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It was one fine day, Kouya was walking on the street when he remembered that it was February 12 already.

"There is only 2 days left before Valentine's day" Kouya muttered this words as he began thinking how will she never forget this year's valentine.

Then, someone called his name.

"Kouya! there you are!" then he saw Kaoru came rushing to him.

"What's the problem?" Kouya asked.

"Nothing, I just want to join you" she said

".Me? But why?" Kouya asked nervously.

"Because if I'm with I feel secure" Kaoru replied it in a soft voice.

"Secure? I feel secure when I'm with you because you always get mad when someone will get in my way" Kouya joked.

"Silly, stop making me laugh. Let's go" Kaoru walked dragging Kouya.

"Now, where do you want to go?" Kouya asked it sofly to Kaoru.

"Let's go to tobita club. I'll help you with your everyday practices. Is it ok with you?" Kaoru asked, after a while she smiled.

"Sure. But I have to go home early, I have some work to do, is it fine to you?" Kouya asked then, he returned the smile to Kaoru.

"Fine. Let's go" Kaoru commanded to Kouya.

"I have to go home before sundown." Kouya cleared this words before they rushed into tobita club.

They arrived there at noon.

"Kouya, let's begin" Kaoru said.

"Let me rest first." Kouya said while catching his breath.

"Kouya you have to start because the world cup will be starting soon and you will go home early today." Kaoru commented.

"Ok fine, I'll do it." Kouya said it in a annoying manner.

They begin the practice after two hours of consecutive practice Kouya got tired so he rest up.

"You're doing great! Here!" Kaoru gave Kouya a glass of water.

Kouya continued his practice until sundown.

"Kaoru I need to go now because I have some work to do." Kouya said this in a hard voice.

"Ok Kouya but be sure to practice a lot. Better keep up, you know. Be careful on you way home" Kaoru said to him.

Kouya went home. He quickly go inside his room to think what kind of valentine gift he will give to Kaoru.

"What of gift that will make this year's valentine unforgettable to her?" Kouya muttered it to himself while emerging his self into deep thought.

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