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Rayna was a 19-year-old girl traveling in search of a certain man and had just arrived in a little port town. She was wearing a beautiful white short-sleeved jump-suit that was loose around her legs, which made it look like a dress. She wore a black kimono with a hood on, and open like a coat. A white belt to keep it in place and she had her twin swords hanging there too.

She had waist-length curly black hair and crimson eyes that was captivating the people in the town. She has been looking for Yan Kumji for a couple of months and now she had finally tracked to him Awa.

It was a pretty little port town with a beautiful ocean view and the people seemed lively. The young woman entered a restaurant and took a sit far back before ordering some food. While eating she noticed someone looking at her while whispering and she knew they were talking about her. Rayna didn't react and pretended that she didn't hear a thing.

Soon, the men stood in front of her with creepy smiles, "You're beautiful" one of them said, "Is that what you came to talk to me about? My beauty?" she was questioning his sanity, "We need female workers in our restaurant not far from here. Would you be interested in working there" another man took over.

The girl wanted nothing more than to punch the life out of them all. They were probably working for the scum she was looking for and maybe going alone with them would lead her to Kumji. "Yeah, I would love to," she said in the girliest way she could, "Great come with us" and the three-man went over to one of the workers and gave him the money for her food.

"Thank you" she smiled, at least they knew how to be gentlemen for their own gain.

They came to the place not long after and they saw two girls talking to a man outside. Rayna observed them and they were both cute but what captive her was the red hair. She looked innocent but she knew not to judge a book and when the two locked eyes with her, she saw the determination in them.

She smiled, "This is going to be interesting" muttered to herself. "We have one more girl that wants to work too" one behind her yelled, "Oh, come on in," he said with a sinister smile.

They went inside and Rayna noticed that the place was empty and he let them into a room, "Wait there, I'll get the manager" he said before he closed the door, "You know, this is a tra-" she stopped herself.

The red-haired legs were shaking, and her friend took a step closer to her but the floor opened up and all three went down.

Before any of them realized what had happened someone put on a blindfold on them. Rayna was about to fight back but then she remembered the reason that was here, to begin with. Someone forced them to enter a carriage before taking them somewhere.

Not long after that the girls were lead inside and the blindfold came off before being pushed into a room filled with girls. "I'm going to kill that one," she said, and all the girls were looking at her, but she ignored them.

Rayna looked around and saw a lot of scared girls, 'is this what you went through, mom? You lead them away from me and got caught in this filth' she thought before bringing her knees to her chest. She would get her revenge on Kumji and help free these girls before continuing her journey.

Rayna expected there would be other girls but not this many. How was she going to free them and find Kumji at the same time? She didn't expect him to appear right in front of her with a disgusting smile on his face.

Now would be a good chance to attack but what would happen to these girls, and she almost did when she saw that scum was pulling the red-haired girl's hair. Rayna didn't care now and wanted to pull out her swords, but they took it from her.

Well, lucky for them. Because she was very dangerous.

The long-haired girl tried to save her friend, but he kicked her away along with his so-called worker because they were running his fun. Yep, she was going to have a fun time killing him for everything when suddenly he let the girl go.

Were her eyes playing tricks on her or was the man scared?

"Girl, are you from Awa" he suddenly asked, "Yes" she answered with a fire inside her, "Long ago, I once saw red hair like yours at Hiryuu castle. For just a moment, in the distance, I saw her red hair reflecting in the sun. That girl's name was princess Yona. She was about your age. Are you really princess Yona?" he asked with an intense blink.

That caught Rayna off guard before she looked at the girl. Her shocked expectation confirmed it all, this girl really was the lost princess. The girl just denied everything and convinced that moron that she wasn't the princess and if she really looked at her, he was welcome to call her princess Yona.

Rayna had to hold herself back not to burst into laughter.

Kumji was more stupid than he looked because he fell for it whole-heartily which was even more fun. He exited and closed behind him. The first thing the princess did was to look at her friend concerned.

Luckily, she was alright, and Rayna went over to them, "I'm not going to forget about the pain. I'll pay him back hundred times over" the long-haired girl said with a deep voice. "I like your attitude," she said behind the two and they looked surprised at her.

The towns girls finally realized what was happening and a girl started knocking on the door and asking them to let them out, "What's the point in getting us here just so they can release us now that we know their secret" Rayna may have said to harshly but another girl that has been here for longer agreed.

Princess Yona didn't lose heart and starting to motivate them to fight for this town. She made it sound like someone was coming to save them and all they had to do was to trust the hand offered to them, 'she really sounded like a princess talking to her people' Rayna thought before standing up.

"I agree, so why to wait to get saved," she said and was about to kick down the door holding them, but the princess held her arm, "You can't do that," she said, "I'm not one your servant, princess," Rayna said with a thoughtful look, "Please, be patient. My friends are coming to save us," her friend said.

"I don't need saving" she replied, "are you just going to leave us here," the friend asked concerned, "Of course not" she defended, "You may be able to get us out of this room but then you have to fight more than 7 ships of men while protecting us. Are you prepared for that?" Yona asked, and Rayna sighed in defeat.

"Then, please explain your plan to me"


The sun was down, and they were transporting all the girls into a ship with their eyes and hands tied. It was weird for her to follow the princess's plan so easily, but she somehow felt that she could trust her.

Which was even weirder. Ever since her mother was taken, she had never depended on another person before. It would only hurt her so much more if she were betrayed.

Rayna felt something crawling on her and her hands were free. She was about to take off her blindfold, but someone's hand already did it first and she saw Yona's smiling face, "What's your name" she suddenly asked, "I'm Rayna" she answered.

Yona smiled even brighter, "That's a beautiful name. Rayna, are you ready to fight with us?" the princess asked with an extended hand and she was about to take it when she noticed it was shaking, "Yona, you're-" she was interrupted by another girl.

"You really intend to escape? Don't drag us along with you" the one that had been there for 2 weeks started and Yona told them that she let herself get caught in order to save them and her friend told them it was time to go.

"Wait" the girl stated, "I'll help you. My father's a ship's builder and I know a lot about boats" the four left.

Rayna looked around and tried to figure out where these people hid her swords. She was about to go upstairs when the ship suddenly rocked, and she felt a little back and hit her head really head. She had this headache, but she couldn't let that stop her.

When she realized that her swords weren't there, she decided to help the others. Yona and the ship builder's daughter had just knocked out someone but there was no sign of the sassy one. The princess ran past her and Rayna wasn't far behind.

Yona found a bow and arrow, but when her friend yelled something about explosive, she ran over to and threw her arrows to the side. The black-haired beauty sighed, when this is over, she had to ask the princess why she would throw away her only protection.

Well, right now wasn't a time for that.

A man came to attack Rayna, but she kicked him in the stomach when he swung at her. He hit the wall and his sword fell to the deck. She smiled before picking it up saw and other men attacked her, and she cut them all down.

Yona grabbing something from the other girl's sash and now that she looked closer at it, she looked less like her. It didn't matter anyway because the red-haired girl ran over to a lamp and just launched the thing.

Someone grabbed the princess by the arm before slamming her down and Rayna was about to go after him, but he threatened to cut Yona, "If you come any closer, I'll slit her throat".

It made her angry that people like these would treat girls like that.

The raven-haired sighed, this was another reason she worked so hard to be able to protect herself. It was so scum-like they would use her as a hostage against anyone. 'Why would men always grab a girl's hair' she thought angrily.

"Don't do it, Rayna" Yona yelled, "I have no other choice" she smiled before letting go of the weapon and it hit the deck.

Two men each held her by the arm, "I'm sorry, Rayna." The princess said in tears, "Don't be, it's not your fault. Now remove your filthy hands off of her" she smiled before her expression turned serious.

The man didn't remove his weapon from her instead he just laughed and was about to strike anyways when a green-haired man came flying in and kicked him away.

He was beautiful but there was no way she would ever admit that to him. Now that Yona was saved, she just attacked the ones 'holding her down. She took one of them and held his own weapon to his face, "Now, where's my swords" she said in a menacing voice.

The guy turned blue before he pointed to the other ship, "K-K-Kumji-sama had them over there". Rayna let him go and tried to figure out how to get over there without swimming. She didn't have to wait long when the exact same ship attached itself to them.

She saw picked up two swords but before she could do anything, she saw a masked man defeating the enemy on the bridge. 'Not bad' she thought it would only make it easier for her. He looked at her and Rayna just stood there looking at him.

He walked past her and when over to Yona who was concerned about her long-haired friend. Rayna didn't have time for that before she took herself to the other ship in search of her weapons before taking the man down.

She went below deck and found them on a table. There they were her twin blades with a black and white handle. Rayna looked at them before putting them in her belt.

The girl ran downstairs and she looked in every room, but no one was there. the green-haired guy came and someone he knew explained that he was in a secret room inside the map room. She blindly went in and didn't see someone with swords about to swing at her, but the guy that came flying before protected her.

When they realized that the boss wasn't there, she cut his wall and made a hole, so that she could see the ocean. Not too far away was a little boat with two people and Rayna quickly ran up to the deck. She was in such a hurry that she might even jump overboard.

Imagen her shock when the princess had this dominant aura around her before she shot an arrow to her target – Kumji. Even after witnessing it, Rayna still doubted her eyes.

How can that innocent girl have such a bloodlust? Yona stood in the break of dawn and Rayna was starting to like this girl; she might be weak and naïve, but she also had this fire inside of her like no other.

She was looking forward to hearing what this girl does next.

They all sailed back to Awa and the families of the girls were waiting happily. Rayna sat by the rail and watched everything with a smile and the princess came up to her, "Don't you have family waiting for you" she asked. "I'm not from around here" she simply explained.

The two walked to land together and her friend from before along with a masked man and two new men came up to them, "Princess, I'm glad you alright" a pale man with blue eyes said in relief. They soon noticed that their two friends were covered in bruises and beat up kumji's men.

Rayna stood back with a smile on her face. These people were funny.

Soon a party broke out and everyone in town was celebrating their freedom from the tyrant. Rayna didn't really like sake but took a few sips from time to time. She decided to go for a walk but ended up sitting on one of the rooftops.

The black-haired didn't know what to do now. She had finally gotten her revenge, well Yona got it but she was there to witness it. Even though she wanted to do it herself, she was happy to see that side of her.

Her thought not interrupted when she saw Yona walking around and suddenly bumping into a man with blue/green eyes. The two locked eyes and it was like they recognized each other,

"Su-won" she started. Rayna looked shocked, Su-won wasn't he the current king? "Yona, are you an illusion? I heard that you died on the cliffs of the northern mountain " he replied and when he saw her shaking, he looked shocked for a moment too.

"You really are princess Yona." The king said and stood up. Rayna was still on the rooftop and decided to jump down next to them, "Rayna," Yona said surprised, Su-won just looked at her with an emotionless expression.

"What are you doing here? Where's Hak? No, that's a stupid question. You're safe and I'm sure he's still risking his life to protect you. I came-" Rayna interrupted him, "I don't know what you did to her, but can't you see she's shaking? If you cared for her at all you'll just leave and never speak to her again"

Suddenly a group of men came behind them and Yona quickly stood up to run away but Su-won grabbed her shoulder before hiding her under his clothes. Both girls reacted to this and Rayna grabbed her sword but if those were the king's guard then it would be stupid to attack when especially when he's hiding the princess from them.

"Su-won-sama You can't walk off on your own. Who is this girl" a man with a scar on his face looked at her, "She's just someone I was asking about the city. I just got excited coming here" the king giggled as he turned to them.

"You got excited? Is that why you with two women?" the man said with an annoying expression. Both Rayna and Su-won looked at him with dumb folded, "No, please general Ju-do." The general was yelling at the king for a bit before he decided to leave.

Su-won looked at her for a few seconds before looking at the sky, "Do you want to kill me?" he suddenly asked which confused her for a moment until she realized he was talking to Yona, "Of course you do, but I can't just die yet. There're things I must do" before he let her go, "Goodbye Yona" he said all mysterious.

He was about to touch her hair when Rayna slapped his hand away, "I see you made a good friend" he said to Yona before he left. The two girls looked at him, "I'm sorry I had no right to interfere, but you looked-" but the princess falling to the ground in tears got her attention.

Rayna kneeled in front of her, "Yona!" she was panicking before she held the princess in her arms while she cried, and at some point, she hugged her back. What did he do to make her react like this? It almost made her want to go after this Su-won and give him a piece of her mind until a tall black-haired man came.

He looked at Rayna before looking at Yona, "Princess. What happened? What's wrong?" he asked concerned and just the way she cried made it clear to her what happened or rather who.

"I'm sorry you had to see me like that, Rayna" Yona said when she finally got control of herself. "Don't worry it makes you seem more human" the raven-haired said smiling and she smiled too.

The two separated for now. Rayna spent her time preparing for her journey. She would go wherever the wind took her.


The next morning came rather quickly. Rayna washed her face and went into a small restaurant to eat breakfast. When she was done, she took her back and paid before leaving the town. On her way to the gate, she saw a lot of people gathered there and just force her way through them.

At the front was Yona and an old lady, "No one wants to marry a girl who's nothing but reckless" and Rayna disagreed, "I think that the recklessness makes a woman more fun" she smirked. Yona smiled brightly before hugging her, "I had hoped to see you before leaving. Huh, are you leaving too?"

"Yeah. Take care Yona" she smiled and put her sword into the left side of the belt. "Wait, I wanted to thank you for everything you did" and Rayna giggled, "I barely feel like I did anything". But the princess shook her head, "You did more for me than I could ever say".

"Rayna! Will you come with us and lend me your strength?" she suddenly screamed. The swordswoman blinked a couple of times, surprised, "Why, are you going to do anything in particular?" she asked. "I'm looking for one more person and I would like for you to join us too" the princess smiled. "Sure," Rayna replied.

After the goodbyes, the group of six left.

It had been a tearful farewell and Yona along with three others were still crying, "Oi, is this normal" Rayna asked the tall black-haired man, "Yeah, welcome to the group" he smirked, and the young woman was reconsidering her choices.

"Yona, stop crying"

"You're crying too, Yun"

"You're crying the most, white snake"

Rayna looked at them curiously, 'why white snake' she wondered, "I didn't get to say goodbye to Jeaha" Yona said sadly. "Jeaha, I thought he was going to join us," a pale yet pretty man said, and the swordswoman looked at the tree with her sword in her hand.

"What's wrong?" they asked until the masked one took up his sword and cut down the tree. A green-haired man fell down with an awkward smile. They spoke to each other, "My name is Jeaha. I'm a beautiful monster with a dragon in my right leg. It's a pleasure to meet you".

"What do you mean by a dragon!" she asked calmly. Rayna looked around and apparently, she was the only one reacting like this.

Why was that?