"Yes," said Tokio, screaming. Rio put the ring on her finger. They were very happy. Rio took Tokyo in his arms and turned it around. They had been free for about a month and lived together. They were also communicating with their friends. Everyone was live in the same place. In fact, the professor said, they should live in separate countries. So how has this idea changed:

Tokyo was still in the hidden room. Others were following Nairobi and Gandia. Then Gandia stopped and let Nairobi go. And then bum! Gandia fell to the ground . Bogota hold Nairobi from her right hand and pulled her to his side. Gandia was lying on the ground. Denver suddenly shoot and Gandia didn't even notice. He was dead now. Everyone took a deep breath. Bogota stayed with Nairobi and controlled her. Denver and Stockholm takes out the last gold bars. Nairobi trusting more to Bogota now and she was a little happy, even though she won't be able to use her hand for a long time because Gandia shot her. Bogota stayed with her as much as possible.

At that time, Palermo and Helsinki tried to locate Tokyo. Tokyo was having trouble with breathing. Because the oxygen was running low. Finally, they pinpointed her location. "We found her. It's your turn." he called out Bogota. Bogota called Denver to stay with Nairobi and went to Palermo. He started breaking the wall.

Denver looked at Nairobi and smiled, "Looks like you two are pretty good together?" said.

Nairobi smiled. "Maybe."

"Maybe?, I've seen how you look at each other," Denver said with a laugh.

Nairobi smiled and said, "I owe you my life."

Because the person who killed Gandia was Denver. Denver holds her hand and smiled.

Bogota finally break the wall and they reached Tokyo.

Tokyo "How is Nairobi?" she asked to Rio.

Rio said she is okay and he untie her. He hugged Tokyo tightly. Neither of them could hold back their tears. They got out of there immediately in case of any danger. Tokyo last saw Nairobi when Gandia was trying to strangle her. She went over to her and they spoke. They were really close friends. And when they looked into each other's eyes, the bond of friendship between them was felt. Nairobi asked if she was okay.

"Crazy girl, you could have gotten a bullet in your head for thinking of me," Tokyo laughed.

Nairobi looked at her with confused.

Tokyo "Palermo told." said.

Palermo felt bad. Because Gandia had escaped because of him and he felt bad when he come face to face with this issue. After a while, everyone returned to their jobs. Tokyo and Helsinki took hostages control. Denver and Stockholm went down to the foundry. Palermo would go to talk the plan with the Professor. At that time, Nairobi called to Palermo. Palermo turned to her but did not have the courage to look in her face. Bogota looked at Palermo madly.

Nairobi told Bogota, "Would you leave us alone a little bit?"

Bogota said, "If you want it." and sighed.

Palermo really didn't know what to say. Because he was very sad. Nairobi tried to stand up to get closer to Palermo. He noticed her and he hold her arm and sat next to her. Nairobi hold his hand with her right hand. Palermo holds too. Nairobi could feel his feelings.

"Yes, we have never been two good friends. But believe me, you're not that bad enough to want to kill someone in the group. Also, how could you imagine that he had problem with me. "

Palermo tried not to cry. But he couldn't stop himself. Nairobi was a really nice person. And she nearly died, but she wasn't even blaming him now.

"Are you seriously going to cry Palermo? Where is that strong man? " she said with a laugh.

Palermo smiled. And he hugged her tightly. Nairobi stopped.

"Stitches Palermo." she said and breath with difficulty.

"Are you okay?" he said with fear.

Nairobi said, "Ye-yes, I'm fine," and holds Palermo's hand tightly.

Palermo noticed that she was holding his hand to not feel the pain, he let her to hold and he didn't say anything.

It was a strange situation for Nairobi. She would never have thought that she would have a conversation with Palermo like this. Bogota come to room.

"Hermano, take care of her," Palermo said with a smile.

Nairobi also smiled. Bogota confused. It was surprising that they were talking again in such a short time.

Palermo called the Professor and informed him of the latest situation. They had very few works left. It was almost done. They were going out soon.

4 days after the robbery

The professor called everyone inside.

"Most of us broke the first rules I told you so far. I'm with Lisbon. Tokyo with Rio. Denver and Stockholm are already married. There is also a bond between Palermo and Helsinki. And I think same for Nairobi and Bogota " he said.

Everyone smiled.

"These bonds have made us strong. If Stockholm didn't love Denver, would she shoot at the police? Could Helsinki keep him in the bank if he didn't love Palermo?

If Nairobi didn't love Bogota, would she be so worried when Bogota was underwater? And would there was a robbery if Tokyo didn't love

Rio? And of course close friendships. Denver and you Tokyo, do you think Rio could be here with us now, if you was not close with Denver? If you weren't close to Nairobi, do you think she would risk herself to save you? No. I thought we're a family right, Nairobi? " said the professor.

Nairobi was the only person in the group who saw everyone as her family. She said yes.

The professor continued, "And so I made a decision. Why shouldn't we live close? We are a family, and the things that makes us strong is our relationships. "

Everyone looked at each other. Obviously everyone had thought about how to stay apart and now it was not necessary and they were very happy.

"So who will stay with whom?" Tokyo asked.

The professor read the list "Tokyo and Rio together, Stockholm and Denver together, Nairobi and Bogota together, Helsinki and Palermo together, and me and Lisbon will stay together."

Their destination was a great island. An island with a sea and places to enjoy.

15 Years Later

Mama! Is it okay or should I wear the white trousers "Ibiza said.

"It looks good honey, but put on your red blouse." Nairobi said.

"Off Mama! I think black looks good too," Ibiza said.

"It is beautiful too, but red blouse with this trousers better."

"Off ok." Ibiza sighed.

"Do what your mother says Ibiza!" Bogota spoke loud.

"Ok dad!" Ibiza sighed again.

Someone screamed. Nairobi and Bogota looked at each other. That time Ibiza ran downstairs.

Mama! Papa! Come quick! "Ibiza shouted.

When they went upstairs, there was blood on Santorini.

Bogota! How could you forget your stupid repair box inside!" Nairobi shouted.

"Damn, bring something to stop the blood!" said Bogota.

Minorca laughed. Then Santorini laughed.

"What's so funny!" Bogota said.

"We were just playing robbery but my sister thought it was real blood," Santorini said.

Nairobi and Bogota hated this robbery game. Because they were afraid of their children will be like them in the future.

"You guys are too much now! You are both punished! Even you Ibiza! All of you to your rooms! said Nairobi angrily.

"But Mom, I was going to meet Carlos today," said Ibiza.

"If your mom said go to your room, you will go to your room! I do not want an objection! Bogota scolded.

"I hate you!" Ibiza said, and went to her room.

Santorini and Minorca also returned to their rooms.

"Do you think we made them mad, brother?" Minorca asked.

"I guess yes. Why are they so worried, I don't understand. It's just a game." Santorini said, and hugged his little sister.

The sounds of Ibiza hitting the wall were coming down. Nairobi and Bogota were aware that they were overreacting. But after all, they didn't want their children to live this either.

"Should we abolish their punishment?" Bogota asked.

"No, never. Then they'll trust us and do it again." Nairobi replied.

"And I'm sorry for yelling at you, I was just scared." Nairobi said.

It's okay, I understand you, "Bogota said.

"I have an idea. Shall we barbecue for children tonight? Maybe we'll make them happy a little bit, "said Bogota.

"Great idea. Then you cook the meat and I'll make the salad." Nairobi said.

They started preparing food. That time phone rang. It was Helsinki.

"Mi amor, how are you?" Nairobi answered the phone.

"Are you available? Can we talk something at somewhere? " Helsinki said.

"Sure okay." she said.

She went to Bogota.

"I have to go out now." said Nairobi.

"Hey where are you going? Did something happen?" Bogota asked.

"I don't know either. But I will learn. " Nairobi said.

She went to Helsinki

"Hey what you want to talk with me?" said Nairobi.

"You know Ibiza's birthday is 1 week later. So I didn't decide what I can buy to her. And can I ask your opinion about what can I buy?" he smile.

"Well, in these days she loves cosmetics. Maybe you can buy some of them." she said.

"Hmm, okay. I hope she will like them" he said.

"Ofcourse she will." said Nairobi.

1 week later

It was a spring morning. Raquel was drinking coffee by the sea and Sergio reading a book.

Paula came to her mother and kissed her on the cheek. "Good morning mom" she said.

Raquel hugged her and said, "Good morning, my beautiful girl."

"Oh, today is Ibiza's birthday. She is now 15 years old. " Sergio said.

"Right, we're going to celebrate her birthday at Nairobi today, right?" Raquel said.

"Yes! I will finally see Cinci. " Paula said.

Raquel and Sergio smiles.

Nairobi and Bogota were preparing meals for the guests. They had a 15-year-old daughter. How quickly time passed for them.

The voice of Minorca came from inside. "Mom! My toilet is finished!

Bogota and Nairobi looked at each other and laughed.

"Would you take a look at Minorca, Bogota? I am preparing the chickens. " said Nairobi.

Bogota went up and go Minorca. Then they went to Ibiza's room together and woke her up.

Minorca hugged and kissed her sister. Bogota kissed his elder daughter too and watched the happiness of the two sibling.

2 hours later

Finally everyone started coming. Rio and Tokyo were the first to arrive. They haven't met for a long time.

"Oh honey, I missed you so much." Nairobi said and smiled.

"I missed you too." Tokyo said and hugged.

"I guess nobody misses me," Rio said with a laugh.

"Ayy Rio! You are now a big man. " Nairobi said, and hugged him too.

After them, Helsinki and Palermo, and then Denver comes.

"Welcome!" Nairobi said happily.

"Ayy handsome boy is also here. How much have you changed. " Nairobi said to Cincinatti.

Bogota came. "Handsome boy, I've learned a lot of fighting techniques. Let's work with you. " Bogota said.

"Yes, I was waiting." Cincinatti said.

Stockholm and Nairobi went inside to bring food.

"Can you believe it, even the little Ibiza is 15 years old now." Stockholm said.

"Little Ibiza? If you could hear her answers." Nairobi said. She has a boyfriend. Carlos. She always texts with him and wears her best clothes while going to meet him. I was a very different person at his age." Nairobi said with a sigh.

"One day he had a fight with a group. When he came home, his nose was bleeding. " Stockholm said.

"He is like Denver. He played so many fighting games with his father that he eventually became like Denver. " she said with a sigh. "

Nairobi took Stockholm's hand. "I am very happy that you are with us," she said.

"I'm very happy to be with you, too," Stockholm responded and smiled.

At that moment Corsica entered. "Aunt Nairobi, is Ibiza in her room?" she asked.

Nairobi said, "Yes honey, in her room. "If you want, go to her." she said.

"I cant believe. What a big family we are. " Stockholm said happily.

Indeed, they were a big family. Nairobi had 3 children, Stockholm had 2 children and Lisbon had 2 children. Tokyo had a little daughter.

Corsica went to Ibiza's room. Ibiza wore her beautiful clothes and did some makeup.

"You look beautiful, Ibiza." Corsica said. "I want to be like you."

"Thanks but you are beautiful." said Ibiza with a smile.

Nairobi, "Cariños! Come!" she called them.

They lived in a house which is far away from the center. That's why there were no houses nearby. But they were close to the sea. Sergio has arrived. Bogota greeted them at the door. They went into the garden.

They sang "Cumpleaños feliz, cumpleaños feliz". Ibiza blown out the candles. Everyone gave their gifts.