One day Yugi looked up at the moon and said did I eat spam? oh god I think the flingergoof is eating my spam. And that evil witch has taken pictures of naked leprechauns..... joey enters the room and say I got to kill my insane bitch clown known as bill gates. In the farting medow a lion sleeps tonight. Superman flys through the air and kills Kaiba with his heat vison. Oh my god says mokuba as yugi screams sillofuca as his ass bursts into flame killing the evil santa clause clones that live in his closet. Tea comes in dressed in a meat suit as she is being humped by a lion.........Tea turns and looks around and says I have a lovly bunch of coconut here they are standing in a row. Oh god it back its staring at me I don't think its happy says Tristan, the spam is scaring me says yugi....Tea is suddenly eaten by hamsters, yugi belches the alphabet as hes drag away by fire ants. A monkey flying a jet launches a nuclear strike on florida whiping out the super human samurai cyber squad. George bush is strangled by a giant hippo. yugi is savagely killed by a free falling french fries kaiba runs through screaming by the power of grayskull I have the coleslaw. As he said this yugi dick is rip off by a tap dancing bear in batman tights hibblebibble flys at Joey and hands him a dildo time bomb which gos off in Mai ass killing them both . A samurai gets drunk and humps a turtle . yugi is raped to death by godzilla. The fatterfly is killed by a klingon driving a zombie. Kaiba is abducted by aliens trying to find the secrets of kraft dinner yugi eats a hotdog joey is farted upon by sumo wrestlers. Bruce Lee jump out cereal box and kill Mai with a butt feeler. Cowabunga yells Bakura as he leaps into a woodchipper. Preaty sneaky sis says yugi, I live a giant bucket says kaiba, as satan eats taco bell a flyig squrrel eats his nuts. Yugi turns to tristan and says tell the world im a funky monkey Yes I will replys Joey Yugi pees on superman and the unholy army of winged kaiba's that have ate Mai and stolen the great balls of fire oh my god scream Tea as her own foot is inserted up her ass by an evil monkey man named bob Joey runs from the free floating can mountain dew that was sent from the future by mormens to kill them all she'll be back says tristan as Mai is enveloped in cream cheese, oh my god screams Mai as shes raped by cornish pixies as the fatterfly decapitates Yugi with its icecream scoop and the million of evil flying things eat through all the mac and cheese Joey dances the irish jig................ as god eats a taco a man in tights swings through the air and steals a picnic basket and Yugi is set upon by a pokemon who captures him in a pokeball. A giant leprechaun rampages through new york eating Rare Hunters who were celebrating Guy fawkes Day with bikini babe with mustaches, Kaiba farts whiping out tokyo of all life except Tea Joey and Yugi who were instintly sucked down a toilet Pegasus laughs as he jump off a cliff with meny lemmings, a pair of raccoons have sex, Superman moons General Zod and his face melts off, Yugi jumps and takles the hamburgler as he made of hiblanonker and all the people cheer as Marik is eaten by a pikachu Holy crispy crap says Ron as hes ignite by nitro the american gladiator guy and explodes yugi uses Kaiba as a surf board riding him down the banister now James Bond shoots Bakura full of lead, Joey runs through declaring he ate tuna, oh crap im now dead says Mai as the shes hit with a steamroller, down the river drown ron as he was skinny dipping in the forest worntail is frenched by knomes. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh screams Yugi as his whole desk of card are shoved one at a time up his nose and into his brain ewwwwww troll boogies says Joey, It's a fincterhinkles life says yugi, Hermione replies "Word life thug-o-nomics"

"The End"