Common Name: Maiasaura

Species: Maiasaura Peeblesorum


Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Reactive

Wild: There has never been a more caring parent, that I've ever seen in animals. Maiasaura will take any baby under their wing, whether it's carnivore or Herbivore and protect it with its last breath. Considered a top tier "Nanny" of the dinosaur world, it has the ability to protect young animals to the point of being near bullet resistant just by being in its presence while also giving a damage resistance buff to nearby babies. A Maiasaura will care for incubating eggs and build nests that will care for fertilized eggs. When in the presence of young, a Maiasaura will also become more aggressive to those who attack gaining resistance to damage. A herd will often use their bodies as protective shields for the young, creating a wall of defense for those inside. Female Maia's will be more aggressive, charging at the attacker, while the males will hold the line. A male will boast quadruple damage resistance, while a female's damage resistance and output will double.

Domesticated: Tribes utilize Maia's for their parenting nature to watch over and protect young creatures, and their amazing nests that incubate Eggs. Maia's extremely protective nature towards the young makes them the perfect bodyguard and parent for them. It will feed even Carnivores as there is nothing more important than a child in the Maia's eyes.