A/N: Another new story, though it is just twilight story, Bella is so much stronger when Alice comes back to think she was there to comfort Charlie of losing Bella, to learn the truth that Bella is alive and well, but also much stronger and healthier without them in her life. How will it go? Well here it is goes.

Part 1 - Who is Back and Reactions

Bella saw the car, as she left without Jacob to go home to change clothes and take shower, so she could be more presentable for the funeral of Harry Clearwater, who had died days earlier of a heartattack, due to Victoria coming in his view. Bella had been happy to hear that after this, the Pack finally got hold of Victoria like they had done with Laurent and finished her off for good finally. Bella was also imprinted on by Paul Lahote and the two had started off with a tentative, intensive friendship that led to a loving, sexual relationship just after 3 weeks of becoming great friends in few days after imprinting and such, and Jacob had hard time to come over the issue of her being Paul not his imprint. He had been in love with her, but she told him off just moments before she had met Paul and been imprinted on by Paul, that she would not and could never be his love nor did she love him in that way, never had either. It had been a horrible fight that day, and Sam and Emily had taken her back to their house. Just days later, her dad had been killed in a robbery gone wrong, and she was left to live with Sam and Emily after she requested them over the Black's as the situation between her and Jacob was still tense at the time, and still was today.

So when she saw the car, she turned around and left to go back to La Push and take up the offer from Emily of borrowing a dress from her instead aswell take a shower there, she soon arrived the house of Uley's and went inside, when Sam looked up and said,

"Bells, you are back so soon and not in different clothes?" Bella was breathing hard, as Emily came over and led her to a chair, as both were worried of her panicked look, as she said

"I couldn't go in, Carlisle's car was in driveway of the house, Sam." At that he sat up straigher, as Emily gasped and held her tighter as she asked;

"Are you ok, B?" Making Bella shake her head, and said that she wants Paul. Sam took off then and soon came back with Paul in tow, and when he saw her, he went up and pulled her into his arms, as he just held her to himself, Sam and Emily smiled wryly at the two, as Paul said softly;

"What happened, baby?" Bella just burst into tears, as she told him what had happened and why she came back so soon again. He just held her to himself more tightly, as he was pissed too, as the Cullens the leeches had come back and was at her house, as Charlie had gifted it after his death in his will to Bella, and Paul was going to help her later that week to get it on the market to sell it, so the two could move in together in their newly built house near Sam and Emily's. He looked over at Sam, said;

"We need to do something, those things are not welcomed back here, Sam." Sam nodded, as he said,

"As soon the funeral is over, we will contact whoever is here to see Bella and meet up at the treaty-line later tonight or tomorrow morning. Bella will come if she wants to." Paul nodded at that, as Bella kissed him softly, and he smiled into their kiss, as the rest of the pack came in to see this, aswell Jacob, who just huffed and glared coldly and sat down loudly in a chair, as Bella excused herself, and Emily went with her, to help her out to get showered and dressed in a borrowed black dress of hers. Paul sat down with the others, as Jared, his best friend, said;

"So what was that all about, and why were Bella still in same clothes and clearly been crying too?" Paul sighed, as Sam told the pack what had happened and most was shocked in anger and disbeliefs, Jacob complained of why not let her go to them afterall she loved them more. Paul had given him a black eyes and Sam had alpha ordered him to keep his cruel opinions to himself, as Bella and Emily soon came out of the room from upstairs in their black dresses. Bella went straight to Paul, who pulled her into his lap to sit there, and she smiled at him and kissed him again. Emily went to Sam, who kissed her scars and then lips.

Few moments later they all went off to the beach where the funeral would take place, Bella went to Sue's side and gave her a tight hug and kiss on her cheek, after letting Sue know if she needed anything at all, it was just to call her over. Sue had smiled softly at this and told Bella her thanks. Bella then went back to Paul's side, and he held her to himself through the cermony. It was a very beautiful to witness a Native American kind of funeral for Bella.

So how was that for new story of mine? Be kind and I hope you have love it so far.