Will and the word

Chapter one

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The battle had raged through the night, In the end, it was a running battle between Harry and Voldemort as the first light of dawn's light beginning to peak over the horizon the two stood on the bridge that led into Hogwarts. Both combatants cut, battered, and bruised. In Harry's case, you could add physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. As they circled the battlefield Harry had witnessed a veritable sea of corpses.

"Harry Potter you have been a magnificent opponent. However, I do have a world to conquer and cannot do so if I am engaged with you." The dark lord spoke an uncharacteristic smile graced his deformed face as he cried out "Arise"

At first, Harry could see no discernible effect only moments later Harry was dodging not only pot-shots from Voldemort but having to put down the dead as they tried to swarm him. When the dust settled, he encountered his worst nightmare Neville, Ginny, Luna, Ron, and Hermione were all animated and he could feel the taint of what had been done and knew what he had to do. He Dropped to his knees "Munda et Sana Terram, Signum hoc malum in aeternum" he screamed slamming his hand into the ground.

The flash of light that accompanied his spell was felt around the world as he cleansed not just the three lines that met at Hogwarts but every line on the planet flared. The power released from the lines came in a flash and the sound of thunder crashing as a wave of power burst out from harry in every direction reducing anything tainted to ash. When the light faded there was no sign that Hogwarts ever existed Harry Potter lay sprawled on the ground bleeding from his many wounds

In Between Moments

Death looked down at the boy that inherited the three items she had given the three brothers all those eons ago. She gathered him in her arms noting he was far too light for his age, smaller and far more fragile than he should have been. He needed a chance to heal to be whole. To find there was more to life than death and war. Death turned and walked through a portal that appeared by will. Stepping through opening out onto a Large Balcony that hung above Maelstrom Around a great table sat Eight Men of varying ages

The eldest of them stood "My Lady" He said with a bow "Why have you brought this young man to us. You know as well as we do not have the power to return the dead."

"My lord Ul this one is not dead. He is as the disciples of Aldur are." She said Laying him down on a bed that had appeared. "Never in the time since I took up my task have, I asked for anything. Today I come before you to ask Both Eriond and Aldur to look after this young man help him heal, and find there is more to life than slaughter and death."

"Could he not find it on his world?" Aldur asked quietly seeing her sad shake of the head "I mean no offense, My lady"

"No, he will never find peace where he once called home," Eriond said in low voice "He is in so much pain. So much loss. He does not… How could anyone let him get to this point?"

"It is my fault" Death admitted the sadness lacing her voice "Long ago More years than I remember. Three brothers were on my list to be taken crossing a river. What I did not know was they were Mages of no small power. Using their gifts, they surpassed the obstacle that meant to kill them. As a "Reward" I offered each brother a gift the first brother wanted a wand that would make him unbeatable so I made him a wand from the limb of an elder tree and the hair of a thestral He set out from that place and fought far and wide always bragging about his wand. One night his lover a cunning young woman slit his throat and stole the wand. The wand has a bloody history finally ending up in young Harry's Hands.

The second brother asked for a way to raise the dead so I picked up a stone from the River carefully shaped and enchanted it so that the user could raise the dead after a fashion. That brother brought back the shade of his wife it but it was sheer torment for her soul and eventually, the second brother committed suicide. As with the Elder wand the stone of resurrection passed through history finally to Harry.

The last brother asked for an item to let him leave there in peace I gave him the cloak off my back which hid him until he was very old. He removed the cloak and passed it to his son he and I left as friends his cloak passed from father to son down through the ages until it passed from James Potter to Harry Potter his son."

"Thou mayest have created the items my lady" Chaldan spoke gravely "Men used those gifts inappropriately"

The others agreed Ul looked at Eriond "The decision lies with you my son. However, were it me I would allow the young man entrance

'This one has fulfilled his destiny allow him now to make a new life.' a voice echoed in the vaults of Eriond's mind. Eriond's eyes grew big. "The necessity spoke to me he has fulfilled his destiny it is time for him to make a life for himself. I will take him home. Polgara and Durnik will know what to do."

"Give them our Love son," Ul said looking at Lady death "I don't think over the Eons we have thanked you enough for the work that you do. You are appreciated my lady"

"Sometimes I hate my work" She admitted "Lives ended before they have a chance to live, Lives ended needlessly"

"Perhaps it is time to pass on the Mantle to one of your children," Ul asked as Eriond carrying Harry Disappeared in a twinkling of lights.

Aldur who had for the most part been silent "You do know Beldaran is visiting the vale right now? between her, Asrana and Allyssa. My newest pupil will not know what hit him."

"Intending to return to your tower for a time?" Ul asked when Aldur nodded "Perhaps we should all visit our people in some manner or another."

Mal Zeth, Capital of Mallorea

The Emperor and Empress of Boundless Mallorea were holding court. Pelath the Blind disciple of Eriond was advising on a matter of punishment when they were all greeted by Eriond appearing in a column of light Carrying a severely wounded young man. "Eriond, who is this and why did you bring him here? And not to the house of healing?" Zakkath concerned for the bloody young man's life"

"My love be gentle this poor soul has endured much and has come with Eriond to heal," Cyradis said laying a hand on Harry's forehead "His body is rife with an infection he burns even now."

"I came to get my Horse I am going to take Him to Polgara and Durnik they raised Garion and me I figure maybe they can help him too" Eriond said his eyes flashed to the yard where his horse appeared to be grazing "Any Messages you would like me to deliver"

The entire court gasped the idea of using one's god as a messenger Eriond picked up on it "I asked since I am heading west."

"We are glad you asked!" Cyradis smiled "Eriond, don't ever change. If you see Ce'nedra and Belgarion ask about the summit in Tol Honeth."

"Yes Ma'am" Was all he said mounting his horse and began to ride away 20 or so feet away and he vanished

Vale of Aldur, on the way Polgara and Durnik's Farm

The day had started like any other for Beldaran when she visited the vale. She rose early helped both Her aunt and uncle with chores around the farm. Watching her uncle work soothed her there was nothing he could not do with his hands. She also spent a great deal of time learning the healing arts from Polgara. She had begun to learn the Will and the Word much to her mother and father's pride and dismay. For as much as she was a Princess of Riva, she was also like other members of her family a budding sorceress.

She had just left her grandparent's towers with her twin cousins Asrana and Allyssa.

"You guys go on I am going to tree I need a little time alone," she said turning toward the center of the vale.

"Bel, are you okay?" Asrana asked worried about her cousin she reached out and put a hand on her shoulder "you can talk to us"

"About anything," Lyssa said softly "you have been distant since you arrived this summer."

"It's nothing," she said shrugging her shoulders "It is something, there are several noble families that have been trying to force my father into negotiating for my hand and all of them have had ties to the bear cult. They know eventually that mother and father will retire from ruling and Geran being single there have been rumors of a possible accident. They see me as a way to the throne"

Whatever they were going to say died on their lips as Eriond and horse appeared in front of them carrying a severely wounded young man "Beldaran thank goodness you are here you can start looking the young man over I need to speak with Aunt Pol" Eriond said laying him on the grass. With a smirk, he remounted and popped away.

"Eriond," She huffed and then began talking to blank air "of course, would you both get his shirt or what's left of it off his body," She asked the twins.

As they did that Beldaran created a bed lifting the young man off the ground she placed the back of her hand across his forehead "He is burning up. He has been through the ringer look at all these cuts and scars."

The girls had just finished stripping to his undergarments and Beldaran was cleaning the wounds touching him made her skin tingle and she could not figure out why so consumed by it she did not hear her aunt or grandmother approach until a gasp from her grandmother grabbed her attention "Grandmother, aunt Pol what is the matter."

"This one has the scent of a pack," Poledra said solemnly "Overshadowed by the scent of death."

"He has a great deal of power." Eriond said quietly "He was brought to us so he could heal as he has fulfilled his destiny it is hopefully time for him to make a life for himself."

"Let me get a sense of who he is" Polgara said as she began reading him and what she saw brought tears to her eyes "Suffered much he has. Your uncle will be here shortly with the wagon. Beldaran, you have done a wonderful job treating his wounds I would say that until someone we know has a baby or loses a limb your training is well in hand. Would you like to assume responsibility for this man's care?"

'Think Carefully before you respond Beldaran this will put you on a path you may not have considered' A voice she did not recognize spoke in her mind she gazed down on him his pain evident in his face and then his eyes opened for one glorious moment and she was lost in emerald orbs 'yes' she thought back

'Done' the voice said again as all of them stood and looking confused.

From a short distance away Eriond smiled and spun his horse disappearing again.