Chapter One: Poetry in boxing

The gloves are on

The arena awaits you

From the illusion of winning

Your head is spinning

The chanting getting louder

You're feeling prouder

The plan was a clean fight

No hitting below the belt

The deal fitting your own self

No more time for flight

The crowd is cheering

You are leering

At the ding of the gong

The fight is on

Dancing around

Pulling punches

No one going down

The referee announces

No one is winning

It is time

To up the ante

The gloves come off

The game now on

You start to scoff

Your mind's set only on the con

Spitting out words of slander

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

Hair being torn

Nails like thorns

Feeling the scorn

Scratching, screaming

Ending only in

Real blood and tearing

No one is winning

It is time

For plan, C

Chapter Two: Into the boxing ring

The crowd had gathered to the annual LAPD charity boxing event. The championship match was finally here. The ring was lit up, the spot lights ready and waiting for the contestants still sitting in their respective corners. Waiting anxiously, rubbing the chalk into their hands. Gloves were assisted on by their assigned service crews.

The gong dinged once and then, the announcer stepped forth into the spot light. Grabbing the mic hanging from the ceiling he started talking with a deep and very carrying voice, making sure everyone knew what was about to begin.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, and all those between, are you ready to r-r-r-rumble?" The MC cheered up the audience.

The crowd went wild, standing up stamping their feet, while cheering and clapping.

"In the left hand corner, weighing in at fifty kilos. Winner from ten separate matches so far. Right from the Major Crimes Unit: Please welcome the fearless Captain Sharon 'Darth' Raydo-oor!"

Sharon Raydor stood into the spotlight with her arms raised, turning a full 360 degrees for all the audience to see her. She was a fan favourite at this point, having won her place to the final in direct wins. And being proud of her achievements so far, a huge grin plastered on her face as she pranced in the light.

The crowd continued to cheer even more wildly now, some of them whistling and stomping their feet even louder if possible.

Finally, Sharon returned to her corner and remained standing there, waiting for her opponent to appear. The announcer continued speaking to the mic.

"On the right hand corner, weighing in at forty-eight kilos. Defending the title of champion from last year! Ladies and Gents, and all others as well, a warm welcome to Special Investigator, Brenda 'Kit Kat' Johnso-oon!"

The crowd was screaming wildly now too, seemingly not sure which their favourite really was at this point, showing their support and admiration for last years champion too.

Brenda Leigh Johnson was basking in the light, doing her turn like her opponent had done a minute ago and letting the crowd get a good look at her before returning to her corner as well. As she turned, she glimpsed at Sharon Raydor's corner. As Brenda caught the Captain's eye, she gave her a wink.

The gong dinged again. The match of the year was finally about to begin.

Chapter Three: Several weeks ago - Sharon Raydor

Captain Sharon Raydor, the current leader of the Major Crimes team was sitting in her office, when her desk phone rang. She looked at the caller id and with a loud sigh, picked up the receiver.

"Captain Raydor." Sharon answered curtly.

"Sharon, my dear, this is your sponsor calling." A snort could be heard from the other end of the line.

The caller was none other than Sharon's sparring partner in the women's gym of the LAPD, Commander Kate Mulligan. She had been Sharon's mentor of sorts, pushing her gradually into the fine art of boxing. Kate was also convinced Sharon should fight in the upon coming annual charity games. Kate had seen great talent in Sharon and, being a long time boxer herself and currently training several of the younger officers, she knew she was right. Sharon, however, had been adamant in not wanting to compete. The reason or rather excuse was, that Sharon did not believe in competitive sports. The truth was, she was in no way or form willing to put herself in a position where she might have to fight against the current champion, her former nemesis and Chief of Major Crimes.

Sharon and Brenda had become what could be called amicable at best just a little before the incident with Philip Stroh and then leading to the Chief's departure soon after that. Since then the duo had had a few dealings during a few cases Brenda Leigh had helped on while she had been working in the DA's office. They had actually had a few drinks and dinner and managed to get a little closer to each other even discussing politely. After that, they had been spending some more time together outside the office as well and becoming what a regular person would call, friends. But then Brenda had taken the position in D.C. and they had not managed to keep in contact due to both of them having busy work schedules and so, soon enough, the contact had been reduced to minimum or rather, non-existent. At least that was the official version for it. And then the former Chief had come back and things had changed, again for them.

"Kate, dear, how nice of you to call!" Sharon knew exactly what the call was about. "But I am afraid you are wasting your time. But my answer is still no."

"Sharon, you know me so well!" Kate laughed out loud on the other end. But, before you give me your final answer of 'no', hear me out first will you dear." Kate could be quite the suave and well, persistent when she wanted something.

Kate had made a deal with the local senator, who would donate a substantial sum of money to the children's hospital if Sharon was willing to take part in the games. The senator, Louise Langley, was a feminist to the bone and a women's right activist. The bonus was, that the senator was also a fan of Sharon's ever since they had met at a banquette several years back. Kate and the senator had also made a little side bet: If Sharon won, the senator would donate double the amount promised. So it was win win all the way, except the reluctance of Sharon to partake in the games. But Kate knew Sharon well and knew pulling out the big guns, i.e. kids, would change her mind.

"Fine, what is it?" Sharon knew there was never an argument to be won with Kate. The point was to listen in and agree to everything, but keep your fingers crossed just in case. And besides, what ever the offer was, Sharon would not compete, that of she was sure.

"Well, you will love this!" Kate started eagerly. "Senator Langley has made the kind offer of donating to the children's hospital if you agree to take part of the charity match!" Kate was short and to the point, knowing this was a cause well worth fighting for and even the formidable Sharon Raydor could not refuse. After all, there were children in play on this one, right!

Sharon sat there, silent for a moment before she could give her friend a reply. She was absolutely annoyed at Kate and the fact of how easily she could pull Sharon's strings. But she also knew Kate had chosen a deserving cause to fight for. Sharon let out another sigh since the phone call had started. She knew she had lost this game at least.

"Alright, you win." Sharon responded. "But, I won't guarantee, nor promise any winning fights, just that I will attend, understood?"

"Understood Captain! That will be more than sufficient!" Kate was exhilarated, and almost saluted her friend over the line, even if there was no one to see it. "But I know you can win, so…" Kate continued but was rudely cut off.

"Kate, Kate, Kate." Sharon started with a low tone shaking her head in the process and also punctuating her friends name knowing it would get her friends full attention as well. "You know as well as I do, that the ladies competing are seasoned fighters and more than one of them have been a champion. Now I know you think I am doing well, but," she paused to make a point of the but, "the women I have sparred with have never competed and most of them are quite new in boxing as well."

Kate did not respond immediately. She knew the real reason Sharon was reluctant to compete. But Kate also knew Sharon had that mean streak in wanting to win, badly. That would probably kick in once she was in the actual competition. After all, there was yet a game to be played where Sharon Raydor would be the looser, at least if she was taking part in the game.

"Well, guess that will have to do, for now." Kate smirked, high-fiving the air and doing a little happy swirl in her chair.

Sharon sighed for the third time. "Yes it will. So, I will see you at the gym, four o'clock sharp then." Sharon reminded Kate that they had practice scheduled later that day.

"See you there Sharon. And thanks!" Kate added.

"No problem. Bye." Sharon ended the call, frustrated but also excited in a way. She did like to compete of course. She always had, especially when younger, there had been all kinds of events from basket ball to softball to even debating. And she had won them all, most of the time anyway. Now she just needed to get over her personal feelings and make her best effort in these games.

Kate smiled widely and looked at the pad in front of her. She had already made a more restrict regimen for Sharon to start preparing for the games. Kate was nothing if not certain in getting her way. And this would also be a lot of fun!

Chapter Four: Several weeks ago, Brenda Leigh Johnson

Former Chief Johnson, now Special Investigator Johnson, Brenda Leigh to her friends, was checking her outfit in the mirror. Pink shoes, pink top and satin boxers, pink of course, and the ensemble complete with pink gloves. Brenda Leigh was ready for her training session. She was busily preparing for the charity event, adamant on defending her title. Boxing was the one thing Brenda took seriously these days. Unlike her current job, which she liked of course, but she had done some attitude adjustments in the past few years and had come to the conclusion work was work and it was time to live a little too. That was around the time she had been introduced to the gym and boxing by some of her new friends in the D.A.s office. And life was looking so much better now that she was in shape and had activities and even friends, outside the office hours. Granted, most of her new friends worked either at the LAPD or DAs office, but still, they were legit friends, so there was that.

"Brenda Leigh, do you think you have some time for some sparring with me today?" Melanie, an intern from the D.A.s office asked her.

"Sure!" Brenda replied to the eagerly awaiting woman standing, oh so very close to her.

Brenda was happy to accommodate the latest addition to their little group at work. She liked the young woman and found her endearing. Especially the way Melanie was going out of her way to cater to every little whim Brenda suggested. It seemed that young Melanie had developed a little crush on the Special Investigator. Brenda found it to be cute and flattering. Not that she would ever encourage the intern to anything intimate, simply because Brenda preferred her women older or at least closer to her own age. She also did not subscribe to inter office relationships either. Not after what her past life had taught her and she had bitterly learnt from her mistakes not to repeat them any more. No, all that was in the past, permanently.

"Cool! I will meet you in the ring in some forty-five minutes then, OK?" Melanie responded, her eyes sparkling with enthusiasm and well, what ever it was.

Melanie was happy the intrepid Special Investigator was willing to spend time for her, especially outside the work place. It made Melanie feel all giddy and exhilarated of the fact Brenda was even talking with her. She felt hot and flustered too, but chucked that off to the fact she had already been exercising for an hour or so. Melanie had been chosen to take part in the charity boxing tournament and was putting all effort in to it now to be in ship shape and Bristol fashion and hoping to win at least some of the matches as she felt this was her game having learnt the thing pretty fast.

Brenda was on her way to the exercise are of the gym when peripheral vision caught Captain Raydor standing on the other side of the large exercise area. Brenda had seen the Captain there a few times before, but had not gone over to say hello. The excuse had been, Brenda had not wanted to break the Captain's concentration while exercising or then she herself had been late for her appointments or what ever the excuse was which had suited her at that very moment. And now, she was busy in getting into shape for the tournament and not having time for idle chat. Yes, that was it! Definitely! Brenda nodded to her well thought excuse and continued towards the opposite area of the gym, trying to keep a low profile and hoping to go unnoticed by the Captain this time around too.

Chapter Five: Over a year ago

The Captain had just stomped out of Brenda's office, slamming the door shut behind her. Brenda was standing frozen in her place, staring at the closed door. She knew she had lied to Sharon, quite frankly, about everything their conversation had entailed. Without much hesitation Brenda darted out of her office and after the Captain. Catching a glimpse of Sharon in the corridor, Brenda was quick on her feet, tailing Sharon. Hoping to catch her and explain, what ever needed to be explained. She wanted to take back the words she had spoken and tell Sharon the truth. After all, she had miscalculated and knowing she was so totally and completely wrong.

Sharon had left Brenda's office quickly, without a warning, without a fight and without as much as a word. She felt a big lump forming in her throat and quickly made her way to the ladie's room. Sharon was on the verge of tears, and come hell or high water, no one would see her cry, not in public at least. Sharon was moving in a fast pace and quickly making her way inside the bathroom and into one of the stalls. She closed the door behind her and slammed herself against the closed door. She felt the sting behind her eyes and tears started rolling down her cheeks. Unmoving in her spot, she let the tears fall where they may and cried, without a sound.

Brenda was just on the tail of Sharon, spotting her entering the bathroom. Brenda made her way inside looking around and finding the area empty apart from the one closed stall. She made her way back to the outer door and placed the maintenance sign, which she found hanging near the door on a hook, on the outside and latching the door from the inside. She was not making too much noise so not to alert Sharon. Brenda knew she was the one inside the occupied stall. She was quiet for a while and listening in for any sounds. When she could not hear any she decided to call for Sharon.


There was no reply.

"Sharon, I know you are in there." Brenda tried again.

Brenda walked closer to the stall, remaining standing near the paper towel dispenser. Listening in for any sounds, but there were none, just silence.

Sharon had been holding her breath from the first moment she had heard Brenda calling her name. She knew Brenda would not give up. And, Sharon knew she could not very well pretend to be someone else either, someone who had just happened to wander into the bathroom in a need of a pee. She decided to step out and face the music. Wiping her tears with toilet paper, she checked herself in the mirror, straightened her attire and gave her hair a once over with her fingers. She flushed the toilet as a cover. Putting on a brave face, she stepped out. Walking directly to the sink to wash her hands, not giving a single glance to her surroundings, but Sharon could still feel Brenda's presence and the gaze on her.

"Sharon..." Brenda's voice was almost a whisper.

"Brenda Leigh, I didn't see you there. Do you need to use the bathroom too?" Sharon asked politely.

Sharon was trying to make a joke of it. Obviously there was no queue and five of the six stalls had been empty. Sharon walked to the towel dispenser and right to where Brenda was still holding her position. Taking a few paper towels out from the machine to wipe her hands, Sharon started to move away from the other woman and out, hoping to make a fast exit.

"Sharon…" Brenda started and approached Sharon, blocking her way. "What I said, before, in the office..."

"That's all fine. No worries, water under the bridge so to speak." Sharon tried to be casual about everything and mostly of the fact, that her feelings had been badly hurt, to the point of crying.

"No, it is not." Brenda replied, her voice still soft.

Brenda stepped even closer to Sharon, leaving them standing almost toe to toe, nose to nose, even though Brenda was a tad shorter.

"Sharon, I am sorry." Brenda started again. "I was angry and stupid and said things, which are not true." She was internally chastising herself of saying all those things out loud in anger and out of spite even.

"It is fine." Sharon tried again, even though the words had hurt her more than she had been prepared for. "It's not like we have been serious about, well any of this..." Sharon was motioning the air between the two of them. "This, what ever it was going on between us."

Brenda looked at Sharon and like the great detective she was, Brenda noticed a few thin streaks in the otherwise perfect makeup on Sharon's face. It was obvious, Sharon had been crying. Brenda reached for Sharon's face, touching it lightly, but Sharon recoiled from the contact, backing up, bumping herself into the vanity. Brenda retracted her hand and pushed it in her pocket like it had been burnt and she was securing it from further injury. Brenda wanted to mend the situation between her and Sharon, now, rather than let Sharon leave angry and thinking the worst about her, which she most likely already did.

"Sharon," Brenda tried again, "I consider what we have a relationship, it's just that lately, both of us have been occupied with other things and..."

Sharon cut her off: "Brenda Leigh, you can make all the excuses you want for yourself, but please do not invent any for me."

From Sharon's point of view, she had made the effort to make the time for them and their, as Brenda put it now, relationship, while Brenda did not. And that was frustrating Sharon and she was sick and tired of all the excuses the other woman seemed to be making and then, there was the ugly fight just now in her office.

"Fine, then I have been so busy with this new job, that *I* have not had the time for us." Brenda finished her sentence, confessing to what ever Sharon thought she had done and was her fault. Granted, this new job had been hard at the beginning, the change back to LA mode and all that, but, she wanted to do better. Much, much better.

"Agreed." Sharon nodded.

"So, what I am asking now is, can we just start over?" Brenda was biting her lip and giving Sharon her best 'I am so very sorry I peed on the carpet' puppy eyed look she could muster.

Sharon did not respond immediately. She was not really buying into the trademark look of Brenda's. But then again, she could not really resist it either. It was one of the most endearing traits of the woman after all.

Suddenly, without any hesitation, Brenda grabbed Sharon by the arms and pressed her against the cold hard surface of the vanity. Latching her mouth onto Sharon's without so much of asking fro permission. Brenda kissed Sharon hard, trying to convey with that her feelings, needs and wants to Sharon. Trying so hard to convince with this, simple action, that everything she said earlier, had been a lie and that she wanted Sharon like nothing else in her life.

Sharon was unable to resist and soon yielded to the fierce and bruising kiss. Brenda let go of the grip on Sharon's arms once she was sure Sharon was not going to resist her, never loosing contact with her lips. Nudging herself firmly between Sharon's legs, opening them wider, Brenda moved her hands onto Sharon's thighs. Then, hastily, making their way under the hem of Sharon's skirt, hiking it up for better access and baring the soft skin under the garment. Brenda caressed the insides of Sharon's thighs, making her way to Sharon's panties. Her fingers moving nimbly, finding their target. Pushing the fabric aside, Brenda's fingers quickly found Sharon's already engorged clitoris.

Brenda smirked against the soft flesh of her lover. The ladies had been kissing quite passionately in the office when Sharon had arrived to meet Brenda. The kissing had led to pawing each other, trying to lay hands on as much bare skin as possible, pushing and shoving their clothing aside. This had been before the fighting, before Brenda had opened her big mouth. Brenda wasn't even sure what had set her off. Of course it did not help the necking had already aroused both women and frustration had fuelled the fight further. But now, finding Sharon this ready, was a good sign for Brenda to continue with what had so rudely been cut off by her own self. But that was then, this was now.

Teasing the engorged clit with two fingers, manipulating the erect nubbin, Brenda was in the zone again. Then moving her fingers along the slick folds and back again, rubbing, kneading and feeling the wetness flowing onto her hand. Brenda felt Sharon whimpering against her lips and finally let go of the luscious lips. Her mouth now sucking Sharon's neck, nibbling and biting on the soft skin and pulse points she found there, her hands busily working further down south. Brenda used her left hand to manipulate the clitoris, while the right was finding its way into Sharon's ready and waiting opening. Brenda pushed her fingers inside easily and started pumping in and out. After a some moments passed and Sharon's noises were getting more demanding Brenda started moving faster and faster as she knew Sharon was close to a release.

Sharon had her head thrown back and Brenda was moving ever quicker now. Feeling the inner walls closing in on her moving fingers, she pushed them deeper inside, manipulating the one spot she knew would send her lover flying and just then Sharon's whole body went rigid. Sharon bit her lips together tightly so not to scream when she finally came, her body shaking like an earthquake had hit the ladie's room. Brenda removed her fingers and licked them clean. She was shaking herself, feeling a milder orgasm running through her own body simply from tasting Sharon's love juices. She looked at Sharon, who was still leaning back, her eyes closed, slightly perspiring from the encounter.

Brenda was very skilled in getting Sharon off quickly when needed. She had mastered the task in the few years they had been toing and froing in their so called relationship. It wasn't that she was just the caretaker, but rather she used sex as a 'get out of jail card' when ever she was in trouble or had done something wrong where Sharon was concerned. And it seemed to have worked so far. Brenda liked playing her little games, and landing on top each time. However this time, her mouth had gotten the better of her and she knew what had been said, could not be wiped off with a little make up sex. But it would have to do for now.

Sharon finally opened her eyes and leaned forward, catching Brenda's gaze. She had mixed feelings about what had just expired. Of course she had enjoyed the whole encounter immensely, but it had been a temporary release, a quick fix, not a solution for the root cause of the problem. Sharon wasn't smiling, but she was calmer now. And felt oh so totally relaxed too, after all, Brenda was really good in getting her off, really quickly too.

"We need to talk, about us, soon." Sharon stated in a low voice never loosing eye contact with Brenda.

She pushed herself away from the vanity, adjusted her clothing and hair. A workaround for now, which would have to do until she got home. Sharon knew she needed a shower, no, a bath. Not just because of the sex, but she felt she had to rinse off todays happenings, sooner than later. She also had some thinking to do and Sharon found the bathtub to be the best spot for thinking deep thoughts and finding solutions for problems in the process. Without further small talk or a 'thanks for getting me off' comment, Sharon walked past Brenda and out the door. Leaving a bewildered and defeated Brenda standing there, looking at the departing Sharon.
Brenda felt paralysed and like crying too. The dreaded talk was finally at hand and she was afraid this time she was actually going to loose. Big time, this time around. After all, she was the guilty party here, something she had always been, repeating her mistakes, and knowing well, that if and when she wanted to move forward, she was the one who needed to change. This was a lesson she had finally learnt. But it would not be easy, not at all.

Chapter Six: The dinner invitation

Shortly after their encounter in the office ladie's room, Sharon and Brenda had reserved time to discuss their situation. Brenda had invited Sharon to dinner at her place. Of course she had not cooked, rather ordered from a catering service. She wanted to make the evening special and set the record straight and convince Sharon of her sincerity of continuing their, well, dalliance. Actually to call it dating or being in a relationship rather than chance encounters of sex when ever, where ever and on occasion, dinner, a movie and a sleep over, well it was a stretch as there was no commitment made, at least never spoken out loud even if they were exclusive, by choice.

Brenda had finished dressing up after the catering company had left. She had put on a deep blue dress, wearing her hair up in a loose bun. She was putting on her sling backs, as even when inside, as it made the dinner more, well, official, than just sitting at the same table at home having something to eat, right? Then, she heard the doorbell ring. Sharon had arrived punctually as per her usual.

Brenda hurried to open the door. As she did, she remained standing there, staring at the vision that was Sharon Raydor. Sharon had a black sleeveless dress on, tight and short to the point, showing off her many wonderful assets. Her hair neatly done as always, the red highlights shining in the dim lit foyer of Brenda's house.

"Sharon! Please come in!" Brenda finally managed after standing in front of her mouth agape for a moment too long.

Sharon smiled and stepped inside.

"Here. These are for you." Sharon gave the bag she had been hiding behind her back, consisting of a bottle of vintage wine and a bunch of flowers.

"Thank you!"

Brenda took the offered bag and kissed Sharon chastely on the cheek. She then checked the content and took the bottle out. She looked at the label and smirked. She was used to Sharon's great tastes, especially when it came to wines. But other things too. Trust it to be Sharon who always delivered, this time, the wine.

Still standing in the foyer, both women were making glances at each other in a comfortable silence for a moment. Similar thoughts running in their respective heads, of these moments being just those, where no words were needed and admiration of the others qualities, which had drawn them together in the first place. After a lengthy moment of just standing there, breathing the same air, Brenda was the first to break the silence.

"Would you care for some dinner?" Brenda asked coyly, as this was a dinner date after all and offered her hand to Sharon.

Sharon nodded, taking the offered hand and let herself be led to the dining room.

The twosome were sitting at the table, enjoying the well prepared dinner in the dim candle light, making small talk on office gossip and other trivial topics. They were both deliberately avoiding conversation regarding their situation, even though Sharon had requested them to have 'the talk'. Still, she was enjoying the idle chatter and being in Brenda's company too much to bring any negative subjects to the table.

The evening progressed nicely all through dinner and a second bottle of wine. A few dirty jokes were shared with laughter and giggles filling the dining room. After the meal, Sharon helped Brenda clear the table and load the dishwasher. Soon after, Brenda served the chilled dessert, which for the evening was, tiramisu. Knowing it was Sharon favourite, Brenda could see Sharon's face light up.

Sharon and Brenda were sitting in collective silence, enjoying their tasty treats. It was one of Brenda's favourites too, of course, but Sharon was enjoying the liqueur soaked cake at least as much as Brenda was. Knowing they had something in common was a good feeling, even if it was just a piece of cake. After cleaning their plates, Brenda being more thorough with hers, not quite licking her plate clean, but scraping every last bit of the sugary stuff into her mouth. Sharon watched her, intrigued as the last crumbs of it disappeared to Brenda's mouth.

In an almost erotic display of want and fulfilment, Brenda's eyes half closed, as she licked the spoon clean, creating low humming sounds in the process. Sharon was holding her breath, wondering whether it actually was possible to orgasm from eating sweets or watching someone doing so. She shifted in her seat, feeling her own arousal starting to pool between her legs. Brenda seemed oblivious of the reaction she was causing in Sharon. She was in heaven herself, from the combination of sugar and liqueur, feeling minor jolts of satisfaction running through her body. Dwelling in the sensation of the high, she soon realised she was being watched, intently. Brenda's eyes flew open and found she was face to face with Sharon.

Sharon had quietly moved over from her end of the table, leaning over the top, only inches away from Brenda's face. Sharon did not hesitate, placing her lips on Brenda's, running her tongue along the moist and sugary lips. Tasting the dessert there, still strong. Kissing and nibbling on Brenda's lips, then moving her tongue inside Brenda's mouth, the two appendixes duelling for dominance for a while, Brenda soon yielded into Sharon's control for a change.

After a heated session of kissing and tongue dancing, Sharon let go of Brenda's mouth and started trailing down Brenda's neck with her lips. Kissing and biting lightly, Sharon moved from the long neck down to her décolleté, kissing and licking on the exposed skin. She then circled her hands around to the back, opening the zipper of Brenda's dress. Making it easier for Sharon to remove the top of the garment, gaining full access to Brenda's braless breasts. Exposed to the cool night air, Brenda's nipples were even harder and more erect than usual. Sharon gazed at the soft mounds for a moment, licking her lips, admiring the view before her lust got the better of her. She touched them lightly at first, covering the soft silky skin with her hands, drawing circles on and a round the hard tips with her fingers. Then slightly pinching them, eliciting soft moans from Brenda.

Sharon let go of the nipples and hearing Brenda protesting, she moved closer with her mouth, blowing on each nipple in turn. She then took one of the perky pebbles between her lips and started chewing on it. She placed her hand on the other breast, mimicking her mouths movements with her fingers while continuing on her feasting. Sharon started slowly but hastened her movements, all the while sucking and licking on one nipple, then moving over to the other one and repeating the action on the twin.

Brenda was squirming and moaning, feeling her panties flooding with hot wet slick. After the almost-sugar-orgasm, Brenda knew she would be coming any minute from the manipulation of her breasts alone. As if hearing Brenda's thoughts, Sharon detached herself from the tempting breasts, hearing a cry of 'no' coming from Brenda's mouth.

"It's alright sweetheart," Sharon ensured her lover, "I won't leave you hanging".

Sharon shifted, placing herself on her knees on the floor between Brenda's legs. Quickly pushing the hem of the dress upward and skilfully removing Brenda's tiny underwear, Sharon had clear access to Brenda's sex. Running her hands along Brenda's inner thighs before plunging into the sweet liquid covered nether lips, Sharon ran her tongue along the slick dripping folds. Her fingers accessing Brenda's clit, manipulating it with her fingers, while her tongue was moving forward to Brenda's ready opening. Pushing her tongue deep inside, Sharon felt the warm moist flesh surrounding it. Sharon's fingers were moving skilfully on Brenda's clit while her tongue was pushing in and out of Brenda. Sharon, as skilful as she was, knew even she could not manoeuvre her tongue deep enough to push Brenda over the edge. She quickly changed her tactics, switching her tongue with her fingers, pushing them deep inside of Brenda instead, finding that little spot up and inside, which when tickled just right, sent Brenda flying. And fly she did. Sharon kept her position despite the thrashing beauty above her and only let go after the final orgasmic waves subsided.

"God, that was even better than chocolate!" Brenda exclaimed out loud. Surely the best kudos coming out from her mouth for a job well done.

Sharon let out a laugh and asked. "Maybe we should move to more comfortable surroundings? My knees are killing me!" She stumbled onto her feet and was offering Brenda her hand.

The ladies had retreated to the bedroom and were laying on the bed after some time and several orgasms later. Brenda wanted to ask Sharon something she had been contemplating for few days now.

"Sharon, there is something I want to tell you." Brenda started hesitantly.

"What is it?" Sharon was feeling drowsy after the filling meal and hours worth of exercise they had just had. The good kind of course.

"Remember that offer they made me a few weeks back, regarding the lead investigator position?" Brenda started carefully.

"Yeah?" Sharon was a little annoyed Brenda was bringing up work after sex.

"Well, they contacted me again and gave me the kind of offer I could not refuse." Brenda replied.

"What is the catch?" Sharon was suspicious, since there always was one, a catch.

"Well..." Brenda was sorry she had brought this up now, since Sharon seemed a little more than irritated now.

"Spit it out!" Sharon was getting angry now and was sitting up straight in the bed.

"The position is in D.C." Brenda said the words quickly as if the situation would go away quickly too.

"Oh." Sharon looked at Brenda, then looked away. She knew where this was heading, and she knew Brenda would always choose work before anything else.

"Yes, but Sharon," Brenda placed her hand under Sharon's jaw, gently, and guided her gaze back at Brenda again, "Sharon, I want you to come with me." Brenda finished her sentence.

Sharon looked at Brenda, not believing what she was hearing. They had already talked about the offer before and Brenda had already told Sharon she was turning it down. Yet here she was, contemplating still whether to or not to. Keeping in mind, they still had not talked about their relationship and where they were heading if at all. And now, out of the blue, Brenda wanted her, Sharon, to leave her job, home, life and follow Brenda across the country, just like that! Sharon was fuming.

Sharon kept staring at Brenda for a long time until she replied, her pitch higher than usual.

"You know Brenda Leigh, let me be frank here. You expect me to drop everything and come running after you to D.C. and do what? Play house wife for you? Honestly!"

She then rose from the bed and picked her clothing from the floor where they had landed, when the women had undressed each other hastily. In a swift move, she had her dress back on shoving her underwear into her purse and putting her shoes on. She looked back at Brenda still on the bed and said to her:

"You know, I really am getting too old for this shit!" Sharon was half way out the door, when she turned and added. "And yeah, thanks for dinner!"

And in a blink of an eye, Sharon was gone.

Brenda was feeling defeated and heartbroken. After sitting silent for a good part of an hour, staring at the door, where Sharon had disappeared, Brenda decided to take the position in D.C. She was going to move there by herself and try to forget all about Sharon, her life in LA and start out fresh, alone.

Chapter Seven: Getting battle ready

After her return to LA and the DA's office, to her current position, Brenda had been immediately recruited for the charity event by her sponsor. Brenda had trained and kept up her fitness during the year she had spent in D.C. After all, she tried to keep her mind busy, and what better way than work and exercise. She had not engaged in any relationships and kept her colleagues at an arms length too. So now she was back with the illusion of getting over the past and completely forgetting the infamous Captain Sharon Raydor. How wrong she had been.

The first time Brenda had seen a glimpse of Sharon, had been in the gym. And since she had not dared to venture to the LAPD offices in the few weeks she had been back, due to the simple fact of trying to avoid any and all contact with Captain Raydor and her former team. The one thing Brenda had not anticipated, was bumping into Sharon in the gym of all places. She knew Sharon was a little bit of an athlete, and that she exercised regularly, but it had always been swimming rather than going to the gym. Seeing Sharon here now, in full boxing gear was bringing all the old feelings back again.

Brenda must have been standing there for a while, mouth agape with the hint of drool running out from her mouth. She had been staring at the fit and and sportively clad figure of Sharon, admiring the contours of the soft curves changing shape while Sharon was moving around performing her routine exercises. Brenda was caught completely off guard by her sparring companion, which was not good, not good at all.

"Close your mouth before you create a puddle and someone slips in it!" Leila told her friend, making it sound like an order.

Brenda, awoken from the daze she had been in, almost jumped and snapped her jaws close quickly and unconsciously wiped her mouth with her hand, just to be on the safe side. She turned to look at Leila, ready with a snappy response, but when she saw the smirky face on her friend's face, she decided to forgo the remark.

"You're late." Brenda stated flatly, with annoyance in her voice.

"Sorry! It took a little longer to untangle myself from the suspect," Leila responded sounding mockingly apologetic, "Some of us actually do some work around here, rather than spend their time checking out hot chicks in a gym!"

Brenda gave Leila a squinted stare. She was a little embarrassed about being caught from acting like a Peeping Tammy, but she and Leila had developed a kind of a friendship ever since they had first met years ago, and now rekindled said friendship since after Brenda had returned back and she had found a trusted person in Leila. The friendly banter was their usual way of sparring with each other.

"I wasn't staring..." Brenda tried. "I was just admiring the techniques used over there..."

"Right, and if pigs had wings, they would fly." Leila snorted. "I know that look too well, Johnson! You were admiring more than just sportsmanship and techniques where you were ogling at."

"Was not!" Brenda argued even though she usually never won these types of arguments with Leila as she was even worse with the ladies herself.

"Sure you were. And I can't blame you, she is sizzling hot!" Leila was also staring at the direction of the Captain now, knowing exactly where Brenda's gaze had been at.

For a moment in collective silence, the two women stood staring at Captain Sharon Raydor, then finally, albeit reluctantly forcing their gazes towards each other and on the topic at hand.

"So, Johnson, ready for some heavy duty sparring?" Leila asked from her friend in a teasing manner.

"Ya bet ya!" Brenda was quick and eager. After all, there was some tension concentrating in certain parts of her body, and she needed to quickly relieve that, even if it was somewhere else the release was going to.

"Time's a wasting'!" Leila retorted as she half dragged Brenda, whose eyes kept wondering back towards the direction of Sharon. Finally managing to get the two of them on their way to the other side of the gym and away from all the temptations.

Sharon had been doing her cardio-routine on the various machines, changing from one to the other on regular intervals. She was half way through, when she had a feeling she was being watched. She kept going, but inconspicuously was trying to pin point the source. After a few carefully placed glances, she noticed Brenda, who was standing a little farther away, clearly waiting for something or someone.

"Great!" Sharon told herself in a low voice. "Just great!"

Sharon had heard Brenda was back in town from the office grape vine. They had not been in contact since their last night together all those months ago, well a year of more had actually passed. They had fought and broken up on bad terms and both women being the stubborn type, neither had picked up the phone and been the first to apologise. So now, here they were, a year later, working in the same building once again. And getting off of each others radar was not easy, at all.

Sharon had pushed her heartache and feelings deep into the farthest corner of her mind. Trying to forget, however it had not been easy, despite the distance between them. Or rather that had been until now. And, there was a slight chance they would actually meet face to face in the matches. Sharon was not unaware of the status the former Chief had achieved in the LAPD boxing world, but she was pretty sure she herself would not win too many fights, especially since Sharon had just started in the sports. Even though her promoter was of a different opinion and had high hopes for Sharon to the win.

Sharon shook off the old surfaced feelings once more and made a mental note, or a lie, which ever way worked for the moment, that she and Brenda would most likely not cross paths in the championship at any moment. Sharon went back to work, continuing her workout before her sparring partner arrived and they would have their usual session in the boxing ring.

Chapter Eight: Leisure time

After a long week and struggle to bring justice to a murder, Sharon had finally allowed herself some leisure time. She had agreed to meet some of the friends at a lesbian bar, to have a few drinks and laughs, and if she was lucky, which she usually was. After all, she was a quite the hot package. She would be picking up a one-night stand in the process. It had been a while since she had enjoyed the touch of an other woman. And with all that had happened this past two weeks, she was ready, nay, yearned for a release by someone else instead of Rosie Palms and her five friends. They would do in a pinch, but tonight, she needed so much more.

Sharon was still shaken after seeing Brenda in the gym for the first time since Brenda had gotten back. But, Sharon had not dwelled on what could have been, at least that is what she had kept telling herself every single time her mind had wandered off to the blond beauty. And that had been often. But instead, she had buried her head in the sand and concentrated solely on her work and every now and then, granted some time off with her friends and family as a reward for a job well done. Sharon felt a warm surge running through her body, the vision of Brenda Leigh still fresh in her mind in that pink shaded gym wear. Shaking the image off, she finished dressing up, took one last sip from the wine glass on the dresser, looked at herself in the mirror, and said to herself. "It'll do!" And with that thought, she left the bedroom. Grabbing her keys from the desktop in the foyer, she was out the door and in for a great night.

A bass beat bumping was the only sound to be heard from behind the closed door as Brenda Leigh entered the Furry Pink Box. She had agreed to meet her coach, who had promised to introduce Brenda to 'her posse' as Lt. Linn Caulder called her group of lesbian friends. Linn was Brenda's boxing sponsor and trainer, and had since also become a good friend too. Brenda Leigh did not have too many of those and she treasured each and everyone, these days, that is. But Linn had become her second good friend already since she was back in LA and that in itself, was odd. And both of them were into women so that was odd too, but in a good way. As finally, she had similar minded people around her and they could do things together and talk about stuff too, stuff they shared, like work, boxing and well, women. Yep, Brenda was really living the life now!

Brenda entered the dim lit bar and saw her friend at a table sitting with a several other women, Brenda was soon about to get acquainted with. Linn had even suggested she might not need to go home alone that night either. Apparently, one of Linn's friends had recently separated from her girlfriend and was on the look out for some company. Brenda was none too keen for blind dates or other arranged meetings of the hooking up kind, she had had her share of those in the past. But she had agreed to chat out the friend of Linn's and who knew, maybe they would hit it off after all.

"Hey, Brenda Leigh, over here!" Linn shouted and waved, her voice almost carrying over the loud music. Brenda smiled and walked to the table. Linn patted the seat beside her for Brenda to sit on.

"Hey everyone, this is my friend Brenda Leigh, Brenda, everyone." Linn made the short introduction for each lady seated there.

"Hi everyone!" Brenda greeted the pack and smiled. It seemed to be a mix from leather wearing bald women to heel wearing lipstick ladies. What Linn had referred to as a small group, turned out to be eight women plus Linn and now Brenda in total, a various mix of colour and style it was.

Linn whispered to Brenda's ear as soon as she got seated, nodding towards the general direction of the table. "That's Lacey, the one I mentioned to you earlier." Linn kept it short. She had only mentioned to Lacey the possibility, that she and Brenda could have "common" interests. In layman terms, hooking up might be a good possibility for both.

Brenda Leigh was immediately bombarded with all kinds of questions leading from personal to professional and the group seemed very interested to know and hear, that Brenda was the leading light weight champion of the women's boxing league for the LAPD.

"Impressive!" One shouted out.

"Wow, what a feat!" Another one exclaimed.

Brenda happily settled into the conversation and decided to make the effort to get to know the others a little better too. Her friend Linn was glad to see Brenda fit in so well with the group. They both knew Leila Lane of course, Brenda's other friend and sparring partner, but she had had other plans for the evening and was not able to join the activities that night. But for Brenda, things were certainly looking up!

Sharon had driven to the bar and was finding a parking space, before getting into the bar. It was easy since most patrons chose another form of transport usually. Sharon never drank much, rather she preferred to be in control of the situation at all times. Just one of her quirks.

She got out of the car and walked into the bar. The music was loud and the bar seemed almost packed. Women for all seasons and then some had gathered to celebrate the sisterhood and simply being themselves.

When Sharon walked in, many a heads were turned. She was stunning as always and knew it. She walked straight to the bar and waved to the bartender, who greeted Sharon in a friendly fashion. Sharon was on first name terms with most of the staff here, after all this had been her local haunt since almost the beginning.

"What can I get you Sharon?" The bartender asked her with a big smile. She was always glad to see Sharon at her bar, after all, she liked the way Sharon looked, not that she would make a move, but she liked to watch Sharon and sometimes strike a conversation or two with her favourite patron.

"A glass of white." Sharon responded with wink and a smile.

"The usual it is!" The bartender smiled back.

That bar was buzzing with people getting their orders. Luckily Sharon got hers quickly and she started sipping on it, when she noticed a woman dressed in a black leather dress sitting a little farther away. It was obvious the woman had noticed Sharon already and when Sharon looked at her, she smiled and lifted her glass. Sharon smiled back.

'Wow, that was quick!' Sharon silently said to herself as she saw the woman approaching her.

When the woman reached Sharon, she said in a low seductive voice: "Hello there, is this seat taken?"

"No, please!" Sharon motioned for the new comer to sit on the chair beside her.

"Thanks!" The dark dressed woman responded and continued. "I have seen you here before, haven't I?" She was striking a conversation and Sharon did not mind, at all.

"Possibly, it has been a while though, since I was here last." Sharon responded, she felt a tad at unease the women had recognised her, since Sharon was quite sure she had never laid eyes on the woman herself.

"Are you alone or waiting for somebody?" The woman then asked.

'Straight to the point', Sharon thought, which unnerved her even more. Not that the woman wasn't someone she would not want to do, but Sharon preferred to be the one to set the pace and not be the 'picked up one'. Sharon debated for a second what to respond and decided it was a little too much too soon. The woman had not even introduced herself before she started asking questions. Something about this woman rubbed her the wrong way.

"I am actually waiting for a friend." She decided was the best way to go. She hoped at least one or two of her friends would be at the bar tonight and she could use them as an excuse to get rid of this, well unwelcome situation.

"A friend or lover?" The woman was not giving up yet.

"Undecided." Sharon tried to be polite and not to stirrup anything. She had her share of stalkers and other kind professionally and was not about to get one into her personal life as well.

"I see!" The woman stopped smiling and finished her drink seemingly annoyed of being brushed off.

Sharon was looking around for any familiar face she could find to help her out of this situation. And that was when she spotted her, in the flesh, Brenda Leigh Johnson.

Brenda Leigh had been chatting for a while with her new friends and for some reason, Lacey, who was supposed to be the one Linn was trying to hook her up with, had actually struck an interest in someone else. Much to Brenda's and Linn's surprise, Lacey had already made plans to meet with someone in the bar, so that was it then for Brenda. At least in this company, since all the others were couples and Linn was completely out of the question! Brenda had had a few more drinks than usual, but she was not too drunk, but needed to go to the ladies room to make room for new ones. She was on her way back to the table, when she for what ever reason glimpsed at the bar and was surprised by whom she saw there. None other than Sharon Raydor, in the flesh, was there, drinking and chatting up some woman, Brenda did not know.

"Well, I'll be..." Brenda said out loud, and seemed to be stuck there, in one spot, just staring.

Sharon saw her opportunity to get rid of her suitor, even though it meant she was going to have to talk to Brenda. Sharon decided it was do or die time and put the best smile on her face and waved at Brenda and shouted really loudly.

"Brenda Leigh, over here!"

Brenda was surprised at what was happening and it took some seconds for her to register the situation. She was confused, taken aback, surprised some more, that Sharon waved and smiled at her like they were best friends again. But she was also curious of what had brought this on and decided to check it out. She started walking towards Sharon and the stranger and waved back with an equally plastered on fake smile of her own.

Brenda reached the two women sitting at the bar. Before she could utter a word, Sharon jumped up from her seat and put her arms around Brenda. "Darling, I am so glad you are here!" Sharon said out loud and whispered into Brenda's ear. "Work with me on this one, please?!" Sharon let go of the hug, but held Brenda's hand. "You are looking beautiful as ever!" Sharon continued the charade but there was also truth there as she was happy to see Brenda and she found her very nice looking, very nice indeed. And that made her a tad anxious and not in the good way either as this was not supposed to be happening, at all. But it was, and she started it, so, there.

Brenda decided to let her former lover and friend off the hook and play along. "You too, you too!" Was all she managed though, getting a tad tongue tied. And she did not even have to lie, as Sharon looked stunning in her little red number, high heels and hair pulled back baring her long suckable neck. Actually, she was breath taking, and Brenda started to regret agreeing to this, what ever this was. After all, she found herself lusting at the taller woman once again, just like in the gym, and this was not good at all, nope, definitely not good!

"Here, sit down." Sharon motioned to the chair she had just sat on and sat herself down one seat farther from the dark dressed woman. "Thanks!" Brenda managed, but before she sat, she looked at the stranger and asked. "Aren't you going to introduce us, Sharon?" Brenda kept looking at the stranger, as assessing her rival, which surely was the farthest from her mind, but she did not like the strange woman, not one bit.

The stranger, however, took one look at Brenda, then one at Sharon, and without a word, took off.

Brenda turned to Sharon looking at her questioningly. Who just raised her eyebrows and shoulders in 'I dunno' fashion.

Sharon was as surprised as she was happy. Firstly, she was happy and giddy to see Brenda, even though she did not want to admit it. Secondly, the little stunt between the two former lovers had worked and Sharon's suitor was gone. And she was in better company now. That was of course, if Brenda even wanted to stay.

"Sorry about that." Sharon started. "And thank you!" she added.

"For what?" Brenda wasn't sure of what actually had expired just then.

"For coming to my rescue." Sharon smiled. "At least let me buy you a drink." She added.

Brenda hesitated for a moment. She was not sure if it was a good idea for her to stay longer. She was already feeling the presence of Sharon, looking into those green eyes, her smiling lips, that half exposed bosom... God, she felt a heat wave running through her body and bundling up between her legs. Sharon had always affected her that way. Even way back when they had been rivals of sorts, before they got together. And all the time after that, when they had been together.

"Sure." She heard herself answer.

Sharon motioned for the bartender and made the sign 'two' with her fingers. The bartender nodded and soon enough, two glasses appeared in front of them.

Chapter Nine: Unexpected sparks

Sharon and Brenda were talking just like before, quite comfortably, sharing jokes and laughing out loud, while having drinks at the bar. They had not even realised it, but they had continued from where they had left off, discussing everything and anything, well, except their personal lives, but life in general. Sharon had even shared, why she had asked Brenda to help her just before she had been invited for a drink, about her concerns for stalkers and such. They were almost caught up on their professional lives for the past year and talking some smack about the team they shared, just idle gossip really, but it was all in good spirits.

They were laughing at a joke so hard it made Sharon almost falling off her chair, when Brenda quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Thanks love!" Sharon responded familiarly, completely forgetting they actually weren't together anymore. Realising what she had said, she quickly apologised. "Sorry, guess old habits die hard!" Making no other excuses for her slip, because that was what it was, a slip of the tongue, despite being endearing nevertheless.

"No worries there!" Brenda assured her, maybe it was her or maybe it was the alcohol consumed or maybe both. Brenda was actually happy about how things had turned out this evening, and before she knew, what she was saying to Sharon, it was out from her mouth. "I am actually happy we met tonight." And there it was, out in the open, for all to hear, well, Sharon really, but yeah.

Sharon looked at her and smiled. "I am glad we met too." She simply responded, no play about it, just the simple truth, uttered out loud by both of them.

There was a brief silence descending over them, both women just staring at each other and saying nothing for what seemed to last a long while.

Then, almost in unison, like agreed, they reached for each other, leaning in and sharing a kiss, a soft short one, but still, a kiss.

Both women let go of each other at the same time. The kiss certainly had rekindled something not forgotten by either of them, but repressed deep down just the same. Before either woman realised what was happening, their lips had locked onto each other again, this time, in a more passionate and demanding kiss.

Sharon and Brenda were both feeling the heat and passion the kissing had brought forth. In the back of their minds, they both knew this should not be happening, or rather that they should not let this happen. But they were too weak to resist what ever forces were drawing the two of them back together. Needing to breathe, they let go of each other again, albeit reluctantly.

"Wow!" Was all Brenda managed in the moment.

"Wow indeed!" Sharon added still glaring into the gorgeous eyes of the woman sitting beside her.

They were both breathing rather heavily, glaring into each others eyes, drowning more likely, all thought of if this was right or wrong. The one question hanging in the air between them.

"My place or yours?" Sharon was quicker to utter the words.

"Yours, I am still staying in a hotel." Brenda answered quickly, without any kind of hesitation in her voice.

"My car is parked outside. Shall we?" Sharon offered as she motioned towards the bartender to pay her tab.

"I need to tell my friends I am leaving." Brenda had completely forgotten her company, the bunch women she had started the evening with.

"Okay, but hurry back." Sharon smiled at Brenda. "I'll settle the tab." She added.

Brenda quickly went back to the table where her friends were sitting and enjoying their evening, even without Brenda. She made her excuses and before Linn got to interrogate her on the "date" Brenda had picked up at the bar, she was already on her way back to Sharon.

"That was quick." Sharon told her happily.

"Let's go!" Brenda hurried Sharon. It seemed she was even further in a state of arousal she had imagined to be, and needed a release, sooner than later. But then again, this had always happened with Sharon, always.

"Yes, Ma'am!" Sharon mock saluted the former Chief as she was lead out by Brenda and into the car park. Well, basically dragged out as Brenda really seemed to be in quite the hurry.

The ladies did not have far to drive and as they reached Sharon's condo building, pulling into the garage, the duo half ran into the elevator. And, before Sharon knew what was happening, Brenda was all over her, kissing, biting, nipping, slipping her hands under her dress, trying to access as much skin as possible even before they reached the safety of the flat.

The ride up was quick and after the unexpected foreplay in the elevator car, Sharon quickly dug her keys out of her purse and keyed the door to her flat to open. Once inside, Brenda pushed Sharon against the closest wall and grabbed her lips for another heated, demanding kiss. Brenda's hands found their way under the hem of Sharon's dress, past her panties and into the waiting, warm, moist pussy she knew she would find there, waiting for her. Brenda's fingers were all over the tight clit and the soft and soaked lips and soon enough Sharon started shaking as the orgasm was upon her. It was fast, like the first one usually always was. This is how they played in the shire after all!

Brenda was kissing Sharon softly as her orgasm slowly subsided. She then let go of Sharon, looking at her, flat against the wall all beautiful and dishevelled after the first of hopefully many orgasms for this evening. Sharon's breathing was evening up and she opened her eyes. She looked into Brenda's eyes and reached for her lips again. Before she knew it, Brenda was against the wall in turn, held tightly in place while Sharon was hell bent on bringing Brenda to a total high with an orgasm at the end. Sharon moved her fingers quickly and nimbly over the tiny nubbin of her lover, Remembering easily, what Brenda liked, she pushed two fingers inside of her lover and started pushing them in and out rhythmically, while working on Brenda's clit at the same time. It did not take long, before Brenda joined the club of first orgasm of the night.

The two women leaned against the wall and each other for a while after the heated moments, before neither of them was able to speak. Granted, everything had happened rather quickly, but it was neither here or there, as there was plenty of night left.

"Should we take this to the bedroom?" Sharon finally managed.

"Please!" Was all Brenda could respond without any kind of objections. After all, this evening had turned out far better than she could have planned.

Chapter Ten: The semi finals

It was the day of the semi finals. Each competitor reaching this far had fought several opponents and won those matches and now they were about to make the final cut. It was the decision as to whom of the seven women still standing after the semi finals were going to the final finals. Sharon had fought and won two matches so far and if she won the third one, she would go to the final final. Yes, lots of finals there were here at play!

The remaining women were divided into two groups by draw of ballot, and of those winners would fight against each other this round. The winners of each fight would then go to the final finals where they would be fight up to the last battle of two remaining which would be the last and final battle for the champion ship. This selection process had some of the fighters heads spinning, but they only needed to worry about showing up the fight and winning it if possible.

Brenda Leigh and Sharon were not in the same group. Brenda had already taken part in the three allotted fights and won clearly her place in the final finals, so it remained to see, whether the two women were going to be toe to toe in the final match for the mantle and then title. And then, all those bets and the proceeds out of them, would be donated to whichever charity the fighter had assigned to fight for.

The bell rang once again, indicating it was time as Sharon and her opponent started sparring against each other. This was the third match and deciding one for both the fighters and at this point in the game, Sharon had already gotten the taste for victory, not pulling back any punches either, rather given her best to win this match as she wanted to be in the final finals. The gusto she was asserting to the game, was clearly written on her face and her opponent could read it and was a tad intimidated too, after all, she had seen Sharon pummel down her previous opponents.

It had been a week since the heated and sex filled encounter for the two ex-lovers. The night and better part of the morning had been spent making love all around the condo, in the hallway, then in bed, and later in the shower and even in the kitchen while preparing breakfast. All and all, it had been a perfect encounter for both of them and a much needed and welcomed romp in the proverbial hay as well.

Sharon had finally manage to make breakfast for them and they had then spent a lazy morning, eating breakfast and just enjoying each others company. It was like the past year never happened, which had surprised them both . They both knew, they most likely needed to discuss what had happened, but neither wanted to spoil the current mood and why did they have to talk anyway, after all there were other more nice things they could do than talk about their sordid past, right?

"Any plans for the weekend?" Sharon casually asked from Brenda.

"Nothing from here on for her for the upon coming weekend." Brenda let out a laugh. She had already ticked the box for the one thing she had planned, which was getting laid, and girl, had she, and then some!

"What's so funny?" Sharon asked. "Is there food stuck on my face or something?" Sharon felt around her mouth and cheeks to be sure nothing had stuck there while eating the eggs.

"No, no, you are fine!" Brenda smirked. Yes, Sharon was fine, she had been more than fine, just what the doctor ordered for Brenda. Plus, she looked damned sexy in her gown, all naked underneath... Oh yes, Brenda was turned on again and soon enough the food and breakfast all forgotten.

Brenda rose from her chair and walked over to where Sharon was sitting. She did not say anything, only bent down and started kissing Sharon on her neck, her ear, her cheek. Brenda's fingers started towards Sharon's breasts, and pushed open the gown Sharon was wearing, cupping one in her hand, Brenda started kneading it. She was rewarded with a loud moan. And on that note, Brenda knelt before Sharon, pushing her knees apart, and continued with her own form of breakfast for the morning.

The couple had ended up spending the weekend together without any questions asked, and mostly making love, eating in between sex, taking a few showers here and there with more sex and continuing the same routine over and over until finally Sunday night had arrived and then Brenda had left. She had an early morning court appearance she needed to prep for, which she wished she hadn't but, the fun time had to end sooner or later. But as nice as the weekend had been, nice being an understatement, real life pushed back and there was work again waiting on a Monday morning.

Before Brenda was about to leave, she turned back to Sharon, standing there after a goodbye kiss.

"Sharon, I was thinking." Brenda did not quite know how to put things the ways she wanted, but tried anyway. "Are you free for dinner, say Wednesday night?" She was nervously waiting for Sharon's answer as she wasn't really sure what the weekend had meant for the other woman. Not that she knew her own stance either.

Sharon mentally checked her calendar for the next week. She wasn't quite sure if she had made any plans for that day, but if she had, she was about to undo them. "I should be." Sharon responded to the surprise invite.

"Good, great!" Brenda was in a loss of good words it seemed once again. "I'll pick you up from the office around six thirty then?" Brenda added hastily, before Sharon could back up.

"Sounds like a plan!" Sharon was smiling now, as clearly, she was on the same page about, well, at least dinner.

Internally both women had a little dance going on accompanied by "Yes, yes, yes!" And high-fiving themselves there in the process.

"See you then!" Brenda said goodbye again and left.

Sharon closed the door behind her and could not stop smiling as she leaned against the closed door. Feeling all kinds of things at that very moment.

The bell rang again. Sharon was quick on her feet. Left jab, right jab, punch. Her opponent went down, like a light, she was on the ground. The referee started counting. "One... Ten!" He hopped up from the still laying opponent and took Sharon's arm raising it into the air in victory. "Winner Sharon Raydor!" The crowd went wild cheering and whistling and hollering and stomping their feet. Clearly, Sharon had become quite the fan favourite and she was loving every moment of it. Her side of always wanting to win had taken over, once again.

As this final semi finals game had been won by her, Sharon had confirmed her place in the final finals and against the winner of four semi finals also, none other than Brenda Leigh Johnson. Where both of them would be fighting for the title of the year and the mantle of best boxer of the year as well. It would be an interesting fight to see for all the audiences and their fans, but also, at this point in time, for both the women in question, as things had changed quite drastically between them and all for the good, or at least, that is how it looked like.

Chapter Eleven: The interlude

During the two weeks, right before the semi finals were upon the duo of boxers, Sharon and Brenda had been out to dinner several times. And each time like clockwork had led to sex afterward, well maybe a little before also, in a few of the restaurant bathrooms. They had been cuddling and smooth talking each other like a couple of newly weds during the meals and then having hot passionate sex until early morning hours. Only the relationship as it was now, kind of sort of, or what ever it was, had not even once, been discussed.

After the semi finals, Brenda had asked Sharon out for dinner once again. Brenda had enjoyed the time they had spent together, but she knew there was still some bad blood between then, which needed to be purged. The time they had spent together, had lead Brenda to a conclusion, that she wanted Sharon back in her life, as a lover, friend, even more and this time she wanted to make things right. She just hoped Sharon felt the same way. And this time, she was not going to make any decisions for Sharon rather letting the woman do her ow deciding.

Brenda had taken Sharon out to her favourite restaurant, and as usual, they had ended back in Sharon's place, making love. They were laying in each others arms, basking in the afterglow of their orgasmic bliss, when Brenda decided it was time to ask the question which had been nagging for her to do for the longest time the two had found each other again.

"Sharon, have you thought about," pause, "well, us?" She was totally probing her lover.

Sharon heard the question loud and clear. She was actually surprised Brenda brought it up first, since she herself had been thinking about what they were doing and whether they were really back together or not and if they were, then was there a future for them? Sharon had been so happy these couple of weeks, that even Provenza had commented on the light spring in her step and the kind of permanently plastered smile on her face. That is how she knew, the love she had for Brenda, had never died, and the past year they had been apart, not talking to each other, had only strengthened her feelings and resolve to get Brenda back. She was willing to fight if needed be, after all, she had been the one to push Brenda away. Well, sort of. They had both been at fault and too stubborn back then.

"Yes, I have." Sharon replied in a low tone.

Brenda raised her head. She was getting tense again. What was the other woman thinking? She wanted to know. Now! But she responded on a low register too, not letting her inner voice out loudly, like it did, sometimes, when it should not have done so.

"Oh-kay?" Brenda swallowed, not sure if it was a good thing Sharon had been thinking or not, glaring at the sheets rather than Sharon.

Sharon heard that, the frightened shallow, the doubt, the fear of loosing, pretty much the same way she felt herself. She placed her palm under Brenda's chin and lifted her lovers head to her own level to look Brenda straight in her eyes.

"I love you Brenda Leigh Johnson." Sharon said as tears formed into her eyes. "And I am sorry for everything, all the bad things which happened between us. But I want you back in my life, permanently." Sharon managed to utter out, before more tears started falling freely.

Brenda had never been more relieved in her life. All doubt and fear fell off of her shoulders and she half sprung upward to catch Sharon into her arms. "I love you too Sharon Raydor, and I accept your apology and want to be with you too! And I apologise too, for all of it." She quickly added knowing she too had been in the wrong.

Both women were sobbing and holding each other for dear life. After a while, the tears stopped and they started kissing each other, softly at first, then more and more passionately, until they ended up caressing each others bodies and finally, making love.

Chapter Twelve: In the locker room showers

It was the day of the final match.

Sharon and Brenda had each come early to spar with their trainers before the match. Sharon was in a great mood and even better condition. The training for the boxing, not to mention all those sparring matches she had performed with Brenda in the bedroom, had made her stronger and nimbler than ever before. She knew she was about to fight against her girlfriend for the title, but no matter which one of them won, Sharon was happy. 'Girlfriend' she thought, it had been a while she had been able to refer to that title and she was happy they had agreed to put the past behind them and make a new start.

Brenda was sweating, hard. She was still feeling last nights interlude in Sharon's bedroom, and the short amount of time she had been allowed to sleep, did not help either. Today, it felt like Sharon had purposely ridden Brenda to exhaustion with all that sex, just to gain an advantage and possibly even a win. But yeah, she had enjoyed every single minute of it. Brenda was smiling now, even though her body ached. She decided on a long hot shower and maybe a nap before the final battle would be in order to relax herself and get in the zone.

Both women were now in the dressing room, at the opposite ends of the room, about to take a shower, unaware, the other woman was there. Sharon had completed undressing, grabbed her towel and stepped into a shower stall. She turned on the water, and got it running nice and cool, just they way she preferred it.

Brenda was finishing up undressing, grabbing her towel and closing the locker door. She walked towards the showers when she heard the water running. She walked closer, and peeked to check who was in the shower disturbing her peace and getting in the zone. She gasped as she saw the water cascading over the perfectly curvy body of her lover. Standing there, for a few moments, she felt it again, the allure of Sharon's body on her own.

'Not now, down girl, down!" She berated herself under her breath.

But alas it was proven to be counter productive to deny herself, that which brought her so much pleasure. Besides, sparring was sparring right, and sex was a great exercise and a reliever of tension too, so there was that.

Brenda dropped her towel on the nearest bench and stepped closer to Sharon's shower stall.

She reached her hand out towards Sharon's back and touched the water covered skin. She felt Sharon jerk from the touch, opening her eyes and turning around, Sharon was about to tell off who ever disturbed her shower, but instead, she got her mouth full of Brenda in a form of a kiss.

Brenda pushed herself against Sharon's body, her hands roaming the wet nakedness of her lover. Her lips were hungry on Sharon's mouth, kissing and demanding to be kissed. Brenda's tongue reached the inside of Sharon's mouth, and started playing with the counterpart it found there. And as per usual, Brenda was fighting for her dominance and Sharon loved this side of her lover.

Sharon was surprised from the whole encounter, but she was not about to turn down such a passionate gesture. Her hands responded in kind, touching Brenda's body, tracing the silhouette of the curvy body and moving towards her breasts. Sharon cupped both of them into her hands and started to caress and knead them, finally pinching both erect nipples. Brenda let go of the kiss, threw her head back and let out a throaty and loud moan. Sharon enjoyed hearing that and bent down to suckle the other nipple. She licked and sucked until moving along to the other one. Her other hand free, started on its trek down Brenda's front, her stomach, caressing it on the way down south, ending between Brenda's legs, parting them a little to gain access to the hotter wetter parts she knew existed there.

Sharon moved her fingers across the slick wet folds and up towards Brenda's clit. Alternating between them, she elicited further moans from her lover, sending signals to Sharon she was ready for more. Sharon then knelt before her, her face on the level of Brenda's pussy. Inhaling the strong scent, despite the running water. Sharon's tongue darted out and started to lick her girlfriend's clit. Sharon used her fingers to manipulate Brendas nether lips while her tongue was working on the engorged and hard clitoris. She continued her ministrations, alternating between her tongue and fingers, until she felt her partner stiffen. Sharon hastened the pace, pressing, hard, on the tiny nubbin, never stopping, until she felt the release of her partner coming on. Securing her with both hands, making sure Brenda would not fall down during her orgasm. Sharon kissed Brenda on her nether lips and rose up, a little stiffly, but still on her own, until she was face to face with her lover under the running water.

Looking into each others eyes, Sharon kissed Brenda and they held each other for a while.

"No matter who wins today, I feel like we are both winners already." Brenda half whispered.

"I feel the same way." Sharon responded in a soft tone.

After a moment had passed, the ladies continued with the original plan, which was to take a shower and then relax before the match. Of course their idea of relaxing, was a little bit different than that of taking a simple nap, but this was much, much better!

Chapter Thirteen: Game, set, match

The gong dinged once announcing the start of the final match.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready to r-r-r-rumble?" The announcer cheered the audience.

The crowd went wild, standing, cheering and clapping.

Sharon was standing in her corner waiting for the bell to ring again. She was watching Brenda basking in the light, sexy as hell as the crowd cheered for her. As she turned, she looked at Sharon. Brenda caught the Captain's eye and gave her a wink. Sharon smiled in response.

The gong dinged again. The match of the year was finally about to begin.

Both women sized each other up. This was the first time they were in the ring together. Brenda had drunk a pot of coffee, after her nap and their interlude in the shower. She and Sharon had spent many a night together, not sleeping and Brenda was beginning to feel the toll on her body. She was surprised, that Sharon did not seem to have been affected at all. She was bouncing on her feet with a light step.

Sharon was watching Brenda. She knew Brenda wanted to win, badly at that. Sharon was a competitive person too, and winning the title as a new comer would definitely look good on her record. In the end, it did not matter which woman won the game, since all the money was going to charity, which was kind of the point. But, Sharon wanted Brenda to be happy and getting her back in her life was the most important thing, not winning the game.

The ladies were finally on the game, punches were thrown and the duo bounced around the ring. After a good five minutes Sharon threw a punch onto Brenda's torso. She had hit a little harder this time but was under the impression Brenda could take a good punch. Alas, Brenda, still a bit off, the caffeine not taking its supposed effect, fell on her back onto the canvas.

The crowd was cheering for Sharon now.

Brenda shook her head a bit, trying to get her bearings. 'That was a first' she thought and got up.

The gong dinged again and both women returned to their corners. The trainers were beside the fighters, offering water and wiping out sweat from their bodies and doing their thing to sooth the ladies.

Kate was keeping Sharon's spirits up. "Great work Sharon!" She cheered her trainee. "A few more of those and the match is in the bag."

Sharon looked at Kate in the eye and said simply. "Things, have changed." It was a mysterious comment, and then leaving Kate standing at the corner confused as the gong dinged again, indicating another round had started for the duo.

Sharon bounced back to the spotlight, listening to the crowd. Brenda was standing a few steps away. She was staring forward, but not really looking at anything.

"Ready?" The referee asked the women. Both nodded and he waved them to begin the fight.

The two women started to circle each other. Punch, another one was thrown. Brenda was coming on harder this time. Sharon responded in kind. Both women throwing a few hard ones each other's way as the crowd was watching the synchronised boxing ballet in the ring.

Sharon and Brenda seemed equally matched, neither going down this time around, both taking what was coming their way, and then, responding in kind. Matching each other's moves perfectly. Neither went down in this round and the gong announced the time was up once again.

As the next round began, seemingly similarly as the others before, bu then, something happened. Brenda struck Sharon in the torso, a good hard punch. Sharon looked at Brenda in the eyes, she seemed to be gasping. Brenda felt a pang in her heart. Sharon started falling. Brenda never lost eye contact with her. Finally, Sharon was down. The referee went on her side, quickly asked her. "Are you alright?" When Sharon did not reply, only shook her head, he then made the decision and started counting down. "Ten, nine… one!"

Sharon never stood up, she remained laying on the canvas as her trainer and team came to her, picking her up and aided her on her feet and away. But it looked really bad. Brenda was looking at the scene happening in front of her, holding back tears. She wasn't sure how badly Sharon had been hurt. And it stung more than losing the match would have.

The referee walked right to her and drew her arm up. "Winner and continued title holder - Brenda Leigh Johnson!" And the crowd cheered wildly now as the front runner had won, again.

Brenda was standing there, not happy as she should have been, not really feeling anything at the very moment, except pain. She stood there hearing and not hearing the crowd cheering wildly at her win. The only thing she could think about, was Sharon.

Sharon had been brought back to the dressing room by her team. She was lying on a stretcher, being examined by the doctor, giving a thorough checkout. Sharon was conscious and was looking at the big black bruise in the middle of her abdomen, which her lover had delivered to her in the game.

"Looks good. Nothing broken." The doctor stated. "But I want you come for some x-rays tomorrow just to be sure, OK?!" She looked at Sharon with a faint smile, happy that the woman in her care, had not been hurt baldy.

Dr Julie Marks and Sharon had known each other for many years and Sharon trusted her with all medical decisions. However, when it came to her taste in wines, that was something Sharon could not agree on. Needless to say, the two women were also quite good friends.

"Aye, doctor!" Sharon responded mimicking a response someone would give to a drill sergeant, half expected to salute the medical professional.

"Don't you get cocky with me young lady!" The doctor mock chastised Sharon. She was a full three years older and in situations like this, never let Sharon forget about being the older and thus wiser one of the two, at least according to her.

"So, am I good to go?" Sharon asked Julie.

"Sure are!" The doctor answered, and continued. "You may want to put some ointment on that bruise, it'll heal quicker. I will give you the prescription." Julie added.

"Thanks!" Sharon was getting up from the stretcher.

The doctor was packing her bag and after finishing the task, she turned around, and looked on as Sharon was putting her clothes back on. A dark blue jogging suit, with the letters LAPD adorning the sleeves and leg parts of the ensemble. The doctor had a quizzical expression on her face and clearly wanted to ask her friend something, which had been nagging her.

"Sharon," She started gently, clearly probing her friend.

Sharon turned to look at her. "Yes?" She asked the good doctor.

"Well, you were doing pretty good at first, and Johnson seemed off of her game. Then all of a sudden, she struck you down, even though you had been on the defence for a good part of the round and doing so well. I mean, if, I did not know any better, I might have assumed you took the dive on purpose?"

Sharon looked at her friend. But she did not let on anything, simply replied. "Now, doctor, that would not have been very sportsmanship like of me, now would it?"

"I guess not." The doctor responded, deciding not to dig in deeper. After all, Sharon was the one with more experience in that area and could most likely counter her whatever she tried to throw her way anyway.

"I'll be off then!" The doctor stated happily. "See you tomorrow!" And she was out the door.

Sharon was sitting in the locker room, taking off her jogging suite, ready to go to the shower, when someone rushed behind her and grabbed her. Sharon quickly turned around and before she could register what was happening, Brenda Leigh had her in a hug and started kissing her lips and face. Finally letting go, Brenda took a good look at Sharon, standing there in her underwear only, the bruise in her stomach visible.

"Oh my god, I did that! Are you ok? I was so worried. What did the doctor say? Was there any permanent damage?" Brenda blabbed it all out at once.

Sharon smiled. She decided the best way to handle this situation was to shut Brenda up with a kiss. Grabbing Brenda by her arms, Sharon drew her closer and placed her lips on Brenda's and kissed her, deeply. Finally letting go, she looked Brenda in the eyes. She saw the tears there.

"I am fine, love. The doctor checked me up and she said I was fine." Sharon kept it short.

"Thank goodness!" Brenda managed. "I was so worried, when you went down in the ring. I mean you were so strong there the whole time and then you, then you…" She finally broke in to sobs.

Sharon was feeling guilty. She had not realised the anguish she had caused her lover. But she could not very well have told her plan either. After all, it had been a split second decision after all.

"Look, Brenda, I am fine. I just," She did not really want to let on that she had actually let Brenda win. At this stage in their new-found relationship Brenda might not be so understanding and out went their now patched relationship. Sharon started second guessing her choice to lose. But what was done was done. Now, she needed to ensure her girlfriend all was good with her and them and that Brenda simply needed to enjoy her win. The truth, what ever that may have been, would have to wait. "I just lost my footing when you punched me and I fell harder than I imagined and it hurt for a while, so." A little white lie there.

Brenda stopped sobbing. "So you are definitely alright?" She repeated her question.

"Yes, I am fine. The doctor wants me to go for an x-ray tomorrow, but she said it's just a precaution, that's all" Sharon responded.

Brenda was relieved. She was happy her girlfriend was alright. She was finally able to enjoy the winning as well, maybe have a little sparring match in private of the bedroom to celebrate later on.

"Good!" Brenda added.

"I was just about to take a shower, care to join me?" Sharon asked coyly.

Remembering the last shower they took together, Brenda was more than happy to join her lover. She knew her trainer and team were waiting to take Brenda out to celebrate the win, but first things first.

"Of course, my dear." Brenda replied. "Maybe you would like to join my victory celebration after that?" She asked coyly.

Sharon was surprised Brenda had asked her. After all, they were supposed to be rivals in the game of boxing. But they were a couple again, so, she supposed it was only natural she would join and support Brenda no matter that she had lost.

"What about your team?" Sharon asked, realising no one actually knew they were together again.

"What about my team?" Brenda asked confused.

"Won't they be confused, in a lack of better word, that I will be there?" Sharon asked.

Brenda felt a little guilty. She had actually told Linn she and Sharon were a couple again, without consulting Sharon. "I think that is taken care of." Brenda smirked. Knowing Linn, she would have spilled the beans to everyone she thought should know about it.

"I see." Sharon understood the situation. "Well, guess I will join your party then!" She smiled and offered her hand to guide Brenda into the shower.

Chapter Fourteen: Happily ever after?

After the party held in Brenda's honour for renewing her win, the duo had retired back to Sharon's place. The ladies had a few more drinks than usual, and Sharon felt she needed to sober up a little. She was in the kitchen putting on the coffee machine. She added one more spoonful to be sure the coffee would be strong enough. Brenda was sitting on the sofa, going through the channels on the TV. Both women clearly had something on their mind they wanted to discuss with the other one, but not sure on how to go about it and procrastinating on various mundane tasks in the process.

At the party, it had been quite obvious to most of their friends that the couple was back together again. The grape vine had made sure of this fact. As the congratulations had started pouring, Sharon and Brenda had been a little taken back at first, but as the evening progressed and alcohol was consumed, they had settled to their public role as a couple quite easily and more comfortably even. They had exchanged kisses and held hands in plain sight, so that was the icing on the cake pretty much.

But, the bigger question as to the what was going to happen next and where was still open. Sharon was not sure if Brenda was back for good. She also did not know of how Brenda had planned her living arrangements for the foreseeable future. Before the couple had split a year ago, Sharon had actually made plans of a more permanent nature. She had purchased a ring and had plans to propose marriage to Brenda. Alas the cards were not stacked in her favour back then. This time, she was more cautious about their relationship, as she did not want to get hurt again.

Sharon poured two cups of coffee, black for her and with milk for Brenda and delivered it to her into the living area. Brenda had stopped playing with the remote and turned off the TV.

"I can't believe we have 477 channels, and there is nothing on!" She stated frustrated. So much for that distraction she thought to herself.

"Well, we can go sit on the balcony and watch the stars." Sharon tried. Even at this high above the ground, the LA's light pollution was so strong, the stars were barely visible to the naked eye if at all.

Brenda nodded, but did not move. Neither did Sharon make any effort towards the outdoors. There was a silence there, as both women were sipping their coffee. And thinking their next move, each on their own.

Sharon finally broke the silence and said. "So, it seems we are back together then?" She tried to make light of it, as it was business as usual, which it really was not. "At least everyone seems to think so." She added hastily to her rather stupid comment.

Brenda was lost in thought before she realised she should answer. "Yeah, about that." She started almost apologetically. "I kinda let out the impression we were." She looked at Sharon under her lashes.

Sharon scotched closer to her. "It feels right." Sharon answered then. "I mean us, together." She added.

Brenda let out a breath she did not realise she had been holding and put her coffee cup down and her arms around Sharon. She locked eyes with Sharon and said. "Yes, it does." She then kissed Sharon, deeply and passionately, not that there really was any other way she did it.

As the kiss ended, Sharon had to ask her. "So does this mean you will stay the night then?" She had a slight smirk on her lips.

"You are such a flirt, Sharon Raydor!" Brenda laughed. Of course she had planned to stay.

"Before we turn in." Sharon started. She had decided she wanted to know, now, not later. "Are you here for good or are you planning on going back to D.C.?" There, the words were finally out.

Brenda looked at Sharon confused. She had assumed Sharon knew the position she had turned to L.A. for was a permanent one. Well, as permanent as any job these days could be.

"For good." She replied simply.

"Good. Good!" Sharon repeated as she had not really expected this answer, but she was glad it was the answer she wanted to hear anyway.

"Anything else?" Brenda asked curiously.

"Well, guess, I, well," Sharon was stuttering a tad there, "have you thought of where you are going to live? I mean the hotel is going to be expensive in a long run." Sharon was trying to play it cool and play the "expensive living" card hoping to spark some thoughts in Brenda.

Brenda knew Sharon well, and knew what she was trying to ask.

"Sharon, are you asking me what I think you are asking?" Brenda was not going to say it first.

"You mean, if I was offering to help you with apartment hunting?" Sharon was smiling internally, but tried to keep a cool face.

"Tell me, dearest, wouldn't it be a waste of good money, if I got myself my own apartment, but spent most of my nights here with you?" Brenda was not yielding either.

"I suppose you are right." Sharon appeared to be thinking of the cost, but she knew now, that Brenda wanted to stay in her home, no, their home. "So, I have the extra room and all..." At this point, Brenda lost it and punched Sharon in her arm, lightly this time as they were not in a boxing ring. Sharon burst into laughter. Brenda started laughing too and soon they were in each other's arms again.

Snuggling, without a hurry to go any further at this point, Brenda asked. "So, will you help me to move my stuff here tomorrow?" Sharon gave her a squeeze and responded. "Of course, but not before noon. I really need to sleep in late tomorrow! All this exercising has really tired me, not to mention the training in the boxing ring!" She let out a small laugh thinking back to all the time spent training and in the games too.

Brenda knew what Sharon meant. Between their jobs, training for the match and the frequent nightly encounters, there had not been too much sleep for either of them.

"So, tonight we just sleep then?" Brenda asked Sharon.

"If it is OK for you then it is fine for me too." Sharon responded.

Brenda nodded. No matter how much she wanted the woman beside her, bust especially after the shock when Sharon had fallen down in the game, the drinking at her party and everything else happening so fast, she was too tired and the coffee was not helping at all!

"Agreed! Tonight we sleep!" Brenda stated whole heartedly.

The couple remained sitting on the sofa hugging for a while longer before retiring to bed.

Later that night, the two ladies were lying on the bed. They had agreed they would take a break from love making this night and just sleep, but Sharon was not able to catch sleep. She was on her back, eyes open, staring at the shadows cast by the outside lights on the ceiling. She did not dare to wake her partner and she thought of getting up herself. As she moved, she heard Brenda's voice in the darkened room.

"Can't sleep either?"

Sharon snorted. "I thought you were sleeping?" She smiled at her lover, knowing she was looking back at her.

"Nope, can't. Too many things rattling in my mind." Brenda turned to her side.

"So, what now?" Sharon asked, even though she already knew the answer.

"Fortunately, there is only one thing to do; to tire ourselves out with hot naked sex!" Brenda responded with a wicked smile on her face, visible even in the darkened room.

"I see." Sharon replied coyly. "Well, if that is the only option, then who are we to argue!" Sharon added and turned on her side, facing Brenda.

Sharon started to caress her lover, from her neck, to her shoulders, to her sides, along the pelvis and down her legs. Sharon continued caressing moving back the same way she gone downward, making a side tour on Brenda's stomach, up and under her nightshirt, reaching her breasts.

Brenda let out a moan of approval as Sharon covered the breast lightly with her palm, squeezing it, cupping it, finally grabbing the already erect nipple between her fingers. Starting lightly, then adding more force, moving herself closer to Brenda, Sharon pulled up the loose shirt and started suckling on the exposed nipple.

Brenda turned on her back and Sharon followed her suit, placing her own body on top of Brenda's matching her body parts exactly. Sharon kissed Brenda on her mouth, her jawline, her neck, suckling on it for a while, before going back to her mouth. Sharon remained on top of Brenda, finding just the right position for their clits to meet.

Sharon started to move her own clit against her lovers, starting with slow circular motions. She maintained her position, ignoring the fact that they both were already quite wet from the minimal foreplay, but Sharon was determined. She felt both of their knots rubbing together, united in a hot wet dance. Sharon increased her pace and the force of pressure. It was almost like exact science, as Sharon had developed a set of manoeuvres to achieve the peak together with her lover, and she would be damned if she did not succeed this time too. Talk about your over achiever!

Sharon was moving wildly now and Brenda felt she was going to come at any second. She tried to hold on as long as she could. She wanted to achieve her high the same time her lover did. She felt her body starting to prepare for the pending orgasm, and judging from Sharon's voice, she was close too.

Sharon pressed one more time, hard, feeling her own body responding to her partner, and feeling the orgasm starting, she stopped all motion, letting their bodies complete the rest. The two women were holding on to each other, bodies shaking in unison, as the orgasm ripped through both of their bodies.

Sharon and Brenda were still attached to each other, legs and hands all over each other's bodies, sweat glistening in the pale night's light and musky smell of sex surrounding them. They were lazily caressing each other, not wanting to move. Just basking in the afterglow and love for each other.

"Sharon," Brenda started, "I want to stay like this forever" She told her lover.

Sharon was surprised to hear such a confession from her Brenda's mouth, especially so soon after they had gotten back together. Or was it soon after all? Granted they had been separated for a year, but neither woman had stopped loving each other. She made her decision there and then.

"Brenda?" Sharon started, and hesitated before she could continue.

"What is it dear?" Brenda asked.

"There is something, something I wanted to ask you a year ago, and I feel," She stopped and gulped, gathering further courage to go on. She moved away from Brenda and over to her nightstand. Opening the drawer, she grabbed something from there.

Brenda heard a snapping sound, like a lid of sorts. She rose up a bit trying to see in the dark what Sharon was doing. But could not see anything before Sharon turned on the soft light on the stand. Sharon then turned back to her lover, now sitting upright on the bed. Sharon did not say anything at first, but pushed a tiny opened box in front of Brenda. Brenda looked at the box and then back at Sharon. She opened her mouth but no words came out.

"Will you marry me Brenda Leigh Johnson?" Sharon asked in a shaky voice.

Brenda felt her eyes getting wet as she kept looking at Sharon and finally managed a louder "Hell, yes!" and then she pounced on Sharon, almost knocking her off the bed, but not quite. She lay on top of Sharon kissing her mouth and every where on her face. Stopping to look at her lover in the eyes and saying softly, "I love you Sharon Raydor."

Brenda was finally, back home. Happily ever after, after all!