My second Gargoyles single story. I hope it is okay!

Brooklyn was out on Patrol one night in Manhattan, gliding among the buildings in the shadows, taking care to avoid being seen. He was away from the others right now, all on their own separate paths, but the red gargoyle was unaware he was being watched.

Shadowy red eyes narrowed. "Ah, the second in command, a perfect target." He purred evilly, getting his tranquilizer ready.

Brooklyn landed on a rafter, turning on his communicator.

"Things seem clear, Goliath, no suspicious characters around," he informed.

"Let's hope it remains that way, Brooklyn," Goliath answered back. Brooklyn nodded, until suddenly something hit his neck like a needle. He grunted, feeling behind him and pulling it out.

"A-a tranquilizer?" Brooklyn gasped in confusion, cursing himself for not keeping up his guard wondering who would shoot him at all. Instantly, it took effect, his world spinning.

"Brooklyn? Brooklyn! Are you there? Come in!" Lex called worriedly. Brooklyn groaned, his eyes drooping, feeling sleepy all over. "I-I've been hit, help…" he mumbled groggily into his speaker before dropping it. Brooklyn looked about to see someone in front of him, he looked familiar.

"Uhhh...Goliath?" He slurred. The figure smirked, eyes glowing red, as he took hold of Brooklyn's face.

"I'm afraid not," chuckled the newcomer. Panic erupted in Brooklyn. Before he could retaliate, his world went black. The figure took the sleeping Brooklyn in his arms, taking off, grinning triumphantly.

At last, I have him, soon leadership will be mine!

Reviews are appreciated, it makes me happy. Sorry about the short first chapter. We see who kidnapped Brooklyn later.