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Me again! I've got a little something sour for you today. A lemon wedge on your cold glass of water. The mint garnish on your slice of lemon-meringue pie. Seriously, it's just a quick, sexy adventure that popped into my head, and I decided to let it out to play. That's all! Enjoy! XO


"Today, my darling, we are going on a picnic."

Bella looks up at me from her place at my feet, her legs curled under her on the plush living-room carpet, one arm wrapped around my calf while the other holds a well-worn book.

"A picnic, Sir?" she questions, though I know it is born of surprise rather than disobedience. We don't go out much, as is my preference. My work as a freelance financial analyst is done entirely from home, and I've always been one to take advantage of the ease of ordering in rather than the grand affair of dining out. Besides, with my Bella to keep me company and tend to my needs, there isn't much else in the world I might want for.

I gesture to the blue skies out the window of my luxury condo high above Manhattan, revealing a delightfully warm and sunny day to enjoy an outing in the park. "Indeed, pet. It would be a shame to waste weather such as this. Come, we will dress and then enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer."

Bella rises from her seat on the floor and places Great Expectations back in the bookcase, taking the offer of my hand as I lead us into my large bedroom. I stand still before the walk-in closet as Bella slides the gingham robe from my shoulders and arms, hanging it in place on the hook behind the door. She unbuttons my pajama shirt next, her small, deft fingers making quick work of the task, and then the matching light-grey pinstriped pants are next to go. Her eyes linger on my manhood as she slides my boxer briefs down my legs, licking her lips and glancing up at me with a question in her eyes. "Not now, my dear," I reply to the unspoken inquiry. "I have a scenario to fulfill today and I will need my cock eager and ready to perform."

"Yes, Sir," Bella replies, depositing my worn clothes in the laundry hamper before her voice calls to me from inside the closet. "What outfit will suit your plan best?"

Ah, she takes such good care of me, I must admit. Her reward should she complete today's task—which I have no doubt she will—lies in a drawer in my study, and I must not forget to retrieve it before we leave.

"I think a light-blue, short-sleeved button-down, with a thinner pair of black zippered jeans. I'll wear my black Ferragamo loafers with black dress socks as well."

Bella returns to me in a moment with all I've asked to wear, plus a fresh pair of boxer briefs in one hand. She lays my clothes on the cherry-wood valet stand and then wheels it over to where I stand, kneeling down at my feet to start with my underwear first. "Here we are, Sir," she says as I step first one foot and then the other into the grey boxer briefs, standing stock still again as she pulls the soft fabric up my legs. Working in reverse order from when she'd undressed me before, my pants go on next, and finally my shirt. Bella has already made up the bed, as she always does first thing after I rise in the morning, so I sit on the padded bench at the end of it as she slides socks onto my feet, each one followed with a designer leather shoe.

Next, I take my place at the dressing table as she brushes and styles my short copper hair, adding just a dab of product to give it the tousled look I prefer. She spritzes me with just a whiff of my favorite cologne to complete her tasks, and with a satisfied look in the mirror, I nod to her my acceptance.

"Thank you, pet," I say as she steps back and bows her head. "You may now go and dress yourself. Choose a white sundress with a navy cardigan and no panties or tights. You will keep your feet bare and wear sandals, ones that are easy to slip off."

"Yes, Sir," Bella replies, and she hurries off to her own bedroom to do as I've told.

Once she's clothed as I've instructed, I direct her on what to pack for our picnic next: an assortment of sliced deli meats, crackers and gourmet cheese, several varieties of chopped fruit, and plain sparkling water to wash it all down. With our light lunch packed along with a blanket in a covered wicker basket, I lead her from the condo, down thirty floors to the lobby, and out the revolving glass doors to the waiting car I've ordered.

Michael, my usual driver greets us, opening the door with a polite, "Good day, Mr. Cullen," as we slide into the back seat. He's learned better than to address my Bella now, after the first time he did so nearly cost him his job. His eyes stay trained on me as he stands soberly beside the car, ensuring we're both in fully before shutting the door and taking his place at the wheel.

He doesn't ask where we're going—I'd provided that information when I put in the call for him earlier—and he drives off without a word or a look back in the rear-view mirror. The trip to the park is short and silent, with Bella sitting demurely on her side of the seat, her hands folded in her lap as she watches the people and traffic pass by her window.

The town car pulls to a stop at the far end of a rather-full parking lot, where Michael gets out to open our door and retrieve the picnic supplies from the trunk. "I'll just wait here then, Mr. Cullen?" he asks as I take the basket from him, and I nod.

"Yes, Michael. We shouldn't be more than about an hour." I take Bella's hand with my free one as we start to walk away, my eyes scanning the large, busy park for the perfect spot. I find it after a moderately short walk, under a large tree with a thick trunk and a heavy canopy of leaves.

"Here we are, my darling," I say to Bella, stopping and setting the picnic basket on the ground. She helps me spread out the large red-and-white checked blanket before we settle ourselves atop it, with me leaning against the scratchy bark of the tree and Bella sitting a few feet away with her back straight and her legs curled gracefully underneath her.

I watch her careful movements as she readies our lunch and organizes it all around herself. The way wisps of her dark hair escape their tight bun to flutter in the breeze, the way her thick, sultry eyelashes fan out with every blink, how her chocolate eyes seem to glow brightly in the daylight, her soft pink cheeks and full red lips held tight in concentration.

She is a magnificent creature and a most-fulfilling pet, and today I plan to seal her place in my life in stone.

"Your meal, Sir," Bella says, handing me a white china plate filled with a reasonable amount of food. She's given me extra strawberries, which she is aware I enjoy more than any other fruit, and I can't help but grin at how well she's come to know me in these past three months.

"Thank you, pet. You must eat, as well. Come now, dish up and join me." I nibble on cheese and grapes as she builds a demure plate for herself, smiling softly at me as she pops her first bite of thinly-sliced soppressata into her mouth.

"That's a good girl," I tell her as she chews the delicately-spiced meat, and her cheeks flush a delicious, darker pink at my praise. Bella's skin is a flawless canvas of porcelain, smoother than one might expect for her twenty-nine years, a contrasting backdrop for the beautiful blush I love to see her wear. And if I put it there, all the better.

We eat in a comfortable silence as people come and go all around us, giving me a chance to consider exactly how I want this scenario to play out. The park is busy, which is perfect to fulfill my plan; I only wish there were more people actually lounging nearby to make Bella really work for her reward. No matter, with what I've got in mind, we're sure to cause enough of a scene to attract a fair amount of onlookers.

With our meals done and a crystal goblet each of sparkling water, I have Bella set hers down and come lay on her side by my feet. She complies immediately, slipping off her sandals and laying opposite my outstretched legs, giving me access to the underside of her dress, as I require.

"Relax," I urge. "Enjoy the fresh air and the warmth on your skin." She lays her head down on my shins and sighs, her big brown eyes staring back at me contentedly.

"Always such a good, obedient pet," I say, my hand stroking up the outside of her bare thigh until I reach her soft, fleshy ass. I give it a gentle squeeze and she gasps lightly, her gaze jumping nervously around the very public space we're in. "Ah, eyes on me, darling," I chastise, and she returns her attention to me immediately. "That's right. No one here matters but me, your master."

Bella nods as I bring my hand to the back of her leg, pulling so it bends at the knee, resting atop my thigh and giving me access to her sweet pussy. I trail my fingers through the slick wetness I find, pushing two straight in as deep as they will go. "Always so ready and willing. You never let me down, pet, even out here, for all the world to see."

"I would do anything for you, Sir," Bella replies, her eyes glazing over as I add a third finger and spread them out as I move, stretching her tight walls to accept me easily when the time comes.

"That is what we're out here to prove," I tell her with a wink. My free hand reaches into my shirt pocket, retrieving the five-carat diamond pendant and holding it up for her to see. Her mouth drops open as the sizable jewel spins and sparkles even in the shade, and she licks her lips as she lifts her head to stare at me in awe.

"For me, Sir?" she asks carefully, reaching up to touch the thin velvet collar buckled around her throat. Marking her as mine, I'd had it custom made for her size and skin tone when we first began our arrangement, the soft pink fabric stitched expertly with matching thread, the eighteen-karat gold findings shining richly against her neck. "Please, Sir. I can't. It's way too much."

"Nothing is too good for such a loyal, obedient pet. Would it help if I told you you can earn it? That you can prove your unyielding devotion to my will, and then wear it as a show of honor for your place in my life?"

"Yes, Sir," Bella replies, propping herself up eagerly on an elbow, slightly awkward as my other hand still moves in and out under her dress. "I would like that very much."

"I expected nothing less," I tell her with a grin, tucking the prize back into my shirt pocket. "Come here then, and we will do exactly that."

She rights herself immediately and kneels before me, crawling forward as I beckon and then following my lead as I guide her to straddle my lap. My hands run over her face, my fingers leaving a wet streak of her own fluids across one cheek as I slide them back into the tightly-wound hair at her nape and release it in a cascade of rich coffee waves. I pull her to me and kiss her, rough and passionate as I always am, her plush lips moving in seamless rhythm with the demands of mine.

I pull away once I can feel I'm hard and aching, my cock straining against my jeans, seeking out a hot, fulfilling goal. "Take me out," I tell her huskily, motioning downward with my head as my hands are still engaged in her thick tresses.

She rises up slightly as her fingers go to work on my pants, the button popped and the zipper lowered quickly, then she pulls out my solid-steel cock into the warm summer air. "And now in," I say, and she arranges her dress so she can sink down freely on top of me, sheathing me in one practiced, fluid motion as she takes me deep as I can go.

Bella's eyes are anxious as my hands finally leave her head and find her hips instead, encouraging her to move, my fingers digging sharply into her flesh as I urge her toward a rhythm. Apprehensive or not, she does as I bid her to, her obedient gaze glued to mine. "Yes," I say as she sets a pace and rides me perfectly, her pussy wet and warm and stroking me like nothing else can. "That's right. Just like that."

Her hands come to my shoulders to steady herself as she holds the speed I want, her skin already glistening with exertion in the hot summer air. I'm half way there myself, a light sweat breaking out on my back and forehead as her body sates the hunger in my own. I let go of her hips to bring my hands to her breasts, my fingers sliding into the top of her dress and pulling them out to bounce along with her movements. I wish I could take one stiff, puckered peak into my mouth, but our position doesn't allow it, so I settle for pinching them tightly and am rewarded when Bella whimpers and juts her chest out for more.

"Look at me!" I command as someone whistles from afar and her eyes dart in their direction. She falters and I release her breasts to grasp her hips again, refusing to let her stop. Her submission triumphing, Bella brings her stare back to me immediately, ignoring the spectator as they shout, "Get it man!" and another person laughs loudly at their side. "Who do you serve, Bella?"

"I serve you, Sir. You alone," she answers. I nod, squeezing her hips tighter, and she moves faster yet.

"Who provides for all your needs: food, shelter, clothing"—I pause and lick my finger, sliding it up under the back of her dress and straight into her ass—"pleasure?"

Bella gasps as I splay the rest of my fingers tight against one cheek and my hand follows her gyrations in my lap. We don't have enough lubrication for me to thrust into the tight hole comfortably, but I press deep and hold firm as she moves, and am rewarded when she bites her lip and groans deeply. "You do, Sir."

"That's right, pet. I give you everything, and ask little in return. But you give as well, and I want you to know that I appreciate it." I don't mention how my own skin heats at her touch, how my chest tightens as I watch her move about her tasks at home, how I long to hold her in my arms all night after I finish sating my needs in the playroom. That is not our arrangement, though, at least not for now. "I will be proud for you to wear my jewel on your collar, to tell the world that you belong to me in every way, and that you have earned my admiration as well."

"It's an honor to serve you, Sir," Bella replies, her voice growing labored as I bring my empty hand to her other ass cheek and urge her to move faster still. I lean forward and kiss her hard again, my tongue invading her mouth to taste her sweet, salty breath, only pulling away when I can feel we're both nearing the end.

"Show me, then," I say forcefully. "Show them all. Show everyone here who owns you and just how much you love it. Let them see. Let them hear!"

Bella cries out loudly at my command, her head falling back as she rides me like she never has before, her hips pounding down atop my thighs until I can't hold it in any longer and I come deep inside her pussy, my own grunts matching the frenzied rhythm of my pulse. I feel her clench tight around me once she knows I've had mine first, her keening cries of pleasure echoing around the open air, telling everyone within half a mile exactly what I'd hoped to achieve.

"That's a good pet," I tell her as she collapses against my chest, panting harshly while I stroke her hair and rub her back soothingly. "Very good. You make me proud." My other hand is still hidden under the back of Bella's dress, one finger held tight within her ass, but I don't dare remove it now.

With a sly grin, I look up into the scowling face of a tall, blond man in blue uniform, his eyes narrowing down on us in our scandalous state. "Hello, officer," I say lightly, pulling Bella tighter against me when she gasps beside my ear. "What can I do for you on this fine day?"

My smile grows as he glowers further, asking my name and bringing out his ticket book and a pen, scrawling out what I'm sure will be a hefty fine. I kiss Bella on the side of the head as she nestles further into the safety of my arms, my loyal, proved pet, and mine alone. Worth it.

The End

ADDED A/N: Yes, I know they'd likely be arrested if this was real life, but it's not—it's a fanfiction fantasy. Getting a ticket is a lot sexier than going to jail, and this wasn't meant to be more than a bit of filthy fun ;)