"Elsa, please don't cry" Anna begged her sister from behind the door. Yes, Elsa cried because her friends teased her as usual. Elsa is now in college, but Elsa keeps getting ridiculed because her friends don't think she is good enough because no one guy likes her. Sometimes, Anna really felt sorry for her sister, every day she always cried.

In the afternoon the sisters are enjoying their meal at the table. As usual, on Saturday nights Elsa always buys good food. Elsa goes to college while working. Yes, because Elsa and Anna are the only members of the family.

Elsa saw that the food on the plate was still intact, and was not touched at all because Anna was busy playing with her cellphone. "Anna, eat first then play your cellphone"

"Fine, fine." Anna put down her cell phone and ate her food. Meanwhile Elsa was still thinking about the taunts of her friends which made her uneasy.

After dinner, Elsa stayed in her room reading a book, while Anna was very excited to go to her sister's room. "Elsa, hurry up and open the door !!"

Elsa lazily walked to the door and opened it. "Why—" Elsa didn't have time to speak because her sister pulled her hand hard. "What's wrong, Anna ?!"

"Elsa, take a look !! I found an application that can help you find a man to be your boyfriend !! See for yourself !!" Anna held out her cellphone and Elsa saw it right away. Elsa saw the application, and the application was in the form of a conversation with strangers who of course signed up to find their partner. "Maybe you can install the application on your own cell phone, bye !!"

Two days later

Elsa finished with her lecture, then she lay down on a very comfortable bed for her. Elsa idly opened her cellphone, and she remembered the application that was shown by Anna. Indeed, from yesterday Elsa had installed the application and registered, but she was too busy to open it.

Elsa opened the application, and in the conversation menu there were lots of notifications from men who were out there who wanted to chat with Elsa. There were 5 men who started the conversation with her, but there was one who called Elsa repeatedly and the man was named 'Hans Westergaard'

The man greeted her 28 times, and Elsa tried to reply to her message. "Hi too, how are you?"

For some reason Elsa was attracted to that man, and ignored messages from other men. 'I'm fine, can you introduce yourself?'

A few clicks later Elsa's cellphone vibrated and she saw the reply from the man, Elsa started to smile to herself and started a conversation that could make her happy. 'My name is Elsa Andersen, now I'm 20 years old. And I studied music, and I also worked in a mall in Paris'

Just starting with the word 'how are you' they became like close friends, but they had never met. Sometimes, Elsa confided in Hans on her cellphone, and now they have an appointment to meet.

"Elsa, where are you going?" Anna asked Elsa who was about to go down the stairs, Elsa looked a little embarrassed and Anna knew all that. "Oh, I know. You must have met your online friend named Hans Westergaard, right? But it looks like you are not friends anymore, but lovers"

"Anna !! Don't make me ashamed" Anna blushed her sister who was in love even more. "All right, hurry up and meet him. I pray you will last"

"Thank you, Anna. All right, I'll be going, bye !!"

Elsa and Hans have an appointment to meet in a park, and Elsa sits on a park bench while waiting for Hans to come.

Elsa was getting annoyed because Hans didn't come, but Elsa kept waiting. From across the street, Elsa saw a man with reddish brown hair helping a grandmother to cross the road. "I hope it is Hans"

Elsa said while joking to herself, but the man seemed to be approaching Elsa. "Hi, are you Elsa Andersen?"

Elsa's mouth dropped open, she couldn't believe that her joke was true. Elsa really thought that Hans was an ordinary man, but this Hans in front of her exceeded her expectations. "Oh yes !! I'm Elsa Andersen, are you Hans Westergaard?"

"Yes, I'm Hans." Elsa was a little embarrassed. Elsa tried not to look at Hans's dazzling face, but the attraction was very strong. "Hey, Elsa. You want ice cream?"

"Yeah! Why not?" The two of them walked towards the ice cream shop, and ordered 2 ice creams for themselves. "It's very hot today, so this ice cream is perfect—"

Elsa stopped, she felt Hans's soft fingers rubbing her cheek. Elsa's heart was beating very fast, and it seemed like her sweat was dripping. "Don't be nervous, I just wiped the ice cream stain on your cheek"

They spent time together from morning till dusk, and now they are on the shores of a beautiful lake.

And since then, wherever Elsa went, Hans was always with her. Sometimes, there are people who think that they are already dating, but they are not.

Day after day they passed with happiness and hope in their hearts. The two of them felt comfortable, but no one knew if they would go any further.

It was late afternoon, the sky was orange because the sun was setting soon. Elsa and Hans enjoyed their day near the beautiful lake, and enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere. "Hans, the sky is so pretty, right?"

"Yes, but not as pretty as you are." The lights flickered for decoration, and the stars decorated the dark night sky. The two of them sat on a bench in a cafe that had a beautiful view of the lake. "Hans, it's been almost 2 months we've been together. And I think I've fallen in love with you—"

"Elsa, wait a minute" Elsa was a little surprised because Hans cut her words, and Elsa waited for Hans to speak. "Before, I was very sorry to you. I did not think that we were ready to love each other"

It seemed like something was broken, and it was Elsa's heart. Elsa hopes that she and Hans will love each other, but now Hans is just playing with her feelings. Elsa immediately stood up and took her bag, she wanted to leave immediately but Hans pulled her hand. "Let me go!!"

Maybe a lot of people are watching them, but Elsa doesn't care.She immediately let go of his hand and left the cafe. Elsa immediately got into a taxi and regretted that she had fallen in love with Hans

1 month later

Elsa is working at the mall, working as an employee at a well-known brand. She was arranging the clothes that were there, and she accidentally met someone she had not seen for a long time. "Hans?"

Elsa said very weakly, the turmoil in her heart returned again because of that man's presence. It feels like he wants to kick her out, but Elsa will be fired for kicking out a customer.

Their eyes met, but both of them pretended not to care. "Hey, Elsa. Hurry up and serve the man, I'll arrange this dress"

Elsa hissed in annoyance, because she was forced to serve Hans, and if she refused, she might be fired. "Hi, sir. Can I help you?"

"Oh, of course. Tomorrow is Christmas, and tonight I will propose to my lover. So, you can choose clothes that you think are suitable for him to wear?" Elsa's body trembled, hearing that Hans was going to propose to her new boyfriend. Honestly, Elsa still loves Hans, but it was Hans who played with her feelings.

"I can help you, but can you explain what the traits of your girlfriend are?"

Elsa said weakly. She was waiting for an answer from Hans.

"All right, my girlfriend is a woman who is small, and she may be as tall as you, and her style is the same as yours." Elsa nodded, and she started looking for clothes that she thought fit.

"How about this?" Elsa showed me a short pink dress, and Hans looked thoughtful. "Is anyone blue? I think she's prettier in blue"

With a heavy heart Elsa looked for clothes again, and finally she showed a short dress with tassel on the underside. "All right, that fits. Take the clothes to the cashier"

Elsa put the dress at the cashier, and her job is done. Elsa returned to her clothes that were still messy.

"It's Christmas Eve, is there a man who will propose to me tonight?" Elsa joked to herself, she felt jealous of Hans earlier. She was alone in the room, and lamented his bad luck.

Elsa decided to leave the room, and she was surprised that there was a gift box in front of her door. Elsa took the gift and there was a letter there.

"Merry Christmas Eve, Elsa. I know it's not yet a Christmas celebration, but I wanted to surprise you early. This gift contains a dress, put it on and go to the residential garden.

Full of love, Anna "

Elsa was happy that her sister gave her a dress, Elsa opened the gift and put on the dress. Elsa looked at herself in the mirror, and the dress looked like the dress Hans bought earlier. "Why is this dress so much like the one Hans bought? Is it — no !! Maybe there really is a dress like that anywhere. All right, I'll go to the residential garden."

Elsa came out of the house and left on foot because the distance between her house and the residential park was very close. When she arrived, she saw Anna with a man, and Elsa just thought that man was Anna's friend. Elsa couldn't recognize the man because he was wearing a blue hoodie that covered his head.

"Elsa !!" Anna screamed, and when the man turned around ...

"Hans ?!" Elsa stopped her steps, she started to think that the dress was indeed the dress that Hans bought. "Hans, why are you here?"

"Elsa, I can't live without you. I know I played with your feelings, and I regret it all. Now, I understand what true love means."

Not felt, tears were already flowing. Elsa was really happy, because Hans had realized his mistake. Elsa wiped her tears, and she started showing the dress she was wearing.

"Oh, yes. I bought that dress for you, it looks beautiful on you." Elsa hugged Hans, she was venting her love that she had been keeping.

Hans pulled himself out of the hug, and he knelt on one knee. "Elsa, will you marry me?"

"After I thought, why did I say no ?!" Elsa jumped to hug Hans, and they kissed to express their love. "Hey, Elsa. You know, Anna watched the two of us kiss"

Elsa smiled nervously when she saw Anna laughing, and Anna was also happy to see her sister happy.

The End