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In the mansion, the girls were in the dining room as Chiyo brought some black tea and sushki.

"Here you go," Chiyo said, "Some black tea with lemon and sushki!"

"Thanks for the tea, Chiyo-chan!" The older girls thanked Chiyo.

"You're welcome."

When Sakaki drank her tea, she sees Maya napping on her lap, and she blushed.

"Sakaki-san," Kaorin said as she inched near Sakaki, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Sakaki answered, "I'm perfectly okay… and I can't move…"

"Kagura-chan if ya know that the pikanya came for Nishihyou-," Ayumu started.

"It's 'Iriomote', Ayumu," Kagura corrected.

"Oh, mah bad. As Ah was sayin', if the pikanya came from Iriomote Island, then how did he get here?"

"Well, on the ship I came in, I usually see a brown cat on board. Maybe he jumped on a fishing boat that went from Iriomote to Okinawa, and then he hopped on to the boat to Yamato."

Chiyo then looked at her teacup, and then she started to have a flashback.

"Papa," Chiyo said as her mother dressed her in rags, "Where are we going?!"

"Out of this county, my dear!" Mr. Mihamovsky answered, "The Bolsheviks are targeting every single noble in the country, including us! Our riverboat ride out of this land is almost coming, and our house in the new country is already built."

"But Papa, what about our stuff, and Mr. Tadakichi?!"

"Don't worry, Chiyo. We're bringing all of our stuff, including Mr. Tadakichi and our wealth.

"Our wealth?"

"I'll explain it to you at another time. For now, let's get out of here!"

"Chiyo-chan," Ayumu said to the little girl, "What's wrong with ya?"

"Oh, nothing, Ayumu-san," Chiyo answered, "It's absolutely nothing."

Ayumu then looked at her teacup and then sips some tea.

"Sakaki," Yomi said, "Are you planning to keep Maya at your place?"

"Although he's technically my pet cat, " Sakaki explained, " I can't keep him at my place since mom doesn't like cats."

"So if the kitty cat can't stay at your house," Tomo said, "Then what should we do with him?!"

Yomi's glasses then fog up as she looked at Tomo and put the smuggest look on her face. "Why not let Maya stay at your house? He clearly loves you."

"Oh no, Yomi! That cat is not going in my house! Not on my watch!"

"Yomi-san, Tomo-san!" Chiyo shouted, "We should do a vote to make it fair for everybody."

"I'm down with that, Chiyosuke! All of you must vote against me owning this evil little kitty!"

And then, Sakaki, Kaorin, Chiyo, and Tomo herself vote against that decision, while Yomi, Kagura, Chihiro, and Kotori voted for Tomo owning Maya. But, the only person that didn't vote was an eye-floater chasing Ayumu.

"Ayumu!" Tomo and Yomi both shouted at the same time.

Ayumu then turned around to see an angry Tomo and Yomi behind her.

"What is this time?" Ayumu asked.

"Ayumu! You better vote against me owning that cat!" Tomo shouted, "And if you vote against me, you'll get free food!"

"Ayumu, don't listen to her," said Yomi, "In fact, if you vote for Tomo owning Maya, I can help you study better."

Ayumu took in all of the information into her brain and started to think about it:

"So, if Ah voted for Tomo-chan, then Yukari-sensei wouldn't kill me for havin' bad grades in English. But then, Tomo-chan would hate me, and she must kick me out of the baseball team. But then, free food would be nice… curry rice… katsudon… croquettes… hamburger steak… melon pan… pudding a la mode… omurice… "

"Ayumu!" shouted a still angry Tomo and Yomi, "Have you made your choice yet?!"

"Tomo-chan, Ah'm votin' for ya, " Ayumu said, patting Tomo's shoulder, "Besides, Ah want the free food."

"AYUMU!" Tomo shouted, "YOU FOOL!"

"Welp, it's settled then," Yomi huffed and crossed her arms, "Tomo, you're keeping Maya until we graduate from high school."

"NOOOO!" Tomo cried as she dropped to the floor, "Ayumu… I hate you…"

"Tomo-san!" Chiyo said, "You can't just hate on Ayumu-san just because she made a mistake."

"Made a mistake… MADE A MISTAKE?! Chiyosuke, that cat ate a full turkey and scratched me and my dog! I can't keep him in my house! HE'S EVIL!"

"Made a mistake?" Ayumu said, " Ah didn't know that Ah made Tomo-chan live with the pikanya."

"It's pikarya, Ayumu," Kagura corrected Ayumu again.

"Well, don't worry about me," Tomo sadly said, "I'll get the basket and morn in my bathtub about this disaster!"

At Tomo's house, the wildcat idiot was relaxing in her bathtub, trying to forget about the voting incident. But then, she sees Maya walking into the bathroom.

"Hey pussy cat!" Tomo shouted, "What are you doing here?!"

Maya didn't respond, instead, he jumped onto the table and into the bathtub. Then he started to swim in the water. Tomo couldn't believe her eyes. A cat… swimming in the water? Now that's something nobody has seen before.

"Huh, I didn't know you could swim," Tomo said to Maya, "I guess living in the swamps and mangrove forests of a tropical island can make you such a good swimmer! Maybe Kagura is a good swimmer if she came from Okinawa… better ask her that later."

Tomo then rubbed some subs on Maya, giving the little kitten a nice bath. She then realized that Maya scratched her because he was afraid of her, not because he hated her.

After the bath, Tomo dried herself up, and Maya shook the water off of his body, which made Tomo giggled a little bit as she helped Maya dry up. She then put on her yukata for bedtime, though Maya started to play with the obi of the yukata, and Tomo couldn't help but laugh at Maya's cute antics.

Soon, the both of them are in the bedroom, and Tomo laid on the futon. Then, Maya started to meow.

"Maya, you're hungry?" Tomo asked the yamamaya, in which the cat nodded. Tomo then sighed, "Welp, I can't give you a whole turkey, but I might give you some leftover kakuni!"

And with that, Tomo went down to the kitchen to get some kakuni from the refrigerator and she then went upstairs with a platter of kakuni for Maya.

"Here you go buddy," Tomo said as she placed done the plate, "A midnight snack for you!"

Maya sat down and ate the pork. Tomo then looked at the kitten's amber eyes. She sensed an aura to the cat that she originally had as a child. At the same time, Maya looked at Tomo's eyes. The little kitten saw some of his mother in Tomo, although Sakaki is the better mother figure than her. But, he doesn't mind, he was eating his well-deserved snack.

Then, the wildcat idiot looked at the moon out on from her bedroom window. She then grabbed the moon with her hands, like it was a baseball.

"One day…" Tomo said to the moon, "I'll be in the World Series, raising from the lowest of lows…"

And with that, Tomo laid on her futon and cuddling Maya like a teddy bear, before falling into a peaceful sleep.

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