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Bella has a power that she is unable to control. She randomly jumps through time. Though she can't control the power she keeps ending up with the Cullens, who are vampires, growing as a family as they move along in normal time.

Bella has a great life in Forks. She does well in school, has great friends and a boyfriend but she is unhappy/ unfulfilled. When the Cullens move to town she is drawn to Edward but he is withdrawn and doesn't have a great reputation. But things aren't always what they seem

Edward and Bella are both searching for an ancient artifact. Edward is rich and collects as many historical items as he can for his personal collection. Bella has a love of history and is searching for her employer. Bella hates that Edward is so unwilling to share the historical items with anyone. It's a race against time and each other. They develop a connection while searching but a betrayal by one threatens what could be. AH

Bella goes to a party in high school with alice and the popular crowd. Alice trying to fit in spikes Bella's drink and they put her in Edwards bed. Edward has a physical disorder causing people to bully him, including his sister alice. Years later they meet again and have to navigate what really happened that night.