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Unexpected Allies Trilogy

Part One

Submissions, Table Manners and Scent Recognition: How to Train a Taiyoukai

By Striking Falcon

Chapter Fifteen:

My Father be Damned/You're Miko is in Danger!

Sesshoumaru landed in a clearing a few feet away from the battlefield, Kagome unconscious in his arms.

Shippou called her repeatedly, panicking. "Kagome! Kagome wake up!"

Sesshoumaru withstood this for a moment, then pressed a finger to Shippou's temple. The little kit fell off his shoulder, asleep. Sesshoumaru sighed and kneeled beside him, positioning Kagome so she straddled his lap. He cradled her to his chest, rocking back and forth gently. He whispered in her ear for her to wake up, not caring that any lumbering youkai could find him in such a position with this human miko. Sesshoumaru couldn't care less about anything other than the quiet girl in his arms. He mentally berated himself.

'If only I were faster,' he told himself, brushing a hand through Kagome's hair. His fingers touched the crescent sapphire in the middle of her headband. It glowed under his touch. 'I saw that bastard move before he attacked you. I was supposed to protect you. I promised to protect you. I only betrayed you, like that baka brother of mine. How could I be so damned slow?' Sesshoumaru listened to her labored breathing as he stroked her jaw.

"I will never forgive myself if you do not wake up."

Sesshoumaru knew it was true. If Naraku hurt her worse than he could tell, he really wouldn't forgive himself. If she died, a part of him would die with her; she had become that important to him. Sesshoumaru closed his eyes. 'I'm supposed to be looking for my mate, the wielder of the third sword. Yet I only want her. What should I do?' For the first time in his long life, he was unsure.

Kagome breathed in sharply, and Sesshoumaru's heart jumped when she opened her eyes. She blinked in confusion, then smiled.


He nodded. Kagome flung her arms around him, wincing a little from the pain in her stomach. Sesshoumaru patted her back gently. "Take it easy. You are injured."

Sesshoumaru's ears twitched as he suddenly growled. Inuyasha was getting closer, and he didn't want that just yet. Sesshoumaru glanced down at Kagome and froze. She was smiling at him, her blue-gray eyes dancing in the afternoon sunlight. As he stared into them, Sesshoumaru knew he couldn't mate another.

They would never be able to match Kagome's fire.

Sesshoumaru decided.

Kagome reached for the tie to the rosary. Sesshoumaru clasped her hands in his, stopping her. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"Taking off the rosary."

Sesshoumaru shook his head. Kagome quirked an eyebrow quizzically. "You don't want it off?"

Sesshoumaru shook his head again.


Sesshoumaru dipped his head down and kissed her as Inuyasha broke through the clearing. Kagome sensed him, but couldn't make herself pull away. She became lost in the feeling as Sesshoumaru's mouth moved slowly against hers, a fang grazing across her lip. Kagome gasped and he deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue past her lips to caress her tongue with his. Kagome shuddered against him as he slowly lapped at the inside of her mouth, her body weakening in response. Sesshoumaru broke the kiss just as abruptly as he started it. He cupped her cheek in his hand, caressing it. He leaned closer to her ear and whispered

"Because you are mine. My father and Inuyasha be damned."

With that he leaped away, leaving Kagome to wonder about what just happened. Kagome fell to her knees, Sesshoumaru no longer available to hold her up. 'Did…did Sesshoumaru just steal my first kiss?' she asked herself as she gingerly touched her lips. 'Why am I not mad then?' She glanced around and saw Shippou crumpled beside her. Kagome picked him up, cooing softly to him as she walked back to the nearby camp. Inuyasha watched her leave, hatred and jealousy spilling from every pore.

'That BASTARD!' he thought viciously. 'How DARE he put his hands on Kagome! She's Kikyou's reincarnation, so that makes her MINE. '

He remembered the blissful look on Kagome's face when Sesshoumaru kissed her. He growled softly, breaking into a run after her. 'I will make her understand,' he told himself as he leaped from tree to tree. 'She WILL love me.'

Sesshoumaru landed in his courtyard a few hours later, a sense of peace swirling inside his aura. 'This is the right decision,' he told himself as he entered the inside of the castle. 'Forget the Tosusaiga. The Tetsusaiga as well. All I want now is her.' A servant crashed into him, towels and water flying everywhere.

"Forgive me, my lord!" it squeaked, scrambling to pick up the towels and mop up the water. Sesshoumaru, annoyed that his good mood was ruined, grasped the servant by his neck.

"Be more aware in your next life," he growled, his glowing green claws slowly moving toward the servant's neck.

"My lord?"

Sesshoumaru looked over his shoulder, his hands tightening around the servant's neck. "Yes, Shorin?"

"There is a slight problem."

Sesshoumaru dropped the servant and walked down the hall to the general. The servant resumed to pick up the towels and scurried down the opposite end of the hall. Sesshoumaru watched as Shorin bowed before him.

"My lord, one of your slave traders was attacked in your absence. He arrived here minutes before you. He is badly injured."

"Where is he?"

"In the infirmary, Lord Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru walked down the hallway, Shorin close behind. Sesshoumaru slid open the door at the end of the hallway, stepping past the many beds inside. A healer was at the side of one bed, blood streaked over his face and hands. There was a lump of bloodied fur on the bed, gasping for breath. Sesshoumaru recognized it immediately.

"Aniki?" he whispered, kneeling down beside him. Aniki's fur was a mess of scratches and stab wounds. He shuddered every now and again against the night air.

"Aniki, who did this?"

Aniki said nothing, but raised his head. The instant his glassy black eyes met Sesshoumaru's gold, he smiled.

Panic suddenly replaced it.

He grasped the front of Sesshoumaru's tank top fiercely, pulling him closer to him. Just as Sesshoumaru was going to strike him for his insolence, Aniki wheezed

"My lord, your miko is in danger!"