A/N: Back by overwhelming demand, not to mention a number of death threats. Yes it's a new installment of 'That Rude, Arrogant, Violent, Jerk'. To be frank, I originally wrote this to be a one shot, it was very spur of the moment sort of inspiration. So basically I had not thought on how to extend it beyond the first chapter. It did take a while but I have finally hit on an idea for a second part. Enjoy.

That Rude, Arrogant, Violent, Jerk

Part 2

Kagome knew it was coming. Not only did experience dictate it, but also the way Inuyasha was moving showed it. His muscles were tense, especially about his jaw, and he would only look straight ahead as he took her home. His running and jumping was rougher and more clipped then usual as well. Inuyasha was going to explode.

He landed in front of her house and stormed in, nearly ripping the door off the hinges in the process. He had mentioned that her mom and Souta were home, but they seemed to have left to avoid the after shocks of Inuyasha's rescue mission. The dog demon passed through the kitchen, the living room, and up the stairs without even pausing or putting her down.

When they got to her room he dumped her unceremoniously on the bed and stormed back out. She could hear him rummaging angrily through the bathroom for several minutes before he returned. When his did his arms were loaded with medical supplied. He dumped these too on the bed before removing the impromptu bandage on her leg that had once been a shirt. He grabbed a bottle and examined it before tossing it aside. Then he repeated the action with several other items. All this time without a word. It seemed not knowing what to do with all this 'crap', as he would call it, was the last straw. Inuyasha snapped.

He heaved a roll of bandages he couldn't get unrolled against the far wall with a frustrated roar. Kagome was grateful it was soft because even it had left a dent.

"That is it! Never again! You are not, will not, can not, under any circumstances, go there ever again! No more 'skool', no more spell books, no more studying! You are only going to go through that damned well to get supplied or visit your family, but only when I give permission and I come with you! You will stay where I can protect you at all times! AND THAT IS FINAL!!!" The house shook around them. Kagome glared at him as she jumped to her feet, the pain in her leg long forgotten.

"You can't do that!"

"Don't push it bitch! I'll smash the well and you'll never come back!"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"And why is that bitch? Because you can 'sit' me with that god damned spell! It only works if you're awake to use it! And I can stay awake longer then you!" Kagome's mouth opened in horror but she couldn't seem to find her voice. "Feh! Good to see you're finally learning your place. Maybe now you'll think twice before you lie to me again." Kagome found her voice.

"WHAT! I never lied to you about anything and I know you can't say the same!"

"Fucking bitch! If you never lied then what was all that bull shit about your 'skool' being safe! It didn't look real fucking safe to me!"

"That was a fluke!" Kagome argued.

"I don't give a rats ass! It just proves you're not safe out of my sight! So you're staying where I can see you! That means no 'skool'!" Kagome's fists squeezed so tightly it was a wonder her nails didn't break the skin of her palm. Her blue eyes darkened as she glared at Inuyasha, who looking very pleased with himself. When her voice finally came it was low and dangerous, but only seemed to hint at the fury she held just below the surface.

"Alright Inuyasha. We'll do it your way. We'll gather the shards and defeat Naraku. No more studying or school. But tell me Inuyasha, all knowing one, what happens after that? Assuming we all live through that fight, what then? You go trit-trotting off the Hell with that psychotic piece of clay and abandon me, again. But what about me? Shippou's too young to be much protection. Sango's a good fighter but how much help will she be when her and Miroku start having kids? Miroku's Air Rip will disappear with Naraku, so that won't protect me. I still have my arrows, but you remind me daily that I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, so what good is that? Assuming you don't smash the well, I could come back here. But wait, thanks to you I have no education, the key factor in getting along in this time. Not to mention the fact that I spend so much time with you as it is that I might as well be dead here. I guess I'm just too stupid to get it. So why don't you tell me Inuyasha. What then? I can't live in your time without you and I can't live in this one anymore because of you. So tell me, great and mighty all knowing one, what do I do?" She spun on her heels angrily and crossed her arms in a very Inuyasha like manner

For his part, Inuyasha was too stunned to speak. Everything she said made perfect since and it made him sick. I can't live in your time without you and I can't live in this one anymore because of you. Those words out of everything hurt the most. Not because of the accusation they held, but because of what they implied.


"You what? Don't care. I'm just an insignificant shard detector, what do you care what happens to me after you get what you want." Kagome's snapped angrily.

"I didn't mean to make you like me…" his voice was so soft she almost missed it. The words washed over her like a wave of luke-warm water and took away all the pent up anger. Not part of one, not part of another. Somehow they had become the same in different ways.

Kagome turned to look into the molten gold pools that had lost their hard edge. Something seemed to haunt their depths, something that they had hinted at before but never shown completely. Guilt, sadness, sorrow, remorse, and more. On an impulse she stepped to him and wrapped her arms around his chest. His arms came up and held her carefully in a gently embrace.


Guilt. Something he felt so infrequently filled his veins as he looked at her back. Her shoulders had sagged a bit as her anger abated. Then she turned and looked at him with her soft blue eyes, eyes that always seemed to see straight into his soul. She looked so sad, not like she was going to cry, but sad none the less. When her arms wrapped around him it seemed only natural that he should return the gesture. The embrace brought comfort and understanding. He wasn't sure how long they had stood there when the smell of her blood filled his nose.

"You're bleeding again." He said softly. She leaned back and looked down. The cut in her leg had reopened and blood was rolling sluggishly down. Inuyasha gathered her once again into his arms and set her gently on the edge of the bed. He picked up a brown bottle of peroxide and cleaned to wound, blowing and quietly apologizing when she winced. After blotting it dry her gently rubbed ointment into the flesh. Finally he retrieved the roll of bandage from where it had landed. This time he had no trouble unrolling it and wrapping her leg. When he finished he took a seat on the bed next to her. "You should see Kaede about that, just in case."

"Yeah." She agreed softly. They lapsed into a semi-comfortable silence. Kagome jumped slightly when his hand covered her own. She looked up at him but he was looking out the window. She smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder. They had their problems, that was true, but they also had each other. The time would come when decisions would have to be made and loyalties would be put to the ultimate test. But for now, for this moment, they understood and took peace from just being together.