Harry Potter and the Order of Mercaba

by SeraphimBlue

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all the characters of his universe are owned by J.K. Rowling. I hold no claim over anyone here, except for my original characters and the Order of Mercaba, which is my own creation.

A/N: This is a slightly AU version of Harry Potter with subtle differences that will become apparent as you read. This will be a very Grey Harry with training and world view very different from canon. He will be loved and taught how to not only survive but also thrive and have access to many styles of magic and other mystical forces. There will be some Dumbledore bashing as my version is a bit dark, as that is my viewpoint of him, as well as some possible bashing of other canon characters that I never liked much. My Harry will not be a quiet follower, he will blaze his own trail which will draw in new friends and turn away others.

Chapter One...

It's a very frigid Halloween night in 1981 and things were more odd than usual, which had every police force on alert… including those that deal with the more… esoteric of crimes. Such as it was for one such agency… the Order of Mercaba, a joint operation of different groups with some form of magical or psychic ability.

There had been reports coming in from every corner of London and the surrounding areas; strange lights in the skies and numerous sightings of what people were calling UFO's, but none of that was much to worry about… until the reports of drunk men and women in strange outfits that resembled dresses started coming in over the line.

"Any idea what's going on Alex?"

Alex Collins looked up from his desk and shook his head, a soft magenta glow from the runic array spread out before him lighting up his face in the dimly lit room.

"No, not as of yet, but I'm getting some very odd readings from all over the place. Strange energy spikes scattered about, with the largest one centered on a place called Godric's Hollow."

A beautiful woman with long silvery hair, his partner and girlfriend, Alisa Monroe, leaned against the door frame frowning. "Why does that name sound familiar to me…"

Alex raised an eyebrow and shrugged. "Well you know more of this area than I do, you've been here longer. Maybe you've been there… or perhaps you read it in a report one of the Elders made? I don't know. Do you think we should go and investigate?"

Alisa shrugged and pulled out a small crystal pendant from around her neck. "I can check in with them and see what they think while you get ready… just in case."

"Sounds like a plan." Alex stood up from where he was crouched and began to gather his gear from the lockers behind him as he heard her speaking in the background. Pulling out his protective armor and changing into it, he could feel her eyes on him. Glancing over his bare shoulder he saw her loving smirk as she blew him a kiss and snickered softly.

"… Hollow… yes sir, I'm with Shadow right now and neither of us are busy. Okay, we can do that and we'll notify you if we find anything. Thank you sir. Crystal out."

Alex tightened his body armor and turned to face her. "So… where is this place? Are we taking a car or do you have a landmark nearby I can jump us to?"

Alisa nodded and moved to the map on Alex's wall, pointing to the location where they were headed. Strangely enough there was no Godric's Hollow shown there.

"It should be… about here…"

Alex leaned in close and nodded. "I know of a cafe near there, its where I got those blueberry muffins you liked so much. I can get us there and then we can walk the rest."

Lowering the lights in the room, shadows began to form all around them. Picking the biggest one, one that covered half the west wall, Alex took her hand then turned toward a large shadow.

"Okay… remember, hold your breath and no matter what happens, don't let go…"

Alisa took a deep breath, closed her eyes and let Alex pull her slowly through the shadow, both of them vanishing from the room. Instantly they were in a long tunnel of light illuminated in shades of purple, blue and white. Ice covered every inch of the space around them as subzero winds wailed past them, biting at their bodies. Frost formed rather quickly on their clothing as Alex pulled them through this other realm to a spot of light at the far end of the tunnel. Pulling her closer, Alex pushed hard through the gap at the other end and with a loud pop… they were out.

Godric's Hollow… 45 seconds later

The home of the Potters lay in a demolished, smoldering ruin... smoke and ash everywhere. Moonlight shone down on what remained of the building, creating a large shadows all around. Smoke drifted up through the skeletal remains of the house and gave it the appearance of something out of a horror movie; an air of forbidding radiating outward to the edge of the property and past the picket fence lining it.

On the street beyond stood a tall tree, hundreds of years old if a day, and in its looming shadow, a wavering of light, like heat drifting up from the highway on a hot day, formed in the midst of the darkness. A dot of light popped into existence, then expanded and out of that light emerged two people.

"Fuck! That's not something I am ever going to get used to. How do you stand the cold?"

Alex smirked and shrugged. He'd been shadow-walking, what he called his method of travel, for more than 20 years. "I started when I was six. You just get used to it if you do it enough." Brushing off the frost on his armor, he began to examine the area. Looking around he spotted the house and walked toward it, opening the gate as he went.

Grumbling, Alisa tried to warm up, still cursing softly under her breath and rubbing her body. "I'm going to need a hot shower after that. You could cut glass with my nipples right now..."

Walking onto the property, Alex smirked then shook his head at the lovely image and focused on the task before him. Reaching out he scanned the area with his gifts. "Babe, I'm getting a lot of dark energy here… darkness, pain and death. I think this might be a murder scene as well as arson, but why are there no police?"

Alisa turned to look at Alex and followed him. Looking around she frowned, confused. "What are you talking about? Murder? Arson? Why are we in the middle of a vacant lot?"

Alex blinked and stared at her. He looked at the building next them, close enough to touch, and pointed. "You don't see the house… right here?"

Alisa looked where he was pointing and shook her head. "There's nothing there Alex. What are you looking at?" She walked over to his side and placed her hand on his shoulder, in a comforting manner, then jumped back in surprise as a burnt out rubble appeared before her.

"Holy Shit! What the fuck?!"

Eyes wide in shock she reached out and touched the wall before her. "It's still warm… this fire happened recently."

Alex nodded and walked slowly into the house, his eyes tracking the energies he was feeling. "Someone died in here… male, early to mid 20's…" His voice had grown colder, monotone as one of his gifts took over.

Hearing that voice, Alisa winced and held on tightly to his shoulder. She hated when this happened to him; seeing the spiritual energies left behind always effected him so badly and then there was the aftermath.

"… more upstairs, but I'm not sure the stairs can hold our weight."

She nodded and pulled him into a hug, whispering softly as she used her family's powers to make them both lighter. Feeling the change wash through him, Alex smiled, turning to kiss her lips softly. "Thanks love…" Blushing Alisa nodded as they slowly climbed the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, they could look into what used to be a nursery and Alisa gasped in fear. "No… not a baby… please Alex, say it didn't die too."

Looking into the room Alex swallowed hard. "Female… same age as the male below… a second male, I'd say easily twice their age or more…" He pointed to near the crib in the corner of the room. "No baby energies… but there is something very odd about all of this."

Relief washed through her body at hearing the child lived. "What's odd?"

Alex walked to the crib and reached down to touch one of the stuffed animals inside… a deer… and gasped as a flash of memory assaulted him. Psycometry, one of his many gifts, granted him the ability to see what happened in the past when he touched an item. The more intense the emotion, the more it hurt him. He watched the events of the room pan out before him, seeing the child in the crib, a boy, watch as his mother was killed by an older man… killed by a flash of green light.

"The older male murdered the woman with a green light that came from… it looks like a stick in his hand…"

Hugging him tightly, trying to calm his trembling body, Alisa began to cry as her boyfriend was lost in visions of the past.

"… then attacked the child… a boy, about a year or so old. Something backfired though. I can see the same green light hit the boy, swirl around his body then reflect back at the man, killing him."

Alisa looked up into his face and swallowed. Alex's eyes were liquid silver and there were beads of sweat on his forehead. She needed to snap him out of this soon before he became ill like last time; neither of them could handle another coma.

"Where's the boy, sweetheart? Focus and talk to me."

Watching everything pan out, he saw two men storm into the room to find the bodies. The first one was old and dressed in pale blue robes of some kind, something ceremonial or religious maybe… the other dressed in dark shirt and pants. Anguish filled the younger man's face as he screamed in pain and ran from the room shouting "No! No… it was Peter, he betrayed us… I'll kill him!"

"Two men entered… one seemed to know who did this or helped and ran off to get him… while the other picked up the boy and left with him."

Following the older man, Alex frowned at the almost maniacal grin on the older man's face. There was something very sinister about it and he feared for the boy's safety.

Once outside, the old man was met by a giant of a man who arrived on, of all things, a flying motorcycle and gave the boy to him. "I need to handle things here, Hagrid, please take Harry for me and meet me at Number Four Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. I'll be waiting for you there."

Alex frowned. He could see the boy was hurt as blood was pouring down his small face. Was he not going to get him any medical attention?

"He took the boy, whose name appears to be Harry, and gave him to a giant of a man named Hagrid… doesn't look fully human. He told him to take Harry to Number Four Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey but mentioned nothing about any medical attention for the child, who happens to be bleeding rather badly from a nasty cut on his forehead."

Alisa grew angry. "He's just ignoring the injury? What kind of bastard does that? We're going there… now. I want to check on that boy and give that man a piece of my mind."

Alex nodded and closed his eyes. "Surrey… I know a few locations near there… hold on tight."

Grabbing on tightly Alisa shuddered, her fear pushed aside for the moment, and nodded as they moved again through the shadows…

Little Whinging, Surrey… several minutes later

"… it should just be another block or so I think… ah, here is it, Privet Drive… now where is number four?"

They had arrived a few blocks away and had to walk the rest, Alisa growing more and more worried with every passing minute.

"Over here… oh Alex, they left him on the front doorstep and it's freezing out here. See if he's okay while I see why no one took him inside."

Alisa rushed to the windows and peeked inside, seeing nothing but shadowy darkness. There was no furniture, no pictures on the walls, nothing. She hammered on the door with her fist and waited… then did it again. No answer. "I don't think anyone even lives here…"

Alex picked up baby Harry, the poor boy starting to turn blue from the cold, and performed a small healing ritual on his cut as well as a warming chard to warm him up as best he could, compensating for the rest with his own body heat. The blood had been removed at some point, but he was in bad shape.

"We need to get him to the Infirmary as soon as possible."

Alisa joined him and bit her lip upon seeing Harry. "Oh sweetheart, you're so cold… oh Alex, we can't take him back your way, he'd die of the cold."

Alex nodded and picked up the blanket on the steps… a note falling out unseen by either of them, falling into the shrubs near the door. "Wrap him in the blanket and I'll jump back, grab a transport vehicle, then come back to get you both. Since there's no one here, why don't you wait for me at the cafe we passed, they were still open."

Alisa nodded and placed a lingering kiss on Alex's lips then took Harry from his arms and wrapped him up snugly. "Okay, we'll wait for you there."

Alex nodded and in a flash, was gone. Alisa bent down and kissed baby Harry's head and held him close. She looked at his adorable little face and could see parts of herself and Alex in his features. "It's okay Harry… you'll see, everything will be okay, I promise." Hugging him close, she smiled softly she let her thoughts drift for a moment. "Daddy will be back soon, but I've got you… Mummy's got you baby." As she walked back toward the cafe, she rocked him gently in her arms, her motherly instincts already kicking in.

Back at Headquarters…

A blast of arctic wind exploded into the room as Alex shadow-walked into the vehicle yard, surprising the guard on duty.

"Halt who… oh, Agent Shadow… sorry sir. May I help you?"

Alex nodded and moved to one of the cars. "I have an emergency situation. I need this vehicle and I need you to notify the Infirmary of a baby being brought in with the early stages of hypothermia and mystical energy damage. Agent Crystal is with the child right now."

The guard paled noticeably and nodded, rushing to his phone. "Yes sir, right away." He hit the emergency alarms then dialed the extension for the Infirmary.

Alex rushed to the board near the guard's desk, grabbed the keys for the closest car, then hopped in and took off, tearing out of the garage and into the awaiting night. As he sped through the main gates, his mind reached out toward those waiting for him. "Hold on… I'm on my way."

Surrey… ten minutes later…

The roar of an engine made Alisa look up and she smiled as Alex pulled to a stop next to her and Harry. She quickly climbed into the passenger seat and enjoyed the warm interior. Securing them both she cuddled Harry closer for safety.

"I have the Infirmary on standby and I can get us back there much faster. I had traffic on the way over." Alex gave her a smile and sped off back to their home, getting back in half the time. As they pulled into the garage, he saw Doctor Stephens waiting for him with a medical team.

Rushing over to them, Doctor Stephens reached out eagerly. "Give me the boy…"

Alisa nodded and handed Harry over as the doctor got to work. Securing him to the gurney before rushing to the Infirmary. "I'm going with them,,," she said before running off.

Alex watched her go and headed to the admin room to check in. Upon entry, their boss looked up from the table.

"What did you find?"

Alex sighed and told them everything he'd experienced. As he spoke, his boss… Director Owen Miles… nodded as a frown grew on his face.

"Sounds like Wizardry and that could be a problem. They're very xenophobic, have been for hundreds of years and have a multitude of stupid laws. They're also backwards as can be and still think in the middle ages. We haven't had to deal with any of their kind since the war… and the old man sounds like Albus Dumbledore, one of their leaders, but the sinister look on his face… that's something new. I wonder what that old bastard is doing, abandoning a child on the steps of an empty house."

He paused and scratched the three day old stubble on his face. "I'll look into it, for now I'd like you to keep an eye on reports coming in and if you see anything similar, let me know."

Alex nodded. "Yes sir. What about Harry?"

The Director looked up and nodded slightly. "Once he's cleared from medical, see if there are any families available to take him in while we track down his family… if he has any."

A look of concentration crossed his face. "You said the house was abandoned… so that would make it an abandonment case, which makes this easier. For now I'm granting temporary asylum for the boy. Any team member that wants to foster him can, as long as their record is clean… I authorize you to approve it."

"Yes sir. I'll make sure to check everything before making any decision." Alex nodded to himself and headed to the Infirmary, finding a worried Alisa waiting for him. "How is he?"

Doctor Stephens looked up and smiled. "You'll be glad to know that he's okay… not perfect but okay. You two got him here in time and whatever you did in the field helped… but there's something odd with my readings. There's something dark in his forehead… a bundle of darkness near that nasty looking scar. I tried to purge and heal it a few times but everything blocked me. I'm not sure what it is, but I sent word to the other branches to have some experts come here to check him."

Alex frowned worriedly at little Harry. "Is he safe to be moved elsewhere?"

Doctor Stephens nodded. "Yeah, he should be okay. I want to see him in a few days but other than that, he can go wherever he needs to go."

Alex smiled and let out the worry a bit. "Thanks Doc. The Director wants me to ask around for any families that want to temporarily foster him while we track down his family. He's been declared a temporary ward of the Order until then… but seeing as the house was empty, we're thinking it might be abandonment and we might need to work toward permanent adoption."

"I'll do it… or we'll do it."

Alex looked over at Alisa and blinked in surprise. "Are you sure?"

Alisa nodded and picked up Harry, cuddling him against her chest. "I want to keep him… at least for as long as I can. We can do this Alex… we can take care of him. We can be his family… please."

Alex looked at her and how right she looked with baby Harry in her arms. Smiling he moved to her side and hugged her. "Okay love… we'll do it. I'll fill out the paperwork and then we'll take him home."

Alisa grinned and kissed her love then kissed the sleeping boy in her arms, happy her wish was coming true. "I'm going to head on home with the baby. I'll see you there." She left the room so happy, she almost skipped as Alex watched her, smirking.

"Well it looks like I'm a dad now, if at least temporarily…"

Doctor Stephens laughed. "Good luck… I think you'll need it; judging by the look in her eyes, it might not be a temporary thing." Alex smirked and nodded; he'd seen that look too.

"Yeah… better get things official then. Night Doc."

Grinning, Alex left to go fill out the paperwork before heading home.

Meanwhile… Hogwarts Castle…

Albus Dumbledore walked in and sat down at his desk with a sigh, pulling out a bottle of dark amber liquid from a drawer in his desk. Pouring himself a glass, he lifted it to his lips and drank a shot of firewhiskey slowly and carefully… a dark gleam in his eyes.

"It's done. It's over for now, Fawkes, he's gone and all is safe..."

Fawkes the phoenix watched the man from her perch and shook her head. She'd been feeling something odd, a darkness coming from him lately that hadn't been there before, but had ignored it. There had been so much fighting going on and so much worry, she excused it all as stress. Now though, she could almost feel it radiating from him in soft waves, stronger than before. She'd have to watch him carefully to see what's going on.

"All is well, Voldemort is dead… or banished… either way he's gone so who cares really. The Potters are dead and set aside for burial... and young Harry Potter is safely locked away with his disturbing muggle relatives… nasty pieces of work they are. I left him with his aunt and uncle, Petunia and Vernon Dursley. Haven't seen them in a year or so, not since Lily and James Potter got married… but even then they were a right nasty couple. Still, they should be good for keeping young Harry safe and under control."

He paused and had another drink, his eyes darkening more. Fawkes hissed softly and felt something deep inside her hurt more than it had before. Was he truly going dark?

"They didn't answer the door but… they'll likely find him in the morning. Eh, he'll be fine. Honestly don't really care that much. We're safe for a while… and then, when he's needed, I'll drag the little brat back here and use him for my needs… yes, everything is going according to plan."

Quickly drinking the rest of his drink, he stood and contemplated a midnight tryst with one of his minions… eh professors… then changed his mind and instead headed to his bedroom, his steps a bit unsteady as the liquor took its effect; failing to notice the small silver device on the hearth of his fireplace beginning to turn black and die as the blood ritual he performed failed to complete.

Fawkes crooned softly and looked out into the moonlight, wondering if she might have to find a new familiar soon. There was still some light left inside him… but every time she saw him like this, she began to lose faith. "I'll wait… just a bit longer. I just need to have faith."

She tucked her head under her wing and tried to go to sleep… while at the same time, young Harry Potter slept curled up in his new mother's arms… safe for the moment, unaware of the plans and manipulations going on around him.