Brooklyn lay in his lonely prison, curled up and shivering, hands over his sensitive stomach, as he wondered what other horrors Thailog would give to him.

The door opened, and he shut his eyes, covering his stomach, hoping it wouldn't be more torture, as the two usual guards with their cattle prods poked him hard in his side, causing him to wince in pain, looking away.

"Get up, freak." Growled the first one, poking him again.

The second grabbed Brooklyn's arm roughly, lifting him up. A terrible hunger pain struck Brooklyn hard, giving out a small whimper as they took him away.

What now? Brooklyn thought miserably to himself, the guards bringing him into another dungeon room, where a table with a plate of food lay there.

Brooklyn's mouth watered, and he tried reaching for it, but the guard hit him, making him buckle. Thailog was there, holding a metal shackle in his hands, and smiling.

"Your new test awaits, Brooklyn. I'm sure you're hungry, aren't you?" He purred, stroking Brooklyn's cheek, making him flinch and look away.

"S-stop it," he croaked, voice hoarse. Thailog growled silently at him, then had the guards hold Brooklyn tight.

Brooklyn struggled with what he had, as Thailog used that metal shackle and placed it around Brooklyn's stomach, making Brooklyn tremble from this new kind of stomach torture, after nearly surviving the last one along with them chaining him a few feet away from that food to the wall. Brooklyn gritted his teeth, trying to get the food again, only to feel the shackle tighten around his belly.

Thailog had used a new remote that controlled the metal shackle. The room was also lit up so bright, giving Brooklyn a headache from the brightness, trying to shield himself from the light.

"I'm going to keep you in here for a day or so, to see if you give into your desperation and beg for relief. This is your test." Thailog said ominously, moving close to Brooklyn who backed up from him.

"And you'll continue to wear this shackle for your next tests, and maybe just maybe you'll learn who the true leader is," Thailog threatened. Brooklyn's eyes glowed, as he growled. One guard was close, as he kicked him hard in the shin where it knocked the wind out of the guard.

Thailog pressed the button, tightening the shackle even further. Brooklyn gasped shakily, holding his hand over his stomach.

"That is what happens if you resist. So get comfy in here if you can, for it will be three days time before I let you out and eat." Thailog sneered, tracing a finger under Brooklyn's chin before leaving him alone in that terrible bright room.

This can't get any worse… Brooklyn thought in misery, sitting down, moaning from the super bright lights graining into his head, making him uncomfortable and dizzy, and the aroma of that food didn't help, either.

Small tears slipped down, as he tried reaching for the food, but he couldn't, and each time he did, that shackle squeezed his stomach hard.

This made Brooklyn go lightheaded, sinking to his hands and knees, doing his best to calm down. He was gonna be here for three days, and he didn't see himself escaping anytime soon, so he curled up against the wall, trying not to look at the food anymore, and closing his eyes to at least shield himself from the bright lights and get sleep in.


The next day didn't fare any better as he was stuck in the same room, no relief coming yet, lying back against the wall, flinching each time his stomach growled and the shackle squeezed it, Brooklyn hoping for these days to end soon.

He studied the table, wondering how he was gonna eat. Brooklyn reached out, trying to ignore the shackle squeezing him again, stomach feeling horrible.

Perhaps, my could reach it… Brooklyn numbly thought, the bright lights dimming his brain which was swimming with pain, as he struggled to stand, and reached out with his tail, grabbing the table. He tugged, but it remained immovable, for the table was attached to the floor.

He gave out a frustrated angry growl, hating Thailog for all this, wincing as the shackle squeezed him again, making him hold his knees close, resting his head on it, more tears dripping down his face, his stomach erupting a growl along with more pain from the shackle.

The third day, it was hard for him to bear it any longer, holding himself, and wanting that food more than ever, reaching out a trembling weak hand. (He had tried other ways to get it but it was always out of reach.) Whenever he does, though, his shackle keeps squeezing his belly, and he curled into a small ball.

Thailog suddenly came in. "Your test is over, Brooklyn. But you keep that shackle on your stomach a while longer, so I can keep disciplining you. I may let you off with a small bite of a meal, because you have to fight again in the next test against some of my men, so you need strength."

But Brooklyn couldn't fight humans willingly for a test like the last one, even if it meant starvation and death. "No, this is g-going too far. I w-won't eat your food or f-fight your men—Grhh!" He gritted his teeth as that shackle squeezed him again, along with the men uncuffing him from the wall and taking him back.

"You'll still not disobey my rules, young one. You will be in the next test, and eat the food I am being generous to provide once." Hissed Thailog dangerously, as Brooklyn glared after him when he left.