Yo! Welcome to my first historic fiction AzuDai fic (inspired by Taisho Baseball Girls). If you're confused, do some research!

April, Taisho 8

In a neighborhood in Tokyo, there was a two-story house. The first floor was a large restaurant as if it was a high-end yoshoku restaurant, while the second floor is where the owner and his family live and sleep. And in one room, a 15-year-old girl was sleeping on her futon. She has dark brown, mid-length hair and large brown eyes. She was currently in a pink yukata (it was her pajamas), and she was dozing off.

"Tomo," her mother called, "We have something special for you."

Tomo woke up and went downstairs. She then saw her parents, older brother and sister, twin sister, and younger brother all dressed in western-style clothes. "Dad, mom, why are you two and all of my siblings wearing those outfits?!" She said before her father gave her a sailor fuku.
"Tomo, since Japan is modernizing at a rapid rate," her father explained, " We decided to give you a sailor fuku!"

Tomo's eyes widen, she snatched the sailor fuku, and went upstairs. She then came back with the sailor fuku on.

"Tomo onee-chan," her little brother, Sosuke, asked, "Shouldn't-"

But Tomo was already gone.

"Christ, she's already gone"

Tomo was now running in the streets of Taisho Tokyo and started to sing that song:

"Maru-no-Uchi is the center of Tokyo!

The Imperial Diet lives in Hibiya Park!

If you're a little stylish, The Imperial Theatre is where you'll be.

The Metropolitan Police Department lives at that stately palace!

Babasaki-mon is there, the government ministries are all in a row.

The Marine Building and train station are also there…

The steam trains chug out from the station – where are they going?

This freaky empire is shitty as fuck, pai no pai no pai!

Parisian coats and bananas, I want to fry them all!

Prosperous Asakusa is in Tokyo, too.

It has Kaminarimon, shrine shops, and Sensouji.

The pigeons coo, and the old lady sells their food.

Movies, skyscrapers, and the Asakusa amusement park.

Sushi, okoshi, beef, and tempura.

'What's with you, you brute!' 'Officer, come quickly!'

Pilfering from the pickpockets and the beggars…

This freaky empire is shitty as fuck, pai no pai no pai!

Parisian coats and bananas, I want to fry them all!"

Tomo then woke up her sleep. And she noticed that the alarm clock was past eight.


She took off her yukata and started to change into her high school uniform. She first put on her white naga juban, then the salmon pink kimono and orange obi, and finally, she put on a maroon hakama. She then put a pink bow in her hair and when downstairs to the kitchen.

At the restaurant kitchen, Tomo's father and mother were preparing not only her lunch but also a large pot of cholent.

"Good morning, Dad! Good morning Mom!" Tomo greeted her parents.

"Good morning, Tomo," Tomo's mom, Rie Takino, greeted one of her three daughters, "How was your sleep?"

"Mom, I had that dream again."

"Oh, the dream where you were wearing a sailor fuku?"

"Yeah, and I was singing that song!"

"You mean that Tokyo Bushi song?!" Tomo's dad, Toshiyo Takino, said, "Whoa Rie, we got a liberal in the family!"

"I know, Toshiyo-kun, and she'll grow up in a prosperous empire like this one!"

"Mom, dad! Stop the lovey-dovey stuff already! I'm going to be late for school!"

"Oh, sorry dear," Rie said, giving her daughter's lunch, "I don't want you to be late for your first day of high school."

"Well then, bye mom, bye dad!"

Tomo then ran out of the restaurant. She knew full well that a girl like her mustn't run in the streets. But she doesn't listen to those traditionalists. No, she'll rather listen to her heart, for that is what her parents taught her to do.

She finally got to the school gates, catching her breath when she saw her childhood friend, Koyomi Mizuhara, also catching her breath. The girl was taller than Tomo, with light brown waist-length hair. She was wearing glasses on her face, and she was wearing the same outfit as Tomo.

"Morning Tomo," She greeted.

"Morning Yomi!" Tomo did the same, "So, did you run here?!"

"Look Tomo, I had to run here. My alarm clock wasn't working this morning."

"Mine too!"

"Tomo, looks like the principal is coming towards us."

"You mean that Meiji-headed prick who tells girls not to run?!"

"Yep, and he needs to get his head out of that era."

"I agree with that, Yomi! The Meiji period already passed, so-"

"Are you ladies running vulgarly to my school?!" The principal shouted, "Your parents should really-"

Just then, an older woman with wavy dark brown waist-length hair and wearing a feminine dress suit ran past the principal, grabbing both Tomo and Yomi with her.

"MISS YUKARI TANIZAKI!" The principal shouted again, "You know that-"

"Sorry, I'm late!" Yukari interrupted, "Plus I'm bringing these two into my classroom!"

The principal then sighed, "Women these days, always running instead of daintily walking. It's disgusting!"

In the classroom, Tomo and Yomi got to their seats while Yukari was writing something on the chalkboard. The two teens see that three of the desks are student-less.

"Say Yomi," Tomo told her friend, " Do you think we will have some transfer students coming here?!"

Yomi then looked at Tomo and shrugs.

After the class murmurs, Yukari slams her hand on the desk. "Listen, y'all! I'm Yukari Tanizaki, and I'll be your homeroom and English teacher for your first year of high school! Now, you may notice that three of the desks here are empty. Well, that's because we have some transfer students coming here to join our little class of both female and male students! But, only one of them is coming today. The other two are coming here tomorrow, so be patient!"

Just then, the door slides open, and the students saw the new student: A small little girl with red hair styled into two, football-shaped pigtails. She then walked into the classroom, and the students were amazed. "A ten-year-old" one of them would say, "in our class?" Still, the small girl walked up to the front of the class.

"Privet," the little girl said, " I'm Chiyo Mihamovsky, and it's a pleasure to meet you all."

The students were in awe. That transfer student must be from Russia, but not the current, war-riddled version of it in the present day. No, they were thinking about the Russian Empire. They sensed a noble air to that little girl, despite wearing the same uniform as the other girls in the classroom. The girl then sits at the desk assigned to her.

Later that day, it was study hall. Two girls, one with short hair named Chihiro and the other with braided pigtails named Kotori, were struggling with their English work.

"Kotori-chan," Chihiro said to her friend, "I don't understand this problem!"

Kotori then sighed, "Geez, if only there's someone who can help us!"

"Ah, I could help you two," Chiyo said, "Dad taught me some English, so I could help you."

Then, Yukari saw Chiyo help Chihiro and Kotori with their classwork, "Ah, you two are teaching Chiyo-chan something. It's very good to help the new student get adjusted to-"

"Yukari-sensei," Chiyo politely interrupted, "I'm actually helping these two out."

"OH MY GOD! UNBELIEVABLE!" Yukari shouted in English, which weirded out the three girls.

During lunch, Tomo and Yomi were underneath the sakura tree, eating their lunch when they saw Chiyo coming up to them.

"Ah, Mihamovsky-san," Yomi said, "You're going to join us for lunch?"

"Uhm, I'm kinda confused about you calling me 'Mihamovsky-san'," Chiyo said, "But, I'll gladly join you two!"

"Well well, the little transfer student decided to sit with us for lunch!" Tomo said, eating some curry and tamagoyaki, "So, show me your lunch!"

Chiyo then opened her lunch box, and Yomi and Tomo were amazed at her lunch. It was beef stroganoff with pelmeni, but it was nicely arranged. "I made all of this myself, along with my father!" the little girl said.

"Hey, I usually make my lunch with my dad as well!" Tomo added.

"Oh, that's wonderful!" Chiyo said with such enthusiasm, "Say, do you two play sports around here?"

Yomi and Tomo then looked at each other and Yomi then looked at Chiyo.

"Uh, other than a track team," the bespectacled girl said, "We don't have any sports clubs here. Well, any that are all-girls."

"Why is that, Mizuhara-san?" Chiyo asked.

Tomo then interrupted Yomi for the answer: "You see, our principal doesn't like it when girls run. He wants our education to be focused on 'being proper ladies', which is totally wrong! We live in the Taisho period! We're allowed to have gender equality! So, I want to form a club to represent the true power of girls!"

Chiyo then looked at Tomo. Despite her wearing Japanese clothing, she shows ideals of the Western. Such vigor, such energy.

"Tomo," Yomi said, "You do know that-"

"Yomi, this is not the time to interrupt!"

"Ah, Takino-san, Mizuhara-san, what's the popular sport in Japan?" Chiyo asked.

"Baseball," both of the older girls answered.

"So, let's form a baseball club!"

"I don't know, Mihamovsky-san. We're in a bad position. The principal doesn't want us to run, even though there's an all-girls track team."

"Ah, poor Yomi. Anything is possible…"

"Okay Tomo, we're forming the team!"

And so, a grand Taisho story epic will begin. A Russian girl and her two Japanese friends will fight for gender equality in the form of a baseball team.

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