"Bronya is here for you." In a realm of infinite possibilities, a girl with a broken past finally finds her reason to keep on living.

"That's...my final lesson...to you." Were the final words that a teacher would give to her student as life as they knew it changed forever.

"Because I am the Honkai!" A girl wronged by the world reawakens to become the instrument of destruction of the Honkai.

"I will end this wretched story...into the story that we've always wanted!" The fulfillment of a promise made.

"If rescuing you is a sin, I'll gladly become a sinner." To protect the one she holds more dear, she would willingly become her enemy.

"We'll never be apart now." Nothing would separate them now, not after so long being alone.

"Everything changed here and now." A girl who has lived longer than many dynasties, rediscovers what her mission was.

With a start I shot out of my bed, sweat clinging to my skin as I struggled to control my breathing from the dream that seemed all too real for my taste.

"Then again," I trailed off as I remembered where exactly I was. What universe I had just happened to be reborn in.

To think that the videos that I once watched for fun just so happened to be an actual breathing universe. I glanced over to the mirror that was attached to my closet, to see the red haired body with hazel eyes who I happened to be reborn as.

Knowing that I was now a living breathing person in the world of Honkai Impact, I didn't know what to do now. Before all of this all I could think of was living this life till old age. Get a family, maybe start a business, grow old with a significant other perhaps?

Now I didn't even know if I was getting out of Nagazora alive. I knew for a fact that the moment Mei awakened as the Herrscher of Thunder, any living being in Nagazora would immediately perish. Their bodies not being able to handle that kind of Honkai energy.

To be honest I didn't even know if I could survive that. I knew humans could be born with a natural resistance to Honkai, in the form of a stigma. It could also grant the user superhuman strength that allowed them to fight the horrors of Honkai.

Unfortunately it seemed that females had a much higher rate of developing one than a male did, for reasons I did not know. It wasn't impossible as I knew some males that had their own stigmas but they were miniscule compared to the amount of females that had one.

The moment that I got back from the academy I had immediately stripped to see if I did possess one.

Half an hour later my search yielded nothing.

Perhaps that was why the original Captain was never at the forefront of the conflicts to come. Maybe his body could only handle a small amount of Honkai and not nearly enough to be out and about on the battlefield.

With a depressed groan, I collapsed back unto my bed. My breathing was no longer heavy but I didn't fancy another trip through an intense dream like that tonight.

Fishing for my phone through the covers of the bed, I held the digital device over my head as I squinted to check the time. Seeing the digital numbers pop up, my eyes threatened to burn a hole through the cellular device.

4:00 AM

Two hours earlier than I was supposed to wake up. With no hope of getting extra sleep, I resigned myself to the fate of staying up before having to go back to the academy. I let my arm plop back down onto the bed, the only thing on my mind was the potential war brewing on the horizon.




The World Serpent.

I had spent most of my time back from the academy researching all that I could about the universe that I was now stuck in.

There was a lot to unpack as there were some revelations of the world that the Honkai Universe inhabited.

Honkai was known but yet not everything that I knew from the game was not told to the public. The world itself knew of the existence of the Honkai Beasts, that they were threats to humanity and that they were mankind's number one enemy.

Aside from other humans of course, it seems that even against a common enemy the nations were still wary with each other.

However the whole Honkai being a 'force of destruction that has existed since the beginning of time' was still kept a secret, which I couldn't help but agree was a good thing. For all they knew Honkai was like an infestation that needed to be rid of.

Also the fact of what Herrschers were really meant to be was also kept a secret. The public simply knew them as a human who had been infected by the Honkai too much that had ascended them to become an avatar of pure destruction.

Schicksal and Anti-Entropy were both known to be the most effective at dealing with the Honkai threat. Almost all of the nations had an agreement that allowed them to call for their support if the need ever arises in exchange for them to build bases in their nations and access to their resources.

I had a mixed opinion on Schicksal. On one side the organization was the only one equipped to fight Honkai, the strides that were made in technology far beat whatever a modern technology company could hope to provide.

St. Freya Highschool itself was the dream of a certain Kaslana Valkyrie to equip future valkyries with the required knowledge and experience to combat the Honkai. The Valkyries-in training that walked the highschool's halls were the most prepared to be humanity's guardians.

However not all shared the same sentiment as I knew Otto Apocalypse didn't exactly share the same sentiments as people would believe. Wasn't he some kind of immortal or god? I distinctly remember him existing around the Crusades.

The whole reason why Anti-Entropy was even formed is because the North American Branch decided that they didn't agree that Otto wasn't fully willing to kill the Honkai and disagreed with how he led Schicksal.

Now this is where the trouble began for me. While I knew some of what occurred in the story, I didn't know everything. I was quite invested in the story but I had only scratched the surface of the story before my old death.

Where did I end again? Focusing my breathing I closed my eyes and allowed my brain to take a trip down memory lane, letting the world fade away from my senses. It had been hard to remember the smallest of details regarding my old life, but now this was a matter of life and death.

Sweat dripped down the sides of my face as a foggy scene began to play out in my mind.

An ancient palace floating in the middle of the sea.

Swarms of Honkai beast surrounded the palace as both Anti-Entropy and the Hyperion's forces tried their best to keep them at bay.

A massive bipedal Honkai monster ascending from the depths.

A portal to a realm of infinite possibilities.

A girl jumping into the portal in a desperate play to save everyone present.

I broke my concentration and allowed myself to take in deep breaths at the mindpower that was needed to even remember that.

So it was after the events of the 3rd Honkai Eruption where I had stopped my playthrough. The reawakening of the Herrscher of the Void had significantly changed how the story was when I first played.

"Kiana," My mind remembered as the go-happy Kaslana valkyrie had awakened to become the Herrscher of the Void. From there the Hyperion would be on the run from Schiksal and rendezvous with Anti-Entropy to discuss terms about the Gem of Desire.

Then it would all go to shit when the World Serpent and Honkai beasts showed up and to ensure that the Gem of Desire did not fall into the wrong hands, Bronya jumped into the Eye of the Deep to retrieve the lost gem.

That wasn't the full extent of my knowledge of the game, I knew some of the important events that would occur after the events of the Sea of Quanta but this wasn't some essay I had to write up for a class.

For the small details leading up to the events were just as important now.

As for World Serpent? That faction was the one I had the most limited knowledge on. I had no information on their combat capabilities, not if they could rival Schicksal as a faction, or just how much they knew about Honkai.

All I knew was their leader, Kevin Kaslana, was apparently part of a previous civilization much more advanced than this era that failed to defeat Honkai and was apparently the strongest of his time.

Meaning that the only thing I had over them was my somewhat limited knowledge of the future. And that information could very well be useless if I changed too much of the plot and it could no longer follow its intended route.

Another problem was assuming that my previous role as a Captain was even significant to future events. Despite being the captain of the Hyperion, he wasn't even shown once in the story.

Great, another thing to add to the list.

I looked back to my phone to see that barely ten minutes had passed. I really needed to do something right now to distract my mind from the ground-breaking revelation of today or I would be going crazy real soon.

I lazily moved my head to face my closet once more and saw a duffle bag with a hint of my red windbreaker peeking out of it. Seeing the bright piece of fabric reminded me of my innocent lifestyle before I moved to Nagazora.

Exercise was something I really didn't commit to in my old life and I had just figured what was the worst that could happen. This new life of mine was to be lived to the fullest so what did I have to lose?

I had signed up for my middle school's track and field on a whim as it was the one thing that I couldn't just breeze by with my brain alone. Honestly it felt kinda great not being the best runner and just being somewhere in the middle.

When I broke the news that I was to transfer out before the first year of highschool, the coach had broken into tears and hugged me rather embarrasingly as he lamented the fact that he was losing such a 'spirited athlete'.

I'd admit my coach was a bit of an eccentric, but he genuinely cared for us and I couldn't help but be saddened that this was the last time I would be seeing him. As a farewell gift, my coach had gifted me the red windbreaker with me making a promise that I would keep on running.

With nothing else better to do than mope, I stood up from my bed and approached my closet.

Who knows, maybe a little run could help clear my mind before I had to go back to school.

"Thank you for patronage," The clerk bowed as I nodded my head in thanks before grabbing my purchased pastry off the counter. "Please come again." She finished as I walked out of the bakery.

Taking a bite off my newly purchased pastry, and savouring the chocolate taste of the freshly baked roll, I took my phone out of my pocket and quickly checked the time.

8:00 AM

Huh that was perfect timing. A nice two hour run really did wonders on the mind, I had almost forgotten the fact that I was in a world that was on a countdown to cataclysmic events.

Key word being almost.

Seeing the events that would play out during the story was one thing, seeing them occur in real life was going to be a whole different experience. It was a spectacle to see how destructive the events of Honkai Impact were on my phone, I'm sure it's going to be the complete opposite seeing it with my own two eyes. Here I felt much more connected to the world.

The noise of morning traffic.

The faint smell of baked goods filling the air.

The chirping of birds.

The employees bidding anyone approaching a good morning.

To think that all of this would all be gone in a heartbeat when Mei would eventually become a Herrscher.

This universe was just filled with so many god-like beings. How the hell was I going to survive, let alone change the story when Valkyries that could fight gods could barely change the inevitable outcome that awaited them.

God why did I have to get born in this universe of all things. I would've been fine with Naruto, hell maybe even Code Geass why not. At least if I chose to be a silent bystander the plot would play out as it would be.

Yet here I am as a character that may or may not be instrumental to a plot that I didn't even know the end of.

My internal dialogue was cut short when a limousine of all things pulled up alongside the sidewalk next to me. The black pristine limo practically screamed of wealth, It felt so wrong to be standing so close to such a luxurious vehicle.

I held my breath as the window was rolled down. Oh god was a silenced pistol gonna pop out and kill me right here and now like in those spy movies?! Did I inadvertently piss someone off at Chiba Academy just because I sat next to Mei!

To my utter relief, a familiar sight of purple hair greeted me on the other side of the window. "Ah Nakamura-san!" Mei greeted me with a bright smile. "Good morning!"

Breathing a sigh of relief, I greeted the heiress in kind. "Good morning to you as well Raiden-san."

"Are you on your way to the academy Nakamura-san?" She asked as she poked her head out to see that the academy was a good three blocks away. I'm surprised that she even decided to stop me even if we were so close to the academy already.

"Yes I was, why do you ask?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Why don't you join me!" She asked as my brain couldn't help but do a retake on what I just heard. I barely knew her, let alone on the point that she was offering a car ride for me already.

"I'll have to pass on your offer Raiden-san," I bowed in apology, just to be on the safe side. "The academy isn't that far from and I don't want to impose on you so early in the morning."

"I see…" The heiress trailed off and I thought that would be the end of it. I was skeptical to be this close to the most popular student of the academy so early on, not to mention a vital character in the story.

"Why don't I join you?"


"Sato-san I'll be walking with Nakamura-san to the academy," Leaving no room for any objections, Mei opened the door of the limousine and exited the wealthy vehicle while picking up her bag. "I'll be picked up at the same place and time as usual."

The driver, Sato, simply went along with this. Perhaps he was used to this side of Mei already? Or maybe he just went along for the ride since Mei was technically his boss. "As you wish Raiden-sama, young boy you take good care of her you hear."

"Of course Sato-san, I will ensure that no harm befalls her." I promised as I didn't want to be on the receiving side of her father's anger. I didn't want to imagine what a man like Ryoma Raiden could do in anger.

Letting out a hearty laugh, the opened door automatically closed before the limo pulled back into traffic.

Huh was this the power of the anime protagonist? To be able to attract any major character when it seems like there would be no way it could happen.

...A fearsome power indeed.

"Shall we?" I asked, resisting the urge to panic. What kind of screwed up logic was this! I barely knew the girl and yet on the first day she's already walking with me to school!

Mei simply nodded her head in agreement before we found ourselves walking side by side. The heiress was humming a tune to herself while I did my best to make sure I wasn't showing any outward signs of my inward panic.

If she was bothered by the fact that I had yet to utter a single word she didn't show it. If anything I'd reckon that she sorta enjoyed the silence but I had to remind myself that this isn't the Mei Raiden that you could simply google and have her entire character be written out to you.

No this was a real living breathing person that could think for themself.

I so desperately wanted to say something to break the silence, anything at this point but I just couldn't bring myself to form any proper words.

It wasn't everyday that one learned that a fictional character is real. That they were no longer this coded character reading off a script that could put emotion into their words, no every action now had a thought process behind them.

Everything just felt so strange now, that this once normal life of mine had become this.

And so that's how the rest of our walk together went, not one us muttering another word to the other.

But luckily our walk to the academy wasn't long from where she joined me and it seems I wouldn't have to be the one to break the silence. "Mei!" A voice cut through the air. A group of students that I presumed to be Mei's friends were waiting for her by the academy's gates. "C'mon let's get to class!

The heiress turned to me, giving me a smile and curt goodbye before rejoining her friends at the main gate. I didn't say anything in return because I knew I was simply going to see her again at our shared classroom in a few minutes.

I suppressed the urge to sigh at just the complexity my life had gotten in one day.

And this was only the second day of being a student at this academy.

"Alright remember what we covered in our lecture, there will be a test on this in two week. Study hard and you will do well." With that our teacher began to pack up his stuff and leave the classroom just in time for the lunch bell to ring.

Finishing up the last bits of the lecture notes, I could hear the relieved muttering of my fellow peers that the lecture had finally ended. Every person had their weak points. Some excelled in math, other english, others in biology.

When I heard of Chiba Academy and how it was acclaimed as one of the best schools known throughout the world. I had fully expected everyone here to be some sort of prodigy, fully expecting my prowess in academics to finally be matched.

It turns out I was very wrong about my assumptions.

Chiba Academy had the best teachers, there was no denying that. However the same couldn't be said about the students. If anything it felt like a regular old highschool, just with the fact that every student probably got in due to connections of their parents.

Just as I was finishing up my notes, the light dimmed around me as I could hear the sounds of someone's feet stopping right in front of my desk. Bringing up my head, my eyes made contact with another student in my class that was standing in front of my desk.

"Nakamura-san…" He spoke slowly, his bangs covering his eyes. I could feel myself bracing for anything. Was he going to go on a long tirade about how I should be seeing everyone here as above me, was he going to ask me to move seats, was he going to ask for my lunch?

I certainly hoped it wasn't the last option, I was starving.

"Please teach me!" He then bowed a complete 90 degrees, his forehead an inch away from slamming into my table.

"Eh?" Was the only response that I could give to such an action.

"He's right, you knew everything that Ishigami-sensei was teaching." Another student walked up to us. "You could answer his questions without stuttering once!"

"Even Mei-sama couldn't answer one of the sensei's questions!" Another student joined in.

"I heard that Ishigami-sensei was once a space engineer!" Another chimed in.

"No wonder his lectures seem out of this world!"

"Still how does he expect us to understand this! Let alone take a test on this in two weeks." Someone complained and they were soon joined by other cries of identical complaints.

"It's not something that you understand the moment you learn about this." I spoke from personal experience. The higher you got into the education system, the more emphasized it was to process the lectures. To soak it up like a sponge.

"It's okay to get frustrated with it at first, heck I hated it as much as you did. I wanted to throw a fit and rip my textbook into shreds. You just have to keep at it until it finally clicks." I said as I closed the cover of my notebook.

"Nakamura-san is right," Mei spoke up besides me. "Moping won't help us, we just have to study hard and we'll do a great job in Ishigami's sensei's test!"

As if a switch had been flipped, the mood of everyone in the classroom radically changed.

"If Mei-sama believes that we can do it, what can stop us!"

"I'm gonna study extra hard to make her proud!"

"Who knew Nakamura-san was so smart."

"Well duh, he is a transfer student who got in because of a scholarship. I don't think the school would accept just anybody."

"Maybe he could tutor me…"

"...He's not that bad looking."

Deliberately ignoring the last comment, I cracked the smallest of smiles seeing how Mei could so easily turn the mood of the classroom. Just a few motivational words from her and everyone was acting like they could pass the test with ease, which probably wouldn't be the case a week from now.

Was this Mei's natural charisma that was drawing everyone in?

Or was it her status as the heiress of the ME Corporation that had people flock to her like moths to a flame? The way that everyone just seemed to gravitate towards her whenever she was present, how their smiles never quite reached their eyes, I was inclined to believe the latter.

Especially knowing how the Herrscher of Thunder originally came to be born within Mei.

I pushed down thoughts of the future back for the time being. There could be a time to contemplate that at another time.

Now was the time to finish my bento before the lunch period ended.

The second day of school had ended on a rather boring note. Nothing too insignificant had happened after the lunch period had ended. No strange events, no random people bursting into the classroom, no murderous creatures interrupting the peace.

It was moments like these that I forgot that I just so happened to be born in the Honkai Universe.

And all the suffering it entitles.

I leisurely approached the academy's gates, no real reason to be rushing to get out of the school grounds. Students were rushing past me as they were itching to leave the school grounds and spend the rest of the day with their friends.

I envied them on how oblivious they were to the threat looming over the horizon.

Truly knowledge of the future was a curse.

I could faintly see a group of students huddled around a familiar black limousine. Mei was just in the process of closing the door when I looked. Not taking long the limousine soon pulled out into the street and within minutes they were out of sight.

Mei Raiden.

What do I do now? Should I try befriending her? We had a friendly sort of acquaintanceship going on right now. I don't know if she considered me as her friend but she certainly acted like she did.

Would it even change anything? Could I hope to change Mei's fate of being a Herrscher? Would it even be worth it as someone else could simply replace Mei's position.

The world dimmed around me as my body went on autopilot. Able to navigate the streets of Nagazora without any trouble while my mind was contemplating the fate I would have to face in a year or two.

I had no idea the exact year when Mei would exactly become a Herrscher but I had an inkling that I had probably a year before her father would be relieved of his position as the CEO ME Corporation. What could I change in a year?

How would I even approach her? It felt sort of suspicious that I would try and befriend her, or maybe not since she really liked making a lot of friends so maybe it wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

How does one even stop an avatar of pure destruction in the first place?

"Meow," The sudden cry of a cat stopped my thoughts cold as I realized that I had been walking without really paying attention. Taking a quick look around I let out a sigh of relief that I hadn't strayed too far from the way home.

"Meow," The repeated cry focused my attention to the feline that was sitting in front of me. The black kitten was looking up at me, their blue eyes twinkling with curiosity.

"Well hello there little cutie," I kneeled in front of the feline, chuckling when the cat purred in approval as I petted its fluffy head. "Are you lost?" I asked when I picked up the cat with no difficulty.

"Do you have an owner?" I gazed over the cat's neck where there was a strange collar attached to it. So this cat did have an owner after all...though they certainly had a strange way of collaring their cat as it was no ordinary collar that was on the cat.

Why it almost seemed as if the glowing pink LED on the collar was filled with that of-!

My head abruptly straightened out as I immediately began to survey my surroundings. My eyes scanned over anything that could be suspicious, any misplaced objects or the slightest tell that someone was watching me.

A tense second passed until it was apparent that no one was watching me. Why did I think that now of all times would be one that I would watch, I had done nothing noteworthy to even be considered a target of interest.

This stress was really going to my head.

I redirected my attention back to the cat. I was almost tempted to put it back down and forget that it ever existed, but there was a part of me telling me that this cat was important in some shape or form.

Besides, my mind could be playing tricks on me and I could be imagining that the collar was filled with honkai energy. Though I had a feeling that wasn't the case.

"...I'm guessing that you don't like canned food."

I was going to probably regret this and It shouldn't have surprised me that the cat seemingly nodded, as if it was answering my question. "Maybe you're the same as me, a fellow isekai traveler." I muttered as I got the cat comfortable on my shoulder.

"I wonder if Obasan has a no pet rule?" Better yet, does she know how to care for a cat because I've never raised one in both of my lives. I mean it has to be like caring for a little toddler...right?

Everyday was going to hold a new surprise for me now wasn't it?

As if reading my inner thoughts, the cat on my shoulder meowed as we made our way back to the apartment

"How was your day at school today Mei?" Night had descended over Nagazora and with it a rare opportunity for the whole entirety of the Raiden family to dine as a family.

Ryoma Raiden did not like the fact that his work often demanded to be away at night, unable to share dinner with his daughter and catch up like a normal father and daughter would.

The only solace that he had was that Mei was so understanding that she felt no hatred towards him for it.

That didn't mean he couldn't feel any lower about himself.

"Nothing too bad otou-san," Mei lowered her chopsticks over her bowl. "Though Ishigami-sensei was something else, I never thought I would meet as someone as difficult as him." She confessed.

"Ishigami-san is someone that's quite hard to know but there's wisdom in his words." He had remembered the days that he would work alongside the once eccentric scientist. If given the chance he could solve every problem the world had.

However he had no wish to be roped into the affairs of Schicksal and Anti-Entropy, so he opted for the teaching position available at the academy.

"Do I need to have a word with Ishigami-san? I could ask him to lower his standards if the material is too difficult."

Mei just shook her head. "No worries Otou-san, I think Nakamura-san helped us out. He said some things that made me more confident about taking the test now."

Nakarmura? Oh the student he had recommended to the academy. Raiden was glad that the young student had accepted his scholarship. He had personally reviewed the kid's scores and was sure if his knowledge was nurtured right that he could be a key player in the technological future.

"What do you think about him?" He was curious how his daughter viewed the man. Mei lived a very solitary life, ever since the incident when she was kidnapped as a child he was very thorough making sure that she was safe.

Which had the unintended consequence of Mei not making many friends growing up, and when she was of age to become a student he was sure that all of her friends were just seeking her out due to her status as heiress.

Thus Mei had no real friends, not when it would matter the most.

"He's...different." Mei thought back to the time that she had first met the transfer student. When she had introduced herself, she had expected to see him light up in joy and ask to be her friend. Like how she made every other friend.

She knew her status as a heiress was appealing to others, but she was sure that her friends had quickly forgotten about it when they got to know her.

Haruto had been different.

"Likewise Raiden-san." He smiled before turning his attention back to retrieving his notebook from his bag.

That dumbfounded the heiress, this had been the first time someone had acted so nonchalantly about her status. But she couldn't think about it too much before their sensei began the lecture of the day.

"I'm glad," Ryouma smiled but the ringing of his phone soon destroyed the atmosphere that the two had. Concealing a scowl, he looked down to his phone to see the Caller ID. "Forgive me Mei but I have to take this call."

Mei knew what that meant, that he had to go back to work again. "That's okay Otou-san, please sleep early this time."

"Thank you Mei," Those mere simple words couldn't express just how grateful Ryouma was to having a daughter like Mei. Standing up he left the table to return back to his office.

The halls of the Raiden Estate were empty as the CEO of ME Corporation answered the caller. The CEO knew he wasn't invincible, when you were in his position you were bound to get a few enemies. Even if he had to go against the world, he would do everything in his power to ensure that Mei lived.

Even if...

"What do you want this time Cocolia?"

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