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"AAAAAAAAHHHHH" Naruto screams at the top of his lungs after being slashed twice across the chest making a huge X by Orochimaru's Sword of Kusanagi.

His team had left him to die alone, Sakura and Sasuke just ran once he had come along to save them.

Orochimaru quickly takes his sword and cuts off Naruto's right arm.

"AAAAAAAAAH" Naruto screams out again. "MY ARM, MY ARM" he screamed.

Not wanting anyone to hear Naruto's screams Orochimaru took Naruto's arm before it fell to the ground and shoved it into Naruto's mouth, muffling his screams.

Tears started to come from Naruto's eyes. He had never felt this pain before, there's no way it could get worse.

Blood began to bleed from Naruto's arm and chest. Big glops of it dropping all over Naruto's clothes and Orochimaru's feet.

Orochimaru pinned Naruto up against a tree using his snakes, and used the Five-Pronged Seal on Naruto.

"You won't be messing up my plans, Naruto Uzumaki" Orochimaru said, before throwing Naruto over the edge of the tree and disappearing to find Sasuke.

Naruto looked up. He got left by his teammates, his arm got cut off, he got deeply in the chest twice. He would rather die than live through this. Who wouldn't?

While falling to the ground Naruto started to think. 'So much for all that teammate stuff Kakashi-sensei taught us'. And then everything went black.

Orochimaru rose up from the ground to find Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno at a fire. He walked up behind them and took Sasuke by the neck.

"Your body will be mine," Orochimaru said, licking his lips.

Sakura took out a kunai and threw it at Orochimaru. "Leave Sasuke alone!"

Orochimaru caught it between his fingers, "Pitiful" He said, kicking Sakura away.

Sasuke saw all this. He started kicking and clawing.

Orochimaru had enough of his fighting back, he bit him on the neck, giving him the Curse Seal of Heaven.

He dropped Sasuke and said, "You show much promise. Come to me when you want to get stronger to kill 'him' " and with that he disappeared.

Sasuke got up and ran over to Sakura, "Are you okay?!" He asked, sitting her up.

"Yes I'm okay Sasuke-kun" she replied but once that was said Sasuke collapsed on her lap.

Sakura placed Sasuke to the side and stood up. She looked around for a place she could hide to try and protect herself and Sasuke.

She found a tree trunk and started to drag Sasuke over to it.

Once there she laid him in the middle of the trunk and started to use the healing methods she was taught at the ninja academy.

Naruto opened his eyes. He hoped it was all a dream, he tried to move his right hand, but he couldn't move it. Once again his eyes started to well up with tears. His arm was gone. He could feel the bandages on his now stubbed arm.

He looked around where he was, it seemed like it was a cave, it was dark, but he could see light peeking through what seemed like a rock.

'How did I get here?' Naruto thought to himself.

"You're probably wondering how you got here" A voice said from the darkness.

"Yeah I am!" Naruto shouted, but then he coughed, "That hurt" he said.

"I wouldn't talk all that much if I were you, your injuries were pretty serious, cut off arm, a big ass cut in the chest. Not to mention the other minor ones" the voice said.

"Who are you? Why'd you bring me here." Naruto asked the voice.

"Who I am doesn't matter right now, and as to your other question, the reason why I brought you here because you possess a very rare kekkei genkai, the Ketsuryūgan." the voice replied. "And I intend to teach you how to master it, and become a ninja legend".

Naruto got excited. He had always wanted to be a ninja legend ever since he was a kid. But then he remembered. "I can't do anything, I have one arm. I'm useless now. And I don't even know what that Ketsurgan thing is anyways" he said sadly.

"Ketsuryūgan, and you can. Having one arm and cuts on your chest doesn't mean anything. And since you don't know what Ketsuryūgan is I'll just tell you. The Ketsuryūgan confers genjutsu casting abilities, either by making physical skin contact with the target or meeting each other's gaze. Upon which, they can hypnotise the victim in a variety of ways, or even delve deep into their minds to extract information. The Ketsuryūgan also gave the users the ability to manipulate iron, or more accurately, any liquid with a high iron concentration. As such, fitting with its moniker, the Ketsuryūgan can manipulate the blood within a living target, whether if be themselves or another being. It's pretty cool actually. Being able to control blood and all that. Now if you want to do this, if you want to be a legend, get up I have a few things to give and do to you" The voice said.

Naruto took all that information in. He could still be a ninja. He could be a legend. He just had to train with whoever this person is.

He had made his decision, he won't let some injuries stop him. He did his best to stand up and he did. He walked towards where the voice was coming from.

When he got to where the voice was generally coming from, the voice spoke again, "Now push chakra into your eyes".

Naruto did what he was told and pushed chakra to his eyes.

When he did that his eyes instinctively closed, and when he opened them nothing really seemed different.

That was until Naruto reached his one arm to his face. He could see his own blood streams and everything!

"This is cool," Naruto said happily. He continued to activate and deactivate it for a while but then stopped when the voice started to talk again.

"Yeah, and now you just have to master it and it's abilities, that'll be even cooler. But I have to give you some things." The voice told him.

Naruto nodded and asked, "How will I fight? Or cast jutsu? I have one hand".

"Well if you had some patience, I would've told you that already." The voice said, kinda harshly.

"Sorry jeez" Naruto said.

"You can cast jutsu with one hand and you can also fight with one too. It just takes a lot of practice ." The voice told him, and this time a full two hands reached out, holding a sword.

This chokuto has a darkened, non-reflective surface and a dark red cross guard.

Naruto took the sword, he lifted it up and moved it around a bit.

It was light, easy to move around and carry, but it was sturdy and seemed very durable.

"I can barely see it" Naruto said.

"You'll see it when you get out of here, but here is the other thing I wanted to give you the voice said while the hands went back into the darkness and came out again with 2 black scrolls. One small and the other medium sized. "The bigger one has a taijutsu and kenjutsu style I will be teaching you and the small one has clothes that I think would look good on you".

"Where am I supposed to put them? I only have one arm" Naruto said looking at the barely seeable scrolls.

"Oh yes, that reminds me". The hands went back into the darkness and came back out once again, but this time in the hands there was a dark red sheath with black flames at the bottom for Naruto's sword, he could attach it to his back so he could put his sword back there.

"Well at least I can kinda see this" Naruto said as he started to figure out how to put his new chokuto into the sheath.

It took Naruto a while but he had finally gotten the sword in the sheath when he took the handle of the sword and put it in his mouth, then he took the sheath and put it at the end of the blade. And from there he just slid the blade in by tilting his head.

Naruto took the sheath and attached it to his back.

Naruto then picked up the scrolls and put them in his pocket. "I actually forgot I had pockets, but out of curiosity how did you know I had the Ketsurgan?"

"Naruto, it's the Ketsuryūgan, and I knew you possessed it because when I found you outside of my cave you were laying on what seemed to be a table of your own blood. So I just assumed and I was right!" the voice said. "But enough chit chat. I am going to train you for a little bit in this new taijutsu, kenjutsu style and get you used to your kekkei genkai so get ready".

Naruto took that bit of information in and nodded. He placed the medium scroll on the ground and opened it up.

The name of the taijutsu style was Taekwando. It mostly uses kicks but when close can use hand strikes. And the kenjutsu style was called Shunkan no Hagane. The Shunkan no Hagane style uses blades of all sizes to mold the flow of battle to the user's will.

But Naruto didn't know this because he could still not see.

"I still can't see anything dude, and plus my injuries haven't healed fully yet" Naruto said.

All Naruto heard was a snap and 3 lights flickered on from the ceiling of the cave.

Naruto looked around at his surroundings, it was really just an open space. Nothing special.

"You could've done that this whole time?!", Naruto exclaimed, coughing a bit afterwards.

"Yes, I was originally going to keep them off but you kept complaining, so I just turned them on. Your injuries are healed just enough that you can train because of your Uzumaki heritage, but that's something to get into another time. Now get into the stance that is said on the scroll, we will be starting with taijutsu first" the voice said from the part of the cage where there was only darkness and no light.

Naruto rolled his eyes but did as he was told. But when doing this he finally got a good look at his arm. The bandage was stained with blood, and all that was really there was like a stump.

Naruto looked down at the ground, thoughts started going through his mind 'I can't do this. No ninja can have one arm', but then he remembered what the voice had told him, 'If you want to be a legend'. Naruto looked back up towards the darkness.

"Let's get to it"

Sasuke had just woken up from his slumber, power was surging from his body. He had seen. Sakura hurt, and without asking her he already knew who did it.

Sasuke went and quickly knocked out Dosu's female teammate, Kin, and was on the verge of ripping off his other teammates, Zaku's arms off. All the konoha genin looked at Sasuke, some were in fear, some were confused, and some were curious.

"You seem to be very fond of these arms of yours, it would be a shame if something happened to them wouldn't it?" Sasuke said in a menacing voice.

"Please let him go! Just take our scrolls" Dosu said, throwing a pair of heaven and earth scrolls towards Sasuke.

Sasuke let go of Zaku's arms and took his foot off his back. Picked up the scrolls and then Sakura, and started going towards the tower. Prompting everyone to go their separate ways as well.

Sasuke and Sakura arrive at the doors to go inside the tower. Before opening the doors though a jonin showed up.

"You cannot answer without your last teammate" The jonin told them.

"Our teammate...died," Sasuke said, speaking up.

"No I didn't" A voice said from the trees. "You guys just left me to die".

Everyone looked towards where the voice was coming from. They saw Naruto standing there wearing a pair of black pants and dark red gloves, with a black form-fitting shirt underneath. Over this he wears a black, high-collared, short sleeve on the left and a long sleeve on the right mantle that splits down the lower half. Around his waist he wears a simple, dark red obi and a belt. With a sword strapped to his back. (Basically Obito's outfit from the 4th Great Ninja War).

Naruto jumped down from the tree, opened and walked through the door. Without looking at them he said.

"Are you coming".

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