telepathically, and Edward acted like he didn't notice their conversation.

'I don't think charlie's the one to hold grudges. Remember last time he saw us?' Edward heard a whimsical laugh echo through his ears.

'Yeah! He took us over to the clear waters and me you and Seth explored his comic book collection, charlie obviously felt some protectiveness whenever Seth showed signs of intimacy.' Allissa smiled,

Alex scoffed 'Yeah well boys are gross. And he was obviously just trying to get in your pants.'

Allissa turned to her twin, giving him a smirk. 'Does that equal you? Or am I gonna have to go lesbian?' both twins share hefty laughter, "what are you two laughing about?" Bella smirked toward them, both gave mischievous grins""friends from the past."" Bella and Edward shared confused looks. Edward stayed blank face, though I could sense his inner dilemma, Edward had met many vampires and humans who were incestuous, it would make sense if the twins were seeing on how both relied on each other, but there was something else in there. Although Edward's gift didn't include bounds, he definitely understood that the level of closeness they shared was on a completely deeper connection than a familia or mate bound. Very perceptive isn't he. Already picking up on lily's fragmented soul.

"So whos the boy bellsproute?" Allissa asked, trying to distract from the awkward atmosphere.

'We probably should've asked this before we got into the car' Alex huffed.

"Oh, um guys, this is Edward… my... Umm boyfriend." Bella's cheeks became ruby whereas Edwards stiffened at the sight."" oh. Nice."" both replied unenthused. Silence resumed for a few minutes. "You guys, it's kinda rude not to introduce yourselves?" Bella scolded. "Alex." the male twin lifted his hand monotonously "Allissa." the female twin replied a tad bit shyer but all the same.

"Why couldn't dad pick us up?" Allissa frowns.

"Oh, he has to work late again, another animal attack," Bella answers, sharing a look with Edward.

'Do you think she's in on his feeding rituals?' Allissa asks her twin. 'Probably? Who knows? Maybe he's using Bella as a distraction.' Alex answers. Although both loved their sister dearly, there was a threat in this life. A threat that jeopardizes their mortality. Time suddenly freezes, the two fragments distilled in the same motion.

"" Jeprodize the chance to become whole again."" They two speak like shadows of themselves, their eyes glowing bright and perfect. A tear slides down my cheek as I reach for them Through the other realm. Only for time to continue.

"So how's mom?" bella asks

I clutch the amethyst stone placed onto my chest.

"She's good, Phils good too. They seem to really enjoy traveling." this time my Allissa answered. The adult nods, sharing an awkward smile with her younger sibling.

'This isn't fair. This isn't fair.' The crystal repeats over and over, heating my cold skin. "Your right it isn't fair," I say to the crystal. "But it's all I could do for you."

"That's good," she answers. The silence resuming, Allissa snuggling close to her brother, as the cool temperature sets into her bones.

"What game are you playing?" Edward asks, sensing Bella's need for connection but not understanding how to connect.

"" Pokemon"" they both reply in unison, mirroring their motions.

""Do you play any games?"" they ask, coping with each movement, clicking the controls, furrowing their brows, the twitch of their lips, the shift in their seats. Each movement alike, even the subconscious ones.

"Not necessarily. I tend to be a little behind when it comes to modern entertainment." Edward says, which causes the twins to laugh.

"Have you ever played a video game?" Alex smirks.

"What do you do for fun then?" Allissa tilts her head.

"I have played a video game, it was very… underwhelming." Edward frowns at his last memory of playing the first arcade game, pong. How humans enjoyed it, Edward didn't understand, as it was mindlessly boring. The last time Edward attempted another one was when Emmette tried to introduce him to some space-shooting game.

"As for fun.. I guess you could say I'm old-fashioned." Edward gave a lopsided grin to which the twins don't reply, as they are done with conversing.

'What does being old-fashioned mean?' allisa asks her twin.

'It means he abstains from sex, duh.' Alex snickers as allisa smack him upside the head.

"Boys." she huffs. Sliding down into her seat.

The car ride resumes in silence, no one daring to break it.

When they finally arrive at the two-story home, Alex jumps out of the silver Volvo, grabbing their duffles and Allissa's arm. He stomps upstairs into the empty house and to their room in record speed, Alex throws the bags onto the floor, spinning Allissa around, tossing her onto the bed. pulling her close and kissing her lips intensely and hungrily.

'You talked to him.' Alex growled. Bitting and prodding her pouted lips, she moans, wrapping her legs around his torso, clutching his hazelnut hair. she complied with what he was wanting, allowing their tungs to collide and melt in perfect sync. Allisa reached up to his shirt, feeling his taut lean muscles, whereas he gripped and grouped her perky fat ass, before giving it a hard smack. Allisa squeaked, glaring at him.

'The walls are thin here. We have to be quiet!' allisa pulled back for air. Alex bent his head down, softly kissing her neck, the perfect spot where her soft curls would hide his mark

'Sorry. Edwin pissed me off.' Alex swayed with her, she cuddled up to him, leaning her head on his chest. His heartbeat soft and steady, his skin warm and inviting.

'I don't understand how she can do it.' allisa thought. Alex chuckled, running his hands through her crazed chocolate hair. .

'Do what? Abstain from the pleasures of fucking?' they shared a laugh, shaking her head.

'You know that's not what I meant.' Alex sighs at her words.

'Of course, I do. But please enlighten me on what I'm missing.' Alex placed butterfly kisses all over her small round face, kissing each freckle on her small button nose.

'How can she love something that isn't warm, that isn't soft, that is so cold… and-'

'monstrous?' Alex smiles, twisting a strand of her hair, to which she nods.

'You do realize I've killed people too?'

allisa nods.

'We both have, but what I mean… is that a monster can never understand a human. There's a power dynamic. Also, it doesn't sound that comfortable cuddling a humanoid ice pack.' the two erupted in laughter, finding harmony in each other.

Later that night, when the twins have gotten settled and charlie is back from a long night at the station. Bella and Edward sit on her bed, enjoying each other's company.

"What's wrong with them?" Bella finally asks. Her words hold no malice but her insecurities do. I agree Bella is very… abnormal for a teenager with her intelligence and maturity, I suppose that is why she and her mate work so well. Bella was noticing the differences she hadnt seen all these years, but couldn't put a finger on it. It was making her fearful, worried.

"Your dating a vampire who could kill you at any moment and you wonder what's wrong with them?" Edward chuckles, giving her a playful look. He is right, there are endless possibilities as to how Bella swan may die, including in this moment. Bella bites her lip, shaking her head.

"You won't hurt me, Edward. We both know that."

Edward looks at her lovingly, giving her a soft kiss on the forehead.

"I think I'm starting to agree." he lies. So smoothly. Heat rushes to Bella's cheeks as she buries her head in Edward's solid chest.

"You're doing it again." she sits up.

"Doing what?" he asks so innocently.

"Dazzling me." she sighs

he moves a strand of waved chocolate hair, moving it behind her ear.

"I think your siblings have gifts," Edward admits. Bella looks at him in surprise.

"You mean like you and Alice? How is that possible? I thought only vampires have gifts?" she rambles.

"Sometimes humans can show potential or abilities that manifest in their human life," he explains.

"Like me…" Bella shudders,

Edward nods.

"How do you know? Can you not hear their thoughts either?" her feathery brows furrowed as she played with her lip. He shakes his head.

"No- no." Edward sighs.

"so far they've exhibited traits of telepathy." Bella runs her hands through her hair.

"Like reading minds?" again Bella missed the mark.

"Sort of. Only so far they can only communicate with each other." this time Edward was missing the mark. Alexander and Allissa may only ever be able to read each other's minds, even with changing into a vampire This, however, does not mean abilities have not developed