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Summary: How about Videl's mother is alive and a normal Human. Gohan and Videl's highschool lives will be full of more mayhem that's for sure.

The Difference a Mother can make

Chapter one: All in one hour

Ah yes, here we are in the peaceful Satan City where dawn is soon to rise. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and everyone is having a serene sleep…guess again.

In the real Satan City it was the usual early morning traffic and noisiness. We all know no one would enjoy this, especially our very own Videl Amber Satan. She was in her room having a peaceful slumber until a lady decided to wake her daughter up.

"Videl! You have to wake up now!"

"Ugh mother, why cant you just let me sleep," a girl with black hair and bluish violet eyes mumbled.

Videl's mother sat on her daughter's huge bed and pushed her gently. "Because the first day of school is starting shortly," she whispered.

Videl's eyes shot open and she immediately jumped up and started changing. "AH, OH NO, I AM GOING TO BE LATE!" Her mother just laughed at her lightly, "and why do you find this funny?"

"Videl dear, you still have a hour and a half. I just woke you up early for breakfast." She said.

Videl sighed and calmed down. "Mou kassan, you scared me."

Videl's mother laughed and walked out of her daughter's room. Videl's mother looked so much like Videl herself. She had long black hair, which she always put in a traditional bun with curls, a sort of creamy tan skin color, violet eyes, and she was fairly short just like Videl.

Videl went into her closet to pick out what she would wear for the first day of senior year. It was a brand new year and she wanted to at least find someone that wouldn't use her or do anything to break her heart. Yet, Videl wasn't exactly like her perky friend Erasa. Videl was more like her friend Melanie. Melanie and Videl were practically twins.

Melanie had black eyes that were somewhat cold and ruthless, shoulder length black hair, which she usually put up, and she too had creamy tan skin. She had a charming personality, and she was full of pride. Melanie had a rough past that she barley talks about. She is basically on her own in the world and only her friends are there to support her.

Videl decided on picking black Capri pants and a red tank top with her black converses. She grabbed her cell phone and capsules and headed down stairs to eat breakfast.

@Son residence@

"Nichan, come on, kassan said breakfast is ready," said a hyperactive seven year old.

"Hold on their squirt, I just need to grab some things and I'll be right down." Said a teen with black hair and coal eyes.

"Ok Gohan, but don't get mad at me when kassan starts yelling," said the little boy while walking down stairs.

Gohan sighed and grabbed his bag. This was his first day of a real school. He just went shopping yesterday to these stores Bulma recommended to him. So he decided to pick out some kaki cargo pants with blue DC shirt that fitted perfectly, and a necklace, which had a huge Z on it. He grabbed his cell phone, capsules, and his wallet and went down stairs.

"Gohan hurry up and eat or you're going to be late," said Chichi. She took one look at Gohan and sighed. "Honestly Gohan, you could have picked out some decent cloths."

"Mother, it isn't a beauty pageant."

"I know, but still people will think your just some ruffian or thug the way you're dressed."

"Oh come on," he said between chews, "everyone is going to be dressed differently."

"I guess your right, but what about the girls. You know I really want a grandchild."

Gohan spit out his food, which he almost choked on, "Mother, please, I'm not even old enough to think about a wife let alone a kid!"

"Nonsense Gohan. Your father and I married at the age sixteen…" Chichi said and had that dreamy look in her eyes.

"Yeah, cause you two were crazy," he mumbled under his breath.

"What was that Gohan?"

"Oh I am going to be late for school…bye!" Gohan soon flew out into the sky and off to Satan city he went for his new school.

@Satan house hold.@

"Come on Videl, you need to get a move on," said Videl's mother.

"I'm going, I'm going."

All of a sudden a man with a huge fro came out in a tacky maroon gi. "Good morning Amber," he said as he hugged and kissed his wife, "Morning sweet pea."

"Morning dad. I got to go, bye all." Videl said and walked out of her home to meet up with her friends.

"Hercule, honestly, you should cut down on the whole Cell thing. I mean it wasn't really you who defeated him," Amber said.

"I know dear, especially when the little kid lost his dad before his eyes. I feel sorry for him and I tried to ask his name, but they flew away before I could say anything."

"I suppose your right, but I still say we should spend more time together. Videl's school is throwing a carnival in honor for the World Marshal Arts Tournament. How about we take some time out to go with her, or on a picnic." Amber said gently.

"I guess, I really don't want to drift away too much with her."

"And the carnival will be a good place for her to meet someone," Amber said mischievously.

Hercules eyes widened in shock, "Oh no! My little girl is too young to be even thinking about them! No sir re, she isn't going to meet anyone."

"Whatever, I need to get to the Capsule shop. I heard Bulma Briefs is going to come to my shop, but I doubt it," Amber said.

"Yeah and I have to get to the dojo for training the little ones."

Both hugged and kissed each other good-bye and took off for their own day of events.


Gohan had just landed at the step of his new school. Orange Star High school was full of fresh new people. He saw a couple of lines when he walked in. He figured these are the lines to get the schedules, so he went into the senior one to wait. In front of him a girl caught his eyes. She had black hair and the most magnificent eyes. In Gohan's perspective, she was radiant, charming, and alluring. As you guessed it was…

"Come on Videl, were almost next," said another girl with black hair.

"Hold on Melanie I need to get something out of my bag," said Videl.

"Videl-san, can we please go to your mom's shop after school," asked a blond headed girl.

"Erasa, why would you want to go there?" Videl said as she raised an eyebrow.

"Because Melanie told me Bulma Briefs might be there," Erasa said in a hushed voice.

"Melanie! I told you not to tell anyone! Grrrr," Videl was angry.

"Erasa! I told you not to tell Videl!" Melanie said and smacked Erasa over the head.


Gohan noticed that it was the girl's turn and decided to point that out. "Um excuse me, but it's your turn."

All three turned around and gasped at Gohan. Erasa was immediately attached to Gohan, and Melanie was trying to restrain herself. Videl on the other hand was gawking at Gohan but immediately pulled Erasa away.

"Erasa you already have a boyfriend!" Videl hissed. She then looked at Gohan. "I am sorry for my friends behavior, and thanks." Videl could see Gohan blushing.

"No problem," he said.

"By the way, I am Videl, and that's Erasa and Melanie," Videl said.

"Nice meeting you all, I am Gohan."

Videl turned back around and got her schedule along with Erasa and Melanie. Gohan finally got his and he was a little lost. Videl noticed this and decided to help him out.

"Your new aren't you?"

"Yeah, this is actually my first time in a real public school." Gohan said.

The three girls were shocked at first but calmed down. "Well let me take a look at your schedule," Videl said. All three of them peeked at the paper and smiled.

Melanie decided to speak up for once. "Hey, you have all of my classes except one which you have with Videl."

Videl was really excited in the inside and was jumping with joy, figuratively, but on the outside she smiled. "Well Gohan, I guess you are pretty lucky that you know at least three people in your classes."

The girls dragged Gohan along when the bell rang signaling the kids to go to homeroom. They stopped at room A-6 and opened the doors. Kids were just filling up in the classroom and the four picked a table and sat down.

Soon two more boys joined them, one with blond and one with brown. The blond one sat next to Erasa and the brown sat next to Melanie. Gohan sat in between Videl and Melanie.

"Ok class, welcome to the first day as seniors." The whole class shouted and clapped. "Yes, yes, quiet down. I am your homeroom teacher Mr. Li, and this is practically like study hall. You can do whatever you please as long as it is not violent. The place you are sitting is permanent, so I hope you chose wisely."

All the students cheered for their cool teacher Mr. Li. Soon everyone started up a conversation.

"Hey Melanie, Erasa, whose he?" the brown haired boy asked.

"Oh yeah, this is Gohan, he is new to the school," Melanie said and started pointing out everyone. "Gohan, he is Eric and the blond one is Sharpner. Eric is my boyfriend as Erasa is Sharpner's."

"Yo homie, nice meeting you yo," Eric, said.

Melanie sighed and smacked Eric over the head, "Ugh, I knew I shouldn't have seen all those thug movies with you."

"Hey man, nice meeting you," Sharpner said and shuck Gohan's hand. (Yes, Sharpie isn't a jerk.)

"You too," Gohan said.

Gohan was happy, he made five new friend all in an hour. Over the hour, they got to know each other more and more. But yes, the hour ended, luckily they had the same schedules.

"Aw man, we have P.E. next," Erasa complained.

"Oh its not that bad," everyone said in unison.

They all made their way to the locker rooms. The girls and boys made their separate ways and got their uniforms from before. So they changed and waited for their teacher to finally come.
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