Once there was dweeb? In a circle of panties

He was happy with his panty sniffing yugi was his name and he love to get hight on panty hose and thongs I em king of the girls undies they will rule the world.......i will marry my favorite GOBBLEBLOTS yugi yells. God I love being a turtle joey says when he enters the room..

Yugi says im going to find the really big pair of butt feeler so santa clause could find the north pole' fratershaw says joey 3 bags for a penny yugi replys. Then comes a fooking noise from the door yugi says flum in, Tristan enters and says im here to find waldo' the flabberbob in the back replys yugi' tristan how are you Joey? Im fat and sassy! Oh god it Fatterfly coming to render be my name says Serenity. The Fatterfly is back? joey replys yes its eatting my gobbleblit! Oh god not your gobbleblits replys, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gobbleblits yugi screams Ill render it stupid with my didagomonka, "ill go save my huge purple raccoon/ man eating hat" says tristan. im king of wicker people I will shoot my techno colored zebra launcher at the incoming alien hord screams yugi. Die you evil Leprechaun you will not get my lucky charm says Joey, Kaiba rides in on his pooh shooting flying carpet taking out the Russian Army.

A Flaming richard simmons falls from the sky taking out Miama florida with it nuclear blast when it collides with bowling ball, Joey looks and say im a hibergacks uncle I must save the rainforest from the evil rectum clowns. Yugi shoots the president of the united states with his hamster launcher, tristan igniting yugi's rectal gas trying to find his way out of the temple of doom, Yugi I will get you my pretty and your little xertesskaf if it take a hand full of cow pooh to find you? As he said this a peanut flys through the air killing a nerd in flight, Joey turns to yugi and says I love wearing your mothers fincterhinkle,
don't touch my mom fincterhinkle you perv, Joey farts and tristans face melts off out of the darkness a bunny leaps at yugi tearing off his face, ninja jump out of the closet and make curly fries, kaiba is eaten by a flying kangaroo, gabbabelbob flys out of Tea's chest devours a ham sandwich....?
Mai is swept away by tide of clam chowder. Joey eats a plate of mac and cheese, yugi flys thought the air, Joey dances with Satan under the pale moon light, ah screams yugi as his brain flys out his skull , Joey is suddenly enveloped in lime Jello. Yugi holds a hand granade too long blows himself up, flames shoot from Tristan's Ass igniting Leonardo DiCaprio in an orgy of green flames. Yugi runs after fatterfly screaming give back the gobbleblits are ill kill you with my handy jibbergoog. as the death star targets earth its taken out by a knome playing golf screaming four, "it's a dog life" says joey, "yeah it is" replys yugi

The End?