The Day I Became A Tutor

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Summary: Naruto is the second eldest in the Uzumaki household. His parents were Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze, yes Kushina decided to keep her last name. Why? Because Kushina couldn't care less about changing her last name. So, in the end, Kushina kept her last name, their eldest daughter, Kasumi Namikaze inherited Minato's last name. Their youngest being Naruko Uzumaki. Kasumi was 24 and a current singing idol, Naruto was 17 and a student in high school, and finally, Naruko was only 12 years old who attended a middle school. Naruto X Quintuplets? I think I'll just go for one of them! I will have you guys' vote! The voting will continue until the anime ends, even if one is picked. I'll go with what everyone else votes on, I don't mind this staying as a single pairing.

Story Begin!

Naruto let a long raspberry out as he was sitting in their two-story house. Their location was near the Tokai and Aichi Prefecture in Japan. Naruto wasn't your ordinary high schooler either, he was 17 years old and stood at a height of 5'10. He was taller than most normal Japanese students his age. He was extremely popular and extremely unpopular at the same time. People respected him for his boldness, his smarts, forwardness, but many feared him because he would beat up bullies and Yakuza gang members. So, it made it difficult for anyone to approach him. I mean who wants to be friends with a guy who beats up Yakuza's they're going to target him! No one wants to mess with them, that unless your Uzumaki Naruto. So, Naruto just bided his time by studying, doing his homework, and daily conditioning for his body.

Naruto was known by many of his peers in middle school as a delinquent. Even with his rising in school rank to the top ten smartest students in his grade. He still found no friends besides Mito Senju, the only girl who would talk to him. The only friend Naruto ever had in the school. She still is, but she moved a few years ago. Their family wanted to live in America and Mito wanted to study abroad in America too.

Flashback 4 Years

Naruto was 13 and currently the toughest kid in his middle school, "Come on and fight me then! I don't stand for people like you! Just because people look different doesn't mean you can bully others Dattebayo!" Naruto shouted with one fist gesturing to others to come at him. Naruto was holding another kid by the collar of his shirt. Naruto himself had a black eye and blood running down the side of his face, "Come on what's wrong?! I took down your boss so fight me! I'll show you punks for picking on someone!"

To the left of Naruto, was a girl was sitting on the ground looking up in awe at Naruto. The girl was being picked on by a bunch of guys because of her hair color. Her hair color so happened to be red, just like his mother's. Naruto knew the girl too; her name was Mito Senju. The daughter of the renowned doctor Tsunade Senju. The best doctor around, however, Tsunade is a fair-skinned woman with brown eyes and straight blonde hair that parts above her forehead. Her hair has shoulder-length bangs that frame her face, and the rest reaches her lower back. Her stepfather so happened to be Jiraiya. Mainly because of Tsunade's late husband who passed away when they were young. Mito Senju was actually part Uzumaki like Naruto, Kushina and Tsunade were cousins since their parents were siblings. Mito so happened to inherit Tsunade's mother's red hair. Which was a recessive gene, which Mito so happen to have appeared for her.

"Naruto that's enough!" Naruto heard the voice of his father; Minato came walking out of a car. He parked the car across the street in the parking lot. Naruto dropped the bully and clapped his hands together as if he was finished taking out the trash.

Naruto ignored his father and turned to Mito, "Come on Mito-chan they won't hurt you anymore. Tou-san and I will take you back to Tsunade-Baa-chan!"

"Kaa-chan isn't that old Naruto-Nii!" Mito whined as she let out a sniffle as she accidentally winced in pain. She had a bruise on her cheek after the bullies threw a rock at her.

Naruto grit his teeth, and when they went to walk away. Naruto swiftly kicked the bully again in the ribs for good measure, "Don't bother her again you hear me!" Naruto growled out as he turned around, he hated bullies. He would beat them up like usual. However, this time it was personal. No one beats up or bullies family or friends. Many of the girl's Naruto's age looked at Naruto in awe, even some of the older girls giggled. Naruto truly was a knight in golden armor, but that's not what Naruto wants. He doesn't want admirers, he just wants friends to like him for who he is.

Minato made his way to the front of the school, "Naruto how many times do I have to tell you. You shouldn't be fighting kids like that; next time get an adult." Minato tried to scold his son, but it was for naught.

"Tou-san you know the teachers don't care about outsiders like us! Besides Kaa-chan would have done the same if she were in my shoes." Naruto argued back ignoring his father's words continuing to walk while holding Mito's hand.

Minato could only sigh, out of everyone he is the one who inherited his mother's personality. Yet, he was a genius too, he inherited his looks and smarts, however, he inherited Kushina's personality and verb tic. Something Naruko and Kasumi didn't inherit, though Kasumi had Kushina's looks with the red hair and violet eyes. Then Naruko inherited the blonde hair and blue eyes from him. Minato stood for a moment and shook his head, soon an officer came walking wondering what was going on. Minato began to explain the situation to him, but the officer seems to nod his head, "Kids will be kids, hopefully, he'll change once he gets older."

The officer nodded his head and Minato thanked him., "He's a smart kid but he inherited his mother's rather quick to temper and violence attitude." Minato turned to follow Naruto and Mito, but he saw that they began to cross the street. He went to shout, but he saw a car going over sixty miles an hour in a school zone, "NARUTO! MITO!" Minato shouted as he found himself running will all his might, "PLEASE MAKE IT IN TIME!" Minato mentally screamed as he saw the driver was drunk while drinking something in his hands. The officer even screamed for Naruto and Mito to run.

With Naruto and Mito

"Don't let those kids bother you Mito, you have beautiful hair just like my Kaa-chan and Kasumi-nee! You're a smart girl too! Way smarter than I am!" Naruto smirked with his own foxy grin on his face with three whisker marks on his cheek. That's another reason most kids didn't like him, mainly because of the weird whisker marks on his cheeks. It was something he was born with, and never let anyone touch but his mother, father, or his two sisters, with the exception of Mito at sometimes.

"Thank you Naruto-Nii you're always there for me thank you." Mito smiled as she placed a hand on her cheek. However, two both heard the roaring of an engine and a car coming from their right. The two saw the speeding car coming at them before Mito knew it. She found herself flying through the air by a mighty push from Naruto.

Naruto went to move, but he could not move in time. He was about to see his life flash before his eyes, but instead of his life flashing before his eyes. He saw a flash of yellow as he was shoved and thrown to the side. Then there was a loud *CRACK* *BEEEEEEEP!* Naruto then hit the ground. Naruto's ears were ringing as he slowly stood back up. Naruto also began to hear the faint noise of someone holding onto a car horn. Naruto turned his head to see a car crashed into the perimeter of the wall of their school along with blood splattered on the back wall. Naruto slowly wobbled on over and found no trace of his father anywhere, "Tou-san?" Naruto muttered weakly but before felt something wrong. He felt his heart slow down and he raised his voice, "TOU-SAN?!" Naruto ran towards the car quicker and found more people by the car pulling the car from the wall.

Naruto ran up to the wreckage to see people helping someone. Naruto pushed his way through the crowd, "Tou-san! Tou-san! Move! Get out of my way!" Naruto pushed a guy off to the side as he found himself in the middle of everyone. Naruto turned his head to find something he wishes he hasn't seen. Naruto's eyes widen in shock seeing his father sitting up against the perimeter of the wall. Where a large crack was embedded in the wall and his father sat right in front of it, "N-No… No! Tou-san! TOU-SAN!" Naruto ran up to his father who had blood running down his face and blood running down the sides of his mouth.

Minato weakly looked up to see Naruto, Minato didn't even have enough strength to lift his head up. However, the officer who was there before helped him. Minato couldn't even move his anything from the waist down, "N-Naruto." Minato weakly said as Naruto ran up to his side. Naruto's eyes were wide with fear and tears running down the side of his face, "m-my son… tell the o-others I'm sorry… I'm sorry." Minato slowly raised his hand that was currently messed up with blood pouring out of it. Minato placed that hand on Naruto's cheek and gently stroked his whiskers to calm Naruto down, "T-Tell… Ku-Kushina-chan… and the girls… I-I'm sorry. B-Be strong… for them." Minato's hand dropped along with his head dropping down. Naruto saw the light in Minato's eyes leave, Naruto quickly placed his hands on his father's shirt.

"Tou-san! Tou-san! Wake up! Please! Wake up! Please! I-I'm sorry!" Naruto pushed his face into his father's chest, "C-Come back! Please! Please come back! I-I'm sorry! I'll do my homework! I'll study! I-I'll do anything! J-Just DON'T GO! TOU-SAN! TOU-SAN!" Naruto began to cry out causing the surrounding people to only give their sympathies for Naruto.

Naruto continued to cry as the officer made sure to contact the ambulance and had the police station call Kushina to tell her the news. The officer looked after Naruto and Mito for the time being, "Come on Naruto, we need to go." The officer gently tried to get Naruto to let go of his deceased father.

"NO! NO!" Naruto pulled away, "He'll wake up! Come on Tou-san! Wake up Please!" Naruto knew it was for naught, but he wanted to stay by his side.

After some time, the paramedics came and took Minato's body in a body bag. Naruto just watched as they took his deceased father, they even said themselves, "He is dead I'm sorry kid." The paramedics gave their condolences and took Minato's body away.

Naruto looked down with more tears as Mito ran up and hugged Naruto telling him how sorry she was. When Kushina, Kasumi, and Naruko arrived, they had tears of their own running down their cheeks. They found Naruto standing there with Mito hugging his side. Kushina had her own tears flowing with Naruko and Kasumi with her. The three ran up to Mito and Naruto quickly pulling them into a hug, "Oh Naruto! Kasumi! Naruko! Mito" Kushina cried hugging her children and her niece, Mito.

After some time passed Naruto's tears have dried up as he stopped crying. It was as if he had no more, and Naruto heard the crying from his mother, his two sisters, and even Mito. Naruto looked up to see the officer currently cuffing up the drunk man who was still alive. Before Naruto knew it, he snapped, "YOU! YOU DID THIS!" Naruto broke free from his family's grasp with unbelievable strength with adrenaline empowering the 13-year-old Naruto. Naruto ran up and tackled the cuffed drunk guy to the ground, "YOU KILLED MY TOU-SAN! YOU KILLED HIM! YOU STUPID DRUNK BASTARD!" Naruto swung his fist into the drunk driver giving him a swift punch to the face.

"Hey, kid stop it!" The officer grabbed Naruto to restrain him, but Naruto actually was able to break free of the officer's grasp as if he wasn't even there.

Naruto slammed his left and right fist into the drunk guy's face causing bruising and giving him a black eye. Cuts began to appear on the guy's lip and scraped on his cheeks. Naruto's last swing went right down on his nose breaking it in the process. That's when finally, Kushina ran up with Kasumi, Naruko, and even Mito pulling Naruto off the guy. Naruto still fought them trying to get one last swing at him, "NO! LET ME GO! LET ME BEAT HIM TO AN INCH OF HIS LIFE! HE KILLED TOU-SAN! HE KILLED HIM!" Naruto was swallowed up in his own rage and hatred towards the drunk man.
Kushina held him back hard as she continued to hug him, "NARUTO STOP IT! MINATO WOULDN'T WANT THIS! I KNOW IT'S HARD BUT YOU HAVE LET HIM GO!" Kushina had more tears run down her face, to see Naruto act like this was scary for her. Naruto was never violent for no reason, he only fought to protect others or his family. To see Naruto actually attack someone was something new and something Kushina never wanted to see again, "Please officer take him away, I can't stand the sight of him." Kushina finally calmed Naruto down by kissing his head and holding him tight.

The officer nodded his head and took the guy away. Naruto just fell to his knees tiredly wishing this was all a dream, "Kaa-san… Naruko! Kasumi-Nee… Mito! He's gone! He's REALLY! GONE! It's all my damn fault! It's all my fault!" Naruto shoved his face into his mother's hug not knowing whats was right and wrong anymore. Naruto wanted to hate that man, hate him, maybe even want to hurt him really badly. Killing him was even a thought that ran across his mind. Naruto really wanted to see the light fade in that guy's eyes for killing their father.

It would take a long time to get over Minato's recent death, it hit everyone very hard. Family was everything to the Uzumaki household. The same night Naruto was locked up in his room curled up in a ball on his bed. Naruto couldn't get the image of his father out of his head, how badly broken he looked. A man Naruto always looked up to, was gone just like that. Minato was strong along with Kushina, they both at one point were martial artists themselves. Naruto's only heard stories from Jiraiya, but they both always coughed up to be a joke.

Naruto looked up to both of his parents, Kushina was the rebellious parent, punch first and ask questions later type of girl. Minato was more the calm and reserved person willing to talk things out than get into a fight. He was very smart too, top of his class when graduating while his mother was only mediocre. However, when Kushina did her work for trades. She outdid many of her co-workers, she was the best when it came to welding, glasswork, construction, and much more.

Minato was a well-known businessman who was a chief financial officer for Jiraiya who helped Tsunade run Senju Corporation. A family business that Jiraiya inherited from Tsunade's father, then Jiraiya inherited it after the passing of Dan, Tsunade's previous husband. Naruto continued to stare at a picture of him and his family on his desk. Naruto could only continue to feel his stomach twist and feel like crap. Just then there was a knock on his door he looked up and heard his mother's voice, "Naruto can I come in? It's Kaa-san."

"Yea." Naruto let out a low reply, he was down, really down, and he just didn't know how to express himself.

Kushina opened the door and walked in with a bowl of ramen. She held the bowl in her hand and looked down to the floor as well. Kushina herself was still trying to process the sudden death of Minato herself. However, she had to pull herself together. Naruto and Naruko needed her, Kasumi already talked to her but was advised to tend to Naruko's and Naruto's needs. Kushina placed it on his desk and walked over and sat next to him. Kushina wrapped her arms around Naruto pulling him into a comforting hug, "It wasn't your fault Naruto, I was told everything by Mito and the officer. I'm proud of you for protecting Mito."

"Yeah…" Naruto turned his head to the side not wanting his mother to look at him. Naruto was upset and was confused about himself. Naruto felt like he didn't even know who he was anymore, he did this all the time. Beat up bullies to protect the ones who didn't have the strength to stand up for themselves, "Still… I ignored Tou-san the last time we talked. I shrugged his words off as if it was nothing. I just wanted to protect Mito… they made fun of her hair. The pretty red hair I like about you Kaa-chan… so why… why did Tou-san have to die? I did something good didn't I?"

Kushina hugged her child trying to hush him as she rubbed his back, "Naruto you did what you have to protect Mito, I know what you did was right. They hit her so it was fine, but Minato, that wasn't your fault."

"I-I ignored him and continue dot walk across the street… without even looking. If I would have just waited for him…" Naruto found his mother placing a hand on his chin and pulled his face towards her so she can look at him.

"No, that wasn't your fault, I know you hate that drunk man, but none of this was your fault. It was simply the drunk man's, he was driving under the influence and going sixty miles an hour in a school zone." Kushina placed a hand on Naruto's cheek.

Naruto seemed to understand Kushina's word. However, when Kushina moved her hand to his cheek to rub it. Kushina, Naruko, Kasumi, or Minato would always rub his cheek. For whatever reason, it always helped him calm down. However, this time he felt his heart rate increase and felt his entire body tense up. Naruto quickly swatted his mother's hand away from his cheek. Naruto realized he hit his mother, "Kaa-san! I'm sorry I… I didn't mean to hit you… it's just."

Kushina remembered early how he had to take a shower since some of Minato's blood was on his cheek, "It's okay honey just take it easy… please. Don't blame yourself it wasn't your fault."

Naruto nodded his head when Kushina touched his cheek Minato's battered face and broken body overlayed Kushina's figure. It was a haunting image for Naruto. Kushina nodded her head, she'd have to let the girls know about Naruto's reaction now, "He might have to see a therapist then. This might not be something the girls or even I could handle." Kushina stood up and placed a hand on his head, "When you're done eating, you can leave the bowl there or at the foot of your door. Try to get some rest, I called you off school tomorrow." Kushina leaned down and kissed his head, "Goodnight sweetie." Kushina turned and slowly walked out of his room.

Naruto still blamed himself no matter what his mother said to him.

End of Flashback

Naruto closed his eyes and sighed as he leaned forward on his desk and looked at his work, "Well better get back to it, the studying isn't going to do itself." Naruto is currently working on calculus homework, working on problems, and making sure he could master the topic. It took little time and minimal effort for Naruto. Naruto was a straight-A student with a GPA over 4.0 taking a majority of one honor and multiple A.P courses.

"Naruto come get dinner!" Naruko called out which Naruto put his pen down and stood up from his desk.

"Coming Naruko!" Naruto called out as he made his way downstairs and into the kitchen, "What did you make?"

"I made some teriyaki yakitori, something new I figured you'd enjoy!" Naruko placed the two plates at the table with some rice and put some into a warming drawer for their mother.

"Heh, this is great Naruko!" Naruto bit into a piece of chicken that fell apart in his mouth, "I can cook tomorrow if you want?"

"Sure, go ahead Kaa-san said that she'll be busy with her jobs. Nee-chan won't be home for a while since she will be on tour. Honestly, I'm glad the world doesn't know that we're related." Naruko let a sigh out, she was one for the spotlight.

"Same, but you have a good voice too Dattebayo, you should give it a whirl who knows how popular you'd be. Maybe even tag along with Kasumi-Nee one day." Naruto joked making Naruko shake her head swiftly with her blonde twin tails flailing in the air.

"No way, that's something I don't do. Ya know why not you, you got the better voice out of me and Nee-chan." Naruko smirked back which Naruto shook his head as he scratched his cheek, "Oh sorry about that… forgot you don't sing."

"It's okay Imouto, it's fine, I only sing here and there. But that's it, I haven't performed for anyone since." Naruto put his finger not being able to remember the last time he sang. It was a side hobby that he enjoyed doing, but no one but his family, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Mito knew about it. Mainly because he had a reputation to uphold, he doesn't want others to see him as soft. He'd always fight off school bullies and even members of the Yakuza, that was mainly because they also tried to make kids give up their lunch money. Naruto stood up with his meal finished, "I'm done, I'm going to get ready for bed. You should too we got school tomorrow."

Naruko pouted crossing her arms, but she then smirked as she pointed to herself, "I hate school! I just plan on becoming just like Kaa-chan! I'm going to go into trades!"

"If I remember correctly didn't Kaa-san take a job a prefecture over?" Naruto asked curiously as Naruko nodded her head.

"She's doing a welding job on a cellphone tower Shizuoka and then is going to Nagano. She said she has a two-page list of jobs that need to be done." Naruko pulled out a job list Kushina copied down so her kids knew where she was.

"I see, did any of her biker gang friends drop off the money she has made yet?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Yeah, Kakashi-san dropped it off with Guy-san." Naruko held up the money which Naruto then snatched out of her hand, "HEY!"

"Sorry Naruko, but you know the rules. I need to check our monthly purchases do you have the receipts at all?" Naruto asked extending his hand out which Naruko handed over the receipts with a pout on her face, "I'll go over this month's budget and create another one, we need to make sure to save as much as we can. Then I'll divide our monthly expenses evenly between us."

Just then Naruko walked up to Naruto's face glaring at him while poking his chest with every word she spoke, "Split… It… Evenly… You… Understand?!" Naruko said sternly to Naruto since he had a bad habit of putting more than 75% of the money, he would spend on himself, into their savings or slipped extra in for Naruko to spend on.

"I get it, I get it, I don't know what the big deal is I don't have any friends like you and Nee-chan do." Naruto wave tried to wave off Naruko's demand.

"NO!" Naruko shouted as she turned away walking to the sink beginning to wash the dishes, "Then maybe you need to ask out Mito-Nee already? Better yet find a girlfriend to spend it on! Then you have a reason to spend your monthly allowance." Naruko smirked while Naruto was in the process of walking up the stairs.
"Sorry Naruko, but I don't see Mito like that, besides. We're like… second or third cousins, right? Anyways, isn't she studying abroad in America?" Naruto knew that Kushina and Tsunade shared mothers that were sisters. Which made Tsunade and Kushina cousins, but then would Naruto and Mito be second cousins to one another?

Naruko let out a sarcastic, "NoooOOOO! Well, I'm not too sure either, but she likes you ya know?"

"I know she does, but I see her like you and Nee-chan. I couldn't besides, she's already confessed to me a while ago." Naruto answered back walking up the stairs as Naruko dropped the dishes and came running to the stairs.

"WHAT! WAIT? WHERE! WHEN AND WHY?!" Naruko screamed out confused as Naruto turned to her and smiled. Naruko was genuinely surprised, she always coughed Naruto up to saying he saw her as a sister a joke. Or some stupid reason to not ask her out or answer their questions honestly.

"I don't know I feel like Mito and I are good just as friends. She accepted that I didn't have the same feelings for her. But we're still friends…. besides, there are way better guys out there than me." Naruto sent a sincere smile to Naruko which made her only puff her cheeks out.

"I don't think so, Onii-chan you need to understand not to downplay yourself so much. You'd be a good boyfriend you know that?" Naruko understood his words, she wanted someone to love him for not what he's done. He wants someone to see who he is. That's because most of the girls that did like him were girls that he has saved before, "Alright Onii-chan goodnight." Naruko wondered who would captivate her brother's heart. Naruko was young when Minato passed away and she doesn't remember a whole lot about him. However, she has been told by Kushina since Minato did pass away, Naruto still stayed who he was, he just added in more of Minato's personality than he used to. Maybe a tad bit colder towards others since he hasn't ever had any friends since Mito went to study abroad.

Naruto went to his room and closed the door placing the money on his desk. Naruto went and sat down on his desk; he adjusted the picture of his family. He smiled and then began to go to work.

Many would ask where Naruto learned to fight? Well, when Jiraiya and Tsunade learned of how depressed Naruto was after the death of Minato. Jiraiya decided to take Naruto under his wing, Jiraiya may be an owner of a multibillion-dollar company. However, he was one of Japan's greatest martial arts teachers and the only one, along with Tsuande Senju. Who learned the arts of chakra, an ability a person can learn to harness. However, it's extremely hard and one must be taught at a young age to learn it. Jiraiya only learned to use it to give someone a physical enhancement.

Since Naruto was depressed and needed someone to help them break out of his shell. Jiraiya took Naruto as a student and taught him everything her knew about chakra. It took a week, but Naruto began to understand the basics and showed he was like a sponge. He learned everything quickly, was smart, and quick-witted. A perfect combo of both Kushina and Minato, Naruto spent a lot of time with Jiraiya. To the point where Jiraiya was like another father to Naruto. The only way Jiraiya even agreed to teach Naruto this. Was to promise he would never hurt anyone who was unarmed, in cuffs or chains, never to kill anyone if he can help it, and try to bring neutral peace between people if possible. His words were simple and easy for Naruto to understand, "When people get hurt, they learn to hate… when people hurt others, they become hated and racked with guilt. But knowing that pain allows people to be kind. Pain allows people to grow… and how you grow is up to you."

Naruto laid in his bed and continued to remember important words that Jiraiya spoke to him, "Even I can tell that hatred is spreading. I wanted to do something about it … but I didn't know what … but I believe… that someday the day will come when people truly understand one another! If I can't find the answer, it will be up to you to do it!" Naruto at the time didn't know what it meant, but he did now. Even Kakashi, a bike gang member who was loyal to Kushina helped Naruto cope with the loss of Minato, "In this modern world, those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum." Naruto took their lessons to heart and lived by them. Naruto knew he already followed Kakashi's principle, but it only solidified who Naruto wanted to be. Somehow, someway Naruto as the Chief Financial Officer of Senju Corporation will try to bring peace to everyone in the world. With that Naruto fell asleep allowing his mind to wander free and relax.

Next-Day Lunch

Naruto was making his way through the lunchroom. He ordered some ramen for lunch this time, it cost only 380 yen, so he got two bowls which was a total of 760 yen in total. Naruto left the line and began to look for a seat. Naruto usually only had one but today he needed it. Naruto was still had no friends, but many people knew who he was. His looks, his bright blonde hair, blue eyes, three whisker marks on his face, the strongest and most fit-out of everyone in the school. To top it all off he was in the top three for the highest grades in the school.

Naruto found a seat and went to sit down, however, he bumped into another person's tray. He looked up and was face to face with a redhead. The girl had medium-length hair and an expressive ahoge. She has reddish-orange hair color, ranging from light pink to salmon pink. Her most notable accessory were a pair of star-shaped hairpins near both of her eyes. She also has dark blue eyes, an average height, and a well-endowed figure, "Look I got here first, so go sit over there." The girl narrowed her eyes at Naruto.

Naruto felt like listening but Kushina's side began to spring up instead, "So, it doesn't matter there are two seats isn't there?" Naruto sat down in the seat in which the girl in front of them sat in front of him. She didn't want to back down either, she was stubborn just like he was.

Naruto then heard the couple behind him, "Look at that Uzumaki-kun is with a girl." Naruto's eyes darted to the left to see them walking away.

Naruto sighed as he looked down, then Naruto looked up. However, he saw the girl's face was completely red with embarrassment, "Wow, and I thought my Kaa-san's hair was red, but I'm pretty sure you beat her in that department with that blush of yours." Naruto pointed her face out causing her to blush even more, "Anyways no need to wait for me just eat." Naruto gestured as the girl seemed to calm down.

She put her hands up, "Itadakimasu." Naruto saw the plate of food she had, there were a lot of expensive ingredients but who is he to judge. Everyone has their likes, and his guilty pleasure was ramen. Naruto began to eat while he pulled out some flashcards. Naruto began to look over his calculus exam while eating. Just then the girl spoke up, "That's rude you should mind your manners. Studying during lunch."

Naruto eye's left his flashcards to look at her without moving his head. Naruto blatantly said, "You eat your lunch and enjoy yourself; I got an exam next period."

"Ehh? You must be pretty screwed if you're studying now." The girl said with a cocky smirk on her face.

Naruto meanwhile continued to study and took out his exam. He then placed it in front of her, "Read that and tell me if I'm screwed." Naruto continues to study as the girl took his paper.

"Uhhh let's see… Naruto Uzumaki-kun." The girl began to investigate Naruto's exam grade, "You scored… huh!" The girl's eyes widen in shock, "One-hundred!"

"Yup." Naruto continued to look over his notes trying to drown out the girl's voice.

"Tch! You showed me this on purpose." She spoke angrily while glaring at Naruto.

"Hey, you're the one who assumed that I was screwed. All I did was show you wrong, no reason to get so mad." Naruto finally lifted his head out from his notes and gave her a dry look.

The girl sighed and tightened her fists, but she then seemed to relax, "I'm not particularly good at studies… I envy you." Just then the girl clapped her hands together, "I know! Lady luck brought me to this table! You should help me study!"

Naruto finished eating his two bowls of ramen and stood up, "Thanks for the food." Naruto collected his things and put them away. Naruto began to walk away ignoring the girl.

"Wait! Hey, wait a minute I want to keep talking to you! If you're still hungry you can have some of my food!" The girl tried to coerce Naruto into staying with her.

Naruto simply said, "Sorry, but I make sure not to eat too much. Otherwise, I'll gain weight." Naruto tilted his head back looking at her, "You should exercise." Naruto then turned away walking towards his next class. Naruto really didn't want to associate himself with others, it was that everyone knew who he was. Many people tried to avoid him or try to pick on him. We all know what happens when people pick on him. Then again, he didn't want to become friends with just anyone either. Mito knows him and understands him, that girl didn't, so Naruto didn't need to give her any of his time.

"Hey! How inconsiderate! I'm not fat!" The girl shouted but Naruto quickly shot his head to her.

"I never said anything about you being fat. I merely suggest you should exercise, it's healthy." Naruto then turned away continuing his trek towards his class.

"What is he talking about! It does not look like her exercises at all! Inconsiderate shut-in book nerd!" The girl pouted until a guy chuckled overhearing them.

"I wouldn't say that about Uzumaki-san, some people don't like him because of his looks. He looks like a delinquent which I won't argue. I've only ever talked to him once, a really nice guy if you take the time to get to know him. Though he can be scary if you piss him off, he gets mad when someone makes fun of people he cares about. Also, the guy is shredded! Lean and strong, I wouldn't make fun of his size if I were you." The boy chuckled warning her so she didn't go into uncharted territories.

"Uzumaki-kun doesn't have a problem hitting a girl either. A female Yakuza member was on the grounds and tried to take some girl's lunch money. Naruto stopped her and beat the crap out of her, sent her running the other way with her nonexistent tail in between her legs." The girl sitting next to the boy laughed.

Believe it or not everyone in the school did admire Naruto greatly, but they all knew Naruto didn't want to be admired or anything. Though, that's the issue everyone read Naruto the wrong way. Everyone thinks that he wants to be left alone when in reality all he ever wanted was a friend. When Naruto was leaving, he got a text on his phone. He saw that Naruko texted him, he dipped into the bathroom and called her, "Yeah what is it Naruko?"

"Kaa-chan just called me! We found out that a rich family just moved into the area and they're looking for a tutor." Naruko said happily over the phone, she knew her big brother was lonely without any friends. She may or may have not skipped school one day pretending to be sick. Though she had a good reason too! She realized how depressed Naruto really was, he always put on some mask that he hid. He hid from everyone, ever since their father died. Naruto changed a bit; he still had his mother's tenacity to get into fights to protect others. However, he became the opposite of what Minato was instead. He became a bit cold towards others, was blunt, never shown excitement unless he was with friends or family.

"A tutor." Naruto thought about it, it would be good to do that. It would allow him to polish up on his own studies while helping others.

"Yeah, a fun, homey workplace. And they're paying five times the market price." Naruko said excitedly hoping that Naruto would get this chance to get out. Well more or less meet other people, Naruto has only ever hung out with Mito here and there. It was clear that Naruto needed some friends, even Kasumi thought it was a good idea. Ever since Minato died, Naruto was never the same.

"Seems kinda weird though… five times?" Naruto responded dryly thinking it might not be a good idea.

"I've heard people can function with just one kidney!" Naruko threatened which made Naruto jump a bit hearing a bit of his mother's death threats in Naruko's voice.

"H-hey now! We got money Naruko, it's not like we're scratching the floor for it. Then again… most of it did go into paying off our mortgage once Tou-san passed." Naruto sighed, he understood why Kushina refused to allow Jiraiya to pay off their mortgage on their house. Minato had enough saved up to pay it off once Naruto got into college. Then some for when he got into college, but things didn't go as planned, "Well I guess it wouldn't hurt… what is this girl like?"

Scene Shift Classroom

"Well, she's in high school, they said her name is Nakano Itsuki." Naruko's sentence began to echo and remained in Naruto's head when was sitting in class. He remembered the name, 'Nakano Itsuki.' Naruto was sitting in class wondering where this person was. He was thinking about taking the job, money is money, right? Naruto took out his pencils ready for the exam, but just then the girl from earlier walked in, "Hello my name is Nakano Itsuki, it's a pleasure to meet you all." The now named Itsuki was standing in front of the class and gave a polite bow. Naruto sighed mentally while keeping a straight face on. The kids began to mumble and whisper in the classroom. Naruto also heard the kids saying that she was wearing a Kurobara Girls High School. Meaning she was a rich girl, and a transfer student.

"So, she's the one who is looking for a tutor. How ironic seems like lady luck is on her side… and mine." Naruto thought to himself, he knew about his absurd luck; he'd always win gambling games against Tsunade. The girl walked past Naruto as he put his hand up to her, "Hey."

Itsuki looked at Naruto in shock to see him in her class, it made things easier for herself, "Hi." Itsuki replied as she went and sat in the back. The kids around Naruto and Itsuki began to whisper, Naruto has never said hi to anyone before. He really meant it too, the reason Naruto said hi. Was mainly because if he was going to tutor them, he was going to have to be nice.

Next-Day Lunch

Naruto found himself getting a single bowl of ramen this time. He then looked up to see Itsuki again walking towards a table. Naruto walked up to her but found her sitting by a bunch of her friends, "Hey Itsuki ." Naruto ignored the other girls are the table and he asked her to come near him.

Itsuki shrugged her shoulders and got up and walked over to him. She wasn't mad yesterday because he only told her to work out. He didn't say she was fat, but working out wasn't a bad idea for her to do, "Yeah what is it?"

Just then a girl walked up behind Naruto and Itsuki, "Hey Itsuki! Who's this? Your boyfriend?" The girl smirked looking at Naruto.

"N-N-NO!" Itsuki quickly shouted blushing up a storm and the girl looked at Naruto.

Naruto shook his head, "No it's a personal business she asked me yesterday that she wanted help studying. So, I was willing to help."

"Ohhh! That's great Itsuki I'll leave it to you!" The girl trotted off back to her seat.

"So, I heard that you're looking for a tutor. I was hoping I could help you out." Naruto asked not wanting to make a scene, but he was regardless. Because he talks to almost no one but Mito, so it was something everyone wanted to watch.

"I am… oh well we are." Itsuki gestured to everyone sitting at the table.

Naruto looked at them and mentally counted five, "So, your quintuplets wow… so I'm not just tutoring you?"

"Yep! It's me and these four all together! It is great to hear! Here's our address!" Itsuki quickly took out a pencil and paper writing down her phone number and address, "Call us if you need anything!" Itsuki went back and sat with her sister eating lunch.

Naruto let a low sigh out and began to walk to a separate table. He didn't want to intrude on their lunch, so he sat down and began to eat his own lunch. This time he had no reason to look over anything. Naruto began to eat his bowl of ramen, and once he finished her brought the bowl up and began to drink the broth. Once he was done, he let a small smile out, he opened his eyes to find a pair of blue eyes staring at him, "Huh… what are you doing so close." Naruto stated confused.

The girl was fair-skinned with short, straight hair that stops just around her neck. He hair color is pink, and her most notable accessory is a bunny ear-shaped ribbon, "Hi how are ya I saw you were talking to Itsuki !" The girl said excitedly which the ribbon on her head seems to change forms depending on her emotions. Like her Itsuki, she has dark blue eyes, an average height, a well-endowed figure, and large breasts.

"Yes, she told me you five needed a tutor, so I offered to help out. The name is Uzumaki Naruto, Naruto is just fine, I don't care all too much for honorifics." Naruto added as he looked at the girl waiting for her to introduce herself.

Just then Itsuki called her over, "Yotsuba! Come on, get over here!"

"Sorry I must go!" Yotsuba's ribbon on her head bounced a bit, "Talk to you later Naruto!" Yotsuba waved as she walked back to her seat.

Naruto sighed, "This should be interesting to think that the salary was five times the usual amount. Makes sense if there are five people to tutor." Naruto stood up from his seat finished with his meal and left the lunchroom. Naruto knew it, but the five girls had their eyes looking at Naruto.

Later Nakano Family's Residence

Naruto made his way to the building he was supposed to go to, "30th floor?" Naruto read on the note Itsuki. He made his way into the building and went upstairs to the 30th floor. Naruto was let in my Itsuki and walked into their penthouse suite. He looked found them all by a table in the living room.

"Please introduce yourself." Itsuki gestured to him to proceed.

Naruto coughed into his hand, "Hello my name is Uzumaki Naruto, I'll be your tutor from now on. I hope we all get along." Naruto's eyebrow twitched when he opened his eyes to see that no one was there, "Why is there no one here?" Naruto said angrily letting a sigh out.

"I'm here!" Yotsuba jumped out from the kitchen handing Naruto a glass of water.

"Oh, thanks." Naruto drank it and let a sigh out, "Nakano-san…" Naruto knew this was going to be confusing.

"Don't worry about using honorifics! We all go the last names; our first names will suffice." Yotsuba cheered ready to learn, "Now let's learn! I'm ready for your lessons!" Yotsuba cheered, "Oh!" Yotsuba began to sidetrack, but sidetrack for a valid reason, "We need to get the others!" She jumped up the stairs with a cheer. Naruto made his way up to the stairs as Yotsuba told Naruto their rooms, "First it's Itsuki, me, Miku, Nino, and Ichika!" Yotsuba said respectively to each door.

Naruto went up to Itsuki's room and knocked on it. She opened the door, "What is it?"

"Ummm we need to begin studying…" Naruto had an eyebrow twitching which Itsuki sighed.

"Fine, I'll be out in a bit." Itsuki shut the door getting her things ready.

Naruto looked at Yotsuba, "What happened? Did I say something wrong?" Naruto truly wasn't sure how he got himself into this.

"Don't worry so much Naruto! We got Miku next! She is the smartest of all of us!" Yotsuba cheered, she was really peppy… too peppy.

Miku's Room

Somehow Naruto and Yotsuba found themselves sitting in Miku's room, "No, why you? You're in our grade?"

Naruto sighed as he stood up and left, he didn't know what to say. Their reasoning for not studying was… a little absurd. Naruto and Yotsuba walked out and went to Nino, but Naruto froze for a moment, "Ummm Nino, right? You sure she would want to join us?"

Yotsuba went to say something until there was a long pause. Along with three giant black dots appearing across her face, "I know let's try Itchika!"

The two went towards her room instead and opened the door. Naruto saw the mess in her room and deadpanned, "Here I thought I was a pig." Naruto commented in shock.

Then a voice from the bed said, "I wish you wouldn't talk about my room like it's some uncivilized land."

"BECAUSE IT IS!" Naruto added in utter shock and belief, Kushina wouldn't allow crap like this to happen!

Yotsuba turned the light on while Ichika sat up yawning. Yotsuba came walking up, "Jeez you could have cleaned up." Yotsuba said putting her hands on her hips.

"I never thought you'd be our tutor. So, that's why you were after Itsuki-chan." Ichika yawned with a blanket covering her body.

Naruto could clearly see she was naked, "Please put some clothes on and meet me downstairs." Naruto turned and walked away which surprised Ichika a bit. Though Yotsuba didn't even think about it twice.

Ichika giggled, "You're in a girl's room, you shouldn't be thinking about studying." Ichika tried to lure Naruto in but he easily brushed her off.

"Sorry, not my type." He simply stated walking out of the room making Ichika begin pouting when he left, "Damn it." Naruto walked out to find Miku waiting for him outside.

"Naruto, was it?" Miku stopped him in the hallway. She then moved in closer to him which Naruto moved around her, but she kept facing him even though he moved around her, "Part of my gym clothes is missing. A red sweatshirt."

"I see… but I haven't seen anything since I got here. If you think I took it then you're mistaking me, I have no need for women's clothes. I doubt it even fit me." Naruto turned walking back down to the family room.

"Hey! I made too many cookies." Naruto turned his head downstairs to see Nino downstairs. Not only that she was also wearing Miku's red sweatshirt.

"See I didn't take it." Naruto said with a smart-aleck tone as he went for the stairs.

Soon mostly everyone came out, there being Nino, Miku, Itsuki, Ichika, and Yotsuba, "Yosh, let's start studying! I'm Uzumaki Naruto! So, please call me Naruto…" Naruto deadpanned what he was seeing in front of him.

"So good! What flavor are these?" Ichika asked happily.

"Why are you wearing my sweatshirt?" Miku asked annoyed.

So far the only person doing any work was Yotsuba.

"I didn't get it dirty while baking." Nino added not really caring.

"Take it off now." Miku demanded as she tried to grab her jacket from Nino.

Naruto just stared at them in disbelief, he saw Itsuki begin yawning and stretching. He then turned to Yotsuba, "Not to worry Naruto-san. I'm studying!" She held her pen up with somewhere a sparkle appeared on her pen.

Naruto sighed as he stood up, he had no idea how to tutor these girls, "These girls are something else, this is probably the biggest hurdle ever!" Naruto then looked at Nino walked behind him holding a tray of cookies in her hand, "Did you like the cookies?"

"I didn't eat any of them, there isn't a need to now." Naruto looked at her dryly.

"You don't need to be so wary. I didn't poison the cookies." Nino stated weirdly which made Naruto really shrug his shoulders, "I wouldn't mind studying if you have some." Nino gave naruto a bright smile holding up the cookies.

Naruto reluctantly knelt down and had some once she placed them on the table. Naruto grabbed one and ate it, "Yeah, they're good." Naruto ate a couple of the cookies, they were good.

"Wow, you're really going at it." Nino said with a sweet smile which made it too easy for Naruto to see through her mask, "Oh, right. The thing is… we don't need a tutor, honestly." Nino said with a weird sickly smile on her face.

Naruto didn't really react, she wasn't as scary as Kaa-san and Tsunade-Baa-chan were, "Oh?"

Miku stopped putting a cookie in her mouth. Yotsuba fell asleep sitting up, while Ichika did nothing. Naruto looked at Nino as she looked back up at him, "Just kidding. Here, water." Nino held up a glass.

"Thanks." Naruto replied drinking the water.

Just the Nino stood up and said, "Bye-bye." Waving to him.

Naruto sighed and stood up, "Yeah I know you drugged the water, I'm not stupid." Naruto took the glass of water and chugged it down. He then gently placed the water on the table, "You're going to need the number of sedatives that are found in a tranquilizer to put an elephant to knock me out." Naruto smirked at her as Nino, Miku, Yotsuba, and Ichika looked at Naruto in shock, "Though if you do want me out that badly then fine." Naruto grabbed his belongings and went to leave; it was upsetting it truly was. Their Tou-san was working hard to make money to give these girls a good chance at life. Here they were spitting on his kindness by not trying to do well in school, "If your Tou-san asks, I don't want the money." Naruto said before leaving through the front door. Naruto was being honest; it takes more than some sleepy medicine to knock him out. He once broke his elbow after getting into a fight. All he did was snap the joint back into place and kept fighting.

Once Naruto began to leave Itsuki came walking out and leaned on the doorway, "If you're smart, you'll give up tutoring us."

Naruto closed his eyes and sighed, he thought back to what they told him earlier, "Sorry, but I can't do that. Just because I lost the fight, doesn't mean I've lost the war. If I trip, I get back up and keep going and learn from my mistakes. I promised someone I'd never give up, so, expect me back." Naruto left walking towards the elevator.

"Jeez so persistent." Itsuki sighed but Naruto suddenly got a phone call before he stepped into the elevator.

"Hello Naruko… yes I'm coming home now. I'll be there soon… what?! No that's so random why would I." Naruto stopped walking and sighed as Naruko yelled at him over the phone, "Fine… fine… jeez I get it, but I don't see the reason." Naruto turned to Itsuki, "My Imouto is wondering if you want to come over for dinner. I have no idea what's she's thinking." Naruto turned on facetime, Naruto has a hard time saying no to Naruko and Kasumi when they ask something of him. Naruto held up face call as Naruko was waving to Itsuki.

"Hiii there! I'm Naruko! I'm Onii-chan's Imouto! Would you like to come for dinner!" Just then Naruko played with Itsuki's heartstrings, "Unless… you don't want to." Naruko had her lower lip quiver with her big puppy dog eyes.

Itsuki felt as if someone shot her through the heart, "Ugh!" Itsuki smiled and nodded her head, "S-Sure."

Naruto just facepalmed, "We don't live too far away it be about a twenty-minute walk." The two began the walk back to the Uzumaki residence with the two being quiet. Naruto finally let a sigh out, "How about we start over, it's Uzumaki Naruto. Just call me Naruto no need for honorifics."

Itsuki reluctant accepted, "Nakano Itsuki …"

"You know I didn't call you fat, I merely suggested that you should exercise. You have a great figure, don't let that slip." Naruto scratched his cheek; he was always with Mito all the time. So, complimenting her or making fun of her was easy to do. For whatever reason, Naruto is having a hard ass time trying to socialize with his own peer.

"Oh… I see so you really think I have a good figure?" Itsuki asked curiously which Naruto nodded his head.

"I just think you'd look better if you began to work out is all." Naruto put his hands in his pockets.

"Oh… I see then, sorry for misunderstanding you, though I am curious. What's your reason for working out or being so strong?" Itsuki remembered hearing the rumors from the other kids, "Like I heard how you'd get into a lot of fights and were considered a delinquent."

"Don't listen to the other kids, they know jack shit about me. When they do hear things about me, they never know the true facts. That is also another thing, a reason why I won't get a girlfriend either. I typically get into fights because bullies pick on others, and I have an obligation to teach bullies a lesson. Along with the annoying Yakuza." Naruto quickly explained his reasoning which made it hard for Itsuki to understand.

"I don't understand why do you even decide to pick fights with them of all people?" Itsuki asked confused.

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm 5'9 blond hair, blue eyes, my appearance, and my name doesn't scream Japanese. Many people believe I'm just a delinquent, but I have morals and principles too. However, people just began putting labels on me before I could even explain myself. Answering your question, I do it because I have the ability to change things." Naruto looked up at the night sky seeing the starry night.

"You have the… power to change things?" Itsuki asked curiously as Naruto debated on telling her about himself more.

"I learned from a guy, can't say his name or anything. Promised to keep it a secret, but all I know, he has been there for us when we needed it most. I'm indebted to them, so I do my best to protect the ones that need protection. Besides, it might be power, but I'm only human. So, I do what I can." Naruto continued to walk keep a blank look on his face.

Itsuki was beginning to find Naruto was more than who she thought he was. He may have been smart, but he was cold and blunt on everything he said to them, "I don't understand why some don't like you then. Not only that, but you have no friends… let alone a girlfriend."

"Well, I have standards, so far all of them regardless of looks have not caught my eye." Naruto thought back to his mother Kushina. He'd like a girl who had an attitude like her, strong, independent, and maybe if they worked out and were a bit more toned. That wouldn't be a bad thing.

"I see then, you seem to be an interesting person Naruto." Itsuki smiled, maybe giving Naruto a chance wouldn't be a bad thing.

Scene Change Uzumaki Residence

The two soon came up to their house which Naruko waved them to come inside, "Wow! You're like a miniature girl version of Naruto! Well, maybe complete polar opposites of one another." Itsuki thought Naruko was so damn cute!

"Thanks! Kaa-chan says I got Tou-san's looks and her face just like Onii-chan!" Naruko skipped towards the kitchen to grab some bowls. Once she came back, she placed them down and pour ramen into their bowls, "Tonight's special is Uzumaki's Deluxe Ramen!"

"Hehehe it seems Uzumaki's have a thing for Ramen." Itsuki giggled but stopped when she met the stern eyes of Itsuki and Naruto.

"No, we're dead serious, ramen is the food of the Kami-samas!" They both said in unison causing a sweat drop to appear on Itsuki's forehead.

"Oh! Oh! Okay then! I get it!" Itsuki waved her hands defensively wishing to not anger them.

Soon the three began to dig into dinner, but before they could start, "Oh yeah Onii-chan did you get the tutoring done? How did it go?"

Naruto didn't freeze up unlike how Itsuki did, she even realized how badly it reflected on Naruto, "No I didn't do that today. Today were just introductions, believe it or not. Since it was five times the amount of pay, guess how many I'm actually tutoring?" Itsuki looked at Naruto in shock, she couldn't believe he was changing the story around. Then again, it's not like Naruto was lying completely.

"Onii-chan you do that all the time; we don't have to do that every time we meet someone. Also… I don't know she has four other sisters?" Naruko puffed out her cheek annoyed, she wanted to know more.

"Yes, I do, otherwise would you like me to be late like Kakashi-san? That or talk about the flames of youth like Guy-san? Also, good job they're actually quintuplets." Naruto suggested as Naruko began to shake her head furiously.

"I'm glad though." Naruko smiled as she placed her hands over her chest, "Tou-san's money he saved up over the years has been used up. We were worried about having to face debt, thanks to the tutor job. We won't have to worry about money for a while." Naruko let out a small sigh of relief. s

Okay, maybe Naruto underplayed the debt they were in. He didn't want others to feel like they needed to help them, "Naruko how many times do I have to tell you not to tell people about our financial situation. We don't want others to pity us, that's why I help keep track of how much we spend every month." They aren't in debt, but they were on the verge of it. That's why Kasumi sent what money she made as a singer home. Meanwhile Kushina, also sent what money she could back home as well. Most of it went to help save up for college for Naruto and Naruko. Not just that, then there is electricity and water to pay for. Then they needed to buy school supplies, clothes, food, and more. Not only that, but Minato had to use most of what he made when he became a Chief Financial Officer to pay off his college debt too. Minato finished college a few years ago, Kushina and Minato Kasumi when they were in their mid to late twenties. Minato passed in his mid-thirties, 35 to be exact.

The three continued to finish dinner in silence with Naruko just made girl talk with Itsuki. Naruto remained silent the rest of the dinner. Once they finished Naruto went to walk Itsuki out, "Thank you very much for dinner, it was delicious." Itsuki gave a polite bow to Naruko.

"Umm…" Naruko looked nervously at the ground, "Itsuki -san." Naruko then looked up as Itsuki looked at Naruko nervously, "My Nii-chan can seem rather brash, blunt, and never thinks things through. He can be really hopeless and a mess at times. I do promise though if you can get Onii-chan to open up to you. I can guarantee that he is a great guy. But he really does have good qualities, he's super kind, loving, and looks out for his friends and families! So, would you like to have dinner with us again sometime?" Naruko looked at her with a big smile on her face.

"Hey." Naruto glared at Naruko angrily as she stuck her tongue out at him.

Itsuki paused for a moment as a smile appeared on her face. She extended her hands out clasped them together around Naruko's hands, "Sure, I'd love to! Using my brain makes me hungry! I hope you'll have me again!"

"Yeah! You should try Onii-chan's cooking one day! His cooking is even better than mine!" Naruko cheered, she was happy that Naruto made another friend.

"Maybe, but I won't make any promises." Naruto muttered turning his head to the side.

"Come on Onii-chan you know your cooking is even better than mine!" Naruko patted him on the back, "Give yourself more credit!"

Naruto and Itsuki walked out to the street as a taxi came to pick her up, "I'm not doing this because of your financial issue. Though I do know you need this."

"I don't want your pity." Naruto stated blatantly as she looked up at him, "Maybe I should rephrase that, I got my own issues yes. This is my issue and my issue alone. This doesn't have anything to do with you. You're my employer and that's it. I'll be there tomorrow at noon." Naruto turned to leave, but Itsuki placed a hand on his shoulder.

Itsuki smiled as she nodded her head, "I see then, thank you for putting up with my sisters." Itsuki was impressed with Naruto's motivation, determination, and beliefs. He really didn't care if he was paid to do it. It was almost as if he was being driven to help them pass without caring about himself. "Maybe I should get them all to give him a chance." Itsuki thought to herself as she stepped into the taxi. She wasn't going to bring up Naruto's financial issues to them. It was Naruto's business, not hers or her sister's. She had to respect that for him.

When Naruto walked back into the house, he patted Naruko on the head, "No need to wait up for Naruko. It's time to head to bed, oh also I heard from Kaa-chan, she said that she would be home the weekend of your birthday."

"Yeah! I can't wait! Even if it's a couple of weeks away! I can't wait!" Naruko skipped up the stairs leaving to go into her room.

"Hey wait Naruko." Naruto began to walk up the stairs.

"Yeah?" Naruko turned her head before she went into her room.

"Is there anything you want for your birthday?" Naruto gave her a big foxy smile making Naruko blush a bit.

She quickly shook her head and returned the same grin, only she doesn't have whisker marks on her cheeks, "No not really I just want you and Kaa-chan to be there! What about Tsunade-Baa-chan, Mito-chan, and Ero-Sennin?"

"I already contacted them, Baa-chan and Mito can make it. However, Ero-Sennin has a business meeting next week Saturday. He said if he does make it, it will be late." Naruto had a small smile appear on his face which Naruko nodded her head understanding.

"I see oh well good night Onii-chan!" Naruko quickly walked up and kissed her brother on the cheek and disappeared into her room.

Naruto let a low sigh out as he began to walk through the upstairs halls. Naruto passed Kasumi's room, he peeked inside to see it a mess. Naruto deadpanned, "She's so messy, just like Kaa-chan." Naruto closed Kasumi's door and made his way towards his. Naruto saw his parents' room he let another sigh out. Naruto even felt his heart ache to see his parent's room. He pictured his mother and father sleeping together. Happily, peacefully with one another. However, since Minato's passing, Naruto would sometimes go by his mother's room. To see her crying on the bed on Minato's side, "Tou-chan… I really wish you were here. Things don't feel the same as they use to be. Especially for Kaa-san,f she's been lonely, I don't even know what to do anymore." With that Naruto disappeared into his room and simply crashed on his bed. The sleeping medicine Nino put into his drink was beginning to take its toll on him.

Before Naruto completely fell asleep. He realized something, "I don't need to make sure they all score high with As… I just need them to pass is all." With that Naruto finally blacked out letting sleep take over.

Naruto's Dream

Naruto found himself in a tuxedo. He looked around to see a few people he knew. He even saw his two sisters sitting up in front. The three were wearing beautiful dresses. Naruto saw to his left was a priest who stood behind a podium. Naruto looked to his right to see more and more people he didn't recognize in many rows of seats. Naruto saw a person come walking down the aisle. She was wearing a beautiful wedding dress. Naruto looked at her as she came walking up to him, "Huh? Me? Are we…" Naruto was stunned by the woman's beauty.

"Hehe, what's wrong Anata? I can't believe how much you've grown! I'm glad that we met, Minato would be so proud of you." The woman placed a hand upon Naruto's cheek.

"W-Who are you?" Naruto looked at her still stunned by her red long hair and blue eyes. She also had both of her ears pierced, "She kinda reminds me of the Nakano sisters." Naruto thought to himself.

"I'm your bride silly." The woman smiled cutely at Naruto as she tilted her head to the side, "Wa... wake….wake... wake up…"

"Huh?" Naruto looked at her confused until he was brought back to reality.


"Wake up! Wake up!" Naruko called out as she jumped into the air bring her elbow up to slam into Naruto's stomach.

Naruto shot his eyes open and quickly caught Naruko's elbow and threw her into the bed. Naruto sighed, "Really?"

"Yeah really! You're going to be late for school dummy!" Naruko puffed her cheeks out, she still has been unable to hit him! It's frustrating since he learned the chakra thing from Tsunade and Jiraiya.

"I know fine, fine I'll begin getting ready." Naruto threw his shirt off and his pants off with Naruko there. Naruko began to blush unable to move as she watched Naruto change. Once Naruto put his pants on looked at Naruko, "Hey what's wrong with you? Shouldn't you begin getting ready too?" Naruto asked confused with his shirt still off.

Naruko quickly shook her head, "Y-YEAH! I-I probably SHOULD!" For Naruko it was a little much since she knew Naruto was handsome. She knew he worked out and trained a lot. However, she did not realize Naruto was shredded.

Time Skip Later

Naruto stood in front of the Nakano sisters, "Thank you for letting me come back. I would like to talk about something.

"Well, this is our home." Yotsuba said with a chuckle.

"I thought you would have given up by now." Miku said with her knees up to her chest. Currently, Nino was on her phone, Itsuki was asleep, and Itsuki was… well neutral.

"We don't need a tutor." Nino said as she continued to look at her phone.

"Okay then prove it." Naruto took out his bookbag with a folder in it. He took out five exams, "I'll have you take this test." Naruto placed it on the table in front of them, "If you pass, I'll leave you alone. You'll never have to talk to me again." Naruto said with a serious look on his face, "I took these questions from exams that we've had this year. Along with homework questions too."

"What a test?" Ichika sat up rubbing her eyes.

"Uzumaki-san?" Yotsuba said shocked, she was surprised he would even make a deal like that.

"Why should I have to bother?" Nino put her phone down and placed her hand underneath her chin.

"Fine." Itsuki said as she agreed to take the exam, "I'll take it." Itsuki stood up and took out glasses from a case.

"Huh? Itsuki, are you serious?" Nino said shocked.

"All I need to do is pass." Itsuki said with a determined look on her face. She placed her glasses on, "Then, I'll never have to see your face, and hear your voice again." Itsuki smirked.

"Let's do this, guys!" Yotsuba stood up to bring both arms up to flex them.

"Oh, fine." Ichika said tiredly.

"What counts as a passing grade?" Miku asked just staring at Naruto intently.

Sixty most of the time, but let's make it fifty. That's good enough." Naruto smirked, he knew they weren't going to pass. The questions aren't hard, they're some of the easier questions he took from exams and the homework over the year.

Nino crossed her arms and closed her eyes, "We don't really owe you this, but you need to be taught not to underestimate us." Nino shot her eyes open determined to show Naruto wrong.

With that said, the girls began to work on their exam as Naruto stayed back and watched. He saw them fidget nervously; he wasn't timing them. He was going to let them take their time. Good thing if they're all failing, cheating off one another wasn't going to help them. He watched the five struggle for a while; knowing they didn't know most of the material. However, his main goal was to find their strengths and weaknesses. It took about an hour and a half. He then took the papers and began to grade all of them by hand.

Hell, he wrote them all by hand.

Once he was done, he walked in front of them as they all sat on the couch exhausted. Naruto deadpanned, "You guys got a 100… combined." Naruto deadpanned. Their exams score was 28, 20, 32, 12, and 8. This was Itsuki, Nino, Miku, Ichika, and Yotsuba, respectively. Naruto saw Itsuki looked down, Nino had a tear in the corner of her eye, Miku seemed to shiver, Ichika seemed to accept her fate, and Yotsuba seems to laugh nervously, "Don't tell me." Naruto looked down, but he heard, "Run for it!" Nino led the charge as the girls began to run past Naruto.

Just then Naruto quickly squat down and pushed off with his feet. He did a backflip over the quintuplet's head and landed in front of them. This stopped them from moving forward, "I won't force you guys to do anything more. However, I do expect your cooperation then. You're Tou-san is paying for your tutoring so you can get help. Don't waste his money he's spending on you. I'll come by tomorrow." Naruto then jumped off the stairs onto the first-floor landing quietly and silently. The girls watched Naruto take the papers, put them into the folder, put the folder into his bag, and left.

"Oh great, he's a circus freak." Nino said blandly, but Itsuki shook her head no.

"Wrong, I was told he trains a lot and is really strong. I've heard from another student that he's fought Yakuza members before and won." Itsuki remembered that also the money comment hit home for Itsuki. They really do need Naruto's help.

Next Day

Naruto was making his way to school he was tired, "To think balancing school and tutoring would be so hard." Naruto closed his eyes and sighed. Once he walked up to the school a limo quickly drove up and stopped next to him.

Just then the door opened, Itsuki, Yotsuba, Nino, Ichika, and Miku walked out, "Good morning!" Yotsuba greeted Naruto. Suddenly they began to run up the stairs.

Naruto deadpanned, "Really?"

"We're not letting our guard around you." Nino pointed at him.

"He might try to teach us stuff." Miku said worriedly.

Naruto quickly made his way up the stairs, "What do you think I am?" Naruto asked a little hurt by this. This is why he doesn't like having any friends. This was exactly the reason.

"I'll admit our inadequacies. But we can take care of our own problems." Itsuki said sternly going off of what Naruto said.

"We can study on our own." Miku added.

"We don't need help." Nino commented annoyed.

Naruto began to walk past them ignoring them, "The reason I said I don't want others to worry about me IS that I can take care of myself." Naruto walked past Itsuki, "However, knowing your own limits is the first step. Asking for help doesn't hurt, I'd ask my Tou-san and Kaa-san for help all the time. How do you think I can handle studying on my own? There's a difference between being true in what you say, to being completely stupid and arrogant. I can at least back my word." Naruto then stopped walking ahead of them, "Question 1: Name the warlord defeated by Mori Motonari at the battle of Itsukushima." Naruto saw a smirk appear on Itsuki's face but she began to shake while puffing her cheek out. Naruto sighed he began to walk away but he did put his thumbs up which made Miku look at Naruto surprised, "If I can't teach them like I teach Naruko and myself. That means I'll have to gain their trust first, then work on what they enjoy and build off there. Miku seems to enjoy anything and everything about the warring states period."

At Lunch

Naruto caught up to Miku, "Hey Miku hold up a second, I want to ask you. About the question this morning you knew it. I know you did." Naruto said with a small smile making Miku flinch in surprise.

"Uzumaki-kun! Sorry for running away! Look at this! My English homework! I got them all wrong! Ahahahah!" Yotsuba shouted behind Naruto grabbing his shoulders.

"Yotsuba?" Naruto said shocked until Itsuki placed a hand on her.

"Yotsuba read the scene here!" Ichika winked, but Yotsuba ignored her.

"You should have him help you study too, Ichika." Yotsuba added making Itsuki shake her head nervously.

"I think I'll pass. You know, with us being stupid and all." Ichika chuckled lightly, "OW!" Ichika was whacked upside the head by Naruto, "Hey what was!" Ichika went to argue but Naruto gave her a stern look.

"You're not stupid, you all have your strength and weaknesses. You're made to do different things in life. You like different things, so you'll work harder on different things." Naruto scolded her earning a small blush from Ichika, "You should believe in yourself more."

"Besides, is it really a good idea to spend all your high school years studying?" Ichika asked thinking that studying away your life isn't an ideal thing to do, "We ought to be enjoying our youth more. Falling in love and stuff!"

Naruto didn't say anything until an ominous aura appeared around him, "Yes, but we decide what we want to do here in high school. It helps us set our path to what we desire most in life. Love helps, but it can only go so far. Besides no one has ever lived up to my expectations."

"I don't have anyone to go out with, even if I wanted to." Yotsuba said shyly while rubbing the back of her head, "What about you Miku?"

Miku blushed as she quickly turned away and left, "N-No."

"I know that face!" Yotsuba said with a smirk.

Ichika had a smirk appear on her face too, "That means! Miku's in love!" They said in unison.


Naruto went to class and sat at his desk. He went to take out his books for class until he saw a note on them. It was to him from Miku. Naruto read the letter hearing her voice in his head, "Come to the rooftop after school. There's something I want to tell you. I just can't hide it any longer." Naruto sighed, "This better not be one of those love confession things." Naruto still had specifics in women, either were smart, worked hard, and never gave up, didn't have a problem fending themselves, and were at least somewhat physically fit or at least exercised. While Naruto thought about this, he also was writing out a difficult calculus question on sohcahtoa.

After School Rooftop

Naruto stood at the top wondering what Miku could possibly want. If she were to confess, he was going to flat out reject her. She is cute, but she lacks a lot. Naruto has always been able to read emotions and body language. He learned this thanks to Tsunade's light lessons on human psychology. Then he can also use his chakra to help sense people's emotions too. She is always relaxed, anxious sometimes, lacks self-confidence, drive, and other things too. She has a difficult time being herself around her sister. This is why most of the time she seems quiet. Naruto waited with his arms crossed until he heard the door open. He looked up to see Miku with her headphones on.

"Thank goodness, you read my letter." Miku put her headphones down and walked up to Naruto, "I wish I could have told you in the cafeteria. But I didn't want anyone to hear this." Naruto could sense her emotion right now, at it was not in the state of love. It was simply calm and happy it seems he was right. Her favorite thing to learn about is, "Uzumaki I've been waiting to tell you…" Miku gripped the front of her skirt as she shook a bit. Naruto could tell she was for some reason nervous about telling him, "I… I knew it! It was Sue Harukata." Naruto nodded his head and smiled.

"I'm assuming you enjoy anything to do with the warring states period specifically Sengoku?" Naruto asked which Miku began to blush upset and worriedly.

"I-I do." Miku felt like she was found out and began to worry.

"That's good so you like things with history, or well at least in that era." Naruto added made sure to keep that in mind, "I figured because you seemed to get the majority of those types of questions right. Not only that but you scored higher than your other siblings on the exam I gave you."

"Yes, I do… I started to like them since I borrowed a game from Yotsuba. I was fascinated by the ambitious warlords, and I read lots of books too. But the people in the class like are all good-looking actors or models… and you." Miku whispered the last part which Naruto didn't hear and made him raise an eyebrow. And I like bearded old guys. I'm weird."

Naruto gently karate chopped her on the top of her head. He didn't hurt her, but he wanted to get his point across, "No need to say that you aren't weird at all Miku. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Everyone is different, you like the Sengoku period only makes you unique. It allows you to stick out from the crowd, you be you Miku. Don't let others say otherwise if it makes you feel better. I enjoy playing pranks, also right about now. A fart bomb should be going off in the jocks locker room in 3…2…1" *KABOOM* The school shook a bit as the jocks came running out of the school. They were all coughing, wheezing, and gasping for fresh air. Miku only looked at Naruto stunned, she knew about a prankster in the school. However, she didn't know it was Naruto.

"Don't worry, I do it to people who deserved it. They were harassing a girl the other day, so I beat them up and then I pranked them." Naruto smirked, they deserved it, trying to harass a girl into doing what they want. Naruto walked over and placed a hand on Miku's head, "It's not weird to like what you like Miku. Like I said it makes you unique and have more faith in who you are and what you like. To let you know, I also got a perfect exam score on my history. I'd be glad to help or study with you on that. Maybe we can study together, I like history, but you may know more than I do." Miku blushed at Naruto's word and she seemed almost hypnotized wanting to accept Naruto's offer.

"Really!" Miku brought both of her hands in front excited, she was happy about another person liking history.

"Yeah! Let me teach you, and you can teach me more about the Sengoku era. I'll teach you other subjects you thought you couldn't do! Who the hell do you think I am! I'm Uzumaki Naruto! One of the top highest ranked in this school! I'll teach you and learn with you about warlords as much as you want! As long as we get studying for those other subjects too." Naruto was now trying to reel in the fish that he hooked.

Miku then became defensive, "Are you saying you know more about warlords than I do?"

Naruto smirked, "What if I am." Naruto leaned in with an excited look on his face, "A history fight? I've never had one of those before!"

"Okay here's a question! It's commonly said that Nobunaga used to call Hideyoshi a monkey, but this is false! What is his true nickname?" Miku got extremely close making even Naruto back up a bit.

"Hey, I got her really into this! She won't stop! She's determined, she has a drive now!" Naruto smirked as he saw Miku giving him an angry look with her cheeks puffed out. She did not like being told that someone was better than knowing the Sengoku Period, "Bald rat." Naruto shot back quickly making Miku turn to the side upset.

"Correct." Miku turned to the side and had her left hand grab onto her right arm. Before Naruto knew it Miku began to spat out more questions, "There's a theory that Kenshin was actually a woman."

"Interesting!" Naruto said with a happy look on his face. Okay, he won't lie maybe he doesn't know all of this, but at least she is interested.

"Mitsunari never ate the persimmons." Miku said with a tear forming in the corner of her eye.

"Yeah, he totally didn't." Naruto added chuckling a bit.

Miku then had a serious look appear on her face, "Apparently, Nobunaga put sake in a skull.

"Yeah, that was totally creepy!" Naruto shivered at that idea, drinking sake out of a human skull? "Warlords are the one thing linking history and Miku, who's running away from studies. I'm going to try to use this to the best of my advantage." Naruto smirked, "I know when we do a session again, let's focus on Japanese history. What do you think?"

Miku wanted to be excited but she held herself back. She said nervously, "If you insist." Before the two knew it, it was late. The sun was down so they made their way through the stairs. Naruto saw Miku stop at a vending machine, "Wait take this as good faith." Miku walked up and handed Naruto a can, "Try it."

Naruto took the Matcha soda from Miku, "Thanks."

"I had it earlier today, I wondered if you would like to try it." Miku gave Naruto a smile on her own face.

Naruto smiled at Miku's kindness, "T-Thank you… the first time in a long time since I was given something. I only got something from family friends or family." Naruto muttered everything after his thank you to Miku.

"It doesn't have snot in it." Miku added which made Naruto look at her confused, "Just kidding." Miku pulled her hand back with a frown, "Huh do you not know this story?" Miku said upset, "You said you were smart, but you're all talk, huh? I doubt I have anything to learn from you." Miku began to walk away but Naruto got in her way.

"What did you hear what I said before? I said, "Yeah! Let me teach you, and you can teach me more about the Sengoku era. I'll teach you other subjects you thought you couldn't do! Who the hell do you think I am! I'm Uzumaki Naruto!" that's what I said. I never said anything about being better than you. You assumed that." Naruto furrowed an eyebrow and waved his finger to Miku to follow him, "I knew you like the warring states era, I wasn't too sure what specifically. However, I did do this." Naruto took out his phone and shone the light on his locker. He opened it and showed her the different Warring States era books in his locker.

Miku was a little taken aback by this and saw that Naruto did care, "Wait how did you know about my likes before?"

"It's called being able to infer Miku, I saw how well you did on the history part. I saw you liked the Warring States era at least. So, after lunch, I got these books. I'll be looking over them for the next few days. I'll find something to teach you, so find something to teach me. I'll show you that you'll need me, not in just this, but all the other subjects." Naruto tucked his phone away, took the stack of books, and began to carry it like it was nothing. Miku went out to the front of the school and called a taxi to take her home.

Next-Day After School

"You like Sengoku trivia, don't you?" Naruto handed her a piece of paper, "I'll answer all of your questions this time. Don't be afraid when I beat you in your own skill. I'll show you that I was truthful. I read those books in a rush the other night, I knew you'd pull something like this. "

"You don't understand, do you?" Miku said still upset with Naruto. She still feels that he lied to her just to get her to study. Miku walked up and pushed the piece of paper in his chest, "In Takeda Shingen's Furin Kanza, what does the "Wind" represent?"

"Easy, "Swift as the wind."" Naruto replied, but Miku jumped on the railing and slid down running away.

Naruto smirked and jumped down the flight of stairs, "You know I'm faster than you, yet you challenge me to a race." Naruto kept a steady pace behind Miku. Miku turned the corner and soon so did Naruto.

Naruto ran face fist into a pair of breasts, and he quickly backed up, "Woah?! Uzumaki-san?! You should watch where you're going."

"Where is Miku?" Naruto asked quickly.

'Yotsuba' pointed towards the door, "Thanks." Naruto ran past 'Yotsuba' but once he ran past her. Naruto quickly placed a hand on 'Yotsuba's' shoulder, "Where do you think you're going? Miku." Naruto smirked as he turned his head to look at the imposter Yotsuba.

Miku's eyes widen, "H-How did you know it was me?"

Naruto smirked, "Miku, you and your sister may look alike, but I am able to tell you guys apart." Naruto crossed his arms, "I know you're Miku because of your outfit. Yotsuba wasn't wearing a blue jacket today. Your headband is made of leaves, not cloth. Also, your energies too, you can't copy Yotsuba's attitude she always has on."

The real Yotsuba came walking out the door in shock. She heard Naruto and Miku too, "Wow! An imposter that looks like me! Naruto I'm surprised you're able to tell us apart so easily."

"It's not that hard when you look at the finer details. Also, Miku you're pitch was too low to be Yotsuba." Naruto added in not letting Miku run away anymore.

Just then by some miracle Miku actually shifted her body slightly. Which caused Naruto's hand to remove from her shoulder. He began to fall forward a bit with his hand extended out to almost grab Miku's right breast. Naruto quickly kicked his left foot out from underneath him with his right foot. Making him do a quick front flip, once he landed on his feet Miku took off running. Naruto took off running again after Miku this time kicking it up a notch, "Listen I read all those books within the two days! I know more than I did before!"

"Liar." Miku mumbled as she kept running as she began to run out of gas.

Just then Miku ran past Nino and her two friends, "Anyway… huh?" Nino looked at Miku, but then suddenly a gush of air ran past her. All she saw was a, "Yellow flash?" Nino stated shocked.

"Yeah, that was Naruto, because he's also considered the smartest, strongest, and fastest student here." Nino's friend added with a blush appearing on her face, "He's is really cute! He's saved me one from unsavory guy try to hook up with me." The girl shivered.

"He stopped a guy from robbing me one time! I almost lost my weekly pay!" Nino's other friends also smiled, "I'm upset that turned me down." The girl puffed her cheek out.

"You've asked him out before?!" Nino said shocked to hear that her friends actually tried to ask Naruto out.

"Yeah, we did, that's why girls don't approach him anymore. He's turned every single girl down, that girl Mito Senju he hung out with all the time. Even she was rejected by him." The girl added surprising Nino wondering who Mito Senju was.

Back with Miku and Naruto

Miku saw a yellow flash run right past her and stop. Miku ran straight into Naruto and knocked him to the ground. Naruto shook his head and opened his eyes to find that Miku's nails accidentally tore a long gap in his shirt, "Oh no Uzumaki-san I'm sorry." Miku didn't mean to tear his shirt.

"Don't worry about it." Naruto stated ignoring the breeze he was getting in through his shirt. The girls around Naruto began to stare at Naruto like eye candy. Nino who wasn't far away could also see Naruto's shredded stomach and muscular body. You can't see it because of his outfit, but you can once it was removed, "Now ask me another question, I know I can talk to you as your equal." Naruto continued to ignore that his shirt was still open.

Miku blushed as she continued, "The warlord Shiritori Ryuzoji Takanobu." (A/N: When they start saying the names it will always be Naruto, then Miku saying the names of the warlords).

Naruto smirked, "Fu counts too. Fuckushima Masanori. Famous for being the most prominent of the Seven Spears of Shizugatake." Naruto answered without hesitation or time needed to think, "Kanamori Nagachika."

Miku's eye widen, "Kawajiri Hidetaka." She quickly responded.

"Katakura Kojurou!" Naruto shot back.

"Uesugi Kagekatsu." Miku began to run again as Naruto ran next to her keeping a steady pace.

"Tsuda Nobuzumi." Naruto said continuing to fight back.

"Miyoshi Nagayoshi." Miku added with a tiered breath.

"Shimazu Toyohisa."

"W-Why… why are you so desperate?" Miku asked curiously as she kept running. She kept wondering why Naruto was going so far.

Once Miku finally collapsed Naruto gently caught her and laid her down, "I-I was the slowest in my class." Miku let out heavy breaths, "S-So hot." She began to take her leggings off which Naruto got up and walked over to a vending machine. He also saw the same drink that Miku liked.

Miku rested on the bench trying to catch her breath. Suddenly a cold can was pressed to her cheek making her flinch, "Ah!" Miku looked up to see Naruto with a matcha sod.

"Oh, sorry, thought you could use it to cool off. You like this don't you?" Naruto handed it to her with a warm smile on his face. Miku took note that this was the first time that she's ever seen him actually smile, "But there's no snot in it." Miku looked up at Naruto with her eye-widening, "That's from the anecdote about Ishida Mitsunari drinking tea with Otani Yoshitsugu's snot in it, right? I looked up a lot of books and documents to find the story." Miku gently took the drink from Naruto, "Although, in the end, I found it."

"Do you think Yotsuba or Nino heard?" Miku asked worriedly.

"No, but I don't see why you need to keep it a secret from your sisters?" Naruto tilted his head confused.

"I can't tell them because they're my sisters." Miku pulled her knees up to her chest as she looked down. Miku's bangs fell in front of her face, "Of the five of us, I'm the biggest loser.

"What? What are you talking about? Of your sisters, you scored highest on the exam." Naruto placed a hand on her shoulder, "Don't think about yourself like that."

"You know Naruto… you really are nice." Miku had a small smile appear on her face.

"W-Well… yeah I know I can be… just I don't have many friends. The other people I beat up and they hate me. That or there are people that do like me, but never approach me because I'm considered a delinquent. Yet, I'm at the top of the school." Naruto put his hands in his pockets and sat down next to Miku. I can kinda tell though. The other four can do anything I can. We're quintuplets after all." Miku sat up straight a gave Naruto a smile, "So just give up on me, and…"

"My job is to tutor the five of you. I'm going to make sure you and the others all study. I'm going to have the five of you graduate together with smiles on your faces." Naruto argued back not letting speak anymore, "Don't be like that Miku, just because your quintuplets don't mean you can't be unique. You may share the same blood, but you aren't tied to them anyway else. You can be your own person, not Miku Nakano of the quintuplets. But be Miku Nakano the warlord, Miku of the Sengoku period. Don't compare yourselves to your sisters or say your sister can do what you can. You're your own person Miku, you can only define yourself, don't forget it." Naruto placed a hand on Miku's head and patted it. Miku blushed as steam ran out off her head.

Miku quickly shook her head, "Say what you want. The five of us can only score a 100 combined."

"Yea, that might be so, but I figured out how to tutor you five. Like I've said before, you're all unique in your own way. Meaning you enjoy history in general am right?" Miku thought about it and nodded her head agreeing, "Though there is one truth that. You're quintuplets, and you're all unique in your own way. But anything your sisters can do, you can do, meaning if you can do history. So can they, if they can do other subjects, so can you." Naruto pointed at her with his finger just mere inches from her nose. Naruto took out their exam results, "Look at this, this is your guy's exam results."

Miku's eyes widen, "None of us got the same answers right." Miku added looking at all the correct and incorrect answers.

"I see hope in this Miku, you're all students with an average of 20." Naruto's eyes lit up with a fire of determination, "What any one of you can do… you all can do it. Ichika… Nino… Yotsuba… Itsuki… and you, Miku." Naruto turned his head to Miku and gave her a thumbs up with a grin on his face, "I believe that you five can achieve a hundred on your own."

Just the Miku grew silent and slipped her shoes on. Miku's hair covered her eyes, and she then opened the matcha soda, "Say what? That's bullshit." Naruto looked at her intently, "Seriously." Miku added as she took a sip of the matcha, "You're placing too much faith into the quintuplet thing."

Naruto smirked, "You aren't putting enough of faith into the quintuplet thing. What do you not believe that your sister can do it too?" Naruto added with a cocky smirk making Miku think about what he said to her carefully. In the end, Miku really wanted to see Naruto's dedication to helping them. So, far, he has gone far and even beyond that.

Next-Day After School *Library*

"If only the other four were as positive as you are." Naruto sighed as he was tutoring Yotsuba.

"I did call them, but…" Yotsuba looked at the door and smirked, "It's not 'the other t, here though." Naruto turned his head to see Miku, "Isn't that right Miku?"

Naruto saw that Miku was blushing, and her head was turned the other way, "Well do you want to have a seat or." Naruto stopped once Miku walked over to the bookshelf and pulled some books out.

Miku then placed them on top of the shelf looking out the window. Miku had a small smile appear on her face, "You put this idea into my head Naruto…. that maybe… but just maybe, I can do a little bit better, too." Miku looked at all the books that Naruto checked out. She giggled seeing the date he took them out. Then the day he returned them, "So." Miku turned around with her arms behind her back with a cute smile appearing on her face, "Take responsibility!"

A/N: Phew! Since it was the first chapter I decided to go ahead and make it the first two episodes. Yes, I do use the anime to make the scenes and do what I can to add in as much detail as possible. Now I am changing a lot up, as to Uzumaki's financial issues. Yes, I did decide to keep it where they have a financial issue. Yes, Jiraiya could help out and pitch in. However, I do think that Kushina would refuse the money even with Minato who has passed. So, with that said nothing is changing, I'm keeping it the way it is. Again, who knows when this will be posted. As for the pairing, I am unsure of who to pick. I know for a fact people would want a harem. Anyways, this will be most likely be a single pairing. Sage of Prophecy OUT! Ja Ne!