A/N: These are drabbles written years ago and have had to be recently re-created (oops!). They are 100 words with POVs from all the Gatchaman versions, not including Crowds or Insight. The characters are not listed and some POVs are more obvious than others. The titles refer to the various winners of "The Run for the Roses" and usually do not reference the horses themselves.

They are individual and complete vignettes but are grouped together on pages to lessen the number of chapters (15 versus 140+).

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Aristides – 1875

We have traveled across the universe multiple times. We've been to so many sites, I can't keep track anymore. It's so nice to be home and just relax – to take a cleansing breath, as it were. There are so many times we can lose ourselves when we visit other worlds. We arrive there and our breath is taken away by the beauty and majesty. Those are the places that stay with us long after we've departed. One such location was a planet with red grass, gray rocks, purple oceans and yellow trees. According to the star maps, it's named Aristides.

Vagrant – 1876

I know that I am brilliant – far superior than some of those so-called colleagues who call themselves scientists. There are mere hacks. I have done something no one else has done before: I've brought someone back from the dead. Snatched from the jaws of death. He is holding his own for now and if all goes well, I will see the end of that putrid alien. I realized too late its true intentions. Now is my chance to make amends – to do right by my fellow man. Yes, when my plan is complete I will no longer be a Vagrant.

Baden-Baden – 1877

The fires light up the night. Villagers walked dazed through the rubble – once their homes, livelihoods. I would rather not be responsible for mop-up operations. It's so much easier to do my job without witnessing the desolation. The faces are the worst – there is no hope left in their eyes, the care is gone. This town was a beautiful place once. Castles stood near the Black Forest, peaceful countryside by Oos River – absolutely lovely, at least until he moved in. We took out our enemies before and we will again! When we do, it will be in memory of Baden-Baden.

Day Star – 1878

Peace and quiet: it seems we never get enough of those. I don't complain about the lack of time, but it's nice to visit my animal friends at the Research Center. They're treated well but I don't feel as if I stop by enough. With our missions taking us to some faraway places, it's amazing we get the time we do. Sometimes, we even mop up after a fight. That's when we see most people picking themselves up and trying again. They rebuild their homes, restart their businesses and look to us as if we shine like a Day Star.

Lord Murphy – 1879

I have taken and given some strange orders in my time. But this is by far, the most outlandish. We carry a great responsibility here to protect the world in which we live. We take it seriously. That mission entails defense, escorts, and a lot of reconnaissance. But G-Force used as bodyguards? I cannot believe it. My superiors have told me that this man is extremely important to the peace process and our continued success, but I still don't see why the team must be used this way. Surely, other protection can be coordinated and provided for one Lord Murphy.

Fonso – 1880

The spotlight usually does the trick. A game of bad cop, good cop will break most, but for those special ones – the spotlight. I have good instincts for liars but I get a hold of the rare informant who throws me for a loop. There's this one junkie who hangs out at the corner of 6th and N. No one trusts him but he's an exceptional source of information. That is, if he wants to be found. If he doesn't, he disappears and you'll never find him. Then he resurfaces like nothing happened. I walk to him, "How goes, Fonso?"

Hindoo – 1881

There's something to be said about stepping outside your comfort zone to learn something new. You gain a greater understanding of the larger world and tend to take things less for granted. I find myself currently working harder for what I deem important. I'd like to think I had my priorities straight, but now I know I do. My family is my universe and I would do anything to keep it intact, keep them together. Taking off for the Himalayas for a year will do that to a person. Part of the teachings I learned in that region included Hindoo.

Apollo – 1882

That tape is clear evidence of the enemy's plans and we needed it back. The astronauts were only supposed to survey Mars and return straightaway. There and back, period. Instead, Spectra intervened giving us more headaches and heartburn. Their plan was gutsy and overt. Fortunately, the crew and the tape came back to us intact. Thankfully, G-Force was able to out maneuver Spectra. We got lucky this time. Next time, we may not be so. We must improve our strategy. The first step is to upgrade our short-range spacecraft. We need an enhanced version of the Apollo craft in use.

Leonatus – 1883

Whew! It was another close call. I swear my heart can't take much more of this and they need me! I swoop in and all is good. But this time – jeez, this time was completely crazy. Not that the other times weren't equally insane with explosions happening everywhere you look, debris flying to and fro and the occasional anti-aircraft cannon shooting at us. No this time, the enemy had us so cornered – we were scattered all over creation. A single stop is bad enough – but TWO!? Are you kidding me? We noted the guy's name when we encountered him – Leonatus.

Buchanan – 1884

Our latest plans are foolproof! No doubt we will conquer Earth now. The mechanics are sound and the men well prepared. If I were not an unfeeling machine, I would be almost giddy. We cannot fail this time; we have the Earthlings in dire straits. They are desperate and scrambling to stay afloat. We have them against the ropes to use a parlance from boxing, which I hate. But everything is working according to plans. What more could I want? I will tell you, total success is the only goal. I leave this latest endeavor in the hands of Buchanan.