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Ending the day with a birthday greeting to Koroudo, Kouya called it a night.

"What is the best gift?" Kouya muttered as he walked to his room.

He didn't notice that he fell asleep because he is really thinking hard.

The next morning…

"KOUYA! BREAKFAST IS READY!" Kouya's mom shouted.

After five minutes no Kouya showed up so his mother went to his room. The only thing that she saw is an empty bed. She approached it and she saw a letter beside the pillow. It says:


I need to go early. Don't worry I took my breakfast.

I really need to do this. I really need to learn kendo.

Valentine's is approaching.


His mom notice that the handwriting is not that good, it means that Kouya is really in a hurry. She is very confused. She can't really understand what happened to Kouya. She thought that Kouya only have his time for gear fighting but now she knows that she is wrong. She also had this thing in her mind : Kouya is in love.


Kouya came rushing to the tobita clubhouse. He promised to meet Koroudo there at exactly 7:00 in the morning. When he arrived there, he saw Koroudo standing at the doorway looking somewhat furious.

"YOUR LATE! My clock reads 7:05. You are really wasting my time!"

Koroudo said furiously.

"Forgive me! It's just five minutes" Kouya justified himself.

"You must learn to have discipline. You also must consider other people

not just yourself. You should not make them wait or should I say waste

their time." Koroudo explained to Kouya.

"OK. I think you're right. I promised I will not let it happen again."

Kouya said with his head bowed down.

"But Valentine's day will not also wait for me so let's get the show on

the road." Kouya immediately added this.

Both Kouya and Koroudo started walking. They are going to Koroudo's doujo. While walking, Kouya saw a familiar person walking towards them. He did not paid attention to that person until…

"Kouya…" Koroudo whisphered to him while tapping his shoulder to get his attention.

"What in the world is the matter? Can't you see I'm thinking in here" Kouya said looking irritated.

"Look!" Koroudo said to him while turning his head toward the direction of the person.

That word of Koroudo echoes inside Kouya's head. It really made a great impact on Kouya. Kouya dared to look towards the direction of the person. He was shocked but he has the feeling that all his blood moved up to his head. He blushed.

"Hey Kouya! Where do you plan to go? You look too serious." Kaoru asked.

"I'm just going to do something with Koroudo today. I'm in this reaaly serious matter and I need Koroudo to help me." Kouya explained.

"Serious matter? Can I help?" Kaoru offered help.

"Nope. I don't want to trouble you with this one." Kouya said with a smile.

"You sure?" Kaoru asked him again.

"Yeah, I need to go. I will just see you around." Kouya bid farewell to Kaoru.

Kaoru left. Kouya blushed. Koroudo notices that Kouya is smiling, but not his normal smile… maybe it is the smile for Kaoru only.

Arriving at the doujo, Koroudo immediately threw a wooden sword to Kouya.

"Let's start! I don't want to waste my time just standing here." Koroudo said looking to Kouya.

Koroudo teaches him the basics first. Kouya was very determined that he learned the basics in no time. Koroudo could not believe it. He knew that Kouya will not learn those in a short span of time but Kouya proved Koroudo that he was wrong.

"Kouya, let's have a lunch" Koroudo said.

"Yeah, this thing is getting me really hungry." Kouya accepted Koroudo's invitation.

They headed towards a restaurant. As they were eating…

"That thing's getting me really hungry. It took a lot of my energy." Kouya sounds like he is complaining.

"Are you complaining? Do you want to win that tournament?" Koroudo asked furiously.

"Nope, just sharing the experiences" Kouya justified himself.

"I can't believe you learned all that in a short span of time." Koroudo praised Kouya.

"I need to. I want to give Kaoru the most unforgettable Valentine she will ever have." Kouya said wearing a smile.

"You really liked her, don't you?" Koroudo try to joke Kouya.

"I don't just like her. I love her." Kouya answered Koroudo seriously.

"Win the tournament for her." The only advice Koroudo gave to Kouya.

After having a lunch, they go back to the doujo to train again. This time Koroudo teaches him some techniques to use against opponents. It was 6:00 in the evening when Koroudo and Kouya ended their kendo lesson. After that Kouya decided to call it a night but he can't sleep. Tomorrow is the he had been waiting for: kendo tournament and Valentine's day.

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