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Naruto and his "team" walked into the tower. Sasuke and Sakura were both still confused and were trying to wrap their heads around what happened.

"What happened to you Naruto?" Sakura asked.

"What happened is you guys left me to fight a sanin by myself" Naruto replied. "Where are the scrolls?"

"I have them," Sasuke said, speaking up.

"We should open them," Naruto said.

"Don't tell me what to do. You're still that same dobe, don't talk down to a Uchiha" Sasuke sneered. But nonetheless he took out the scrolls and opened them.

The scrolls started smoking, "They're summoning scrolls! Throw them onto the ground!" Sakura said.

Sasuke threw the scrolls onto the ground and they continued until they heard a POOF.

A random chunin was standing on top of the scrolls. "You guys arrived 2 days early. Your rooms are on the 3rd floor, when you guys are told go to the arena" he said then he poofed away.

Team 7 walked to the third and they all went to their respective rooms. Well Sasuke and Sakura did.

Naruto started to walk around the tower, he found a cafeteria and a training area, which he went into.

Naruto started to go over what the voice had taught him.

He started slow and when he got into a grove he sped up. Using his taijutsu and kenjutsu at the same time.

He went about this for the rest of the day. When he stopped he activated his Ketsuryūgan and started to practice using that.

While in the cave he practiced touching animals that lived in the cave. The voice called it the Exploding Human Technique. It wasn't ready to be used on an actual human so Naruto just used it on animals, but there were no animals so Naruto decided to try something else.

Naruto took his sword and slit his wrist and let it bleed until there was a big puddle of blood. Naruto stared at the puddle long and hard and thought about a cool beast made out of blood.

He continued to stare at the puddle and he stared so hard, sweat started to run down his face.

The blood started to bubble and then it started to rise up, it swirled and made a small sized dog-like creature.

"Cool!" Naruto exclaimed. "All I have to do is draw blood and I can make whatever I want, this is going to be cool! But I want to practice some of the genjutsu things too, the voice said that when this part of the chunin exams are done we will!"

Naruto continued to practice manipulating blood and then did some more kenjutsu and taijutsu training.

Naruto left feeling accomplished and tired, once getting to his room he fell asleep.

Naruto woke up to pounding on his door, "Naruto! Open up!" he heard from what sounded like Sakura.

He stood up and walked over and opened the door. He was right, it was Sakura with Sasuke at her side,"Yes" he said.

"Tell us what happened to you! How are you alive? Where'd you get these new clothes, and that sword!?" Sakura yelled.

"None of that is your concern," Naruto said calmly.

"Naruto, we are your teammates, we deserve to know," Sasuke said, speaking up.

Naruto looked at them both. "As of now you guys aren't my teammates, you left me to die. The only reason why I haven't quit this team is because of the chunin exams" Naruto said coldly shutting his door.

Sasuke and Sakura stood at the door dumbfounded.

"Who does he think he is?!" Sakura exclaimed.

Sasuke turned away, "Let's go Sakura, he's a waste of time". And with that they went back to their rooms.

For the next day Naruto trained and then went to sleep, ignoring everyone including his teammates.

All the genin that passed the second round of the chunin exams were gathered in an arena. Hayate, a jonin, jumped and landed in front of all of them.

"My name is Hayate and I will be proctoring the third stage of the exams. But we have too many of you that passed the 2nd stage of the exams, and to solve that problem we will be having preliminary matches, if you want to step out do so now for there will be no breaks, you will fight as you are now" Hayate said, hearing groans from the group of genin.

Looking from where he was standing behind Hayate, Hiruzen saw Naruto standing there. 'Naruto? What happened to you?' he thought, with Kakashi thinking the same thing from where he was sitting with the rest of the jonin instructors.

Stepping forward, Hiruzen began to talk. "Remember, you are representing your villages during these exams", he said, keeping his eye on Naruto. Stepping back, Hiruzen started to question if he should pull Naruto out of the exams, but he stopped thinking about it. He isn't allowed to pull Naruto out of the exams unless he wants to be out of it himself, so he will just have to wait and see what Naruto chooses to do.

Back with Hayate and the genin, Kabuto stepped out claiming his chakra reserves were low. But everyone else stayed.

AN: I will only be focusing on Naruto's match, all the matches before and after that have the same outcome as they did in cannon.

The names on the screen landed on Naruto Uzumaki, and Kiba Inuzuka.

"Will Naruto Uzumaki and Kiba Inuzuka please come down to the arena," Hayate said.

Kiba jumped up and down, "We got an easy match Akamaru! There's no way the dead last can beat us!" he exclaimed. Kiba took a closer look at Naruto, "And it looks like he only has one arm!" Kiba started to laugh, "He's definitely not beating us!".

Pointing this out, everyone (not including the jonin and team 7) looked over at Naruto.

"He doesn't have an arm?! Only a loser would lose one, might as well drop out now you're going to get destroyed" Ino said scoffing.

"I would have to agree, you will not come out of this fight as the winner," Neji said.

"Good luck Naruto",Hinata whispered.

Naruto just started to make his way down to the arena. Not really paying them any mind.


"Hurry up and forfeit, you are going to lose and I don't want to have to beat you too badly. Kiba said.

Naruto said nothing and just unsheathed his chokoto before dropping into his Taekwondo stance.


"A chokoto is a very interesting weapon to wield, where did he get it from though?" Kakashi thought to himself.

"I didn't know you trained that brat in kenjutsu," Kurenai said to Kakashi.

"I didn't" is all Kakashi could get out before Hayate started the match.


"Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: All-Fours Jutsu" Kiba said, getting down on all fours.

Kiba rushed at Naruto with Akamaru by his side, "Take this!" he said as he jumped up and came back down with a punch. But before he could make contact with Naruto a kick landed on his face making him fall back down.

Before he could recover Naruto rushed at him and threw a body kick at him making him tumble to the side. Naruto continued to rush at him and got on top of him, putting his sword to Kiba's neck.

"Forfeit," Naruto said in a cold voice.


Everyone was in shock.

"What happened to you in that forest Naruto?" was the question everyone had in mind.

"He could never do that before!" Ino and Sakura exclaimed.

"Wow Naruto!" Hinata thought.


"What have you been teaching him, Kakashi?" Kurenai asked after seeing her student get destroyed.

"Not that," Kakashi muttered.


"I..I..I,AKAMARU!" Kiba screamed, throwing a black pill at his dog companion before pushing Naruto off and taking one for himself.


"Kakashi, the show is over," Kurenai said, chuckling. "He lost, he can't beat Kiba when he and Akamaru get serious, people like Naruto can't beat them".

Still keeping his eyes on the match Kakashi replies, "Maybe you're right, maybe you aren't, Naruto is the most unpredictable ninja in the leaf".


Akamaru ran over to Kiba and jumped on his back. "Here we go, Akamaru!". He makes a tiger hand sign and there is a poof of smoke.

"Human Beast Clone!" Kiba yelled as the smoke went away. And what once stood with one Kiba and one dog was now 2 Kiba's?

Naruto sat there for a quick second and thought about what he could do. No doubt they will both come at him at once, but the moment he can take the real Kiba out of the equation that will also take Akamaru out of it.

But before he could continue his thoughts he got hit with knees to the head and stomach, making him fly back also making him lose grip of his sword. While he was in mid-air he heard a Kiba say "Fang over fang!" and he saw 2 spinning Kiba's coming right at him.

Naruto managed to maneuver himself in between the Kiba's attacks, but still managed to get hit on the stomach.

Naruto landed on the ground, he didn't get hurt too bad, just some scrapes. Naruto looks to find where the Kiba's went and sees them coming straight to him.

He runs and starts dodging out of the way and keeps moving, getting minor injuries like scrapes and cuts, until the Kiba's stop, standing a good distance away from each other and breathing heavily.


"What is Naruto doing! He mind as well give up he can't win" Ino scoffed.

"Well Ino, if you look closely, Naruto is starting to tire Kiba and Akamaru out, while he's not as tired himself. Good strategy if you ask me" Asuma said.

"He still won't win," Ino said, scoffing again, crossing her arms.

"I would have to agree with Ino, even though Naruto caught him off guard Kiba is still miles ahead of him" Kurenai said looking at Kakashi smirking.

Kakashi just sat there, still watching the match.


Naruto looked at the Kiba's, seeing them tired rushes straight at them. On his way he picks up his sword (not cleanly at all mind you) . He first runs to the Kiba on the left, who is too tired to react in time, sending two kicks to his ribs. Then he kicks him once more in the stomach making him go back a little bit, stopping belly up on the ground.

Meanwhile the other Kiba is trying his best to get over to where Naruto is and when he finally gets there Naruto's sword is pointed at his neck.

"Forfeit, or I'll kill your dog" Naruto said right as Akamaru turned back to his dog form.

Kiba looks down, "I'm not losing to the deadlast" Kiba said, throwing an uppercut.

Naruto leaned his head back then kicked Kiba in the ribs once and once again in the face. Knocking him out this time.

Akamaru ran over to Kiba and layed down with him quietly whimpering. Hayate came up and said "Kiba is unable to continue the match, therefore the winner is Naruto Uzumaki".

As the medical team started to come out to get Kiba, Naruto walked back up to the waiting area.

"So about Kiba winning?" Kakashi said, looking at Kurenai, giving her a eye smile.

Kurenai glared at Kakashi, not saying anything.

"It was luck," Sakura began, "Naruto could never do that before, and he'll never be able to do it again".

"Yeah! Sasuke would have knocked him out even earlier!" Ino said, adding to Sakura's claim.

Kakashi looked at the pair, "You two have no place to speak, neither of you made it to the finals and you're talking about Naruto who did. Pitiful" he said.

Both Ino and Sakura just looked down, saying nothing.

But over in the corner the youngest of the sand siblings was muttering something that sounded like, "Me and mother want his blood, we will get his blood" or something along those lines.

-Skip to the end of all matches-

After the match between the cousins Hinata Hyuga and Neji Hyuga, and an amazing match between Rock Lee and Gaara and a clean sweep match by Choji and Dosu everyone knew all the winners were people who shouldn't be taken lightly.

All of the winners made their way down to the middle of the arena where the proctors and the hokage were waiting for them.

"I congratulate everyone who is moving on to the chunin exam finals", Hayate said.

"As do I, but now I will explain the final round of this year's chunin exams" Hiruzen started. "The chunin exams have always been representing the strength of you ninjas, being a substitute for war. The final round will be one on one matches, taking place one month from now. Giving each participant time to train and recuperate from their injuries. Hayate will come around with a box and you will take out a paper and say the number that is on the card. Your number will decide your opponent for your next fight. Because we have an odd number of contestants, one of you will not have to fight until the 2nd round." Hiruzen said.

Hayate walked around with a box having each contestant take one, when he finished he said "Will everyone read their cards please".

Naruto went first, "One" he said.

Kakashi, who was standing in for Sasuke, said "Eight".

Shino said"Seven".

Shikimaru said "Six"

Neji said "Nine"

Dosu went after and said "Five"

Kankuro said,"Three"

"Temari said, "Four".

Lastly Gaara said "Two" in a creepy tone that made some shiver.

Anko walked out with a paper with the bracket of the finals.

The first match would be between numbers 3 and 7,the second match would be between numbers 8 and 5, the third match would be between 9 and 4, and the last match would be between 1 and 2. Number 6 will be the one having a free match. Winners of matches one and two will go against each other in the second round, winners of match four would fight number 6 and then go on to fight the victor of match three.

After everyone figured out who they would be fighting they all looked at their opponent. Everyone locked eyes and they all had the same thought in mind.

"I'm going to beat you"

Except for Gaara, his thoughts were some weird stuff like "I'm gonna kill you".

"We will see you all in a month, we cannot wait for the fights" The hokage said as everyone turned away to leave.

While Naruto was leaving Kakashi came up to him and started talking, "You mind telling me where you got the new clothes,sword and fighting style from?" he questioned.

"I'll tell you sooner or later, but I think the best thing I need to do now is train my ass off. There's no chance I'll beat Gaara if I don't" Naruto replied.

Kakashi nodded, "I can't help you directly but I think you should do some research on Tailed Beasts, and Jinchūriki. Because he is one of them" he said, pointing at Gaara.

Naruto nodded and started to walk off, before he got too far he said "Thank you Kakashi-sensei" then he walked off.

Naruto arrived at the cave where he first met the voice and walked inside.

"I'm here," he said.


"Are you here?" he asked.

"I am here. Who will your opponent be for the upcoming round of the chunin exams? Actually don't answer that question. We will be training to beat everyone in a clean sweep" the voice said.

"Okay, when do we start?" Naruto asked.

There was silence for a little bit, then the voice spoke up, "Now" the voice said then 2 75 pound weights and 1 50 pound weight were thrown to Naruto's feet. Put the two heavier ones on your ankles and the lighter one on your wrist. We will be starting with taijutsu, then kenjutsu, both full speed, chakra control, we will then train your Ketsuryugan and lastly we will start practicing your hand seals with one hand. Now hurry up so we can start"

Naruto nodded and started to put on the weights. "You gonna keep the lights off this time?" Naruto asked.

"If you can see in the dark, you will be able to see in the lights" the voice said.

"What?" Naruto asked not getting it.

"Yes the lights will stay off" the voice said, shaking its head in the darkness.

Naruto sighed.

"Let's get to it then".

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