TITLE: Swept Aside

AUTHOR: parisindy

RATING: don't know yet. R to be safe

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"History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside." - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Swept Aside

He sat in the small white room. He rocked back and fourth crouched down on his bare feet. His arms looped around his knees. There was a small bed in the corner. A white desk and chair sat on the adjacent wall. There was nothing to write on so it seemed a slightly odd decor choice. Yet nothing was truly sane about the whole situation.

The heavy door opened slowly and the slim blonde women walked in. She stopped and studied the boy for a moment before crouching down before him. She nearly copied his rocking. She was nearly as sick as he was. only with worry.

"Seamus.. Harper? Are you going to talk to me today."

He looked at her with unrecognizing eyes. "They took my shoes."

"I know' she whispered. Harper had always been very protective about his shoes. He had lived too many years with out them. He had had shoes when she first met him but she had bought him his first completely new pair. He polished those black boots so much . until he finally wore out the toes. She sighed and leaned forward. Desperate to hold on to any part of her old Harper she let her fingers lightly brushed his pale cheek. He flinched. Not much but she saw it. A sadness filled her stomach that almost made her ill.

"They took my shoes." He repeated.

"I know' she whispered.

He continued to rock and she continued to watch.

She tried once more. "They are sending some one to talk to you Harper. Would you like to talk to someone else?"

He didn't reply.

"They say you have post traumatic stress syndrome. I know what you saw.the woman.it must have triggered something" Tears filled her eyes at her lack of response. She missed his jokes .his nervous jests. his constant fidgeting. His trusting eyes. "The others are here to. We are all worried. I wish you would just talk to me. Then we could leave and everything would be normal again.

Again they sat. His eyes cast downwards.

"They took my shoes."

"I know' she whispered.


She walked towards the waiting room. Trance and Rommie were waiting for her there. As she walked towards them the stood to greet her.

"How is he today?"

"The same Trance. The doctor said they were bringing in a specialist to see him."

Rommie gripped Beka's shoulder. It was a gesture meant to comfort but Beka new that she was also checking up on her. When Harper had gotten.sick. She had become frantic with worry. They had been just as worried about her as they had been for their engineer. She gave a tired smile. "I'm Okay Rommie really."

Rommie made a noise of disbelief.

"When is this doctor coming?" queried Trance.

Tonight on a transport from Sinti."

"Is he."

"No Rommie he's not a Persied he's a human." Harper had reacted violently to the last non-human that tried to talk to him. It was a big reason Rommie and Trance hadn't gone to see him themselves.

Trance took her arm gently. "Let's get back to the Andromeda. Harper needs his rest and so do we."

Beka gave a small nod and let her self be steered away. She was utterly spent. "We'll come back in the morning." She told her self as much as she told them. "Maybe he will be better then."

Trance and Rommie exchanged worried glances but said nothing.


Dr. Lemieux watched through the small window before entering. The young man was curled up in the corner asleep. The bed had not been slept in. He knocked lightly. The boy's eyes shot open. He was alert and wary in seconds. Someone that ready for attack could not have been getting a restful sleep.

Dr. Lemieux entered the room. "Good morning Mr. Harper. I'm doctor Lemieux" The young man just watched him but gave no reply. "I was talking to your friends. They said it would be okay if I came in and talked to you. They are really worried about you."

Still no reaction, no recognition he understood him.

"They took my shoes."

"Yes, I know." Captain Valentine had warned him about this. If he spoke at all it was about his shoes. "Who took your shoes?"

"They! They!" he suddenly looked panicky and backed right in to the corner of the room.

"It's okay if you can't remember. Is that's what's wrong you can't remember?" There was a good chance he was having trouble discerning the present from the past. He probably remembered the orderlies taking his shoes and someone in the past taking his shoes and he wasn't sure which one was real.

Harper shook his head negatively.

"Do you know where you are?" No answer, Harper was crouched down again on his bare feet. His arms looped around his knees. He began rocking back and fourth. But, ever so often he would raise a wary eye up towards the doctor. Dr. Lemieux realized he was being ignored and smiled to himself. He had work to do but he believed he could help him.

It was enough for today. "We'll talk more this afternoon okay Seamus?" Without waiting for a reply he walked out in to the hall.

Mr. Harper's five shipmates promptly met him.

"How is he? Can you help him?" asked the blonde Captain anxiously.

"I think I can. It's far to early to give a diagnosis."

"Is there a time frame on his recovery?" Asked Captain Hunt

"No not really, we need to find out what he is hiding from. I have a pretty good idea from what you told me in our conversations earlier."

"The attack on the planet." Confirmed the android.

"Yes, but not just that there is something more. Maybe something you didn't see. Until he is able to confront that..."

"Hey was alone for about twenty minutes." Confirmed the golden woman named Trance. "We got separated when we were looking for survivors. But, I found him."

"Was he acting an differently when you found him?"

Trance thought it over. "I didn't think about it at the time but maybe a little. He was talking fast.well faster then normal. He said he really needed a Sparkie and he needed to get back to the Maru right away."

"And it was when he got back to the ship.specifically when he saw Captain Hunt that he became like he is now?"

"It wasn't that sudden." Disagreed the Neitzschean Tyr. "He started acting strangely when he saw Dylan. But when we return to orbit and Andromeda he seems to start to panic."

"Did there seem to be any reason for this?"

"None that I am aware of."

"Well I'll meet with him again this afternoon.I'll keep you informed." +++++++++++++++++++

Dr. Lemieux watched through the small window before entering. Seamus was in nearly the same position as when he left earlier that morning. A tray of food sat on the desk untouched. The nurses were worried he hadn't eaten in days.

He knocked lightly and as before Seamus sprung to his feet ready for anything.

"Hello Seamus. How are you feeling this afternoon?"

No reply, just wary eyes watching his every move.

"I have something for you." From behind his back he pulled out Harper's boots and set them in the center of the room.

"They took them."

"Yes, they did but you can have them back now."

Harper looked at him like any minute he expected him to take the offer back. Slowly ever so slowly Seamus to a step forward. Then he took another minute step closer to him and a step closer to the boots. He needed to convince Harper he wouldn't hurt him before any progress could be made.

Suddenly, like a whip his arm flicked out grabbed his boots and flicked back. He hugged the boots to his chest. Harper stood still for a moment but when the doctor didn't react he sat down and put them on. "Will they take them away again?"

"I don't think so. They are yours."

Seamus gave a nod of agreement.

"Are you hungry?"

Again he nodded.

"Why won't you eat your lunch."


"Aaah. I see I don't blame you then I wouldn't eat it then either. Do you know who poisoned it?"

No answer.

Dr. Lemieux sighed and sat down at the desk and began to pick at the vegetables. Ever so often he would eat one. He did it so it seemed absent minded. He talked while he did it. If he could make Seamus see the food wasn't poisoned maybe he would eat it. "You're friends said you were alone on the planet."

"My friends are dead."

Lemieux smiled. He was talking, it was a good start. "All of them?"

Harper nodded and just like the boots he slowly took a step closer to the food.

"Seamus do you know where you are?"

He froze. "Jail?"

It was more of a question then an answer. "No, a Hospital. You're friends brought you here."

"My friends are dead."

Dr. Lemieux ate a carrot. "Not all of them, in fact there are five very alive people demanding to know every detail of your recovery."

Harper suddenly looked smug. "This is a jail. I'm not sick. You're trying to trick me. My friends are dead."

He's smart and stubborn observed Lemieux. "You not sick in the normal way." he was going to tell Seamus that he was having troubling remembering stuff and how He was going to help him. Harper jumped to his own conclusions.

"No!" he turned pale and sweat rose on his brow instantly. "NO NOT ME!" The boy grabbed at his shirt at the waist and tried to rip it off. Frantically he screamed and then jumped at Lemieux. "You let them!!" The boy's hands clutched at the doctor's throat cutting of his air supply. "I'll kill you! I'll kill myself before I become your breeder!"

Spot's started to dance before Lemieux's eyes.

"I'll kill you !!" he screamed again as two orderlies rushed in. One was carrying a hypo spray. Seamus let go of the Doctor's throat and ran for the open door. Before he even got close he was tackled and held down.

There was the sharp hiss of the Hypo spray as a strong sedative entered Seamus' bloodstream.

Lemieux let out loud gasps as he tried to get his breath and his beating heart to relax. Then there was a noise by the doorway.almost inaudible yet he hear it over his own desperate struggles for air.

Beka Valentine stood watching her best friend. She let out another small sob.

The nearly unconscious boy looked up at her pleading. "Help me." He whispered as his eyes fluttered close.

Beka dropped the six-pack of Sparkie Cola she had been carrying. It hit the concrete with a resounding splat. Cola sprayed wildly but she didn't notice. Her hand flew to her mouth in panic. Then the brave fighter Captain did some thing she had never done before. She turned and ran.